Audiobiography Round-up #6: Thank you for participating!

Audiobiography Round-up #6: Thank you for participating!

This is a guest post by SoundCloud Hero and musician Jared Brickman of One Hello World, based in Syracuse, New York. Follow and connect with the SoundCloud Heroes to find out more about community projects, collaborations and more.

On behalf of the SoundCloud Heroes, thanks to all the SoundClouders who took the time to tell the world (or show the world, for those of you who chose music and noise over verbiage) about who they are and what they do. With nearly 300 submissions, the #audiobio SoundCloud tag is now home to a fascinating cross-section of the community’s creators. And though our weekly roundups may be coming to a close for now, the indelible tag will always be there. Let’s continue to grow SoundCloud’s collection of sonic self-portrayals.

Here are some selections from the latest collection to get you inspired.

Though audiobios are all about distinct human existences, WildAmbience’s audiobio is all about capturing “the silence from the noise of human activity.”

Imagine sitting by a fire in the forest, having a conversation with Kai Altair, an artist who loves community and coming together through sound.

Praverb an emcee from Northern Virginia shares how he uses SoundCloud to connect with the global community. “I love the global unification that occurs through sound. I love the uplifting emotional experience that happens when I’m down. I love discovering music the same way I love being found.”

As diverse as SoundCloud’s genre-scape is, so to is the geography of its creators. Hailing from the UK, J Active delivers dynamic prose regarding his sonic philosophy.

We still welcome you to share your audiobiography: record a 90 second spoken and/or music trope and upload it with the #audiobio tag. Press play on other creators’ introductions and discover new opportunities to listen, collaborate and get inspired.

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