Hello Heroes: Submit spooky sounds for the October community collaboration

Hello Heroes: Submit spooky sounds for the October community collaboration

This is a guest blog post by the SoundCloud Heroes, passionate leaders in the SoundCloud community. They want you to be part of monthly collaborations so take part and have fun!

The SoundCloud community compiled stems that reminded us of warm sweaters, hot apple cider and falling leaves. Here are some tracks SoundClouders created from those stems, with their own sounds. Be sure to check the rest here!

October’s Community Collaboration Theme: SPOOKY SOUNDS!

Photo by jomudo

Submit those spooky sound effects, musical excerpts, stories or things that go bump in the night or produce spine-tingling effects. Let’s compile the greatest Halloween hit since the “Monster Mash”.

Anybody can be a part of the SoundCloud Community Collaborations. Here’s how:

1. By October 20th, upload your stems to SoundCloud with the tag “SCC1012”.
2. Take a listen to the stems submitted by other users. Download your favorites.
3. Compile your stems into your own themed track.
4. Share your track here by October 30th. Don’t forget to credit stem creators: http://soundcloud.com/groups/soundcloud-heroes-collaborations

We’ll post a follow up blog highlighting submissions in early November. Happy spooky sound making!

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