Hello Heroes: Welcoming new Heroes in 2013

Hello Heroes: Welcoming new Heroes in 2013

The sounds and stories that happen across continents, languages and genres in the SoundCloud Community continually move us: it’s amazing to see support and camaraderie flowing back and forth in comments, creativity executed in collaborations, and smaller communities forming as part of the whole.

We want to honor that by recognizing leaders in the community who maintain SoundCloud’s positive spirit and showcase the infinite possibilities for connectivity and collaboration. Say hello to the SoundCloud Heroes: community leaders who connect and inspire.

Whether encouraging sound creators to participate in community-organized projects, or welcoming new members as they make their way around the platform, Heroes are here to help you connect and achieve great things.

We first introduced the Heroes program last February and held an in-person Summit with our first group of ten Heroes in our San Francisco office in April. Over the months, Heroes organized Global Meetup Day, the program grew to include 20 Heroes, shared their tips on collaborating and a focus on community collaborations developed.

Starting this year, we’re excited to announce that Heroes now go global. Please welcome the following new members:

Oliver Sadie (London, UK)
Jay Stansfield (Lancashire, UK)
Dave McKeown (Devon, UK)
Ian Melvin (Fleetwood, UK)
Rónán Kearney (Derry, Ireland)
David Barclay (Newport, Wales)
Marc Weidenbaum (San Francisco, CA)
Cyra Morgan (Connecticut/NY)
Darius Greene (Austin, TX)
Joaquín Mendoza (Caracas, Venezuela)
Jaze Baqti (Le Mans, France)
Julie aka Julsy (Montpellier, France)
Julie Wind (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Kine Hjeldnes (Oslo, Norway)
Charlie Didjelirium (Shanghai, China)
Milana Zilnik and Arty Sandler (Ottawa, Canada)
Jacqueline Ball (Sydney, Australia)

Hear introductions from all current Heroes below as they share how they use SoundCloud and connect with the community. Please give them a warm welcome:

And that’s just to start: more Heroes will be added to the program in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned for exciting news in the next few weeks about what the Heroes are cooking up by following their individual profiles and http://soundcloud.com/soundcloudheroes.

Get involved in the projects they lead, suggest ideas yourself that you want to achieve with the community, and connect with others. We’re looking forward to making more magic happen in the SoundCloud community with your talent and support!

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