David Sounds, Safety and the Community: An Update

As sound creators, we encourage you to share your sounds with your fans, friends and fellow collaborators. For this to work well we’ve learnt that it’s best for the community to all agree on a set of guidelines which will encourage healthy sharing.

Thanks for your feedback and input over the past months. We’ve listened to your thoughts and have worked hard on building systems that will ensure that SoundCloud remains an environment where you can engage in meaningful, relevant and sustainable interactions with other members.

We recently rolled out an update to our community safety features:

1. We implemented a series of measures to prevent spam in comments and messaging.

We heard that you don’t want to see comments or messages like this anymore!

2. You can now easily report suspicious comments and messages.

3. We updated privacy settings to give you more control over your messaging settings.

4. We implemented measures to encourage genuine followings.

Get inspired by some of the best practices we’ve seen applied by community members who were able to build meaningful connections whilst growing their community:

We want to make sure that the SoundCloud community remains a safe, fun and creative place for sound creators, enthusiasts and fans alike. We know that getting the word out and sharing sounds is an important part of your creative process and we hope these updated measures help everyone in our community. Tell us your thoughts on the updates in the comments, and if you face any problems get in touch with us on our help center.

Thank you!

  • Omg finally! There are only very few things I don’t like with SoundCloud and only one thing I hate and this was the spam in the comments, so big thumbs up for trying to fight it!

  • The report as spam button has been there since forever, so how is it an update? Also what happens if someone clicks report as spam even if its not spam? IT DISABLES MESSAGING FOR 24 HOURS! even if it isn’t spam! This needs to be fixed, PLEASE!

  • frank494

    @facebook-100003999934172:disqus the previous report spam was for private msg’s only, now we can report spam “comments” too. A welcome tool in my opinion :)

  • Introspect

    Thanks for your continued effort and commitment in making Soundcloud the best of it’s kind!

  • Chris rowand

    Thanks SoundCloud. Nobody likes Spam, except perhaps the tinned variety?

  • Arthur Stone

    Thanks SC – good to know you are aware of the issue and are providing solutions. To be fair, it’s a more general problem with social media and SC isn’t too bad but anything that helps keep the experience clear is welcome : )

  • Heatseeqerz

    Tommy Sevart – i too have that same concern. I have friends post into comments regarding my track, but also pointing to their own new work.. I noted a comment removed today that was quite innocuous, perhaps he has been removed from SC, thus so have his comments. But i would prefer to keep tabs on such things myself, not someone else. Still, it is a good idea to be able to remove spam and report it. We do need to be clear about defining “Spam” and what actions are taken.

  • Calaminus


    This can happen – especially when you try to inform all your followers or group members about some important news by using the messaging option with a prepared message that you copy & paste!!! Not only that someone misunderstands such a message as spam, it takes you hours to send your info to all your Fans/Groupmates, because you have to wait about up to 5 minutes for each message!!

    Therefore we’ll need a BULK MESSAGING option that works like a newsletter (because that proposal of using an audio speech message over the private sharing isn’t a solution & will not work!) .

    The measures are only one step to improve SC…

  • DanAge

    Please dont do a youtube and any mongs can now flag you for spam and you believe it. I just got banned from youtube for no reason at all because some senseless idiots flagged us, when the fact of the matter is our label own all our rights…

  • Yassine Ben Achour

    SoundCloud is managed by purists and this is the best proof of that.
    Whats the problem if someone wants to show more his music making spam?
    We are not speaking of VIAGRA SPAM! Its MUSIC messages! Wake up! This is

    With this type of policy, SoundCloud is becoming
    more annoying. It’s time to create an alternative for this monopolistic
    platform run by ugly purists.

  • You missed the point. It’s about spam messages from people who don’t actually listen to your tracks, but they try to manipulate you into thinking they did. They copy-paste the same messages to thousands of people. This way you’ll be more inclined to check out their stuff and follow them. it’s selfish and deceitful, and it should be stopped.

  • This is a welcome addition, thanks. For your next effort, I think you should focus on plagiarists. Sites such as OCRemix have reported plagiarists with evidence, but response is slow and the offenders continue to steal. This is theft, and it’s illegal. Even if the offender is a paying SC member, they should be banned from Soundcloud for good, not given a friendly warning for breaking the law, repeatedly.


    What happens if someone clicks report as spam even if its not spam? IT DISABLES MESSAGING FOR 24 HOURS! even if it isn’t spam! I used to send people links to listen to my music, by their request, and now since this has happened so many times, I can’t even send messages anymore! This needs to be fixed, PLEASE!

  • DJRAMBO954

    me happy soundcloud take care of this normally right after a remixs i get comment from unusual character about some site not pertaining to soundcloud an 1 min later them take off the comment.. me happy they implement this for our users!

  • All of these problems would go away if you’d just implement comment flooding prevention. I suggested this a year ago and was told it was being looked at, yet still nothing. The onus remains on me to clean up the crap that yet another bot spams across 100 of my tracks and manually send you an email about it, yet it could have been easily auto-prevented.

    Either prevent people leaving identical comments more than once in a 24 hour period, (like twitter does), or limit the number of comments that can be made per hour. This would solve 99% of the comment spam and I really have no idea why you refuse to implement it.

  • Keep encouraging quality comments and helping prevent spam, it’s what will keep this community strong!

  • It’s good to see the Soundcloud team is picking up on problems like these, but there are a few problems with the solution: people could misuse the “report as spam” button and disables someone’s messaging. I think instead of trying to control spam, you should prevent it by blocking repeated messages over a short period of time.

  • J.M. Shinkle

    Thank you :)

  • mclpoggi

    try tecnicals :D

  • Chainsaw Police

    @Yassine – they’re blocking messages that sit around the same idea and feeling of “Hey man, nice tune! Check my page out if you’ve got the time :)”, which get copy-pasted to hundreds of tunes a day – without the poster actually listening to the song, just spamming their work.

    People do not like this, and we’ve told Soundcloud. They listened, and they responded.
    This is not their decision 100%, they took input from users. The vast majority of SC users really don’t like this kind of activity. So Soundcloud are trying to stop it.

    It’s not that hard to understand, dude. Really.

  • Better not see any captchas

  • I don’t understand the people who “follow” me without having bothered listening to even a single piece of my music. I guess they are just trying to get a follow in turn (a bit like the “friend whores” on FaceBook and MySpace). Why not restrict following to people who have actually listened to at least one recording of whoever it is that they are trying to “follow”? It makes perfect sense to me, and would help weed out the fake followers.

  • SoundCloud Trust & Safety Team

    Thanks for the feedback. These recent updates will address the problem you point out. We hope these efforts make a noticeable impact on your use of the platform and take away the aggravation yourself, and the rest of the community may have previously felt!

  • SoundCloud Trust & Safety Team

    Hey Tommy,

    Don’t worry, we moderate these reports to make sure only genuine reports contribute to the warnings that are shown.

    As well as the ‘report’ function, this post also highlights recent efforts and updates to our anti-spam measures which help to restrict the sending of spam in messages or comments.

    If you have any other questions feel free to shoot us an email!

  • SoundCloud Trust & Safety Team

    Thanks for the feedback Calaminus. This kind of messaging would currently be restricted. We hope some of our suggestions provide an alternative way of reaching out to your audience.

    We’ll take these thoughts on board!

  • SoundCloud Trust & Safety Team

    Thanks for sharing your concerns. We currently moderate these reports to ensure only the genuine reports contribute to the warnings that are shown.

  • SoundCloud Trust & Safety Team

    Hi Gavin,

    Interesting thought! Thanks for sharing, we’ll take it in to consideration.

    We currently have measures in place to encourage genuine followings, and we will continue to improve on these in hope that you, and the rest of the community, feel more confident in any new followers you receive.

  • SoundCloud Trust & Safety Team

    Good point Benjamin! But don’t worry, we moderate these to ensure only genuine reports contribute to the warnings being shown.

    Also, we hope these updates to anti-spam measures will help prevent the ‘repeated messages’ problem you point out.

  • SoundCloud Trust & Safety Team

    Don’t worry, we moderate these to ensure only genuine reports contribute towards warnings sent out.

    Remember sending out of identical, or near identical, comments or messages are likely to be reported for, and considered, as spam.

  • bob

    I would still like a “block & report” option. There are too many record company trolls using SC and I’ve written to them to ask them to stop following me but to no avail. I manually follow people that follow me yet get the “24 hour suspension” due to “abnormal” activity. Other than that I love SC exactly the way it is. Please don’t change. You risk going down the Myspace route… SC for music networking not social networking!

  • SoundCloud Trust & Safety Team

    Hi Bob,

    We’re looking in to this possibility, we hope any future changes we’re able to make can make will help you out with this matter!

  • Mr Beta

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  • Nick

    Can you try and stop people lifting tracks and placing them on sites other people pay for,that would be nice….

  • Smthb Productions

    Thanks alot! This really helps the community.

  • Scott Benson

    Maybe this is just me, or maybe this will help reassure you, but even if I don’t set aside time to listen to EVERY update from the people I follow, I almost always find time to listen to these speech updates. I would even argue that these recorded-speech updates can also generate realistic feedback on who is interested in the message; number of plays = number of people who actually heard you! With bulk messaging you don’t get that information, and it leaves the window open for less honest users to flood my inbox! Check out http://soundcloud.com/marianneholland, she uses this approach very effectively.

  • Scott Benson

    I really like Gavin’s idea! My music doesn’t generate much traffic unless I’m actively promoting it, so it’s always obnoxious when my dashboard update shows more new follows than plays!

  • me_and_mathilda

    and what about the mozilla add on? does that still work here on the cloud? can people still dl my stuff illegally???


    Thanks SoundCloud. I got messaging back. All I ask is could you guys do something about the track’s sharable? I mean, I posted a song, no longer than 2 weeks ago and it’s already reached it’s maximum sharing limit. I have only shared the track with 3 or 4 people. Other than that, no complaints on my part. Thanks!!!!!

  • renstimpy1

    If U Are A Fan Of Michael Jackson Check Out My Account !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeremy

    I’ve made 3,763 comments since I started my account and not one of them is the same or ask’s anyone to listen to me, because presently I’m listening to them. I will occasionally only write “dope” if the track is alright. I haven’t had any problem yet with the new system. Way to go, I would generally listen to the peoples tracks who would post “listen to:” on my songs and see if they would come back to more of my music if they didn’t I stopped listening. This is why I have 1970 followers and only a couple hundred or more comment.

  • exXÒs

    très bien :) keep on evolving and doin’ yo best. thx

  • Zikomo

    This may be a bit off topic. but I think it would be reassuring if there was an undo delete option available. At times I’ve come close to accidentally pressing the delete button on my uploads (the delete button is so close to the edit button!) and it would be devastating to have to re-upload and lose my play counts, especially on songs with thousands of plays and hundreds of favourites

  • Dead Center

    were those example messages actually SPAM or just people networking like they do everywhere else? people post me their links on Twitter, i don’t call it SPAM. i’ve discovered amazing music thanks to people putting themselves out there to be discovered.

  • They don’t address the problems at all. In fact nothing has changed. It’s still up to me to clear up hundreds of bits of spam from my tracks when you could just stop it automatically.

  • John Sutherland

    What about the sharing of tracks with individuals? I regularly get tracks shared with me and 999+ other people, and literally only a few minutes ago I got a track from someone who doesn’t appear to follow me shared with over 14,000 other people. Surely that’s considered spam too?

  • J.L.

    I understand, but isn’t that our community? If you don’t have facebook or anything else and you answer with “cause i don’t need it to be happy and live my life” people look at you like you’re an idiot. Let’s say it’s a “hype” to have internetfriends as much as possible. That’s life

  • stoni1

    finde das ist eine gute Sache.

  • Harison

    All i do is sit and listen to new music on soundcloud. I’m cheesed though because when people see all my favorites, they think i’m just spamming and wont follow me. I think you should consider making a way to hide your favorites.

  • It’s good to see a willingness to put fixes in place, but surely it should not be possible to comment on a track you have not listened to?
    You should only be able to comment on a track if you have listened all the way through.

    I can see this current fix being bypassed by people having maybe 20 or so different comments that they can copy paste randomly without ever having listened to a single track.

  • Stephen Forrester

    It’s about time Soundcloud!!! Btw check out my page…sorry bad joke.
    Seriously though, I love this site and I love it when you get genuine feedback whether it’s good or bad. What I hate is the generic positive comment from someone that wants you to check out their Hardcore Tibetan Dubstep or something like that. Other than that SC is much more of a community than Facebook or Twitter because we have something of substance to share rather than what we ate for dinner yesterday. Lets keep SC friendly and fun and keep the hard sell out.

    Sorry to rant, regards Ste.

  • izaK meeyaN

    Good job SoundCloud. I got a little request- You guys should have an option to arrange the “Followers” and “Followings” users either by most recent or alphabetically. It’s really hard to find people amongst my followers at times.

  • susspuss

    you are definitely right, but there could be another case, like somebody follows you to get some good information through you. let’s say the person checks your favorited music or comments. i do that in some cases.
    but yeah usually these “follow” reasons are ridiculous…

  • Terrorball

    There are many ways to do this not just the mozilla add on. I’m not sure they could stop this unfortunately.

  • Great idea…for example the follow button would be hidden for the user who never listened and when he/she listens to one track and refreshes he/she can see the follow button and click it…But still anyone can press play and then refresh fast and follow xd
    My other solution is to make a new “follow request” as simple as that xd

  • toot

    For myself, as in Myspace, I’m really upset with people who “follow” (as “friendship”) without listening, I agree it shouldn’t be possible to follow somebody unless having listened to at least one track !

  • SoundCloud trust & Safety Team

    Our updated measures will discourage spam being sent through comments and messages. Unfortunately we are unable to retroactively address spam which may have been sent prior to this implementation.

    We hope you begin to notice the effect of these measures as time moves on.

  • SoundCloud Trust & Safety Team

    Thanks Stephen, we really appreciate the support! We hope this will help sustain the great community we have on SoundCloud!

  • SoundCloud Trust & Safety Team

    We hope to continually improve our anti-spam measures to deal with any new trends which begin to frustrate the community. Thanks for passing on your thoughts regarding the topic.

  • SoundCloud Trust & Safety Team

    We will be continually working on evolving our anti-spam measures as new trends arise. Thanks for pointing this out, I’ll pass it on to our team to discuss.

  • SoundCloud Trust & Safety Team

    From feedback we received from our community we felt it necessary to discourage this sort of behavior as it was being considered as ‘spammy’.

    We hope this measures will help sustain the great community on SoundCloud, and encourages genuine interaction and community building between members.

  • I always try to make a point to listen to at least a couple of tracks before I decide to return the favor of following someone.

  • Well that’s good news, but you should consider the “no play no comment allowed” option. I’m sure you guys could do that in a heartbeat.

  • Mike

    I’d like soundcloud to implement an acoustic recognition system to detect if samples have been ripped off from uploaded works present on your servers. Followed by notification to the original authors – not for tracking copyright violation but more for marking works as “features sounds from artist …” IF sounds are not attributed correctly. – How do we know a follower isn’t simply following to use a particular artists output without putting in the same level of effort to create the sounds in the first place? Call it an effort ranking system used to identify original works and to filter the repeaters.

  • road crew for tour available

    why not follow people who have active community and skill set? or is it all about play counts for archived stats..

    what if “we” used only soundcloud..
    how do you build a network? telecom social online? use all the options…

    but alot of studio engineers never did transition to venue very easily

    i see that on the job often enough

    ps even this little box is on an other site that now i must sign into … great domain sc..

  • road crew for tour available

    soon remixers may soon be eligible for a fate far far far far worse than death
    (too far for some?) come to canada see what our recent legislation may get ya
    we could pay a fee per hard drive (like the bbc tv license) or even buy music blocks from sanctioned labels artists tracks but you will have no deviation… or innovation
    alas the physical medium is the only salvation rare un-existant delivered un-mutilated 8 track cassettes in broadcast standard with all licensing fees (35$ for test pattern )
    at which you shall only play requests… and drum tech for the guitarist (because he is too busy shredding on a solo again…)
    mind out that overhead par can doesn’t fall onto the rigger setting up the stage truss for the cross stage snake

  • road crew for tour available

    yeah great set last night and in that other city the week before! i just followed you so i could hit up your drop box later and maybe book you… too bad about flash playback preventing your audio from being played on macs doesnt do justice to amazing technical load in…
    how did you play suspended upside down like that? was it magnets??
    you should tour with trans siberian orchestra! they give the local crew shout-outs! i heard the venue you play at tomorrow is crewed by uniformed convicts under guard? jailhouse rock!
    lessons from past tour: sandiego they steel laptops, louisville take your luggage of stage clothes, shanghied singer in dallas,in portland backline trailer hauled away.. at dj decks book binders and cds from patrons staff or is it the other dj crew.. and watch the openers for your cable adaptors…

  • Agreed :) It should not be possible to follow someone without playing their tracks. It should also not be possible to comment on a track you haven’t played….

  • road crew for tour available

    seriously though i do appreciate sound cloud so much
    as a member for 3 years i recall early use of my space and how my other firiends bands were able to connect and grow with peers
    never did bother with the other stuff
    just recently i was on tour and was able to connect to other soundclouders
    its a relief when they have it
    and get raised single handed applause for not the other which sound cloud is not!!

  • Not sure if you’re deliberately misunderstanding me or not, but I’m not talking about the past, I’m talking about the future. Take Twitter, for example – If you post a tweet then try and post it again, you are prevented from doing so. If you post the same link to a lot of people in a short space of time your channel is suspended and investigated for spam.
    Same on facebook – if you post the same link multiple times in a short space of time your ability to post on other pages is suspended for 15 days.
    Through these measures spam is managed automatically and users don’t have to do the donkeywork of reporting and removing themselves.
    It’s good that you’re trying address spam but you’re still leaving all the work up to users and not actually addressing the issue at its source. Something which could be done easily and automatically, as per the examples I’ve given you.

  • chris

    I’m not sure if you are trolling or if I just came across a retard.

  • Great idea this update. But something is need to the people who listing us musci but never let a message. I have a song downloaded 70 times but not even 1 message. Really like my song but no have time to say thanks?. Wath can you do about this?

  • Networking for the sake of networking is the way to succés in 2012. Wether or not the music has quality is the second or third thing people consider nowadays :)

  • dydge

    What’s wrong with people looking at you like you’re an idiot?

    Didn’t nobody tell you that “what other people think of you is none of your business”? What about that?

    Besides, I know of alot of ‘idiots’ who solely have ‘fakelook'(haha, love that trickle) because everyone else have it.

  • HighGradeMuzik™

    It would be cool if you couldn’t un-follow anybody you followed for at least 2 years :) But seriously, I think its not ok if you follow someone just so that they follow back . As soon as they follow you, you un-follow them – that is just plain rude. There are better and more civil ways of getting followers.

  • SoundCloud Trust & Safety Team

    The recent updates will introduce these kinds of systems to our anti-spam measures, as well as the reporting ability.

  • SoundCloud Trust & Safety Team

    We hope these recent updates will address this issue and encourage more genuine following on site!

  • really enjoyed this,check out my guidelines sometime x lol only joking will be glad to see the back of these type of messages

  • Thank you very much to the staff and moderators of SC. :) Keep up the good work.

  • J.L.

    Did i said it’s wrong that ppl look at you like you’re an idiot? No. And what does it matter for me what ppl think of me? not so much. But what i wanna say is that our community is changing. It’s a fact. Facebook, Myspace, Twitter,… and just add and add “friends”, people that know people who you maybe saw once in your lifetime. You can follow the community, you can avoid it, hate it as hell or just live between avoiding, hating and/or following. Anyway, everything changes, but if you don’t wanna accept that, it’s your own choice. (btw: people that have a ‘fakelook’ are idiots? Hmmm… your opinion).

  • Www

    Yha how are you soundouders hope all is well.so I would to say that Michaels cloud likes to rock in roll.so hop on Michael cloud and rock off.

  • Sway.G



  • Let me specify something. These offenses were straight up uploads of other peoples’ full tracks, with only the name changed, no audio edits. I’m not talking about sampling or anything like that.

  • hello friends if not too much trouble could go through my profile and my music escuhar dedicate myself to do rap I like to express myself through this music and want more people to hear me q as well follow me on youtube http://www.youtube.com/ user/alex5127910? feature = masthead-dropdown

  • Jordan

    what you guys need is a player that keeps going while you browse other pages

  • Jaxx Latraishe

    top notch

  • No matter what you do spam comes with any major network portal. FB Myspace twitter…there is always a way. I like mixclouds option to purchase slots. I think a lot of people do it to get noticed as the music industry is tough. By monetizing the opportunity to get promoted you can reduce spam slightly and earn extra revenue. That is the only thing I think mixcloud beat you guys on. And the price $10 is super cheap. As for the spam comments, emails. I never mind them you simply just delete them….

    The real factor that will help SC grow is to focus your think tanks on ways to both monetize the community beyond subscriptions and also provide an even better platform for exposing music to individuals.

    Like for say your recommended friends page seems to be pretty dominant with the same pool of people which does not give let’s say DJ Unknown a level playing field with say Tiesto on here…

    It’s like SC may be inching towards being a corporate big boy toy instead of the music community it started as.

    If you guys lose your core, you lose everything regardless of your numbers. Take a lesson from Myspace…you are never too big to fail.

  • Awesome! realy improving soundcloud imo , i have the feeling that there are ppl that who follow and unfollow constantly too get more hits on their clouds, realy cool that you are doin something about spammers; i still have too get over myspace :(

  • I’m not sure about this one, I follow alot of people so I can listen to their tracks later on, sometimes I forget to but then they pop up again in my dashboard, sometimes they are surprisingly good!

  • AdamisOmnitron

    aohmoi .-)

  • Sorry for my english, my name is casper and there is a guy who downloaded one of my tracks and putted it on his Sound Cloud page… I don’t think this is really sympathik because he did not ask me and he didn’t wrote my name.

    I wanted to know if it’s possible to do something about this kind of impostors.

    this is my original track : http://soundcloud.com/doubleyou_see/pornstep

    and this is that guy’s page : http://soundcloud.com/ecklipze-2/tracks?format=html&page=1

    wtf? if somebody can tell me where to report this kind of things if it’s not here, I would appreciate a lot.


  • i cant play tracks on soundcloud anymore, i press play & nothing happens,,,why????????

  • Thnks for the update

  • i still cant play any tracks on soundcloud, & no one is willing to help, i only renewed my subscrription in september, IM NOT HAPPY!!!!!!! as its been 6 days now, & along with other breakdowns of soundcloud in the past year i would like my money returned to me, & im looking @ moving to another site where its more suited to my needs & my music

  • SwissDeep

    @ Gavin, i think it should be set on privacy settings. Set your tags, the dashboard,the type of genre that people will listen to. If a person wants to follow you, you can decline or accept but it will decrease your networking and selling your music.

  • Ike Dusk

    Totally agree.There should be at least a straight limitation of people that can be followed without listening.Its okay to follow people without listening when you have no time but a maximum of 3 follows without listening is my suggestion.

  • already

    i really enjoyed this blog check out my profile when you get a chance!

  • Kappa Kavi

    I also get allot of personal messages praising my music and telling me that I could promote myself better.
    Obviously its spam because they always send you to some third party link.
    I’ve had like 5 allready this month and I guess the more followers I get the more spam I’m gonna get.
    I click on report as spam but I have a feeling that it isn’t doing allot.
    And almost all of these accounts have no music on them and no comments.
    They are soley made for spamming purposes.
    If someone resorts to spamming because they have the feeling they need more exposure , then thats only human we all have ego’s.
    But these are just bots/companies/mafia trying to get money on song sleeky internet way.
    Soundcloud is seriously the best and I can’t imagine my life without it but these peoples shouldn’t mess up the community.
    I love the service still but please be a litle stricter to the robots

    Thanks in advance

  • same here…if i dont like your music im not following you…isnt that the point?

  • SoundCloud Trust & Safety Team

    This is something we have coming with Next SoundCloud – http://next.soundcloud.com/

  • SoundCloud Trust & Safety Team

    Hey Kappa,

    Please keep on reporting any messages you receive like this.

    We hope this update will help address and reduce the problem of these sorts of spam accounts and messages.

    Thanks for the support!

  • SoundCloud Trust & Safety Team

    Please could you get in touch with our support team to report this matter. Hopefully they can help resolve the problem.


  • SoundCloud Trust & Safety Team

    Hey Reginald,

    Thanks for the feedback. That’s a really interesting take, I’ll pass your thoughts on to the team.

    We understand spam is an issue that is unlikely to disappear, but we hope our efforts will help reduce its visibility and annoyance to the community.

  • A-List

    fake people are followers in them selves

  • dtep420

    Can someone tell me what the little facebook icon under the song means? i keep getting “likes” on songs but the amount of plays doesn’t match, I’m just really confused. I posted the song to facebook so my friends could hear it but i dont get that feature.

  • have you tried using a different browser to see if that is the problem?