Tea(m) Time with Jean Hannah Edelstein

Tea(m) Time with Jean Hannah Edelstein

It’s Friday again, that means it is time for our weekly employee interview series that we have dubbed “Tea(m) Time”! Today, help us welcome Jean Edelstein to our team in Berlin!

Hear our new copywriter speak about why she applied to SoundCloud, how easy her relocation to Berlin was and what she is most excited about in her new role!

Specifics: Jean, originally from upstate New York, has lived abroad since she was 18, copywriter.

Favorite places: London and Montreal.

Favorite sounds: The sound after a large snowfall.

Relocation: It was easy! The SoundCloud People Ops team help tremendously!

Passions: Writing — Creative writing & journalism. Yoga, throwing dinner parties, riding bikes.

Why she applied to SoundCloud: To have the opportunity to shape the language that SoundCloud uses.

Here are some of Jean’s favorite sounds:

Listening to my friend Brie’s tracks is how I first got to know SoundCloud. It’s been amazing seeing her grow as a musician (she’s a singer-songwriter who plays a mean ukulele) on the ‘Cloud. This is my favourite of hers – and will ring true to anyone who’s ever had the distasteful experience of riding a London night bus.

Granta, the magazine of new writing, is essential reading, and the Granta podcast is essential listening. This is a great episode featuring the Welsh novelist Cynan Jones, reading from his work and chatting about badgers (and other things).

My sister’s brother-in-law (does that make him my brother-in-law once removed?) Gavin is a jazz musician. Here’s my favourite of his sounds!

If you want to join Jean in Berlin or SF and get your own Tea(m) Time, check out our job openings here!

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