Sounds, Safety and the Community: An Update

Sounds, Safety and the Community: An Update

As sound creators, we encourage you to share your sounds with your fans, friends and fellow collaborators. For this to work well we’ve learnt that it’s best for the community to all agree on a set of guidelines which will encourage healthy sharing.

Thanks for your feedback and input over the past months. We’ve listened to your thoughts and have worked hard on building systems that will ensure that SoundCloud remains an environment where you can engage in meaningful, relevant and sustainable interactions with other members.

We recently rolled out an update to our community safety features:

1. We implemented a series of measures to prevent spam in comments and messaging.

We heard that you don’t want to see comments or messages like this anymore!

2. You can now easily report suspicious comments and messages.

3. We updated privacy settings to give you more control over your messaging settings.

4. We implemented measures to encourage genuine followings.

Get inspired by some of the best practices we’ve seen applied by community members who were able to build meaningful connections whilst growing their community:

We want to make sure that the SoundCloud community remains a safe, fun and creative place for sound creators, enthusiasts and fans alike. We know that getting the word out and sharing sounds is an important part of your creative process and we hope these updated measures help everyone in our community. Tell us your thoughts on the updates in the comments, and if you face any problems get in touch with us on our help center.

Thank you!

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