Jane License your original sounds with Getty Images

We’re excited today to be announcing a new partnership with Getty Images that allows our sound creators to make their sounds available for licensing through Getty Images Music — with only a few clicks. Whether you’re a professional or casual creator, if you have sounds up on SoundCloud, you’ll be able to offer them for licensing to media, advertisers, designers and creatives. And you’ll benefit from Getty Images’ global sales and distribution teams: they’ll help you to market your sounds and offer their expertise and experience in digital content rights and clearances. As always, you’ll need to make sure that you own all rights in the sounds that you intend to license.

If you’re ready to get started, head over to http://soundcloud.gettyimages.com to connect your SoundCloud account, sign up, and select which sounds you’d like to make available for licensing. They’ll get a ‘license’ button on the SoundCloud player and widget, and be made available on http://www.gettyimages.com/music if Getty approves your sounds for licensing.

Any questions? Get all the details here: http://soundcloud.gettyimages.com/faq


  • Do Getty offer support for Creative Commons licensed tracks?

  • Ghost Dust

    excellent decision Soundcloud!

  • wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Ben Low

    Great stuff!

  • nice one !! like the idea

  • Just wondering…

    Is this better than submitting to Corbis?

  • meshmass

    hmmm… they do this on flickr with pictures and i thought they required rather more rights than they were entitled to – i didn’t let them. as yet i’ve not heard of any users who have had their pictures licensed through them.

  • FRamps!

    Is this safe?! Cause I could be interested, but I just don’t know if I wanna trust this app with my beloved productions!

  • moody alien

    having to choose between “Buy” or “Request To License” for a track is a bit of a let down. it would be a lot more interesting if this technical limitation could be resolved somehow.



  • Jim Art

    35% really? not even 50? btw, there’s MAD ROOM to fit “license” & “download””buy” & still have room left over.

  • Lileeth aka Miguel Giribaldi

    Great idea!!! but I have my own pics…and own designers…

  • circ

    think we need more precisions about the deal between artist and getty : exclusive contract ? what are the average price of licencing ? duration ? removing clause ?… but the idea is great

  • Dj lucas Slomecki

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    I hope you like my music

  • excited about this….. :) http://soundcloud.com/tonytokyo

  • True. This is my feeling exactly


  • I have my songs registered with ASCAP what would be the advantage of having them with GettyImages too?

  • Nick
  • Nick
  • teddy
  • Johnny Concepcion

    How can i get more details about this?
    Thank you.
    Johnny Concepcion
    DJ and Producer.

  • Junatic

    wow great idea…i bet this will make some producers very popular


    Should i do this withought having my instrumentals copyrighted?

  • Phasmo

    I think it’s not to bad of an idea! Check out my music?

  • Bmagicdabeast

    exactly what i wanna know. http://soundcloud.com/bmagicmusic

  • Rayze 1

    my first time here. i love soundcloud

  • DJ Cacks

    see my music and let me know?

  • Im not sure I understand as I am new at all this. My tracks a free to download anyway so how would this benifit me?

  • djaco
  • what does it mean to have your music licensed?

  • el chocolate pro dj
  • Brad Stark

    50/50 split is the industry standard, but Getty is offering 35% to artists. It’s NOT a fair deal for musicians who have a hard enough time as it is to make money. It’s a great deal for Getty, though. Do some research if you take your music seriously, there are plenty of companies that are more than happy to give you a fair deal. Getty isn’t one of them.

  • :)

  • licensing your music gets it into commercials, movies and tv.

  • KohhProDuctions

    Only 35%… Artists should have more then half…
    Check out my dope instrumentals though, Thanks!

  • Bay Blues

    From what I’m reading at http://soundcloud.gettyimages.com/faq They don’t want you to sign over all of your rights, They(Getty images) they state that they want You the Composer to have the right to allow them , Getty Images, to market your work, and not exclusively meaning your free to do other things with the said piece of work. For One Year .

    There is no mention of how much, That is a big question anytime you market music, and it depends on a lot of things, Supply and demand, how badly do they need the piece of work? If you ask too much they will pass you over and you’ll have NADA , Having someone do the fencing for you is got to be worth something, and they make sure the big guys are collecting for you, You should join
    a performing rights organization (ASCAP, BMI, PRS, GEMA, SACEM, JASRAC, etc.)

    Advantages: They find People to market your music to. If no one knows about your music then what have you got, even if you join one of the organizations that doesn’t mean your going to sell a bunch.

    It’s only a year , try it and see, don’t forget you have to have a tax form too. They sell world wide and Sound Cloud is promoting them,
    gives them some cred.


  • This must be a joke, I am paying them to let my tracks be used by third parties? Any third parties interested should just let me know and I know for sure we can work something out. Looking at their rates, I am sure I won’t buy into it. Great idea, bad contracts.

  • automatically? or just makes it possible to be in commercials/shows? Doesn’t it cost money to do that?

  • Nephew901

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  • stoneyjonez

    WRONG. They don’t find people to license your music for you. That is total bullshit. You still have to promote it yourself, and even then you get screwed.

  • danny

    if they just listened to Another Zedd remix

  • mig

    you still get 50 of the royalties. it’s 35 of the fee for them offering a limited service at pretty standard licensing prices that you wouldn’t be able to negotiate yourself as an independent artist. i’ve seen licensing deals with individuals…they aren’t nearly as impressive as the ones with big name companies like getty. and that’s talking about images alone. i’m impressed that they are finally doing it with music of course i am still saddened that it’s like this.

  • mig

    35 of the fee they charge to those who want to license your music. a fee they are able to set by being a big player in the industries. if you think about it, that’s 75 bucks if someone simply wants to use your track for a radio program then you still get 50 percent of the royalties – thats your publishing share since you are entitled to half of it. that’s where this is nothing like a publishing deal. it’s an outlet to be legit and i think it’ll keep the industry alive for a good while longer. shit, if they strike a trailer deal for a track that’s already 1700 bucks flat out for them putting that license out there. then just watch the royalties roll in.

  • Imo

    That’s the thing though, what potential client is gonna run up on your profile and notice your music when they need it…. ?? NOBODY WILL, that’s what the service does… connect you with people who are willing to pay money for your track. Music licensing agencies have done this for years… and it helps both parties, i agree that the rates are a little shady though…

  • mig

    it’s the rate for the fee’s they are able to establish as a big player in the business. it’s actually impressive to a real deal you’d be able to strike in comparison as an individual. as far as the royalties, AND I HOPE OTHERS READ THIS, they are taking 50% of the publisher’s royalties, that’s about the same as working with a label, yet the artists retains their 100% of the writers share of the royalties, so in essence, the artist will be receiving 75% of the total incoming royalties, so long as their PRO is counting. ;)

  • wow

  • cpayne

    not only that, but if they pay you a flat rate to use your music they can use your song as long as they like. Your song could be on the most trending image on the web, but who cares you won’t be a penny richer for its popularity.

  • joshua

    As a single producer this deal does to some extent seem appealing, but like everything that sounds to go to be true, you have to add a pinch of salt. if research was done properly, getty images would have found that musician’s want a fare percentage back as well as royalties simply because we are the ones that produce the sound. i would buy into this offer if i got one hundred percent of royalties and seventy percent of the income. the more people sign up, the more money getty images will make. change the deal and you will see just how many people will sign up! mass is money.

  • kizasozaybeatz

    Will this help me in getting my music out there ?

  • DjZorlack
  • thinking of maybe signing up… hmm have a listen to my first upload… http://soundcloud.com/kingkongrecordings/kong-jitter-vocal wouldnt mind some opinions people! would this be a wise move to take so early??

  • Anja

    How can I remove Getty images again?

  • Anja

    How i can remove getty images again??

  • yakcha sacha

    http://soundcloud.com/yakcha-sacha I would like more information, I’m still not sure …

  • One thing I am wondering about: are they putting my tracks in their catalogue and promote it there, too, or am I only putting another button on my tracks here and still have to be discovered by possible clients here?

  • Does anyone know if the UK has a treaty with the US that exempts us from tax? I had a look on the web but I have a feeling that under article 17 artists who are working for a US company are not exempt after the first $15000 can anyone confirm this?

  • It just means its possible that your music can be used, it doesn’t mean to say that it will be though. Getty take a cut of any royalties they collect for you.

  • It’s intended for licensing others to use your works for the likes of commercial usage. Remember, you still own the copyright to your track even if you give it away, so you still have the right to license your tracks in the way you want to.

  • skyra

    Just chuckin’ in a comment about the fact that multinationals will ban the ‘Pirate Bay’ in the UK and still upload ‘high (enough) quality’ to Youtube and rack in 100 million plays in 2 days to up their sales to a previously unhearing audience. As a wiseman once said to them, “YA CANT PAY BASS! AND YA CANT PLAY DRUM!!”. What happened to Megaupload’s system?

  • Franck

    I think this is a wrong idea !
    we are paying for being free streamed on your website and now you’re about to develop random publishing to expose artists music randomly ?

    artists should choose a synchr/publ agency and work smartly. not randomly.

    i’ll never use that option, sorry

  • stateofpsychosis

    ASCAP is how your register your songs to get paid in general. What GettyImages will do is put you on a music library so that people making commercials, tv shows, movies, etc can use your songs. I’ve been with them for a few years. for warning, you still have to do your own promotion so you still won’t get any song placements just by getting into a music library. Like always, this stuff isn’t easy. Be ready to spend some real coin on advertising even if your music is amazing.

  • stateofpsychosis

    I’m already with Pumpaudio which is owned by GettyImages..
    Do I have to do something to link the accounts?
    I don’t want to be at a disadvantage because I got in early.

  • im lost right now is that good or bad ?

  • animattronic

    Bad move here. I know I’ll make more money doing this myself, then waiting for someone to accidentally find me on getty.

    I’ve got new tracks that are free to download.
    If you like it and want to use it commercially, you can contact me personally

    Enjoy my Music!


  • mig

    depends, if you are making money already doing it without a publisher, then you might as well keep doing what you’re doing. otherwise, if you’re just looking to break into the business and earn extra income, don’t have the time, skill or patience to do all the work yourself, then this is a good outlet. it’s all about approach and goals. people needa lighten up and just go with the flow.

  • chimez mcbain

    i dont get it, do i have to pay before the tracks been licensed (if it get used) or is the fee taken from the amount that i earn from it being used….

  • Drew

    The real joke appears to be when you start trying to go through the process. Their license agreement “AREEMENT” as it says on the document expects me to submit a form, but nowhere does it tell me how to do so. Then, having set up the account and “transferred” the first few track, nothing happens. They don’t appear on the site and there is no confirmation. I wrote asking four clear questions about the process and received an automated answer telling me I need to fill in the form mentioned above – again, without telling me where to send it.

  • animattronic

    They should be paying me to add my own produced track to their library.

  • check out my DipSet beats!

  • Are we just doing this for exposure… or actual profit??

  • Wayne
  • Man, maybe you guys should of went to school for this and maybe you would understand that music is free in general. If u sign up for this ur basically a work-for-hire. potiental clients might see ur stuff but that moneys for them because u basically sold out. Look if you wanna make tons of money talk to whoever runs this website and set up an agreement with them if ur music is any good.

  • One thing I’ve learned is that when someone is OFFERING you something like this(be it modeling, singing, acting, etc.) and you have to pay them, it’s almost always is a scam because the money should flow always in your direction the first time, not the other way around, and not both ways.

  • Ti from Panda Transport

    Music placement is a a guy, working on your behalf…visiting TV, Radio people who may buy your music etc..and he will take around 20% on the sell if you agree with the placement…Sounds like Gettyimage are just an other music library online, they don’t do any spécific job except to put your music online and set low prices for it(I did compare with the prices our man sell our music)…so, maybe I’m wrong, but personaly I prefer to work with a real person doing the job or do it myself.This is no a critizice, just my personal opinion :-))))

  • Abdul Mubeen

    Check out my sound cloud for free beats!! SOUNDCLOUD.COM/MUBZPRODUCTION

  • careymoore615

    i had tracks placed with pump audio before they were bought by getty and given the getty name. didn’t see anything good about it and had a difficult time getting my music out of their catalog.

  • John Gainly

    Great idea, just a cursory.

  • JonathanOnyx

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  • JonathanOnyx
  • Maxlock

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  • City Boy

    Thats Just not right

  • yes is very good information

  • Ionuts
  • armalyte

    you have to fill in a form called a W8-BEN ( or similar). I did this years ago . I needed a notary public to sort something out for me as well, which cost an eye watering £280 at the time . Check this out on the internet via google search. Some licensing houses INSIST on it.

    I was with PUMP AUDIO years and years ago , which i think was bought out by getty. I dont have the time or inclination to check out the newer business model – im sure all of you are savvy and intelligent enough to make your own choices there – but there IS money to be made from music licensing, providing you have the material and LOTS OF IT. The contract details are a matter of personal choices and so on.

  • Kev Curtis

    I’ve got 16 years experience of composing professionally for TV programmes. No matter how big or clever you think you are, unless you have an agent who will work on your behalf to get you the best jobs around, you need companies like this that have the global clout to get your music into all the nooks and crannies of the industry that you just could never hope to achieve all by yourself. If you have good music and it’s just sitting on here doing nothing but massaging your ego, swallow your pride and try and make some money out of it. Yes, they take a large cut, but what’s the alternative to not giving them a chance to license it? Remain penniless?

    I did a job a few years ago that required me to sign a publishing agreement agreeing to the company to take 66% of the royalties from the use of my music. There wasn’t a choice – it was either sign or lose out on the work. I earned over £17K in the end from that job. That’s £17K I wouldn’t have had if I’d been precious about my work. You never know where it will lead to. Companies like this work really hard; they have bills to pay, too. Just imagine all the TV programmes, films, adverts and jingles that are happening on the planet at any one time. They all need music to some degree. Some of it could be yours.

  • I’m a bit sceptical about it myself. If i’m going to pay a huge cut of my royalties i think i would expect them to be pushing my music rather than just listing it in another directory.

  • Mods
  • Well, some moneys is better than no monies, that is if some monies was and is posible. With all the back and forth, I havnt hear anyone said any thing about what, if any monies Gettyimage has paid them?

  • teej

    Never thought Soundcloud would get in bed with known extortionists. Pretty disgusting move, makes me rethink even using SC anymore. Getty Images? Really?! It’s like partnering with big pharma.

  • THX1136

    Well said!

  • pay them to use my stuff , ull be lucky, on my cloud its all for free just give me credit if you use, lie mix is pd i can create mix and edit , been at it years never been noticed in anyway that matters, just a pasttime that pays once in a while, stay as i am thanks, as we say in ireland,, gud luck

  • carol

    you’re not paying, youre earning money on music that wasn’t earning money…and their incentive is their percentage, how do you expect people to make money?

  • Guys, this is actually a good thing. Their prices are high, okay, but they are not just “putting it in a music library” like some people here have said – because its a music library that is the number one choice for the advertising industry, it’s about discoverability. If you’re already hooked up and getting stuff out there, no, this probably isn’t for you. But if you want to get a leg in, and don’t have the time or resources to do so on your own, this is a good deal. If you don’t sell it through here with the commission then how, prey do tell, are you going to sell it?!

  • Sander, these third parties are mostly advertising agencies, along with some film and tv production houses. How are they going to find your work on their own to “let you know and work something out”? It’s understandable that most people don’t understand how the industry works, but if you do, you know that… well… it works like this. It’s no different to photographers putting their images up on istock.

  • ASCAP has nothing to do with how your songs are found and used. This is about putting your songs somewhere where a global industry is searching for music to use in ads, etc. So it’s worth it, yes.

  • andrew cocain

    hmmm na cbf if ppl find my music they find it. all free

  • Old School Punk!

    so you must pay 1000’s of dollars to get your music signed,..that’s just greedy,..I will just go on the road and sell music out the back of my van like nirvona did,..befor I will sell out to the industry!!!

  • Old School Punk!

    So you put you music on this sound cloud,..that does not mean you sold out,..If you sign with the industy you have sold out,..the industy needs to go back to school,..or mabe go to the street and find out what the meaning of music is,..its not about the money!!!

  • gregory mann

    yep, what a great piece of tackle for fishing. wow if i had that kind of money , i would register with the RIAA for USD100.00 per track and own my own shit and make 100%. thought this was about helping? i am kind of confused. i pay? no. the marketing company makes money by making the artist money. through a standard industry %.

  • David Bennett

    Lol seems like a pretty negative reaction to this partnership.

  • my bday was oct 9th

  • Jonathan Eckhardt

    interesting thanks!

  • i’d rather buy a ad on fb

  • johann

    not impressed at all with soundcloud for this very dodgy sign-up deal without warning users how hard it would be to opt out and that their buy links will get auto overide pointing only too getty. poor show soundcloud,

  • Joey #’s

    Happy Bday

  • THX1136

    To me it’s like the old adage “you have to spend money to make money” Like you mentioned Kev, folks can do it on their own because of the perceived “wrongness” of the arrangement. So you make some money on selling out of the back of your van or beat your head against the wall trying to get traction instead of just doing your music and letting someone else work for you. You could be passing up an opportunity you’ll never have doing it on your own. Folks with the money to spend on music are more likely to go with a trusted source than someone they have never heard of – that’s all you folks who think you can do it on your own. Getty would be a trusted source. Obviously there is no gun to your head. Do what you feel is best for your future. But seriously consider what you stand to loose in the big picture/long run by not utilizing every opportunity available to you. Just my 2 cents worth.

  • THX1136

    Wouldn’t you like your musical efforts providing you with food and shelter? Why put anything up anywhere – SoundCloud included – if you’re not interested in making a living doing what you love – making music. I can understand if you don’t have that desire and that’s cool. I think it would be great to be able to do nothing but music to support myself. To do that the music must be put into hands that are willing to pay for it. Again, if you want to give stuff away for free that’s cool. No worries. Selling music is not selling out in my mind. I wish you happiness in your endeavors OSP and hope all is well.

  • Aside from the fact their rate seem shady, their site navigation is awful. the most promoted music is by music groups making very generic music that would make me turn away form the site all together let alone post my own for a fee or have it in my commercial. I mean in this case free(sound cloud) is much better than paid(Getty images).

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  • ййййййййййййййййййййй

  • Ooh the buy links being changed to getty instead of where you want it to point to has put me right off. I hope this is not true as this could hamper people selling on the likes of bandcamp and various other online music stores.

  • http://soundcloud.com/hh-dodis
  • NobilityIAm

    Is there any way to get rid of this? I put on all my tracks but I don’t like it at all and would like to get rid of it.

  • Wally Aime

    I know, I don’t see the problem here

  • Anonymous

    I see no problem here

  • Srsly

    I don’t think everybody understands how the industry works. I’m pleased with my Getty Images association, I was with them when it was Pump Audio. They want quality too, some of the people complaining don’t realize that they won’t actually meet the standards Getty Images is looking for.

    Look at the images they sell. Notice how amazing the photos are? They have to be of a very high quality to be considered. The stuff you do in your bedroom at 2am that is never even mixed through real studio monitors isn’t going to get you anywhere. And it won’t be accepted.

  • yeah, i swear you are meant to be paid if your song is used in an advert. its called royalties

  • this message is not spam? Sorry for your time!
    – how do you do ; ))) Please take the time to me!!!! listen to !!! Listen to my music !!! I want to sign tracks. I’m sorry if I do not need you..thanks for the reply.

  • this is a good system, i wouldnt normally get any money for my music because i work full time and cant self promote it, anything i make from this is better than nothing and either way, if they use your music and DONT make you aware, theyre fucked in terms of how far up the creek you can sue them. its a good system and it means anyone who takes your music without permission is violating licensing conditions.. and it doesnt cost you a cent. its brilliant.

  • aha no chance aint paying for my tracks to be used they should be payin me :)!!

  • realtalkmusic

    i agree this is ridiculous no way would i pay for my own music to be used i totaly agree with a lot of you guys

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  • josh
  • el primo

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  • Buffalo Soldier

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  • LucidTheory

    Just starting out in small town in NZ thinking about doing something like this but im quite skeptical it just doesnt seem right to me.
    I’ve got new tracks that are free to download.
    If you like it and want to use it commercially, you can contact me personally.
    Enjoy ;)

  • jack oxenham
  • Jordy Trelles

    como lo puedo tener license

  • Something to consider, where would the Supremes be today if they had turned down the 1% each? Yep, Ross got 1%.

  • Andrea

    Ascoltate la mia musica gente :)

  • If I put my music in it, do I still own the rights when someone buy my music ?

  • Google T.U.A Music

  • Caio Trova

    Hi! Check out the sound of SIMETRIA, brazilian rock band!


  • Im not fully comprehending what this service actually provides, can any one help me out?

  • Will Garcia

    this seems very good.

  • This is dope!!!!!!!

  • What do you have to loose? Stop complaining!!!!!

  • Georgeforte

    A company has clearly seen that there is lots of good music on Soundcloud and collaborated with them. Its a good idea but nothing really new. Thousands of tracks are on soundcloud and going un-noticed, at least this way the artist will get something if its used and it may lead to bigger and better things.

    The percentage is pretty low though but no-one is forced to do it. If your with PRS etc you will also get a royalty for each time its played so maybe it can be beneficial and its only a one-year licence.

  • Re Creating Hope & Gratitude to You

    Hey!!! Amazing. Thank you SoundCloud and Getty… If you could help me find a manager that speaks Sasquatch, between that, MusicXray, Tunecore, iTunes, & however many stores my music is on, I should be able to make some money, some day. And that isn’t the point. The point is you are creating hope and that took you a long time to put together.

    So Bravo!!! Thank you all again. …and look closer at the negative comments, even they are saying that it gives them hope. All artists are struggling on this planet right now. You just made a difference for one, me.

    Best Regards,

    ~ Stefan

    ps. Artists looking to promote and sell your work: Start promoting 2 years before you have music, allow 10-20 years before expecting to make real money on your own work (if at all). Some exceptions, & that is an international average over the last 100 years… Be brave and do it for Love ~ s

  • chris

    this is jokes , :( haha i wouldnt buy into this!

  • BIG M (A.K.A) 1-LOVE

    Ok first off why would anyone be stupid enough to fall for this scam. All this sounds like to me is a bunch of people trying to find someone dumb enough to send their music that they worked so hard on to you and then if you like it you steal it and then we get nothing out of the deal I’m good I think I’ll stick to what I know. Thanks but no thanks.

  • Rory Macbeth

    interesting discussion–I was thinking of trying to sell my tunes for use as a ring tone–maybe SoundCloud needs something you don’t have to pay for–otherwise I’ve found SoundCloud to be fantastic–maybe this is okay too–but from the comments–not sure

  • Aaron Lester

    I’d be thankful that people even got to hear something I created. regardless of how chopped or edited it got.

  • Skcollob

    Wise words Kev, you swayed the argument for me. Its a cruel world, we must either get on with it or get out. Remember in 2006 there were 65000 new releases, less than 2000 of those were able to make a £100. Thats worth remembering. Q, Would we still be making music if we knew there was no money to be made? I would, however Id still be fighting for fair and balanced relationships with third party companies. Peace

  • wretched martyr

    I don’t understand giving up your masters for anything. This sounded too good to be true or am I naive? Some of these comments even sound fake to justify this contract. Idk?

  • Jonas
  • Is this a good or bad thing?

  • Dr.Ogen
  • steph

    BTW Getty images is now owned by Carlyle group…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlyle_Group
    Great idea, bad company.

  • Guest

    Yea but surely you can get some sort of compensation from ARPA? I dunno

  • Reading all these comments…. I decline….for now.
    I’m not gonna pay to get my stuff out there. It should be the other way around. And I’m not agreeing with 15ct per track to be used ‘forever’ ..

    Been there, done that..it’s called PUBLIC DOMAIN ..
    which gives a more positive feedback.

    Lifetime granting rights does not even occur with regular recordlabels.

  • lepre
  • KroM

    Must i understand all the termes to sign?

  • basswerk

    the rates regarding what the artist gets are far too low

  • 1-http://soundcloud.com/pafosmusic/pafos-miami-beach-original

  • grin3rs
  • grin3rs


  • grin3rs


  • Anna Roxenholt

    their procent/fee is totally not ok

  • angelo

    indaba music you can sell right on i tunes no big wiggs takeing your cash

  • yea!!!

  • The Problem is that Artists should not prosecute anyone for “stealing” music… If you make it, and submit it online, then you can expect that it will be downloaded for free…

  • Adam Jamieson


  • Ryan

    £3000. what a joke

  • Snowdune

    Musicians pay percentages to managers, publishers, record companies all the time and many are multi-millionaires despite it. Paying money out to people who make you money is not wrong, it is how business works. No one from any advertising company, film or advert is going to spend hundreds of hours trawling through rubbish trying to find music for a project – they all go to proper music libraries.

    As far as I can see you can only make money from licensing your music if you have a publisher or are on an industry music library.

    To me this boils down to one thing, if they put my music on Getty and it’s there to be found by people in the industry that’s great. If all they do is put a licence option on my Soundcloud page and take a cut if someone wants to licence it then it’s a complete scam because it’s still down to me to get my music found and if someone wants to licence my music they can contact me. I’ve joined up, but if they don;t put my music in their library what use are they to me?

  • i agree Kev, a few songs would nt hurt, specially if you got ideas constantly and always creating some new Music…

  • Datz Bad. Sound Cloud should be ashamed of themselves. for this. SMH.

  • LBC Records
  • LPM

    I have to agree with Kev Curtis; there is a lot of misunderstanding going on here. As musicians and artists you don’t have to pay anyone to have your own music licensed. If Getty think your music is good enough (and that is a very important point to consider) they will showcase it globally via their site, and if a company wants to license one of your songs you will get paid. As far as the rates are concerned, they are industry standard. I signed with Pump Audio (which Getty acquired) years ago and have since had regular payments from them in the high hundreds (two each year for the tracks registered here http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/music/artists/53607-scambler). If I hadn’t have signed I would have made nothing. What’s more, the agreement with Getty is NON EXCLUSIVE, so there is nothing to stop you from submitting your tunes to other licensing companies (or continuing your own promotion and sales however you wish). I can’t understand the hate. If you want to make some money from your music and get coverage that isn’t otherwise possible then sign up and TRY and get your music licensed Getty – if you’re talented/lucky you might get a few songs in the catalogue. If you don’t want a third party making a little profit from your music then give up and do something else with your time instead.

  • Chris

    Completely agree. You can still sell your songs on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon MP3 as normal; the deal with Getty will simply mean EXTRA financial income. Yes Getty take a cut, BUT if Getty license one of your songs and it ends up in a major promo, game, TV advert or film, you will get more marketing and interest than you could ever possibly achieve attempting to license music yourself. Guess what will happen then – you’ll have even more people buying your songs via iTunes and other download stores because they heard it on TV or in an app. The other thing is, people are commenting that they don’t want to give their music away forever – this shows a complete misunderstanding of how licensing works. If one of your songs is licensed the legal agreement will be for that SPECIFIC song to be used in one SPECIFIC project in one SPECIFIC geographic territory. Yes that means that if a song is licensed it may be used in perpetuity, but the license is very strict, and if the type of media changes for the project (from web to video, or video to DVD) or if the region changes (from the UK to Europe, or from Europe to Global) these tiny little changes mean that a new license is required which means you get paid again! Ultimately, if you want more promotion and want to make more money then sign up with Getty. If you don’t want to make money or to promote your music then why are you writing music and hating this amazing opportunity?

  • Anthrogh

    good thing I live in texas, where there is the “Called It” Policy, meaning I dont have to pay for licencing my own stuff because I licence it myself through this policy

  • Waster

    @ imo. To be honest what your saying isn’t totally true.
    I posted the first beats I made with an op1 and a week later I got a request for one of them to be used in an I pad magazine called katachi which was a result for just uploading a beat to my page.
    I do understand your point that it is a one in a million chance of this happening.
    Iv submitted a few of my tracks to be used by gettys images but to be honest I’m probably just gona ignore them or try and change this after reading the comments on this blog. They don’t really seem to do much in return for the artists that submit there music so what’s the point in the offer ?