Hello Heroes: Audiobiography Round-Up #1: Composers, thinkers, hip hop artists and more

Hello Heroes: Audiobiography Round-Up #1: Composers, thinkers, hip hop artists and more

This is a guest post by SoundCloud Hero and composer Oliver Sadie based in London. Follow and connect with the SoundCloud Heroes to find out more about community projects, collaborations and more.

We launched the Audiobiography project earlier this month to get to know you better, to find out who you are and what’s important to you in a punchy 90 second upload.

What you’ve come back with has been truly astonishing. The range of audiobios has reflected an inspiring diversity of SoundClouders worldwide: hip hop and dance artists, podcasters, journalists, indie musicians, professional composers, listeners, critics and bloggers.

Here’s the first round of your audiobios shared up to Friday, February 15. We will feature a set of audiobios every week. Listen to the first one hundred minutes of you:

We’ll also be highlighting a handful of Audiobios in every featured post so this week, meet:

Sean Beeson, composer from Ohio, has been making waves in the games and film music world for many years and reveals a surprising personal fact in his audiobio.

Clif Johnston offers a poetic and philosophical view of identity. Reflect for a moment in his mirror.

Miranda Shvangiradze is a pianist from the country Georgia. Hear a little more about what she values in her life.

Deltaparadise, electronic producer from Tenerife, shares his audiobio in Spanish. Share yours in your own language too.

Ray McGinnis, programmer and composer, is mad as a bucket of salmon. Hear another highly original audiobio.

If you have uploaded one and it’s not here, we’d love to hear it. Message us at @soundcloudheroes.

SoundCloud is a hub of creative personalities, and these audiobiographies have brought your personalities right to the fore. We want to hear more so please take the opportunity now to have your voice heard too.

Read more about the Audiobiography project and how you can get involved here.

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