Follow the Fellows #7: Tiny Spark, Working Now, Guidebooks, Nightbus Radio and more

Follow the Fellows #7: Tiny Spark, Working Now, Guidebooks, Nightbus Radio and more

Here’s this week’s round-up by the SoundCloud Community Fellows! Revisit all tracks here.

Tiny Spark
Amy Costello’s months-long investigation into what is seemingly a good idea: medical professionals who volunteer in international crisis zones. Have you ever volunteered in a crisis zone? What was your experience like? Check out Amy’s guest blog post and her report on PRI’s The World.

Also, a patient in Haiti who’d suffered from the work of earlier volunteer surgeons in this Thinglink image below.

Working Now
Amazing stories of a professional skateboard photographer, letters editor, jeweler and more were shared this week. Listen to them here and the full wrap-up below that also includes a few words of what the Working Now producers learned from Third Coast Conference last weekend. “Our job is to make room for a voice.”


Here’s Update #2 from the friendly folks of Guidebooks who are hard at work, combining your submitted sounds and their own musicianship.

Fun stuff, right? So, what are you waiting for? Throw in your original raw sounds to their Group page.

NightBus Radio
Jack visited the Navajo reservation and recorded this fantastic guitar solo and song by a man named Ray Stayne next to his tire repair truck on the side of the road near Leupp, AZ.

Road to the Royal Mile
Hayden Cohen’s interviews from the Royal Mile at Edinburgh Fringe Festival continue with Comedian Steve Gribbin and Ruraidh MurraySee and hear the full set of interviews here!

Here Be Monsters
Jeff interviews Captain Chris Staudinger, an experienced world traveler who visited Myanmar (Burma) in 2006, during a time of political unrest, militarization and a general mistrust of anyone American. Chris tells his story of escaping the country after he and his friends saw something that they should not have seen.

Detroit Mobile Audio Tour

Members of the Detroit Mobile Audio Tour (DMAT) team spoke with location-based storytelling rock star Krissy Clark talk at last weekend’s Third Coast Festival. Laura Herberg spoke with Clark at the festival after her presentation. Before you listen, you might want to click on this link to read about the projects Clark talked about in her presentation.

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