SoundCloud Voices – PRX and SoundCloud

SoundCloud Voices – PRX and SoundCloud

SoundCloud Partners with PRX for ‘Generation Putin’ Documentary Launch

We’re proud to be partnering with Public Radio pioneers, PRX, with the launch of their new show, Generation Putin. Here is PRX’s John Barth with more about the project.


One of PRX’s strategic goals is to massively increase listening to public radio works of all kinds, no matter the platform or channel. (We do pretty well!)

So, we’re taking one of our most successful recent specials — Generation Putin — and making it available or free streaming, embedding and sharing through SoundCloud.

Generation Putin is an hour-long show, that you can listen to in segments, about the Millennial generation in the former Soviet Union: you’ll find radicals, feminists, 20-and-30-somethings full of ennui and vodka, greedheads, unrepentant fascists and even rowdy punkers…in Kazakhstan, of all places.

Brooke Gladstone from On the Media is the host and two brave women from the Seattle Globalist – Sarah Stuteville and Jessica Partnow – did all the reporting on the scene. The generous people at the Open Society Foundations make it possible and PRX pulled the project together.

So far, 35 individual stations including WNYC, WGBH, KUOW (Seattle), KUT (Austin), and Minnesota Public Radio have aired it.

Now you can listen on SoundCloud and present it yourself on your blog, site, Facebook post or Twitter feed with your own context and comments.

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