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Love ’em or hate ’em, the U.S. elections have taken up a large portion of our Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud feeds over the past few weeks. As we bid farewell to a raucous political season, we thought we’d highlight some of the great content that popped up on SoundCloud around election day.


First, the final speeches from the Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. One victory, one concession.


Steven Kastenbaum, a reporter for CNN, was at Romney’s headquarters as the results came in. He captured the scene as the mood turned from jovial to somber.


CNN’s Nova Safo captured a few moments of jubliation at President Obama’s HQ, moments after the final results were announced.


This week’s election wasn’t all presidential however. Many other positions and issues, from senate races to marijuana legalization, were voted on. Democracy Now produced a great summary of the broader election results.


If you’re inclined to see the lighter side of politics, check out Laughspin’s Dylan Gadino’s talk with Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key at Comedy Central’s official Indecision election night party.



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