Jane Follow the Fellow #5: Here Be Monsters, Guidebooks, From Hear To There, Working Now and more

Another great week by the SoundCloud Community Fellows. Revisit all tracks here.

Here Be Monsters
Placentophagy is the act of eating placenta. More mothers are saving their placentas to eat after childbirth. In this episode, Jeff hears (sees and smells!) the cooking process of saving placenta for consumption Photos of placenta-cooking (warning: blood)!

The lovely folks of Guidebooks need more original raw sounds so share at their Group page. They wanted to give you a small taste of what they’ve come up so far with the use of several SoundClouders’ submitted sounds. Oh, and they say hey.

Working Now
What’s it like to be a brewer, miner, blacksmith or teacher? Listen to the individual episodes here and the full wrap-up below.

From Hear to There

Do flowers solve any problem or help lovers make up? Nadia meets a guy who seems to think so. Any New Yorkers have a great love story to share? Tell it to Nadia here to be featured!

“Ever have that sinking feeling that your voice isn’t heard in Washington? It could be because it isn’t.” Share your thoughts with Andrea Seabrook at decodedc.com. Help support her Kickstarter campaign and be part of a movement to revolutionize news reporting.

Road to the Royal Mile
Hayden Cohen’s interviews from the Royal Mile at Edinburgh Fringe Festival continue on, featuring Victorian Magicians and writer & performer Sarah Hamilton. More excellent interviews here!

Life Advice Radio
Imagine applying to the first job opportunities that get posted on Craigslist. And one of those is casting people for a dating reality show? Jake de Grazia meets a man who does just that.