Hello Heroes: Audiobiography

Hello Heroes: Audiobiography


Who are you and what’s important to you? SoundCloud Heroes are kicking off the year with a community organized project: Audiobiography, an opportunity to introduce your profile and sounds.

Whether you’re a listener or an avid creator, introduce yourself by participating in this collective project. All languages are welcome to participate. It’s easy:

  1. Record or creatively share a sound that describes and answers the question: who are you and what’s important to you? Perhaps it’s a freestyle rap, or a recording that features your latest piano composition as background music. Keep the track to ~90 seconds.
  2. Name the track Audiobiography with your name, as such “Audiobiography: Ben Z.” Add a description.
  3. Tag the track “audiobio” and upload.
  4. If you have the Spotlight feature, pin the sound to the top of your profile. You can also add the sound to your profile’s description under your Advanced Settings.

All languages are welcome to participate. Please see available translations here (more coming):
German translation
Spanish translation
Italian translation
Indonesian translation
Russian translation
French translation
Dutch translation
Turkish translation

Here’s an example from SoundCloud Hero Ben Z. who uses hip hop to express who he is. Hear all the other Audiobios uploaded so far.

See the latest recaps featuring Audiobio submissions: Round-up #1, Round-up #2.

Audiobiography is going to be massive, and SoundCloud Heroes want everyone in the community to be part of it. They’re aiming to collect as many audiobiographies as possible by March 31, and even more throughout the year. Your audiobiography will be shared in the coming months on SoundCloud, on our official blog, and in a creative showcase, which we’ll be announcing soon.

Connect with people around the world and hear the people behind the sounds.

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