Hello Heroes: Audiobiography #4: Auto-podcast, song-navelgazing, clown memories, and more

Hello Heroes: Audiobiography #4: Auto-podcast, song-navelgazing, clown memories, and more

This is a guest post by SoundCloud Hero and music critic/organizer Marc Weidenbaum, who is based in San Francisco, California. Follow and connect with the SoundCloud Heroes to find out more about community projects, collaborations and more.

When we set out to create the #Audiobio project, the goal was to connect listeners with the musicians and sound creators they listen to. Anyone who has had a phone call, or met up face to face with someone they had only previously corresponded with online knows the power that hearing someone’s voice can have — not just at that moment, but in all subsequent communications between them.

The idea of #audiobio is that by hearing the voices of the people whose music and sound we admire, we’ll have a deeper sense of connection to them when we hear more of their work in the future — not just because of what they say (the story of their lives, the goals of their art, and so forth) but how they say it: their voice, their intonation, their temperament.

Audiobiographies will be shared every week so post yours to be featured. All languages are welcome to participate. You can find translations of how to get involved in more than 8 languages here. Here’s round-up #4 from this past week. See all past recaps here.

These are some choice entries from new #audiobio posts this past week:

Dave Pickering (of London, England) was a natural for the #audiobio project because his podcast is an ongoing spoken-word exploration of who he is and of the people who know him. “There are lots of shows about famous people,” he says. “This is a show about the rest of us.” His entry was made entirely out of material from his podcast, which is pretty meta.

Liz Massey (of Glendale, California, in the United States) talked about why she’s a self-described “full-on audio geek,” and she traces her love of sound back to her mother’s storytelling. Warning, if you suffer from coulrophobia (fear of clowns), listen at your own risk.

Peter Lehndorff (of Hampden, Massachusetts, in the United States) wrote a witty little ditty about himself and his music: “I tell stories with my songs / about the stuff I see / Some of it is made-up crap / Some is about me.”

Bidoche Musique (aka Joe Fleury of Fribourg, Switzerland) recorded a psychedelic, echo-laden, and artfully opaque message: “spoken word, sound array / gotta tell the world about the dangers in play.”

If you have uploaded one and it’s not here, we’d love to hear it. Message us at @SoundCloudHeroes. We still want to hear more so share your Audiobiography and have your voice heard too. Remember to give it the “audiobio” tag to help us find it. Get involved at http://blog.soundcloud.com/2013/02/06/audiobiography/

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