Jami Introducing SoundCloud Pro

Following the great feedback you’ve sent us over the last few months, we’re excited today to be able to give you a heads up: we’re launching brand new subscription plans. Simpler and better value, SoundCloud Pro will make it even easier for you to share your sounds and grow your audience.

SoundCloud Pro

Our Pro and Pro Unlimited plans will replace Premium Lite, Solo, Pro and Pro Plus. Easier to use, they offer more upload minutes for your money, plus access to the tools that matter the most to you.

We really appreciate all of you who’ve already been using Premium to share your sounds, making such a huge contribution to the SoundCloud community. If you’re already a Premium subscriber, you can now upgrade your account to Pro at no extra cost.

More news: we’ve also been working on some improvements to the platform. When we introduced the new SoundCloud last December, one thing that you told us was that you needed us to improve the tools you use for posting sounds, as well as communication tools. So we’ve been rebuilding upload and messaging from scratch, making them native to the new platform, and Flash-free.

Look out for the updated tools, coming very soon: we’ll be rolling them out and building their functionality as we go. We’re also making private messaging simpler as part of the process, clearing up things that have caused technical issues and spam in the past. Get the full lowdown on what’s changed in the FAQs.

snoop listen page

And we’re also experimenting with some more visual profiles and sounds. Pro Partner profiles are in beta: they have a different layout, plus ‘Moving Sounds’, which enhance sounds with dynamic visuals. We’re working with some selected partners to test them out. Our plan is to find out what elements work best, and then to integrate them into your full SoundCloud experience. We’ll keep you posted.

You’re the heart of SoundCloud, making it the rich, positive and supportive community of sound creators and lovers that it is, and we hope these changes will help to make your experience better. Let us know what you think! As always, we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback.


107 thoughts on “Introducing SoundCloud Pro

  1. Hint

    So now my only option as a Solo Pro user is to pay 25% more per year for unlimited or 50% less and lose 2/3 or my available tracks?

  2. Jami

    Hey there,

    Thanks for asking about this. if you are already on a yearly Solo plan, your price will remain the same for Pro Unlimited, as a thank you for already making use of Solo.

    If you are paying monthly, the new Pro Unlimited costs the same as Solo monthly.

    I hope this helps!

  3. Lars

    I haven’t upgraded nor uploaded any new material due to the horrible UE (second class treatment of comments and waveform and whatnot) of New SoundCloud so I’m really curious to see what you have done.

  4. Daniele

    Please FIX comments on the new SC player. They still are totally unreadable from the first beta version.

  5. Jami

    Hey Daniele,

    Thanks for the feedback around comments. We’re aware that they need work, and are looking into ways to make comments more readable. Thanks for your patience whilst we work though this!


  6. Lars

    Wait, wut. You’ve had months (and many, many complaints) and this isn’t even fixed?!! It should’ve been top on the list! SMH, seriously. I read somewhere that all these changes were because SoundCloud wanted to become the YouTube of sound. You know what, I contemplate making YouTube my SoundCloud.

  7. Jami

    Hey Lars!

    With such a large, diverse user base, we hear feedback on many different elements of the service, from many different people. As it’s not possible for us to work on everything at once, we try to focus on one element at a time. That’s not to say we’re ignoring comments, just that at this time, making SoundCloud accessible to as many creators as possible was a priority for us.

    I hope this makes sense!


  8. Lars

    Hi Jami. Yes, it makes sense. “We heard you loud and clear” three months ago but somehow SoundCloud still fails to miss that broken comments are the biggest issue for most people. They’re for me. I’m not against redesigns at all but don’t break what makes SoundCloud so interesting.

    So while I understand developer resources have to be spread around, SoundCloud simply ignores complaints about the current state of comments. I really don’t get it, other than that by now it must deliberate.

    SoundCloud wants more creators – but clearly only when they’re called Red Bull. Not regular musicians who, oh say, happened to have been with SoundCloud since its creation.

    And that’s fine. But SoundCloud shouldn’t string us along with promises and requests for patience because of some vague intent to fix these valid issues with New SoundCloud somewhere down the line.

    Note I don’t say “you” because I appreciate your interaction Jami, but I’m getting tired of that SoundCloud middle finger that’s been in my face since january.

    Funny thing, since I didn’t renew 28 of my tracks are now unavailable, but ALSO TO ME, so I can’t even export them. One hell of a business model though.

  9. Doh_I_PaidTooMuch

    I’ve just paid 59e last week for a month’s pro subscription. I guess you won’t be doing partial refunds or giving away free months to members like us?

  10. Leo Larkpor

    Wow, this should be pretty cool. I’ve seen similar things like this with services like MP3Vidi and Animoto for a while now. Sucks that only the big dogs will get to try there hand at it first though! Sheesh!

  11. surmonberugak

    Very good news! What about podcasting with SoundCloud? Is it now officially supported and if not what are the plans? Thanks.

  12. James

    This–>”I’m getting tired of that SoundCloud middle finger that’s been in my face since january.”

  13. Direct

    Where can I choose to switch to the pro for the same cost? When I hit “try premium” it goes to the old page.

  14. Jami

    Not for monthly purchases I’m afraid, but you can opt-in now to ensure you pay €9 per month from now on. Hope this helps!

  15. Jami

    Hi there, Podcasting is still in beta, and for spoken word producers. I can’t offer any estimate for when it will be opened up to all I’m afraid.

  16. Joachim Lundsgaard Christianse

    What if I’m currently using a yearly subscription to solo? will optioning into pro make me lose my 10 hours left of uploading time?? How many will I then have?? if i get less hours, and its less than what i’ve already uploaded, will I lose content by optioning in?

    thx in advance

  17. Ceaz Amaze

    hmm I dont know about this plan , the pro unlimited is 129.00 usd and unlimited but ,the Pro is 37 USD and change. but, only uploads 4 hours . I like the solo plan better which gives me 12 hours of upload. this is not looking good from my end. did you guys remove the options of plan choice from your site ,cause I dont see it anywhere ?

  18. Jami

    Hey Joachim, If you are on a Solo Yearly plan, you’ll be moved to Pro Unlimited, which provides unlimited upload time. No content will change. Hope this helps!

  19. Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz

    I have a Solo plan will expire on the 30th of May 2013 and I intend to wait until May 29th, but this is the screen that pops up when I do attempt to upgrade my account: http://i.imgur.com/fDcXOQk.jpg

    My previous Solo account came with 12 hours of space and cost €79/year (although I got it for €50/year with a Lite-to-Solo discount). Does this mean that my two options now are to downgrade to an account with 4 hours of space for €29/year or, alternatively, upgrade to an account with unlimited space for €29/year (opt-in/no extra charge)? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’d like to properly understand what the situation is before I convert my account at the end of May.

  20. Jami

    Hey There,

    As a yearly Solo user – you can opt-in to the new Pro Unlimited plan right now for no extra cost. You will receive unlimited upload time until 30th May 2013. At the point, you will be able to renew your Pro Unlimited plan for a reduced rate of €79 (usually €99) – as you opted in from a yearly Solo plan. I hope this helps!

  21. Jami

    Hey There,

    Pro Unlimited now replaces our Solo plan, offering all the features of our previously €500 Pro Plus plan, for only €20 more than Solo. I hope this helps clear things up!


  22. Jami

    The new Pro account costs €29 a year, or €3 a month. If you choose to downgrade to Pro form Pro Unlimited at the end of May, you’ll pay €29 for a year of Pro.

  23. Jeremy

    So, I can no longer share my music privately with more than 20 people now. I always did a mass private share with everyone following me (and would get plenty of genuine comments) because this is one of the few ways for anyone to actually see my music. My music is published in the dashboard only once and now I can only share with 20 people? Seriously, I have never posted a single comment that included any suggestion of my music or even asked someone to “Check my page out”
    just well over 4,000 comments congratulating and critiquing other peoples work. I’ve collaborated with about 8 people I’ve never met except through souncloud and made some great tracks. I have been paying for the premium for over a year. WHY IS EVERY CHANGE YOU’RE MAKING SCREWING ME? WHY DON’T YOU GO AFTER THE ACTUAL SPAM INSTEAD DRAPING A HUGE RETARDED NET OVER EVERYONE?

  24. Jami

    Hey Jeremy,

    These changes to private sharing are yet to take effect, we’re just giving a heads up of what will be changing on new SoundCloud over the coming weeks. We’re also aiming to improve the Stream in order to reduce it’s reliance on being online at the right time. Hopefully between these changes we’ll find a combination that works for you.


  25. kevin

    hi as a solo customer that pays 79 pounds at the moment, does that mean i will pay 79 pounds annually for pro unlimited?

  26. Jami

    Hey Kevin!

    It’s 79 euros per year, but yes! As you were already on a Solo monthly plan, Pro Unlimited will cost the same each year for you, as a thank you.

    Hope this helps make things clearer.

  27. kevin

    thx for getting back to me so i can feel safe about boosting my uploads knowing it will cost me the same as it usually does each year :) thx alot

  28. Olivercattley

    Wow – exciting times!!

    I’m especially glad about having additional upload mins!

    (gotta say though I do prefer the classic soundcloud theme)

    Oliver Cattley

  29. Plutotype

    Jami, I have the Pro Plus account, extended in december 2012 for 500euros. Does this new scheme mean, I get REALLY 5 years for free now? Does it mean, soundcloud went from 499 euros annually to 99euros annually / 9 euros monthly? That sounds like a news of the day! thanks

  30. surmonberugak

    OK thanks. I have actually registered multiple times to the Podcasting Beta program over the past months (my podcast is a spoken word one) and never received any response. Is there any procedure to follow? I would love to use the Pro plan to promote my podcast. Thanks a lot.

  31. Joey Cutless

    Soundcloud is the future of social music! I’m very pleased that unlike some “other” online music communities you guys are focused on improving things for your users and listeners and receptive to constructive criticizm. Thanx

  32. bashmohandes

    The prices are ok for musicians and people who expects to get money from iTunes purchases and also music usually doesn’t require so many hours
    But for us podcasters an average show is about 30~40 mins which exhausts the free or the pro plans pretty quickly, and the unlimited plan is expensive considering that we make no money :(

  33. james

    Ok, so if I was a Pro user and have just upgraded to Pro Unlimited, does that mean I do not have a restriction of how many people I can privately share with?

  34. shame on you

    so, you’re selling out again? thinning out what is heard? try and deny that you guys are not trying water down the content of soundcloud to a more “profitable” one instead of doing what is right and keeping it available for everyone.

    tsk tsk.

  35. Theodore Kloba

    I just found out about the new Pro plan through an opt-in that has one of the “red-flags” indicating a phishing scam: Although the mail appears to be from soundcloud.com, it links to an address at the similar-but-not-the-same soundcloud-mail.com. Fortunately this blog post makes it clear that the plan changes are real, and also gives a link to opt-in. Really, soundcloud should just instruct users to log-in to their account and have a dashboard link to opt-in.

  36. Jami Welch

    Extended private sharing isn’t something that is included in our new Pro plans, as we’re in the process of rebuilding private sharing, with new limits. You read more about this here: help.soundcloud.com/customer/portal/articles/1030562-what-are-the-upcoming-changes-to-sharing-

    Hope this helps clear things up.

  37. Daniele

    Jami, thanks for your reply.

    I think I sent something like 30 feedbacks on comments issue. Still no change. I am a Premium user and comments means A LOT to my original work. It’s precious feedback from a growing community of great musicians and listeners.

    Still, there is NO WAY to read anything beyond the first 2 lines in a comment. If someone replies, it’s a PITA trying to read the whole brief discussion.

    The new design is cool, but there are still issues with usability. That’s why I’m using the “old” SoundCloud, and will do for as long as I can.

    Oh, and be aware that your page http://soundcloud.com/terms-of-use-new raises a 404 error.

  38. Daniele

    Jami, excuse me but it’s clear the new SoundCloud is made for listeners, not creators. The whole “repost” thing is the first symptom, and the comment thing is the second. Period. You got a lot of pissed off creators as of now, and perhaps few new listeners.

  39. Josh Love

    hmmmm with a solo account, has 4 hours of upload, now i’m moved to pro but has always 4 hours of upp. what’s the differency ??

  40. Josh Love

    what’s the differency between lite account (240 min) and Pro account (now and always 240 min) ?

  41. Josh

    Just upgraded from Lite to the new Pro Unlimited to check out the advanced stats. Being able to see where people played embedded tracks of mine is nice, but one thing that would be WAY more helpful to me is information on where people came to my profile page / track pages from. If a link to one of my tracks gets posted on a forum somewhere and a lot of people are clicking through to my page from there, right now I have no way of knowing that.

  42. Josh

    (cont.) That’s a large amount of potentially extremely valuable information that content creators currently have no way to access. As it is, I plan on going right back down to the regular Pro account. If Pro Unlimited included stats on page traffic sources (not just embeds), I’d definitely be willing to pay the extra money.

  43. Hedgehog

    I’m so happy becuase I just upgraded to Pro Unlimited from Lite one day before it would expire.

    What I’m wondering though is how the company Soundcloud is supposed to benefit from this move. Your biggest plan is now only 20% of what it was before. Space shouldn’t be much of an issue but more uploads means more traffic which has to be paid for.

    What are the thoughts behind this move?

    Also, please add a table showing the differences between the Free, Pro and Pro Unlimited plan like it was before!

  44. james

    Thanks for the reply, but will extended private sharing remain on the “classic soundcloud” interface or will that be phased out too?

  45. Antifmradio

    ATTN DJS******* Contact me for something cheaper than this please. I just cant sit here and watch this happen. We as djs need something better that actually DOES something for us instead of us doing all the work

    This is just awful. Thats a crazy price to be paying for something that just CANT truly be Unlimited. Hell i offer my djs a much better service than this.

  46. m0xEE


    using YouTube for the same stuff you use SoundCloud is not the smartest thing to do as SoundCloud unlike Google is very strict about you retaining all rights to the content you upload. Google is not the best company to trust your content to.

    SoundCloud might have it’s technical issues, but to me it’s really unmatched in this regard.

  47. m0xEE


    I agree there is some obvious shift in making SoundCloud more friendly to listeners, but I find it ridiculous that this is a bad thing for content creators.

    In fact they are the people we create the music for, aren’t they? I find making SoundCloud attractive for listeners and not making you go searching for them in other places like Facebook a great thing.

    People who care to elaborate and make a worthy comment will find them anyway. Do we really need comments like “wow, cool stuff!” (that is what the button with the heart shaped icon is for) and “check out this stuff!” (that is what repost/share is for)?

    I also find repost actually a cool thing. True, it’s not for creators, but it makes SoundCloud a great place for people who do not create content themselves but wish to spend time finding great music created by others, so I can follow them and check out their findings. Before repost there was no point in following fans/listeners at all.

    However I DO agree that comments block is poorly placed in current UI and making you do an extra click to see more than a handful of comments is just a shame and requires fixing. But that is not the only problem with the current UI, I find this “experimenting with some more visual profiles and sounds” much more troubling because it can transform now visually clean SoundCloud into new MySpace with ugly animated backgrounds and stuff like that. I have the experimental features enabled and sometimes SC makes my browser unbearably slow even on a quad-core computer with 16 gigs of RAM, thinking of how it will work when we have animated smooth background transitions and stuff like that makes me shiver.

    That is another problem, I have and old MacBook still running 10.4 and Safari 4 which I don’t want to update for several reasons, Next UI makes Safari crash but pre-Next SC worked there like charm. There should be a Lite version of some sort which has much less HTML5/Javascript stuff, I can use mobile version for that, but it’s still a computer, right? ;-) It can do more than that.

  48. m0xEE

    Here are my thoughts:
    Solo was the most popular plan and now it’s €20 more expensive, this can easily make up for the loss of those €500 accounts, I think there were not many of those anyway. Podcasters will also have to go with Pro Unlimited now if there will be no special plans for them.
    Basically they are making the most popular plan slightly more expensive, but much more attractive for new users.

  49. Bush

    What do you mean shame on you? Shame doesn’t stop companies from trying to make profits. It obviously makes more sense to them to try to attract new users than to maintain the existing ones.

  50. roogene

    ok so ive had soundcloud pro for nearly a month now and ive signed up for a year. i clicked on the button saying go pro for free. what does this mean now? do i still get 32 hours of space? and what new features do i get? GET BACK TO ME PLEASEE!

  51. Daniele


    I’m not complaining about not being able to read the “wow cool stuff” comments. There are quite a number of comments that goes well beyond this, and I like to read what people says about my tracks, as well as commenting on other’s tracks and expect a reply.
    It would be nice to actually be able to read and scroll each comment, much like in the Classic SoundCloud.

    That said, since the guys at SoundCloud introduced timed comments (cool feature!), it’s good to have a comment at a specific time referring to a specific part that says just “this is cool”, in addition to the heart shaped button.

    Also, I happened to have a specific timed comment that was a helpful constructive critique, that developed into a long thread of comments. That is quite a PITA to read on the new SoundCloud.

    The repost thing, sorry, doesn’t work for me. You’ll end up listening to the same tracks over and over again, as chances are I follow someone who follows much the same users I follow.

    And yes, too much eye candy on a UI can become a nightmare for users if not kept under wise control.

  52. Jami Welch

    Hey Josh, the new Pro plan is the same as Lite, with the addition of Quiet Mode, which allows you to hide stats, and comments on your sounds. Hope this helps!

  53. Jami Welch


    If you were on our Pro plan before these changes, opting in to our new Pro Unlimited plan will raise your total upload allowance from 32 hours, to unlimited. Hope this helps!

  54. m0xEE


    I’ve got your point. In fact there was a way to read and scroll comments the good olde way by clicking “View all”.

    BTW as we spoke an update was rolled out and now the comments and in sets/related blocks were swapped, now the track view page looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/wFMH1Rc.png

    Now the comments block displays about ten comments instead of three and that is definitely what I personally wanted.

    Not sure if this change was rolled out for everyone or to the ones who have experimental features enabled though.

    Clicking on “View all” in the comments block still makes the waveform disappear which I find wrong. There is still no way to click on the comment and go to that point in time on the waveform or start playback at this time point. These are two things which still require fixing, but I don’t think it’s impossible or even that hard.

    I can’t disagree with you, it would be great to have comments associated not with a time point but with time range.

    Though it never happened to me personally, it might be just me and I do get your point about repost function. I think there are ways to not make you listen the same tracks over and over again besides not implementing the function at all like making the track not appear multiple times in your stream if it’s already among last 50/100/n tracks. Keeping in mind that SoundCloud is for original content only, it is very unlikely that two people upload the same track, and repost works for SC content only, so it is almost impossible to listen to the same track twice if repost is implemented this way.

  55. Sorasuki

    I was a pro user, until the new SC, that is… & i won’t be paying again till you guys fixed the site!
    it just isn’t worth it anymore…

    ps, how the hell did you guys manage to make a site that freezes firefox for every pageload…

  56. Brad

    I’m a pro unlimited user, just paid (monthly) and its now saying I’m out of upload time??
    What’s going on ?

  57. Daniele


    thanks for your update. I actually tried using the New SC yesterday, and noticed the “View all” feature has been updated. That’s better than nothing.

    However, it’s still quite difficult trying to read a single thread of comments from within the timeline (read: impossible, or at least I couldn’t find a way). To me it still matters.

    As for the repost function, I hope it’s been implemented that way. I’ll give the new SC one more try, and perhaps find out if your assumption is correct :)

  58. robert

    One feature I wish you would do for paid subscribers: ability to save the color value when you customize sharing. If you have your own site or blog, you want to share player widgets in a color that fits with your site design. To have to remember (i.e. look up) the color value every time you share a sound on your site is a pain.

  59. antti v

    This is great. and dont mind all the nagging people. New version is what we needed to keep this service fresh for old and new users. I work in web-developing business myself and i know that renewing your codebase is needed for new services and features.

  60. Sparki Dee

    At last! a decent price structure! felt like before you was pricing people out of the site but having looked at the monthly charge £7.71 (9 euros converted to british pound sterling) is cheap! this means I can have everything in one place and I dont have to take down some tunes if I get near my 1 hour free limit. Soon as I’m paid at the end of the month I am opting in for the pro unlimited plan. I dont see what people are moaning about? this is loads better than what it was before, no other site really offers much like soundcloud they just dont have the same clout. I’m a DJ and producer who has weekly radio recordings to upload which I have been uploading to mixcloud and house mixes for about a year now, its great that SC’s new plan will now allow me to upload everything I want without restrictions and at a damn reasonable price. Finally you guys have listened to us! for years I had been avoiding the sites price plans as they were stupidly over priced. Great work guys! this will take SC onto a new level and the new features look impressive. I’d say the only downside is the new layout, I still have it set to the old one as… well its just better :)

  61. Jami Welch

    Hey, sorry to hear you feel this way. What is it specifically that you don’t like about the new site? If you can provide specifics it will really help.

    Also, let me know which version of Firefox you are using, we’re not seeing any major performance issues our end in that browser.



  62. Jami Welch

    Hey Josh, if you were on a Solo plan, you should have moved to Pro Unlimited. Can you post a link to your account please?

  63. Jami Welch

    Hey Brad, could you please send an email to prosupport [at] soundcloud.com – they’ll take a look.

  64. Jami Welch

    It’ll remain on Classic James, but Classic will eventually be phased out. Not for a while yet, though.

  65. DB

    Will the Classic Soundcloud eventually be ‘turned off’? I prefer this interface so much more than the ‘New’ Soundcloud. I run a record label, releasing *all* of our music via Soundcloud, for free. I’m worried about the new changes and how they will affect my label and my listener base. For me, losing the private sharing to alot of people is a big loss.

    The look of the New Soundcloud is very counter-intuitive and is obviously much more for the listener rather than the uploader. This is a shame. One big problem is how the information/description has been shrunk down to a tiny little preview. Classic SC was brilliant for this- my labels description outlines our ethos and thinking, and all of our releases, and people could see and read this without having to scroll down or click ‘more’. I can see it now being ignored, and instead of being a source of information and a way to connect with a potential listener/producer, its wasted.

    Such a shame a brilliant platform like Soundcloud has changed for the worse. I will stay with Soundcloud, though only because there is no other options out there.


  66. Sigurdór

    I’m waiting for the improvement of sound quality of the stream before I return as a paying customer. I state it here as I’ve done elsewhere: I think a paying customer @ Soundcloud should be able to choose the quality of his stream, even variable from post to post. Also if I return, will all my old uploads that were deleted when my subscription ran out, come back? It would have been very nice, and fair, to be able to choose which uploads I’d want to get rid of. Can you imagine the hours of work that were wasted?
    Oh … and please add “My songs/sounds” in the drop down menu.

  67. Sorasuki

    Hey Jami,

    well let’s see:
    1. comments, there too small, & don’t see replies in the waveform (also not on the android & ios apps), which makes it hard to follow discussions on songs/recordings (ie. within a band setting)
    2. private sharing, when you share a private track to a group (even your own group) it becomes public without any warning.
    & 3. hangups in firefox, i use firefox 19.02 on win7 64-bit. Every pageload freezes firefox for about 5 secs. it doesn’t do that in the old soundcloud environment.
    4. when using the old soundcloud, a lot of buttons take you to the new soundcloud against your intentions.

    well, that’s about it. I really enjoy using soundcloud, & applaud the will to change/update/upgrade it, but i would stop using it if the points i mentioned don’t get fixed.

  68. Jami

    Thanks for these.

    1) We’re aware of this, and are trying to find solutions to the current issues with comments.

    2) Private sharing is currently being rebuilt, with a clearer sharing flow, and dedicated location for sounds you received. In regards to sharing private sounds to group, this changed on Classic SoundCloud before we launched newSC as sharing private sounds to groups was causing big technical issues.

    3) Thanks for this information about Firefox, will investigate.

    4) Which buttons switch you to new SoundCloud against your intentions?

  69. Sorasuki

    Thx for the replies :)
    good to see that you’re working on the issues.

    the dashboard button took me to the new soundcloud a few times, but i doesn’t do it anymore, so chalk that one up to (my) user error.

  70. Reclaim your City

    How do i upgrade from solo to pro unlimited? It says free of charge, but there’s no activaton button or something, only the pop-up when i press ‘opt in’. Thank you in advance..

  71. mrjn

    With my old Plan now i have more than 4 hours.
    will my contend be reduced to 4 hours if i change to Pro Plan?

  72. Jami

    Hey, it’s 4 hours total. The upload allowance doesn’t reset.

    I hope this helps clear things up, let me know if you have any further questions,


  73. Jami

    Hey Antonio – It’s 4 hours total with the Pro plan.
    Hope this helps make things clearer!


  74. Davwuh

    I’m considering upgrading, but I would like to see a full list of features before purchasing. I can’t seem to find that anywhere.

  75. ben

    something I find annoying is that also if you’re a user you can’t see the stats for your tracks anymore on your spotlight page, because they get overlapped by links to download etc. You have to click on each track to view the stats. Will this be fixed? It’s just annoying that they get overlapped, it was so much clearer when the stats were above the waveform like the old version, and not greyed out so you can hardly read them anyway. This is why I use the old version. I like the re-post feature of the newSC however!

  76. Jami

    Thanks for this Ben, this is actually a visual bug that affects your page when viewed in a small window or at a low resolution. We’re aware of it and are working on a fix, if you use a larger browser window the stats should show for you. I hope this helps!

  77. Dan Ling

    Obviously, any service has to change and update to survive.

    But what SC has done is take what made them different, innovative and really useful, and removed it. If they can’t fix the waveform comments, the service will fade … I keep trying the new version, learning it’s features, and trying to get used to it, but I keep realizing it’s design simply sucks compared to the old one. I always have to return to the old version, not because I want to, but because the new version does NOT permit easy communication over the specifics of a tune. What I need as a musician is for the waveform and comments to be restored to what they were. If they are, I will always be a member because I love it. If the old version goes away, so will I and my paid membership.