Hello Heroes: Audiobiography #3: Musical montages, composers, singer-songwriters and more

Hello Heroes: Audiobiography #3: Musical montages, composers, singer-songwriters and more

This is a guest post by LA SoundCloud Hero and musician Shifty Teeth based in Santa Monica. Follow and connect with the SoundCloud Heroes to find out more about community projects, collaborations and more.

Welcome to the third installation of the Audiobiography series. It has been great and inspiring listening to the hundreds of minutes of creative and encouraging entries.

Listen to this third set of Audiobiographies, received up to Monday, March 4th. A new set of the latest Audiobiographies will be shared every week so post yours to be featured. All languages are welcome to participate. You can find translations of how to get involved in more than 8 languages here.

For the third week, the creative responses continued and I wanted to highlight some of our favorites here.

“Everybody’s mama” Carolyn Burnette has us smiling with her honest and refreshing entry.

Chris Harris shares his musical background to a beautiful backing track on his entry.

EdGE pulls some trippy vocal effects on his audiobiography as he explains what music and SoundCloud mean to him.

Finally, Austin SoundCloud Hero Wahrk shows what a montage really is with this creatively stitched together mosaic of old tunes and adjectives.

Missed the last Audiobiographies shared on the blog? Revist Round-Up #1 and Round-Up #2.

If you have uploaded one and it’s not here, we’d love to hear it. Message us at @SoundCloudHeroes. We still want to hear more so share your Audiobiography and have your voice heard too. Remember to give it the ‘audiobio’ tag to help us find it. Get involved at http://blog.soundcloud.com/2013/02/06/audiobiography/

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