Follow the Fellows #8: Working Now, Pop Up Archive, DecodeDC, The Truth and more

Follow the Fellows #8: Working Now, Pop Up Archive, DecodeDC, The Truth and more

Here’s this week’s round-up by the SoundCloud Community Fellows! The Fellowship concludes next week so revisit all tracks here!

Working Now
This week, the working lives of a pet detective, laundry attendant and more. Listen to them here and the full wrap-up below.

Pop Up Archive

Pop Up Archive is hosting an archive mashup contest centered on three themes — ambiance, election season and/or voices. Showcase the hidden value of archival audio by participating, and you can win a free SoundCloud Pro account! Details on how to enter at

Detroit Mobile Audio Tour

Laura and the Detroit Mobile Audio Tour team share their latest update about the launch of their mobile audio tour in Detroit next week! If you’re curious about other location-based storytelling projects, they’ve included some excellent ones worth checking out as well here!

Seven (and a half) secrets of political staging. And what could go awry, like Sarah Palin’s turkey-slaughter and when Kenny G is mistaken for Bill Clinton. Andrea Seabrook and Roman Mars of 99% Invisible team up in this very special joint episode. Congratulations to Andrea Seabrook for meeting her Kickstarter goal to fund more episode of DecodeDC. There’s still a few hours to donate if you believe in the future of news journalism, so head over here!

The Truth
“This story was inspired by a submission from listener Matthew Mercier, for our Halloween/Election crowd-sourcing experiment. It’s based on his experience as caretaker of the last home of Edgar Allan Poe, and imagines what Poe’s last living hours may have been like.”


Here’s Update #3 from the friendly folks of Guidebooks who are hard at work, combining your submitted sounds and their own musicianship.

They’re still open to receiving more sounds, so throw in your original raw sounds to their Group page.

NightBus Radio
Jack records some lovely folks who were jamming in a parking lot in Santa Fe, New Mexico. You can follow along on the Nightbus Radio adventures at

Road to the Royal Mile
Hayden Cohen’s interviews from the Royal Mile at Edinburgh Fringe Festival continue with Comedian Alexis Dubus, Creative director of theSpace venues Charles Pamment, and Playwright Robin Rice LichtigSee and hear the full set of interviews here!

Here Be Monsters
Jeff speaks with Andrew Nissenbaum, once a highly successful stock trader whose loss sparked an interest in time travel. Andrew tells his story and explains some of the achievements and hurdles yet to overcome before the 2013 Time Travelers Convention.

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