Jami An update on the new SoundCloud

It’s been almost a week since we announced the new version of SoundCloud and opened it up to the web. Thanks so much for taking the time to write in, leave comments, and record voice messages with your thoughts. We’ve been listening to the feedback we’ve received from you, our community, and are working hard to address the points raised. We realize we could have communicated better and will improve this in the future. If you’ve not heard back from us directly, it’s because of the sheer volume of suggestions and comments we’ve received (over 60,000 since the beta started!) We hear you loud and clear.

We’ve often been asked how to build an audience and be heard on SoundCloud. To help with this, we focused on improving the listener experience, making discovery and sharing faster and easier with Search, Sets and Reposts, bringing larger audiences to you and your sounds.

Now that we’ve launched the new SoundCloud, we’re bringing our focus back to the points raised by you: improved Spotlight and profile presentation, more visible Groups, clearer Sets, interactive comments, and more.

In the past few days we’ve already deployed some improvements based on feedback (increased visibility of Groups, tweaked suggested users, restored 5 Spotlight items), and will continue to be making further changes over the coming days and weeks. One of the benefits of new SoundCloud is that it allows us to be much more agile and flexible with developments.

While we’re working on these changes, you can revert back to Classic SoundCloud for now by clicking on ‘More’ in the top right corner of page and then ‘Switch back to Classic SoundCloud’.

Keep an eye on our blog and Twitter feed for updates. Thanks again for letting us know what you think.

179 thoughts on “An update on the new SoundCloud

  1. Oliver Sadie

    “Increased visibility of Groups, tweaked suggested users, restored 5 Spotlight items” – 3 immediate responses to the feedback in a week. To me, this is very encouraging. Thanks for the update, and thank you for listening.

  2. Tom Moore

    Great to read this. I always had faith in Soundcloud as a development team.

    Will the recommended users/people to follow be removed? I see that this is a great feature for a listener account, but on a core user account / content providers’ page, it just clogs up the clean presentation that we all know and love about soundcloud. More emphasis on those we have already chosen to follow would be much more of interest.


  3. MeetnicK

    Guys the reason why i’m on souncloud on a first place, it’s because it is simple and clear, please, please don’t make it myspace, it is too much this new souncloud, where will i explore sounds then,..sincerely your sound contributor

  4. zoax

    Sorry, but SC is still a “producer-2-producer”-platform.

    But I want customers and real fans!!!

    Not just other producers who spam me and follow me to hope i follow them too.

  5. Brent Greene

    when you go to people you follow its not organized alphabetically and i think that it is much easier to find someone you follow this way. i think you should fix that

  6. Darragh Browne

    Looking forward to seeing what people I follow are commenting on and liking. For me this was a great form of organic discover that has been lost in the new release.

  7. Ben

    You have taken away sharing of public tracks? So now we can either upload a track for public listening – OR – decide to keep it private and share with select users, but not both? Why?? Way to kick working producers in the ass. I guess we have to now upload each song twice – one for sharing and one for general listening :(((

  8. James Welch

    We’re just yet to fully integrate our new version of sharing. Dropboxes are still available, add /dropbox to someone’s URL to share sounds to them. I hope this helps!

  9. Patrick

    Agreed. I hate ‘suggestions’ of what i should be doing when Im trying to use a platform soley for networking and showcasing music. MySpace here we go…

  10. Hjerlmuda TheDrummer

    oh. I feel relieved. We are being heard, after all :-)
    To me, the restoration of the “old” comment features are essential. We must be able to “hop around” in a song for playing parts & commenting on them plus be able to see all other comments as clearly as on the “old” version. I know this will not be so interesting for the “consumer”, so maybe a “flag” can be introduced in the code (consumer/producer) which controls the visibility and interoperability on the comment bar…

  11. Daniele

    The new SoundCloud is perhaps nice for listeners. You forgot about your content providers: the artists, the musicians that made SoundCloud what it is today. Most musicians PAY for premium account (including me), and feel like the new SC is barely usable.

  12. James Welch

    We’re now trying suggestions only being shown to newer users looking for people to follow. We’re still tweaking, but we’re working on it!

  13. James Welch

    Hey Patrick, just to ensure you see it, I’ll copy my response to Tom: “We’re now trying suggestions only being shown to newer users looking for people to follow. We’re still tweaking, but we’re working on it!” Cheers :)

  14. Process Rebel

    Having been one of the original beta users of the “original” Souncloud and having personally invited pretty much every producer that I knew at the time to the service 4 years ago, I thought that Soundcloud would have taken seriously my feedback about the “new Soundcloud” which I have been giving for the past few months. I received numerous thank you’s but not a single thing that I suggested was addressed or implemented. Over the years i’ve also spoken with the CEO and other SC reps at ADE and contributed to their Get Satisfaction forum. Nothing that I have ever suggested has been resolved or given more than a courtesy nod. So yes…. I’ve seen this storm coming.

  15. Artyom Tchebotaryov

    I guess, one of the most important issues (getting the most complaints) is about the timeline comments. For me (and, my guess, to many-many others) it’s the quintessential feature of the SoundCloud. Same time, I understand that many people disliked the way those comments were presented, especially on the tracks, receiving 200+ comments. I also understand all the difficulties of trying to please everyone. Been in your shoes, running some social-oriented sites myself. Not as big, of course, but 30k users is rather big audience for one-man-project, and such audience reveals the same dilemmas.

    I totally loved how you reworked the list of comments, btw. I mean for the full list of comments under the track (although, I would really love them to remain under the track, without the need to click “view all” to get those). The “threaded” replies are awesome! The fact that those replies are shown under the corresponding comments is just something I’ve always missed in the classic SC.

    As for the timeline comments, I got many ideas about possible solutions for them, even sent them to you as my feedback, but I understand that with the amount of feedback you’re getting, those comments could have been lost. So, I thought it could be a good idea to share them here.

    There are so many solutions to solve the problem of both tracks with many comments and tracks with little number of comments. First of all, you should know who’s playing the track: a “listener” or a “commentator” type of the visitor. I don’t call those “listener and content creator” on purpose: many content creators aren’t “commentators” and they don’t care much about comments at all. So it’s more the difference between the listening audience and the commenting audience. You can know that by checking the statistics of that user, who’s currently playing the track. E.g., check the number of comments he made. Since the behaviour of a user changes over time, you can make the system even smarter, checking his behaviour during the recent time.

    Based on the mentioned above knowledge, you can apply different strategies when showing comments on the timeline. It’s not just tracks with 200+ comments – some tracks get just 30 comments but most of those fall on some small portion of the track, leading to the same problem. So, I will use the new “measurement”: “comments per pixels”, which will represent how “cluttered” the comments are. For such “cluttered” sections give the preference (e.g. show them “on top” of the other comments in the same section) to the longer comments / longer discussions if the one who’s playing the track at the moment is of the “commentator” type. Show the shorter comments to the “listeners”. You can also give preference to those authors who left most comments on that track (those are usually about specific points on the track and are usually more thoughtful / meaningful)

    …another idea for the “cluttered” section: show some kind of an automatic “magnifier glass” / “fish eye” for those areas. Just dynamically expand those areas while playing..

    I mean.. trying to use “static” solutions for the “wide dynamic range” never works. And this is what you did with reducing the size of the icons and cutting the comments, no matter how many of those are on the track. It’s like reducing the volume of the entire mix to avoid clipping at some peak instead of using compressors..

    The mentioned above ideas are just something out of my head without thinking / testing them much.. but I bet they work better than the “static” solution you used on the next cloud.

    Thank you for all your hard work and for making SC in the first place!

  16. Mr Andrew

    great to hear that the social parts for the community will be improved and i hope this also includes the right column of the profile with the “view all” link .. thats terrible in my eyes, because i don’t want to click “view all” all the time, to view followers, groups, sets and so on .. and there are to many dividing lines in that column (what about light boxes with each content in it .. with boxes there is no need of the lines)

    anyway i would let the tabs with followers, groups, sets at the front page of the profile like it was in the previous version, that gives an better overview of a profile and you have less to click in my opinion

    thats just one main thing of a vew more points i think they should be tweaked a little .. i posted the others already in the feedback..

  17. osmose

    The artist info section still has a bug in it. When expanded there is no way to scroll down. In the beta there was a seperate scroll bar for this section (which wasn’t ideal either), but that allowed you to scroll down and see the rest of the info. I keep gigs, vinyl releases and a bio in this section and all that can be seen when expanded now is the bio. Is this in the works of getting sorted?

    Also the external links are not being masked by their names…they’re just showing up as links.


  18. Hugh Doolan

    Great! Nice to know issues/gripes etc. are being resolved quickly. Might just be me but the tracks we choose to repost don’t really belong beneath the Spotlight section under Recent Sounds and mixed in with Tracks. Could you have a look at this… Thanks

  19. James Welch

    Hey JB, the labelling of links is something we’re aware of and it’s on our list of improvments.

    In regards to the bio section not scrolling, it works fine for me. Which browser are you using? Are you able to scroll by hovering over the section and using your trackpad/scrollwheel?

    Let me know!

  20. DJ Mirage

    I was really looking forward to experience new soundcloud…. I found myself in a huge black/orange mess ! Sounds are playing by itself , comments are disappearing , cant find anything there or those icons on wavelines are so tiny you would need a telescope to really recognize who is who… and the list goes on….Big Thumb DOWN Soundcloud !

  21. Mr Andrew

    i have written the same thing in the feedback too .. reposts don’t belong to my own tracks, they should be seperated, maybe in a newsfeed with news text .. that would be an idea to solve this

  22. Process Rebel

    Furthermore, besides all of the practical functionality that has been messed up. I HATE the asymmetrical waveform display! It looks like everything has terrible offset and does not respect the beauty, and more importantly relevance of, such a representation of sound. I told Souncloud this months ago.

  23. Mr Andrew

    thats right, the comment icons are really tiny.. and i also recognized that if there is no picture for the song or the artist, it’s just a white blanc picture.. a standard default picture (maybe with faded soundcloud logo) would be nicer

  24. Mr Andrew

    thats right .. some things i have critiszed in the feedback have been changed a little .. thats encouraging

  25. Anonymous

    The big thing I miss is the search by tags and sort by “hot right now” or “latest”. That’s how I find new music

  26. Artyom Tchebotaryov

    Separating them would make it exactly the same as it’s done with favorites :) So why to change the name? :)
    Personally, I was happy with favorites and this re-post feature made it more confusing for the “commentators”. But certainly easier for the listeners, who just want to listen to one track after another non-stop.

  27. Edouard Trolliet

    In the dashboard, activity from the people we follow is a great tool to discover other soundclouders… Don’t forget it :))

  28. Mr Andrew

    if it’s a newsstream with news from the producer and the reposts in there too (like in twitter your newsstream) but seperated from your own uploaded tracks, it wouldn’t be directly the same

  29. Kim Guy

    I think the point is that if we can see the activity of people we follow, who follow other people we may not have heard about, then we might explore that artist too…

  30. Artyom Tchebotaryov

    But the current dashboard shows both newly uploaded tracks and the favorited tracks, isn’t it the analogue of the newsstream you mention? I mean, there are two places where those “favorites / reposts” can be seen: the dashboard / newsstream and the member’s page. I was talking about the second one: separating reposts from the original tracks on the member’s page is exactly how it’s done with the favorites in the classic SC.

    Btw, I wouldn’t mind having reposts and originals in the same feed, if those were presented in a distinctively different way. Different color could do the trick. It would bring more attention and encourage looking for the reason why the color is different. Right now the difference between the originals and the reposts is too insignificant to be noticed by an inattentive user.

  31. Edouard Trolliet

    haha ! no ! but, I can discover some other clouders when people I follow “favorite” a track from people I don’t follow…

  32. Chymera

    Classic Soundcloud is a fantastic site and extremely well designed. It has a couple of very minor issues and could have a few little extra details added but overall it’s a wonderfully designed site. I cannot say the same for the Next version. In fact, along with ITunes 11 it’s one of the worst re-designs in recent years I’m sorry to say. As a Beta tester, I sent various suggestions and comments, as it seems did many other people and yet virtually none of them were taken on board.


    Avatars are too small. I have to click on a separate link to load all the comments and then there are no timestamps. So when someone asks for a track ID in a 3 hour mix I have no way of telling which track they are talking about. The top comments under the track display the first comments in the waveform, not the latest comments as they logically should. The old comment system is not perfect, when they keep popping up as you skip through the waveform it is a bit annoying, but there’s always the option to toggle off the comments in the waveform and then I can still read them listed chronologically beneath anyway. In the new waveforms I like that you can skip through the file without comments popping up if you are clicking in the top section.. But like I said.. the avatars should be restored to their old size and all the comments should be listed chronologically on the same page with timestamps

    2. The Stream:

    The dashboard tabs are gone, now I can’t toggle between activity on my tracks, incoming tracks and tracks shared with me. All I see is a whole host of tracks from all sorts of people, some who I’m following and many that I’m not.. this is way too cluttered and useless for me. I’m most interested in listening to tracks posted by people I choose to follow, if random people are sharing tracks with me then I prefer them in their own tabs so that they don’t clutter up my main stream

    3. My Profile Page:

    Why is there so much wasted white space in the middle of the screen? Why is it not showing my latest or highlighted tracks in there? The tabs are gone making it much harder to click into the various sections. My sets show only the set name not the titles of the tracks contained in the sets.. why? The bio has been reduced to the first two lines?

    4. Overall Look/Feel:

    Yes, it’s a bit snazzier but snazzier is not always better or more user friendly. The colour scheme is a bit oppressive with its dark tones. The waveforms are also quite strange, the whole mirror effect really does nothing for me. There’s something simpler, less cluttered and more logically ordered about classic Soundcloud


    One thing that is positive is the option to repost. Many times releases or sets of mine are uploaded by labels or promoters and I wish to share them with my followers so this is a welcome addition to me.

    I know other people have issues with these exact same things (and much more) and indeed have already put them forward more succinctly, but I’m just adding my voice to the whole issue regardless. I’m glad that you have made some updates already since the site went live, but really all of those things should have been addressed in the beta period. Anyway, I hope you continue to make updates as necessary. Please do not make Next Soundcloud mandatory unless all of the issues are properly worked out, otherwise always keep Classic soundcloud side by side. Thank you!

  33. Oorlab

    Colour could help – but I’d be most happy with a filter to make a feed with just the newest track of those I follow. Reposts take away the feel of what is happening today.

  34. Nick Fisher

    Reposts will go some way to give you the ‘network effect’ in discovering new sounds and users. Already, I’m starting to see a lot of the artists I follow start to repost some really great stuff. Give it a couple of weeks to see how it develops — but of course, as is the point of this blog post, if it’s not working, we can always tweak and improve.

  35. Patrick

    Good to know guys, Im glad you are listening. Can you do anything about the nasty grey/black waveform graphics too?? ;)

  36. Mr Andrew

    Yes, you got it to the point! That’s exactly what i think too!

    Normally I’m really excited about new designs at the web, but this one isn’t worked out very well. It has some very good ideas and it is not everything wrong or completely false, but a lot of things that were good in the previous soundcloud got a bit more worse than before in the new soundcloud.

  37. Dub Zed

    Some comments on the new interface from a longtime developer.

    * Ability to create sets of other user’s music – FANTASTIC!

    * Tools to create and manage sets – well done! THANKS!

    * Adding Facebook-style endless page scrolling and eliminating paging – YUCK! YUCK! YUCK! Paging lets you see how big your search results are, where you are located within them, and aids the memory – “oh yeah, there was a great track from X on the his third page near the top” You know exactly when the page is going to go off and get more server data rather than always wondering whether a given click of the mouse will send you into twiddle-my-thumbs land. Why are we going backwards from books to scrolls?

  38. brad

    Regarding improved profile presentation, how about draggable sounds? Just being able to drag to re-order would be handy

  39. Juri Konradi

    Why songkick concerts are gone? I post my gigs there just because they are shown automatically on soundcloud. New soundcloud kills my Safari (4.3.1) each time I try to login. One great feature by now is that you can listen to a track and go to another page – thanx for that!

  40. Artyom Tchebotaryov

    Second the last point. The endless scroll makes it near impossible to check the very first tracks of the person. SC is not FB with its “flow of consciousness” type of posts, where the scroll may make sense..

  41. Mr Andrew

    and when you grab the scrollbar with the mouse it hops and you must grab it again to scroll further down.. thats also annoying

  42. Oorlab

    agree – well put, … I’d personally like the repost feature to be outfilterable. Most of the times I prefer my stream to be just current music from those I follow.

  43. Tom Moore

    Good point Hugh – whilst the reposting is a great feature (providing credit is clearly directed at the original artist), it does get in the way of following the actual music of the people you choose to follow.

    A friend of mine has also highlighted another issue of a similar nature. When stems are uploaded (i.e. lots of individual parts of a track, shared for remix or collaborative purposes), they appear bundled with all the other uploaded music you have in your ‘tracks’. To remedy this, pro-accounts could have the facility to host these under a separate ‘stems’ tab (to coin a name) so they can be isolated from the music you want people to be listening to. In fact, to expand on that, the ‘tab’ based structure is where computing is, both here and now (for both web and desktop applications) and should ideally be the spine of the cloud, as it is with it’s current/previous ‘classic’ version and pretty much every website/program worth giving a second look.

  44. whirlwind

    can’t stand the new format. Why, oh why do you have to change something that worked perfectly!! Now we can feature a set on our SC homepage if we want (that i can tell), and the formatting is all big, weird looking, and links are messed up in left column. Don’t turn it into myspace, just leave it a lone, it’s great as it is!! I think there should be the option to let people stay in ‘classic’ if they choose. AND, how come everytime I click on ‘switch back to classic sc’ after about 5 hours it goes back to the new one? FRUSTRATING!! I am paying for my account, and if the move goes to the new one and stays all fiddly and unusable, I’ll stop my subscription and find a better service to stream music…

  45. Rocshamrover Rockshamrover

    On reports, I personally like the idea, but I do think it should be optional for those that don’t. So at upload stage, you should have the choice (like make track downloadable) to make a track repost able or not.
    I also noticed that reposts do not come up in stats. I think it should.

  46. Midarezaki

    The classic SoundCloud works nicely on my HP Touchpad. The new one complains my copy of Safari is too old and directs me to Apple. It’s not an Apple device!

  47. Raoul Mbabazi

    yo SC, how can I speed up to the middle of a track, without waiting for it to load completely?I used to do that in the old SC :( This is particularly painful for 3 hour dj sets you have to sit through, just to find the title of the track you want ;)

  48. lilli3

    As a listener (mainly…I’m learning to make music but am very much a beginner), I dislike reposting, too…actually, I wouldn’t mind it, if there was a “hide” or “delete” option on each repost. I’ve already un-followed someone for repost a lot of things.

  49. Mflew

    I can’t even log into my SoundCloud now. I enter in my details and for some reason it logs me out when I haven’t even logged in…. is anyone else having the same problem???? how do I fix it??

  50. Bo Bo Nomad

    Reposts have nothing to do with “networking”.Reposts are one of the (many) things that makes it unpleasant to use for me – the stream is cluttered (I’m already actively following around 800 content creators and their tastes & over 100 content creator groups), random stuff you don’t want to hear autoplays, I have no idea who actually created the track if its listed by title only, I can’t ignore them (which I can with favorites or follows) etc etc – its all been designed for user inaction from a casual listener, constrained by the limitations of mobile technology and touch screens, rather than active user interaction enabled by PC/Laptop or high end technology or, heaven forbid, making your own decisions. The “helpful” suggestions that keep getting presented are also way way off – Feels like things are being dumbed down for the masses – totally understandable ‘coz thats where the cash is, this is a business & good luck to them, I genuinely wish them the best, but fundamentally its a totally different product to the one paid for. So I’ll ask the same two questions yet again; Do paying content creators get to keep the old and perfectly formed Soundcloud “user” interface, so essential to many of the content creators & the trigger for so many collaborations (as opposed to the flashy but ultimately passive new listener interface) & if not are we getting refunds? Love and Kisses.

  51. Bo Bo Nomad

    I am Bo Bo Nomad.

    Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

    ‘Eee, lad! I remember when it was all fields round ‘ere….In them days you could download 80 of my tracks, 3 of my albums, 4 of my E.P.s, all for the grand price of free, and still have change left over for some sherbert dabs…

    However, since Soundcloud are removing or changing paid-for functionality from paying content creators in their new improved and totally blandtastic version of Soundcloud I have regrettably now set the bulk of my tracks to private in a totally futile token gesture which is being actively ignored even as you read this. I fully expect to face the soul numbing reality of the digitally iterated adultery of a loved one sometime over Christmas by having a good cry into my pudding and screaming: “Why, Oh Why, Oh Why?” to the heavens.

    Then the queen will come on telly and suddenly everything will feel better and I’ll start thinking about the golden ray of hope that Royal babies bring to the world or some shit like that and stuff. Then I’ll have to go and lie down because my temples are throbbing and the voices have started again, and not the good ones either.

    I get slipped a mickey at a party then have a messy and unsatisfactory one night stand with MySpace on new years eve. Believe me, I will scrub with bleach afterwards., Then, with crotch burning, I reflect on what could have been, what would have been, what was, what is, whatnots, what the fuck, and what car magazine.

    I will start to rejoin the land of the attention seeking living again sometime in January and a chance encounter at a seminar on marketing to the masses will bring me back to my love.

    She has new clothes and has lost weight, but I’m not sure if I love her anymore.


  52. Rocshamrover Rockshamrover

    Another suggestion.

    One of the hardest jobs on SC is catching up on tracks from people you follow that you may have missed. If you’ve been away for a day or two you could miss a few tracks from your friends.

    It’s very time consuming trying to dig back through a few days of tracks to find the nuggets.

    So if there was a way to search for missed tracks for a given period.

    It might be handy too if that search could be combined with the “list” feature. So for those who follow the max 2000 (I don’t :)) They can specify, using their lists, who’s missed tracks they want to catch up on.


  53. James Welch

    Thanks for these suggestions Vinny, Repost stats will be on their way I’m sure, as for the ability to prevent your sounds from being Reposted, I’ll pass the request on to the product team. Cheers!

  54. James Welch

    Hey Juri, can you try updating your version of Safari to the most recent? That should help with loading issues. Cheers!

  55. Anie Steph

    I’m super not liking this new soundcloud, there was nothing wrong with the old one….now you cant skip the songs, you have to fastforward which takes forever! It needs to change so we can click and skip… And the whole not being able to follow who others follow…I’m struggeling to see why I would continue to use soundcloud now

  56. redukmusic

    how do you skip through a song on the new soundcloud? there must be a way but I cant find it ? each time i click to go to another part of the track it just opens up a comment box ?

  57. Fudalwokit

    they might favourite someone elses track who you dont follow, then you’ll find out about them! new discovery!

  58. Davey Sten

    I am running safari 4.1.3 and firefox 3.6.28 and cannot access soundcloud on either of these now. Cannot afford to upgrade every old bit of software to be able to upgrade system and am now locked out of the forum for my music. Is this a glitch? Can it be rectified? Really hoping that the new improved soundcloud doesn’t lock out a whole swathe of its users.

  59. save soundcloud classic

    I’ve had time to think about this and here are a few thoughts.

    1) They didn’t tell us of the real changes. IE: Facebook and mainstream media being advertised on your profile to unlogged users. This would be ok, and maybe tolerable, if the profiles advertised were random, but they are not.. Sound Cloud is advertising known mainstream media and it appears evident that they have been paid off or are looking to do so.

    2) I lost seeing the activities of the people I follow on my dashboard.

    3) I have no link to my comment history on my dashboard.

    This all makes me wonder if we are being conditioned to float on over to Facebook to gather…

    Tsk Tsk.

  60. Clive Lewis

    Firstly, THANK YOU so much for reinstating paid users Spotlight option.

    It’s rare for a company to actually listen to their users needs, so you’ve REALLY impressed a lot of people by being the ‘bigger’ men’ and making changes.

    Just a couple more tweaks and I’ll be happy :D. Some tiny changes before I can use it as an audio presentation of our label again.

    1) SoundCloud URL’s auto-reformatting into SoundCloud username links in text. this is really important to us. Our (and I know a LOT of other people too) track and set pages are covered in press releases specifically formatted for SoundCloud, to link to producers, remixers ect.., now those pages are just a mess full or ugly URLs an we can;t really direct people to those pages currently and still look professional.

    2) Is there any chance we can get a bigger divider, or clearer divider between the Spotlight section and the Recent Sounds section? It’s just that the whole idea of Spotlight was to highlight tracks or sets in a neatly organized way, set apart from just the list of tracks on your account which are sorted by date updated, which is nice but can look a little messy is you tinker with tracks and definitely isn’t a clean front to promote your music from.

    But thanks again for listening to your users, it’s amazing that you’ve done that, and thanks for Spotlight back!

  61. Steve Pettifer

    Completely agree with you Chymera, the old site was so much nicer to use. If the stats engine were fixed and few other things (like global disabling of comments on waveforms which annoy the hell out of me) I’d be happy with that. The new site seems to be barely half done. Why can I not just see my tracks as per the old ‘You’ menu? Where is the option to edit my spotlight? The new dashboard is a cluttered mess of crap since the tabs were removed, the new waveforms look stupid, I hate the fact that tracks continue to play when you navigate away from a page (I REALLY don’t need or want a persistent player that stays on the top of the page). The only good thing is that you’ve fixed the stats for the new site.

  62. abstractjuz

    Some observations/requests after my first week with Next Soundcloud…

    Sets (1): Please return the option to make Sets the default landing page – I use Soundcloud to promote the synths & effects I build so it’s important the Sets I use to group mutliple demos of each build are front and centre – and the first thing people see when they hit my page. Likewise anyone who wants to promote an album. sample set, remix package, etc etc – might want people to see a Set of Tracks – not just one latest Track.

    Sets (2): A Set is a collection of Tracks right? Please consider displaying them like they were – with all the relevant info for each of the tracks on the Set. I don’t care what the waveforms look like. I want to see info about what’s in the Set and I might not want to waste time clicking on it to see that info and if I do want to listen to a Track in a Set – I should be able to click once and go straight to it.

    Spotlight: I sort of see the value in this feature – but at the moment it’s just the top few Tracks/Sets separated by a thin dividing line and a sub-heading. If you’re going to call it Spotlight – shouldn’t you be trying to highlight it?

    Bios: I know some people like to write their life story here. My bio is less than 50 words – but you can’t read it all without having to click on a drop down option. That’s one click too many.

    Numbers: They’re *everywhere* on this new layout 31, 576, 12, 16, 17148 and so on… Some of them are explained – some of them aren’t. I like access to stats and it’s good promo for me that other people can see them – but in the previous layout they were displayed clearly.

    Following: If I go to someone else’s page – on the right hand side I have two rows for ‘Following’? Why?

    Tracks: It’s not all bad ;) – I like that timed comments don’t sit over the Track anymore. I listen to a lot of stuff on Soundcloud and not being able to click through a Track quickly because it was blocked by timed comments was a pain.

    This is all meant to be constructive criticism from a paying customer who values this service and wants to see it better. I hope some of the key points are taken on board.


  63. andre6193

    I think all in all the people want some good old features from the last soundcloud back that have been removed or changed in a way they don’t like that much. Some things got a bit more difficult than before at the new soundcloud and for my taste the layout elements are to big for a good overview and less clicks or scroll action.

    What i like is the explore part with genre suggestions and charts (although there are to less tracks) and the “view all” section at the profile (from which the tabs should be at the profile front page). For me the most annoying thing is the design of the right collumn at the profile or dashboard.

  64. forget vermont

    Is there a way to sort the tracks of someone you follow from newest to oldest rather than whatever order “spotlight” is in and is there a way to toggle continuous play on/off (sometimes i only want to hear one track, not an infinite playlist)?

  65. Alexander

    Simply, on my feed I want to know what songs the other people/artists/friends are liking. If i like a song, it comes up on their feed, if they like a song it comes up on my feed. simple.

  66. Amit Mistry

    I’ve been experiencing many problems with this new layout. For example, I’ve had trouble actually playing a sound. Also, there seems to be a cut-off of space in the brief area under the sound where basic stats are able to be seen. There are many other various small problems and bugs I’ve come across. Thanks.

  67. paying subscriber

    Another great new feature is all of my responses to my fans’ comments appear to have been deleted. 2+ years of hard work. Gone.

  68. Avid soundcloud user

    One thing that really – and I mean REAAALLY – bugs me after these recent updates is that one can no longer download highres artwork. All you get are these small 300×300 images even though the original uploaded image definitely has a higher resolution. Haven’t seen this mentioned thus far, am I the only one ticked off by this fact?
    Also, I kind of miss the ability to see how many downloads a file has.

    If I were to summarize the recent changes I would have to say that the site might look better in certain ways, but in the end I unfortunately have to get in line with those of my fellow users whom, just as me, think that the user friendliness has suffered.

  69. justcool

    I’m having the same problem. I just got a new laptop w/windows 8-but never had this problem before!..Is this a windows 8 thing or on Soundcloud?

  70. Rob lawrence

    Many good points. Yes, just want 5 sets on my frontpage – nothing more – just like before. How difficult is that? Also. I have about 15 links to other pages – soundcloud, blogspot etc. Guess what – they can’t all be accessed now – it won’t scroll down. And the sets are limited to 100 tracks even though the full number is displayed.

  71. Rob lawrence

    Yep. I’ve got 400+ tracks on SC – 41 or so pages as was – but now… I just can’t face the endless scrolling!

  72. Rob lawrence

    Oh SC – how can you say “Everything you’ve always loved about SoundCloud – only better!” ?

  73. Paul Franklin

    If I can’t choose to put Sets at the top of my profile, I don’t need SoundCloud when Bandcamp offers a a custom front page.

  74. Mr "A little bit peeved" Man

    The mistake to rectify; Your entire experience is now designed around the social media premise of; “If you’re not paying for it, you’re the product.” However, you totally forgot that some of us DO pay, and the very people who are paying for it are also the ones who make it possible and are also the very ones who have been shown the finger. Here’s a thought; Since you are capitalising and profiting from our content (your business model doesn’t work without folk pumping reasonably good content into the machine, unless you are truly intending to become Fandalism or some such crap-fest), why don’t you pay us instead? Or at least volunteer full refunds of our now wasted investment to soften the loss of a once great platform.

  75. Mr "A little bit peeved" Man

    I can’t skip either – has seriously impacted my browsing & ability to find new music – very very poor experience, is designed for folk to passively lap up whatever is fed to them or ignore & skip the track completely – will seriously impact listens to less immediate or mainstream tracks or listens to styles you perhaps wouldn’t normally latch onto. Imagine if Dark side of the Moon was presented here for the very first time – most people would skip to the next selection before it even got started if they couldn’t take an advanced peek at what happens after that intro. Soundcloud is in danger of becoming a Muzak Karaoke machine.

  76. Justin, V

    “Select the tab people should see first.” I would very much like this to be included in the new profiles.

    New SoundCloud looks great. There are many improvements. I hope that from now on you will make small improvements over time so that people aren’t so shocked. Sudden change makes people ignore the progress.

  77. protofALk

    the most important function of all – see what my favorit musicians like so i can discover more music – is gone. :( please bring it back! It was the best feature ever :( and without it soundcloud is pretty much useless to me as a listener. And whats with all the screenestate wasting whitespace everywhere? And my stream should only feature original music by people i follow – mayabe a second “social stream” would be acceptable but my main stream should be pure original non reposted content.

  78. AlexP

    Seriously it’s a shame to miss as much the release of your next version. Spotlight NEEDS to be a separate page. We’re not blogging here we’re working… The sets with no playlists are just useless now and impossible to use to present an Ep or album in an efficient and visual why.

    Most of us paid to avoid the imposed order (timeline) and now it’s impossible to hide… The track pictures are now hugly with a ridiculous shadow behind and we can’t see as many tracks or sets as before without scrolling.

    The idea to add favorites more visible is ok but why did you add comments too? Facebook isn’t show off enough now you have to spread our thought to anyone too?

    It’s really sad and disappointing. ..

  79. AlexP

    I really think you messed up everything… SC will die if it changes that much… I paid for it simpleness and clear design and not for a fancy kiddy stuff… I will never do again except if you decide to clean the mess you choosed to make. Let’s be honest, your new version isn’t efficient everyone agrees… but it’s really hugely too… :( thanks for trying but I really think you went to far into the wrong way…

  80. Slimmie

    Thank you for your email today.
    ‘Your Solo Premium account is about to expire and we wanted to let you know so that you can keep enjoying SoundCloud without any hitches’.

    I think you have sent it to the wrong person.. I am pretty sure this should have gone to a paying user who is absolutely thrilled and happy with the changes you have made on your new design.

  81. James Welch

    Hey, this is a known issues with Windows/IE. Other browsers should be okay whilst we work on fixing this. Cheers!

  82. Kevin Louw

    I can’t login in the new format? I have to switch to classic mode to login, then I don’t know how to get back to the new look? I’m using Opera web browser

  83. Alex Plastik

    – The new design isn’t that good even if some refreshing could be nice. For instance, multiple picture behind sets is hugly and you can’t really se a difference between a track or a set at first sight even with this hugly multiple picture.

    – Comments (pictures) are too small. And when i put my pointer on a comment I have “Click to reply” that hides what wrote but user as comment so totally useless now.

    – Columns on the right are kind of too large and with useless infos such as comments I’ve posted.

    – Sets without a real playlist bellow are useless and not cool to present an EP or Album.

    – Suggested users is really annoying and kind of useless for artists who use SC as a showcase to deal with other artists or labels. It’s only usefull for listeners I guess.

    – The spotlight needs to be in a separated tab with nothing else bellow.

    – I don’t like the idea to see the comments I’ve post on other accounts, it’s not facebook here… So i’ll stop commenting tracks I guess… I’d rather prefer that users see a summary of what poeple posted on my tracks.

    – The height of a posted track is too much so you see less info on the screen without scrolling.

    – The number of websites I can put has decrease… I pay for that too.

    – I don’t need Soundcloud propose me to like mainstream artists but it does now…

    – the idea to delete Tabs and setup a single button to developpe all links such as “Sets”, “Profile”, “Setting” and co… seems ok but finally it’s less quick to change of section than it was I guess.

    But I said this already but it’s really the most annoying (for me at least) It’s you can’t have a separated tab only for Spotlight, it looks messy and overloaded for the use I want to make of Soundcloud as a client of pro account. I don’t want to present all the tracks I’ve posted as timelined. I need to organise at least one page AS I WANT without having to thing that a small not so important demo will be stuck right next to my hot stuff such as recent releases or dj set.

    Please considerate this last paart, it seems to be what poeple ask the more often on this page and others pages you manage.

    thanks for your wich to optimize this new version with us anyway.

  84. wakubaku

    How could SC have got this update so horribly wrong? Almost everything is easier to use on the original site. It is as if the developers have never used the site. I realise everyone will have slightly different requirements but it is as if this update has been developed with a very fixed purpose (presumably to try and steer people towards new music) and in doing so has forgotten about maintaining the simple page flows and graphics that has created SC’s existing user base.


    Here are some requests.

    1. keep artist info on the right hand side and without the need to click the expander to view more than 5 lines. It is easier to see on the right and makes everything look much tidier.

    2. scrubbing through tracks – has this really been disabled?

    3. original waveform back please

    4. comment avatars are too small and the box that appears when mousing over the avatar is partially hidden by the pointer. Generally comments are less visible on the new site

    5. restore drop down menus at top where i can access people i follow/ follow me with one click

    Some positives:

    a. related tracks (can we have some explanation of how this works)

    b. continuous playing (can we please queue tracks too?)

    c. explore tracks

  85. Shards Of Reason

    My biggest bugbear is the fact that words are cut off and put onto a new line…it makes us look really unprofessional! I don’t like the fact you have to scroll down so much to see network feed links.
    Did no-one actually try out the beta test version? Because if they did I would have thought these issues would have been ironed out before it went “live”.
    We kept ignoring the option to try it, but you’d think web developers would have covered these basic thingsl. Had faith in SC that it would be something wonderful, but it wasn’t. Very ugly looking.

  86. Shards Of Reason

    Also ONE more thing and then I’ll get back in my cave…
    There are so many tracks that do not fit the genre they have been lumped in. There should be some kind of vetting/moderation process. SC is full of web/design marketing people, but there seems to be a distinct lack of MUSIC people…people with a wide and varied knowledge of what belongs in each genre. A rap track is not JAZZ! We have lost out on being in the hot chart because there were other tracks completely unrelated to the genre that were “cooler” than us and therefore got the attention.

  87. Dave

    Where are the orange stars who identify moderated groups gone to when you share to groups? We only share once to moderated groups (for not hassling them too much) but now there’s no way of telling which is moderated. Please can you make a colour difference or something between normal and moderated groups cause that would be great! Thanx

  88. Peter Köller

    Oh, how I miss a »listen to it later«-button. YouTube and Vimeo feature something like this for videos. At the moment the only way to »bookmark« a song for later listening is to like it (or put it in a set). Not very straightforward.

  89. Justin Vogel

    That’s a premium feature that existed on old soundcloud. What is still missing is the option to “select the tab people should see first”.

  90. Kev Murphy Rockerdog

    Hi SoundCloud. Love what your doing for the most part It’s jolly good. Don’t like the big advert slap bang in the middle of my track pages. Ok you have to have revenue but thats a bit too much. Can we have a bigger play button please.
    Regards. Kev.

  91. Leito

    I totally agree with that. Better look, but much less usable. Although I think as a music listener (and not uploader) that the Continuous play is a nice addition.

    But am I the only one to see SoundCloud freezing my browser every time I load a new page!? I tried with the latest Firefox, the latest Opera and results are the same. This is unbearable and I switched back to the old SC after a week use.

  92. Chris Scheri

    AWAYS keep CLASSIC SOUNDCLOUD! That way both groups can be satisfied. The uploaders keep their community and the format they need to interact with one another, while, the new soundcloud developers can please the listeners they hope to attract with their new format. The best solution is the compromise that both formats run in tandem indefinitely.

  93. djcruMbs ♂

    Hey Guys! I have to differ just a bit from the comment below this….. At first, yes as he said, i couldn’t stand the new version of the SCloud, however, like many things in a lifetime, things that differ from our previous relationship with that thing, takes some getting used to, a bit of “paroooZment” to re-acquaint one with the change. This latest update has roped me in. You definitely are heading back on track since the initial release. Still a bit too self-actualized instead of user-activated like the original SCloud, but by no means “the worst” as described below! keep on truckin’ :) djcruMbs

  94. Tobias Brockmüller

    So I had spent about a week with the new Soundcloud design, now, I’m not a musician, I’m just a listener, so it’s from a slighty different point of view, but even for me there are some things that just feel a little awkward to use:

    1. Subscriptions List:

    In the classic soundcloud, it was all on my Dashboard, right at the palm of my hands, just go to the right and click on one of the artists you follow and your good to go. Now I have to go to my profile page in order to do that. While that is not such a big deal, it feels rather oddly placed there. But that’s probably just me being used to how it was in the classic soundcloud.

    2. Likes (aka. Favourites):

    I really like that it just loads more songs as you scroll down, but, if you have a ton of favourites like I do, you really start to miss the way it was in the classic soundcloud, where its divided into pages with a button for each page. I personally can’t remember every artist and/or song I ever liked, so a search feature wouldn’t work/ be an option for me and as great as it is at first, scrolling through a sheer endless list of tracks not only makes the browser sluggish, its also rather annoying to get to the one single track I want.

    3. Activity:

    It might just be me, but the activity of the people I’m subscribed to seems to be missing from the new soundcloud, which is rather unfortunate, I found a lot of artists and tracks that way, and I somehow doubt everyone is going to repost the tracks they liked. So, as a listener and potential customer, I’m missing out on a good amount of tracks here.


    I like that the comments are more subtle now, but like others have stated already, avatars are to small to make out and at least for me a “disable comments” button would in some cases still be a nice option to have. I love reading comments on tracks on occasion, but more times than one I just want to listen to a tune and as subtle as they are now, they are still a little bit distracting. I can switch tabs in the meantime no problem and/or do other things, but it’s not always what I want to do.

    Thats all I got for now in terms of feedback, I like the looks of the new soundcloud, but for now, I think I’m gonna switch back to classic.
    Also, sorry for my bad english, it’s not my native language, hope you don’t mind.

  95. Fred

    I just want to know where the “tracks” have gone in the new look? I can’t find them. I always go to the artist’s tracks page where the latest stuff is posted. Now I can’t find that. Please tell me where tracks can be found in the new look, if at all. What a failed design change! When basic links to major sections suddenly disappear, you know you have a bad re-design on your hands.

  96. Fred again

    Just to add, I have since discovered the tracks tab is now called “sounds”. Ok, so I’m not a big user of soundcloud and wasn’t aware. I just like to follow this one DJ lately and I thought the “tracks” section when it said “5 days ago” meant the track was posted 5 days ago, but no seems that isn’t right. Anyway.. I will try to get used to this site again.

  97. Byproduct

    I like the improved functionality (eg. song resumes while navigating different pages) but I can’t seem to get adjusted to the new look and layout. To me it’s just doesn’t look as good,I spend more time trying to find things, and the fonts are absurdly HUGE. It’s like the site is designed for half-blind people in mind. Can the rest of us have normal text please?

    tl;dr technical stuff good, layout well not so much

  98. Trevor Cleaver

    Oh lord. Dropdown at top of search results to order by date / popularity etc. Otherwise you get the same content every time. This needs doing now. The default was date before. Did you user test this at all? In the future incremental changes will be far preferable to a big redesign. Thank you for implementing a filter for length of track. Shame so much other stuff broke.

    I feel bad bashing it and it is such a great resource. I’m sure your users will forgive you and you’ll get there in the end. Good luck!

  99. Bobby

    I ‘m Not to enthused with the new sound cloud i can better manage my audio files with classic from my windows desktop and android devices in the field i feel classic is a more straight foward user friendly version

  100. stephen beatty

    SC staff – I am, I think, like a lot of people on SC, and who like the Classic setup and experience. I’m not here trolling for “listeners”. I’m here to share. To put my stuff up, get the feedback, hear what others are creating, have that inspire me, to riff off that, to hear more stuff, to put something new up, and so on and so forth. I’m here for that feedback loop. It’s worked well so far. But I’m not really jazzed on your new focus on the “listener.” That sounds and seems to me to be rather voyeuristic. That’s casual. There’s no commitment. I want SC to remain a place where people are committed to making music and hearing the music of others. That’s what this is about. That’s its essence. That’s why it has worked. So far. Tweek this a bit if you think you must. But if you focus on “listeners” and not the creators/ participants who have been committed as a community, as opposed to tourists, this is all going to come apart.

    (Hope you’re really listening…….)

    st. stephen

  101. Bob Drake

    I’ve been trying the new design for a week now and I do see and appreciate that you’ve changed some of the things we paying customers have asked for. However I don’t know how to say it politely but for me the new design is worse in every way than the old. I also get frequent browser crashes/freezes when navigating between pages (Firefox and Chromium both latest versions) and find “continuous play” extremely bizarre and annoying. Can continuous play be turned off? If not, how does one stop it when one wants to stop it? I can only do it by reloading the page I’m on.

    I’m still on SC because there really is no alternative at this time. Please, please let us keep “classic” design.

  102. Rapstar928

    the new soundcloud isnt working on my safari browser it worked fine before and as soon as i clicked the button to make it to the new soundcloud (it said i was running an older version of soundcloud) and then it froze my safari browser and wont let me even see the page it keeps crashing the browser any help pls

  103. Fly12

    I strongly agree with Chymera and numerous other comments. The ‘classic’ version of Soundcloud was so user-friendly and intiutive. I agree with the gist of many comments that the new version feels like style over substance. The classic version worked so well, now avatars are too small, the bottom of the profile is missing on the screen unless you click into it, skipping through a track isn’t intuitive anymore, and the screen is way too cluttered.

    As many sites like Google, Twitter and Facebook show, simplicity and clarity are the most important things for the end users. After all Soundcloud is sharing ‘Sounds’, and how we access these easily should be the most important factor, not how pretty the site looks.
    Please keep Soundcloud Classic – ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ is my take on this.

  104. Zuur

    Over two weeks since this pacifier post. Honestly, what has changed for the better? I can’t tell, honestly.

  105. Elmer

    I really dislike the so-called “Related” tracks that appear on my own track pages. For some reason it thinks ALL of my tracks are related to the song “Boogie Wonderland”. They’re not!

    There needs to be an option to turn this feature completely off.

  106. love old skool soundcloud

    Please please don’t think reposts is an alternative solution to the dashboard.

    There are so many people who will be happy to make an implicit statement by “favoriting” a track who won’t be willing to repost. You can always see a drop off the more explicit an action required, e.g. if free downloads on .. downloads typically gets highest number, then drop off to number of people who favorite, then big drop off to number of people who comment.

    Its just life. By stopping the ability to see what tracks the people you follow are favoriting you a killing the best organic search capability that original soundcloud has. Please please dont kill it.

  107. JoelBPaul

    I can’t even get it to work or get to the classic version on IE9 or Firefox 17.0.1. I’ve cleared cache’s and cookies, uninstalled and reinstalled browsers. Terribly disappointed.

  108. Katia

    TURN OFF continuous play. If I send someone a song, I want them to hear THAT SONG. Not every piece of crap I’ve ever uploaded. If I want them to hear something, I’ll link them to it. *I* decide. Not Soundcloud. I certainly don’t want to link someone to a nice-sounding song, and then the next thing they hear is that piece of crap demo I recorded while I had laryngitis and sounded like the love-child of Kermit the Frog, Gollum, Rod Stewart, Janis Joplin, and Louis Armstrong, and which I put up solely so I could send it to my mom. (And no, I shouldn’t have to make all my tracks private– and try to explain to my non-tech-savvy family and friends how to listen to a private track– just so people aren’t involuntarily forced to listen to stuff besides what they came here for.

    Facebook seems to be the one who’s started this whole social-networking nanny state where the site determines how “social” it thinks users ought to be ’cause we haven’t got enough brains to decide for ourselves, and now everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon even though it stinks to high heaven. I went through that “forced socialization” crap in elementary school where other people decided they knew best and should make my friends for me, and it was bad enough then. I don’t need to be treated like a child well into adulthood, thanks.

  109. JO

    looking at all the comments on here bagging on the new redesign it just echoes what i warned sndcld management of months ago: ‘soundcloud is well on it’s way to holding a position next to myspace on the media trashheap of social websites that failed to listen to their users and stubbornly went ahead with their changes regardless of community feedback.’ what are you guys, just incredibly selfish and blindly optimistic or just really out of touch with your users ? soundcloud is a great community of users with a great vibe. i even pay for an upgraded account but the new changes don’t serve us well and only put you further out of touch with the community you helped to create. my main issue is the new ‘anti-spam’ features which prevent multiple outgoing messages. since these new changes i have lost contact with people i worked hard to make links with and have actually gotten increases in spam and these stupid ‘tiny url’ messages. please soundcloud, listen now to your community, or face the good chance of a possible downward spiral towards a slow socialsite web-death.

  110. Justin Berkovi

    The ‘new’ version of Soundcloud is inferior to Soundcloud Classic. Use the ‘new’ version for say 20 minutes. Then switch back to Soundcloud Classic and you’ll INSTANTLY see why the old version is so much better. It’s simpler to use, easier on the eye and most of all allows you to use Soundcloud to listen and upload music much easier than the new version. If the ‘new’ version becomes permanent I’ll delete my account.

  111. Elmer

    So, today it seems the artwork is back again on track pages; that’s good.

    Unfortunately, the “Related” tracks that appear are still absolutely ridiculous! We really need to be able to turn off this feature!!!

  112. Elmer

    So, today it seems the artwork is back again on track pages; that’s good.

    Unfortunately, the “Related” tracks that appear are still absolutely ridiculous! We really need to be able to turn off that feature!!!

  113. Khoon

    Sometimes, I don’t come on Soundcloud for a while, and I was used to remove everything I already listened from my “Incoming tracks” tab in the dashboard, to be sure to listen to everything at least a single time. It’s impossible to do this with the new version. And the timed comments aren’t as practical as before to read.
    Also, some soundclouders have 1000+ tracks. If they want to remove their oldest track, as example because of copyright issues, they have to scroll the page all the way down ? I think you see what’s the issue here. The old soundcloud’s pages were way more practical.
    And by the way, where is the discussion feature in the new group interface ? I haven’t found it yet.

    I surely forgot lots of details, but I tried to focus on which new features were the most problematic to me : The dashboard tabs which have completely disappeared, the ability to remove a track from it after listening, the lack of options to access to older tracks, drowned far under the newest ones, the groups’ discussions. And something else I forgot : You can’t see directly on a track the whole comment if it’s a long message, and you have to go on the track’s page, then on the comments page. On the old soundcloud, you were able to read the whole comment and all the replies without a single click.

    Sorry for my english, I’m french and sometimes, It’s a bit difficult for me to formulate my thoughts in a decent english. I hope you’ll understand why I’m still using the old soundcloud, even after having tried the new one, and I hope you’ll listen to users’ feedback to continue to ensure a high-quality service.

  114. Elmer

    I would love to know what the plans are for the Dashboard feature. The new “Stream” does not include Favorites nor does it allow deleting items from the list.

    If the SoundCloud community is ever going to accept the new site, it can’t take away features present in Sound Cloud Classic that people enjoy and expect; it needs to be better. The Stream should work like the Dashboard, but also allow you to customize what appears there.

  115. m.k.ritz

    We need replies to timed comments back! And timestamps on the comments page.

    If you are worried about clutter with long replies, just display 3 lines max per comment on the waveform and a “more” link which takes you to that thread on the comments page, or something like that.

  116. Zuur

    So, slowly but surely we’re nearing a month after this update. To my eye, hardly anything has changed. Related suggestions (which suck) are still the primary feature when you click through.

    Comments (which I regard as THE most important feature) are relegated to the sidelines. Clicking through to full comments gives a comment page, but without the waveform, so they’re completely useless. Icons remain unusably small. Multiple comments at the same timestamp can’t be seen from the waveform.

    Biography remains an added click if over two lines. Sets remain single, uninformative waveforms – a complete departure from the usable sets from classic.

    So: this update was clearly ment to pacify the crowds and hope it’ll blow over. The strategy seems to have been a success. In the mean time I have not renewed my account when it came up and don’t plan to add any new music to SoundCloud either. Why? I’ll simply be dropping something that’s dear to me in the steaming sea of shit that is the new SoundCloud.

    I’m researching a way to mimic classic experience by hosting the music myself again, but it will inevitably mean I will lose the people I connected with, and the comments and goodwill I’ve acquired over the years. And it has been *years*, since I signed up for SoundCloud in 2008.

    But SoundCloud clearly doesn’t want to implement any of the reasonable usability requests we have offered this past month, I don’t want to be held hostage to stick around simply because of the fact that SoundCloud has a large community (which I feel I effing helped build in a way).

    I wonder if I’m alone in feeling this utter disappointment in something that was very dear to me and a service that truly took the hassle out of hosting audio (and build a network to boot).

    But like I said, the new site no longer represents what I signed up for four years ago. Even worse, it now views my work simply as content to profit the service, not me.

    tl;dr I’m fucking disappointed.

  117. Greg Milton

    The new design is abhorrent! The old soundcloud was much more usable. If you make the old design unavailable and the new design the only choice I’ll must likely delete my account. Youve messed with it too much!

  118. Michaël

    Profile description is not fully readable (no scrolling possible) when it’s a little longer. Also viewing how many times sounds are downloaded should come back. But new soundcloud is a great feature besides.

  119. Barry Euphorik

    i can no longer use the desktop site on my android for when i want to download free tracks from soundcloud.

    Not very good when im on the move and i get an email telling me an artist im following has released a free track for the first 100 downloads and i have to log in.

  120. Guest

    Once again, the artwork isn’t working on Track and Set pages. There’s still so many bugs in the new system; it really should have been kept in beta until they were all ironed out.

    The uncertainty of what exactly the new system will be when it is finished is frustrating. It’s too bad the programmers at SoundCloud haven’t engaged in a better dialog with the people in the SoundCloud community.

  121. Elmer

    Once again, the artwork isn’t working on Track and Set pages today. There’s still so many bugs in the new system; it really should have been kept in beta until they were all ironed out.

    The uncertainty of what exactly the new system will be when it is finished is frustrating. It’s too bad the programmers at SoundCloud haven’t engaged in a better dialog with the people in the SoundCloud community.

  122. ericporcher

    Where is the switch to turn OFF the Continuous Play? I like some of the new features like Sets, but strongly dislike this one. I like Continuous play for hearing all songs from an artist, or for playing sets, but do not want to hear ‘suggested’ songs following a track I selected. Thanks.