David Debuting Today: The Dropometer

You might notice things looking a bit different around SoundCloud today. We’re thrilled to be launching the latest iteration to our web platform. And we think you’re going to like it.


The drop in a track can be unpredictable and surprising. Some of you have even told us that you find it unsettling, not knowing when to expect that sense of overwhelming euphoria. Inspired by your feedback, we’ve invented the Dropometer.

Using a unique algorithm (patent pending), the Dropometer is designed to help you prepare yourself for the big moment, whether that means getting in the mental space where you can really break it down, or fixing yourself a fortifying snack.

While we first innovated the Dropometer around dubstep, we’ve identified broad utility for this new functionality across all genres. Look to the Dropometer to find out when to expect a key crescendo in a 17th-century symphony or the emotional climax in an episode of This American Life.


The Dropometer is web-only at the moment; we’ll be rolling it out to mobile in the coming weeks, so you can brace yourself for the drop on the go. Let us know what you think, and watch this space: we’ll be bringing you even more advanced features soon!

Update April 2: Happy April Fools :)

  • DJ Ty


  • Groberto

    April Fool ?

  • lol. good one :)

  • Mike

    i really don’t see the point of this… where’s the fun in ruining the surprise of a drop?

    i plan on turning it off as soon as it’s made available

  • brilliant.

  • smdh lol

  • A NAME


  • tom

    This is stupid, on my tracks it lists the drop at a point that is clearly not a drop….

  • Thelemic

    Hahaha:D Thanks, I almost get a heart attack when there’s an unsuspected drop.

  • tennyson

    What a fantastic implementation!

  • please remove it or at least make it an option

  • has to be an april fools…

  • Ian Saunders

    this is idiotic

  • Leo

    Not surprise me the example made with skrilex’s track.

  • I hate it make it go away…it’s often wrong and it looks bad and I can’t get rid of it


    fuck thaaaaat


    Not a fan of this feature at all,looks cheap and very poor

  • This isn’t april fools, I saw it today. It still needs some work though.

  • April fools i thought somebody was hacking soundcloud

  • Please let this be temporary. I do not like this at all.

  • Pablo Kitzberger
  • minerals

    I kind of like listening and anticipating the drop on a record. Also its stupid because it adds it to mixes aswell, but only on the first track of the mix

  • April Foo’s

  • aren’t april fools jokes supposed to be funny?

  • are you seriusly thinking about putting here’s the drop, very very TERRIBLE IDEA, sorry

  • Temazo


  • 1.4…..

  • haden

    Really annoying to see to be honest, i personally dont see it as exciting. Im listening to the song anyway, im going to find out when the drop is, i dont need an arrow showing me, no offence its just an eye sore

  • Matti T

    Haha, nice one! @prl

  • anna

    no….no. this ruins the suspense.

  • J.u.D.

    how can we turn this thing off ??

  • Matt

    This is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Ever. Just to be clear, you guys think we’re complete retards right? That’s the only way something like this can be even thought of.

  • Thanks for this, sometimes I can find the drop with just the audio. So great that you guys would point it out in the waveform, so now I know that this is indeed the “drop.”

  • ….

    This better be April Fools right? Only retards listen to skrillex, real music doesn’t have a totally different drop than the rest of the song

  • ambientsphinx

    can I have a dropometer that tells me when I’m about to fall? That would really save me from some unexpected surprises.

  • This is a Key and Peele joke gone bad.

  • sensi

    this has got to be a joke? “not knowing when to expect that sense of overwhelming euphoria” was my personal favourite. If not this idea is terrible, soundcloud.

  • Either April Fool, or a new feature that needs some improvement. First of which being that you should be able to move it if its incorrect

  • Haha

  • Well played SoundCloud, well played…

  • Kosovo

    nigga yes.

  • Claude F

    Hahaha!!!! you totaly had me going there!!!

  • if you look just for the drop you shouldn’t be listening to the music

  • WTF SC?

    Looks like I’m sticking with SC Classic then. WTF Soundcloud? At least put it in the right position

  • Amen to that

  • LUKE

    how do you reposition it?!

  • sage

    “the emotional climax in an episode of This American Life.” Gold! I love it.

  • Grandpa Wolfe

    The dropometer should be an optional feature for soundcloud users. I think it’s extremely tacky and it hurts to see my loops tagged with silly markers for nonexistent drops.


    Epic trololol ♥

  • Like many others, I hope this option can be toggled as it seems to just get in the way. I appreciate the idea in theory but in practice it just distracts me from reading the comments. Maybe if it was made smaller or if the text was on top of the waveform instead of on it that could help.

  • go on april fools

  • Leo

    Just getting worst every day, that’s a shame, soundcloud use to be nice, now seems to be made by douchebags …

  • No, the drop is NOT separate from the song. I do not see this as a good idea, people listen to songs as a whole. This is a gimmick, please do not implement this feature.

  • It’s wrong half the time though. Barely any of my tracks have it in the right spot

  • It positions itself wrong in like ALL my tracks. At least make it able to be positioned by the artist

  • The Duke


  • I would be fine with this if it were better.

  • April Fool’s! Hahahaha!

  • Not trying to hate on SoundCloud, I love ’em, but this thing is stupid.

  • Younity

    Hope it’s a joke..

  • Keex


  • Chris The Lyricist

    What about the people like me that are Rap/Hip-Hop artists?
    That’s just going to be annoying and meaningless.

  • good thing i dont use the new layout anyway, also not good

  • Matt

    The damn thing looks like it’s in crayon.

  • it’s in my opinion annoying, because mostly there’s no drop ^^

  • KurrYaHurrd



    BULL SHIT !!! SUCKS !!!

  • This is terrible, you can’t do this seriously please don’t, there could be multiple drops – which one should I point out? And needless to say there’s more than one climatic chord in any classical piece. You don’t need gimmicks soundcloud, you’re already a good service. We don’t need new tools really, and if you wanted to improve anything it should be the general aesthetics.

  • Marinho JR

    I don’t like it at all. It’s annoying, it doesn’t works very well and it has no function, I love soundcloud and it crew but this wasn’t good at all, I’m sorry.

  • ElYeta

    Sucks! :D

  • a great tool for people who dislike surprises & unexpected joy
    i’d like an option to hide this so i can continue to enjoy new music as intended:
    not ruined by spoiler alerts.

  • pichuscute0

    This is the best April Fools joke ever.

  • MegaB103

    I’m not exactly getting what a dropometer really is. Someone help me out here?

  • Alex

    the “Dropometer” is not accurate in the least! It will say the drops are in the quitest parts of the song. Plus, it takes all the fun out of scarring people with bass! Please make it optional to leve this on because I would like to turn it off as soon as possible.

  • euphjunkie

    This April Fools’ joke isn’t funny.

  • The funny thing is that almost everyone got fooled by this April fool :D

  • futexture

    this is terrrible. please let this be a joke.

  • Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny.

  • Alex

    I gotta say guys, after listening to about 20 different songs not once has the drop meter correctly found the drop. I would keep working on that algorithm.

  • Matt

    Soundcloud for the love of god. Don’t keep this crap up.

  • Oh great thanks SC now not only I have to change to the old look but stay there for sure as I am not trying to get this Drop what?? wait WTF?! lol

  • Rens

    I don’t sea the point of this arrow..
    It’s ruin my view on the timeline of the track!
    Please leave this from the soundclips!

  • Grandpa Wolfe

    hopefully. Im gonna be mad if this is real

  • Please do not do this. Horrible idea and very ugly… please just don’t.

  • The awkward moment when you realize the majority of your user base does not have a sense of humor.

  • Karterpiller

    i love the image of someone being scared or surprised by a drop : P

  • VIKO

    DROPOMETER ? WTF ! it sux i hope this is a joke …

  • Stefan Valentin

    Posts obnoxious ragey comment not understanding the humor inherent to this feature (ON APRIL FOOLS)

  • vincent buekers

    This is awful!

  • tomato guy

    Don’t do it, please!

  • Ahahahahaha April Fools!!!!

  • t_rez

    This Dropometer sucks! It is not accurate at all, and it just makes my profile looks messy! Please remove this, or allow it us to toggle it off. Thanks.

  • The Underground

    i hate you skrillex

  • nice)



  • Excluso

    April fools for sure.

  • zaungast


  • Rens

    People can decide for themselves whether they want to drop a comment or not

  • VisonarySoundSystem

    LOL the Dropometer? HERE’S THE DROP.

    24 hours too early in the UK for this April 1st beauty . . . . . .

  • take it off, terrible feature if its not an april fools.. nobody needs a sign to tell you where the ‘drop’ of a song is haha.. shocking

  • Matt

    The only logical explanation is that this is a joke. It can’t be for real

  • theflyer716

    ahahhahahahahahahahahahahhhahahhhahahahashahahaa, I can’t even right now

  • iNfliktioN

    The people who think this is for real are seriously lacking in the common sense department – good one SoundCloud, Happy April Fool’s everyone! Lighten up :)

    PS for the people who know it’s a joke, this is a dig at the whole “drop-culture” fad, and if you don’t get it, then you are “getting” it, if you know what I mean. But you probably don’t.

  • Person

    oh god do people seriously not realize that this is a joke

  • MegaB103

    Hah! Good one.

  • GammeXPlays


  • Sweet Repeat

    great joke :-P

  • kernelpanic

    really nice april fool! hehe i believed it for quite while, LOL!! Yeah jokes like this are relaxing to the community after this totally over compressed new sc design, +1 again…

    that’s a nice one soundcloud ;)

  • Off Beat Entertainment

    half the time its in the wrong spot anyway. Don’t bother, its just annoying.

  • Ged McMahon

    April fool hahaha very good guys lol

  • macdub

    yeah this thing sucks. the drop is wayyyyy off.

  • VIKO

    Calm down guys this is an April fool ! “Using a unique algorithm” to find the drop ahah ? can’t be true

  • this is not smart at all. we surprise people with unexpected drops n thats the fun of it if ur really into electronic music.

  • frist of all,who the fuck listens to a track and waits for a drop,if ppl do that shit there not true fans of music,really useless.

  • 99.9% of the general public


  • Mean Man

    This is dumb. Seriously?

  • Today is April Fools (in New Zealand) so if you saw it today then it completely makes sense as an April Fools joke. Your time-zone just might not have hit 1st April yet?

  • ommirandap

    Wow guys! It would be perfect if you present a paper explaining the research behind the Dropometer :) You should definitely on Team140 music ;)

  • dezibel

    wtf…hope thats a april fool !!!

  • Cosmin

    i think it’s stupid

  • Personally I think it’s a bit ridiculous, as if the waveform doesn’t obviously give it away anyway.

    Tasteless gimmick in my opinion.

  • bassinfected

    this thing makes no sense!
    it´s just confusing people.

  • José

    i really don’t like it ! would be great if there’s a opportunity to turn it off!

  • faustenie

    it is really very stupid.

  • what kind of followers has given you feedbacks for this? why needed this marker on an analyzed track?

  • i don’t want it

  • koopa

    i dont like this one bit

  • Anonymous


  • Best April’s fool ever.

  • I hope this is a troll

  • Yes they do because you don’t realize what this actually is.

    Protip: look at the date.

  • derp

    are you all dumb? it’s obviously soundcloud trolling :L

  • Santi

    This ruins the definition of “the drop” it’s supposed to surprise the fuck out of you….

  • Rhys Tunley

    It’s got all the drop timings in my songs wrong anyways.

  • Sektah

    HAHAHA i know right?? This is dumb, its not even pointing to the right spot… Also Soundcloud, you are fucking up. Accusing me of copyright & shit for no reason.


    This has got to be an April Fools joke. SoundCloud isn’t that lame.

  • Lee

    Aren’t Aprils Fools jokes supposed to be 1. Funny and 2. On April 1st?

  • Heliograf

    its obviously an April fools joke because the Skrillex example is on the break. Well done for losing respect points SC im not paying for Pro now. Silly organization.

  • Magnus

    that arrow thing is pointing randomly at the waveforms on my tracks

  • Rxx

    Please spend your time on a different idea. I am not paying for a service that “freddy foreshadows” where my drops are. That’s for my fans to find out.

  • Rhys Tunley

    it’s april first in Australia and NZ if that helps.

  • theres no point in this feature, its kind of annoying, specially when it doesnt know where the drop actually is….gonna remove it as soon as possible

  • This is a bad feature guys. Thats like telling you the climax in a movie before you see it

  • Elmer

    Well, this “drop finder” is just terrible! It looks like this site is only for DJ´s


    ‘I LOVE THIS NEW FEATURE’ ..said no one ever.

  • this is stupid as fuck.

  • Meeloox

    good one, trolls

  • its silly

  • John Eckhardt

    merry 1st of april! great idea.


  • Good joke. Think you april fooled a lot of people! (Y)

  • this must be a 1 april joke..:P

  • ”April 1, 2013”

  • how can i disable it?

  • Its rubbish dont even work right, looks cheap, some songs dont “drop” !!!!

  • LOL at everyone missing the entire point of the April fools – relax folks, it’s meant to be a joke! x

  • Bum Bandito

    I wish i could fart in Skrillex’s ear and see how he likes it

  • Missingonebrick

    Loving how it just puts it randomly throughout the song.

  • already i am still using old soundcloud. please don’t touch that switch option.

  • saint pepsi


  • nah

  • Lee Lucas

    For the life of me I cannot see wtf you guys are doing, if anything wants dropping out here its that stupid comment box you have so foolishly made, that nobody can see wtf is going on or even make a bloody comment on the new SC and your messing around with this crap. FFS wake up and smell the coffee someone… What Dum Dums…

  • Please, do not go ahead with this. It is the worst idea you´ve had.

  • Matt

    Thanks guys, all my friends talk about this “drop” thing and I honestly cant tell a verse from a remix. Magic ups! Such a helpful feature!

  • Im not sayin nuttin;]

  • BSTFactor

    Bad Bad Bad, the point of a drop is to suddenly “drop” into the main melody or bassline. It is a sudden, surprise transition, not a subtle predictable one.

  • ” April 1, 2013 ” , lol


    yeah please make this optional. i do not want this on my sounds.

  • DiscRatebye

    you got the energy for this! it’s amazing! could you give me job in Hungary? :-P

  • ” April 1, 2013 ”

  • this joke is just as good as your search bar!

  • Bored Bastard

    So that mean’s that 90% of my songs have a drop in the first seconds beginning. ok I’m better than Skrillex and Guetta! https://soundcloud.com/bored-bastard check out the drops ;)

  • The reason they’ve done this, is that people just skip to “the drop” and don’t acknowledge the rest of the song, because “its not as major as the drop”. Its all music, therefore it should be respected in all the same way. Good going soundcloud.

  • Kostis


  • Justin Bieber

    What a great idea!

    Skrillex sucks

  • That´s a fucking idea!!!!

  • cadmus


    How can i disable it please?

  • Great joke guys, almost as good as your search bar :)

  • Magnus


  • StinkDude

    I’m pretty sure SC already had this feature; you just had to check the comments section for the bit where 50 people commented “HOLY SHIT I’M HAVING TWELVE ORGASMS OUT MY ASS” on top of one another and that was usually the drop.

  • steph

    No not for me Pecis at all! I hope this is an April Fool!

  • Alexis

    Absolutely useless.

  • julizz

    if you dont know when the drop is coming thn ur an idiot.. im against this

  • Dat Dude


  • horrible! just horrible!!!
    lately it’s like your desperate to lose the sympathy capital you won from me!

  • Kosovo

    muh phat dropz :O

  • me

    Where is the drop in this comment?


  • cutebutbroke

    its corny ! please stop trying to tweek things and change things when everything is working fine the way it is already ..

  • RyanEllingson

    This is so stupid! One of the best parts of music is being surprised!!!! What the hell?!

  • sarah

    if this is real i never want to use soundcloud again

  • they should’ve spent more time working on their search engine then pratting about making jokes, my potential pro account as just vanished because of this. Well done.

  • Pablo Leban
  • fuckcloud

    so u telling me that u making a pathetic joke on paying customers?
    those ppl who basicaly pay you for doing work on the site, where are the stats on this new soundcloud, why the upload is still in the old view…. but u have time for this?!

    hahahahahah…. u so funny!!!! must be written by a german.

  • i dont like it its like listening to your ipod and having someone counting down the bars until the song drops i hope you make it optional plus its wrong on most of my tracks

  • OH sh*t yo! hahaha

  • I have already googled how to get rid of this at least 8 times. Not even a joke, soundcloud, get it the fuck off my tracks.

  • Altay Ekren

    Hope its just a april fool.

  • shroomhead one

    okay, i’m laughing.

  • no the april fool is called the search bar.

  • this thing is soooo dumb

  • zuks

    love it!

  • RusTeeR3cord

    Don’t worry, it doesn’t work

  • Great

  • PiXie DuSt

    Why? It just ruins it and there can be several drops in one sound…..ect.

  • Emiliano

    I don’t like this new idea, think in options for users how want, but not for me please… sorry :(

  • Kevin

    this was pretty silly the hour it was up this morning. and marked no where near the drop on most tracks, sucked

  • Kurt E. Guye

    You know, I found this hilarious on my edited GLaDOS sound: https://soundcloud.com/qwertygiy/if-gladoss-name-was-charles

    “Deploying surprise in 5. 4. (HERE’S THE DROP(tm)!!) Time out for a second. That wasn’t supposed to happen. Did you see that thing that fell out of me?”

  • It`s cool

  • So dumb, it didn’t even match up de drop on any of the dubstep tunes! SoundCloud, please let this be an April Fools joke!

  • RusTeeR3cord

    I like how it hardly works

  • Cheyne Queezy

    …and look at the 2nd track they used to display the ‘dropmeter’. It’s a radio podcast (hahaha.) They also said they’re using a unique algorithm to find the drop; c’mon now.

  • fuckcloud

    we got your joke “david” – now remove this shit again!
    u not getting paid to make jokes on paying customers, arrogant prick!!!

  • Echo Chamber Sound

    crap. please remove it from my account

  • ellen


  • LOL ^o^ First april fools of the day and it only 12:43 AM.

  • MT

    terrible idea. can’t we keep music intriguing and not ruin every dynamic movement in a song? let us keep the spoiler-alerts off our page if we choose to do so. please… Huge down-thumb to the joke of a “drop meter TM”

  • Guest

    Bahaha, this just made my day! The comments are hilarious.

  • Mister Bellucci


  • okay so I get that this is an April fool’s joke (or at least I hope so), but why does it say “debuting today” on the day BEFORE April Fool’s Day? that’s stooopiddd

  • This feature is stupid)!

  • Crate

    this is not really needed! it ruins the surprise for the listener! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE eather take it off or atleast give us the option to switch it off! ASAP PLEASE!

  • yourmother

    glad soundcloud is trolling edm too

  • I don’t have the dropometer yet…

  • Yeah, Dropmeter at the very end of a song… Nearly everywhere in the middle of an empty space. How shit is this?

  • the drop is ment to be a suprise, this is the most stupid feature I have ever witnessed.

  • Gay

  • chris g

    this is not good thing. the artist wants the people to listen to all of the sound and experience a good song that will not happen if you listen to half of the song.


    unnecessary but lol at people gettin pissed off about it

  • Paleface

    we want a Suckometer for the parts a track gets really bad!

  • yes I can see the patent pending – and pending :-)

  • Nicolasio

    your drop-o-meter incorrectly predicted the drop in my song

  • moore than roger

    The best thing you can do to improve your shit : let us turn it off

  • Unusual package

    i don’t like the way it covers everything else! it’s too damn big, and i have to say, i don’t need a marker to figure out where the drop is and i think i’m not the only one

  • Benzie

    This would be a great April Fool’s joke if you didn’t already ruin any element of surprise by showing the fucking waveform

  • Bored Bastard
  • MekZii

    Doesnt work and I dont need it. This must def be an april 1ste joke!

  • Bored Bastard
  • I really hope it’s april fool joke

  • horrible idea takes all the fun out of it

  • Bored Bastard
  • Hopefully it IS an april fools joke, but then again, ITS NOT APRIL YET.

  • Baskyl

    There is absolutely no point in indicating drops. Please undo it, folks!

  • M1

    I like it but works weird

  • yeh its in need of hydration

  • Bored Bastard


  • hajdulak

    Or give us an option to disable/move the drop spot.

  • Bored Bastard


  • I expect this will make most listeners to jump directly to the drop point and waste the music.

  • Alberto

    please remove, why be predictable? do not like at all…….

  • Killahertz

    Lol drop it

  • Guest

    a final nail in Soundclud’s coffin….

  • dark virus

    Lovely new feature. Now you need to create the “beginnometer” and the “endinometer” so we’ll know when a track starts and, more important, when it ENDS! Keep rocking! =)

  • Bored Bastard

    mines start at beginning sooooo https://soundcloud.com/bored-bastard

  • Bored Bastard


  • Alex J

    Didn’t you put your april fool’s joke online a few months ago?

  • So this is what you spend your time doing when you’ve charged people extortionate amounts for pro accounts.
    Thanks for pissing in our faces.
    Get your act together and make the search bar better, thanks.

  • Bored Bastard

    needs a shutupmeter too

  • Isabel Morales Rey

    I’m sorry, but I really don’t like this strange quasi-funktion. I want a deactivating button please.

  • Dear SoundCloud, you are going to burn in hell for this!

  • moore than roger

    I made 3 differents mix of the same song and your algorithm find differents “drops”….?

    Not working, and it’s breaking the surprise effect.
    We can ALREADY read the waveform!!

  • Excited for it to go mobile. Can’t wait to Brace Myself for the Drop On the Go

  • Marcel Darvas

    It’s hilarious!

  • averystrangeguy

    it’s a nice april fools joke, except it’s not working

  • Hahah!

  • baaaaaaad idea :

  • Down ruthless style

    ummm i hope this is not real. If so this is really really sad!!! The fact that people actually need a “Dropmeter” is really fuckin stupid!!! You’re suppose to be surprised by the drop and or fake drops inside of any track. WOW soundcloud please be a joke PLEASE!!…..SAD SAD SAD noobs!!!

  • The unexpected drops are the best drops…………….

  • Take it down it’s shit.


    This really doesn’t work. For all my tracks, The drop, if it exists, is not at the right place at all.

  • Farm

    This is quite a hilarious April Fools joke. (The big-ass “TM” really is the icing on the cake.) The danger is that people who don’t get it are going to be VERY confused or freaked out, but I guess that’s the point. To be honest, I first thought it was a hack, then I read this and was baffled. Now I’m just laughing my ass off. :D

  • My songs don’t even drop at those times!!
    If this isn’t april fools, soundcloud is FUCKING UP BIG TIME.
    Where’s a competitor website?

  • Mister Bellucci


  • bad idea.

  • djallal namri

    i don’t know i kept clicking on it … well it was all scientific curiosity

  • Kevin

    emeraz lol

  • Bored Bastard

    2 on 3 drops https://soundcloud.com/bored-bastard bang bang

  • I wish New SoundCloud was just an April Fool’s Joke, too.

  • Relic

    Good Job SoundCloud, way to stir the pot!

  • Mister Bellucci

    itll all be over soon guys just relax & enjoy

  • James Song

    not a big fan.. soundcloud got the drops on my track wrong

  • they will waste your first song:)

  • Guest

    If it’s real and you don’t like it… I have a novel idea…. don’t use it.

  • it works for my stuff

  • flor

    Will we be able to turn the option off?

  • Bored Bastard

    first april dude

  • April Fools Joke?

  • If you really wanna use this let the artist tell you where the drop is!!! cause u guys aren’t doing a good job of it!

  • should be optional

  • Neenah

    Dear SoundCloud, drops in songs are made to UNEXPECTEDLY make someone lose their mind over the insane build-up. You listen and anticipate and even wonder when it’ll drop. Knowing exactly when, takes away from all of that. Besides, not everyone makes music that “drops”. This is a totally unnecessary feature. It’s showing up on my fade-outs. Other than that, you rock. Sincerely, Neenah.

  • Nicolasio

    it incorrectly predicted the “drop” in this song: https://soundcloud.com/nicolasio/the-internet-is-here

  • DJ-Kilometers2

    this is kinda pointless and a waste of time if you can read WAVE or just have eyes in general.

  • Bored Bastard

    April joke u muthafukers where is your shut up meter!!!

  • averystrangeguy

    why are there so many comments by james song?

  • incredibly inaccurate !! should definitely be able to disable for your tracks (and NO ONE would be able to see it on your tracks)


  • Technicka

    Hmmmmm…… : /

  • Fantástico, muito bom .

  • It was my idea and my patent. Not yours. You will deal with my lawyer.

  • Bored Bastard


  • ahahahahhahahahaha. love u!

  • Vyell

    So far i have not complained about any changes to this site because i feel it is all for the best in the long run and the basic idea that this is a genuine music site for those who REALLY love REAL music which is an artistic expression of how we feel.

    Part of music is the surprise of not knowing a new piece at all and that euphoria you are wrecking is the emotional response to the music and is a true and honest human response and if you do not like it then you do not like the way music makes you feel ergo you should not be on this site. Plus it looks really messy and untidy please can those of us who actually want to feel the music be given the option to turn this stupid idea off!

  • I woke up to this. Man, I was SO angry, like… it was marking the “drop” on a gamelan song of mine. wtFLYINGf?! then I looked at the calendar. Brilliant. XD

  • Bored Bastard
  • vikt0r

    HAHAHHAHA int the example on the skrillex tune the dropmeter is wrong, what a FAIL. Also, why do the word’s “around dubstep” linked to skrillex’s souncloud? I don’t see the connection between these two?

  • Lockstitch

    Guys…. have you even noticed where it says the drop is ? It’s clearly april fools…. it’s place randomly all over the place, sometimes even in the end of the track….

  • Soul3d

    This is a joke for first april ???

  • thought april fools was only in america guess not cause its still 3-31 here

  • Bored Bastard


  • names

    waveforms give away the surprise anyway. april fools tooo early

  • try and predict my drops son

  • AshMathos

    Considering they go the drop wrong with the promotion banner [Skrillex – Bangarang], this must be an April Fool, right?

  • dan-brownie

    This is awesome. hmu if u agree yea.

  • Soul3d

    PLEASE this is the biggest mistake that soundcloud’ve been do

  • Bored Bastard
  • B Jammin

    i started cracking up when i looked at where the drops were pointing to

  • BR

    this is dumb plz do not launch this

  • Uncle Fassbender

    It’s an April Fools joke. For those complaining that it’s too early, it’s already the 1st April in the UK.

  • Ideal_Noise

    Can’t wait for Crapometer next …Pinpointing that exact moment when you realize a tune is pure crap so you can push the “next” button


  • LOL This seems kind of pointless.. Nonethless something new for sound cloud Check out my music no dropometer needed. https://soundcloud.com/geezzmusic/black-jesus

  • Ügo
  • Pecavi

    lol @ the soundcloud april joke ( here’s the drop ) , you could block the entire website for 24 hours and leave a message: “Soundcloud is shutting down for ever ! ” This drop shit is no joke just piss of many peps … its only in dub step music btw, i like it when it COMES INSIDE MY HEAD when i’m not prepared for it … “THE ENTRY” you got no originality soundcloud :D
    P. —> http://www.pecavi.net

  • Bored Bastard
  • 1.4.2013

    April, April

  • RSI

    This is stupid. Kill dub step. Its called song structure. Its only called a drop becuase everyone who likes dubstep has to be a douche about it.

  • Vesta J


  • ladyrastah

    isto vai ficar aqui para sempre?

  • Bored Bastard
  • joaquina


  • Bored Bastard
  • What? April Hello?)))

  • audio grrrl

    Gimmicky and Tasteless.

  • Kesh

    You guys are actual idiots. Its aprils fools joke. Seriously just THINK with your brain, people are actually getting all worked up about this… The idea couldn’t be more ridiculous, and if you believe this then your unintelligent gullible fool. Well played soundcloud!

  • Bored Bastard
  • Bored Bastard
  • Marin

    seriously -.- ??? i hope we can disable

  • Pecavi

    lol @ the soundcloud april joke ( here’s the drop ) , you could block the entire website for 24 hours and leave a message: “Soundcloud is shutting down for ever ! ” This is no joke just piss of many peps … btw so called “drop” is in dub music, i prefer when it HIT MY BRAIN WHEN I’M NOT PREPARED FOR IT so called an entry … lol you got no originality soundcloud :D

  • Blitznburst

    i dun get it

  • Yea now that you guy’s say it more than likely this would be a April Fools Joke I can’t lie they got me if it is https://soundcloud.com/geezzmusic/black-jesus

  • I still can’t see my dashboard, that’s the biggest joke here. I doubt I’ll be renewing my subscription.

  • Thank god the SoundCloud people have a sense of humour.

  • rico casazza

    Here is the drop, prrrrrrr!!

    highlight where is the drop of a tracks takes out all the suspence and mistery inside the structure. what a bad idea guys!!!




  • Made
  • Pecavi

    sc could block the entire website for 24 hours and leave a message: “Soundcloud is shutting down for ever ! ” This drop shit is no joke just piss of many peps … no originality FAIL

  • Blitznburst

    Plot twist: the April Fools joke is that this isn’t actually a joke. :o



    jeez.. hope this is a joke, hate it when they start messin with sh!t that aint broke

  • Gezzar

    Aha soundcloud this is a brilliant April fools joke look at all the idiots you fooled, this actual was pretty smart to do.

  • Ugly…so ugly.

  • Frshy Frnch

    LOOK AT THE BASTARS DROP HERE https://soundcloud.com/bored-bastard

  • Srsly, this must be april fool, if not…

  • juellz

    i dont like it. drop is NOT at the end of a song

  • nick name

    April 1, 2013 ????? it’s march 31st..

  • LOL… soundcloud waveforms already make songs so predictable… this just takes it to the next level of predictability. DISLIKE!

  • Zerox

    thats a bad april fool…

  • DJ C-HIM

    This cant be accurate at all lol considering some songs have multiple drops and everybody feels different about each drop. April Fools or Let me disable this

  • ariemsmusic


  • Kasper

    Music is not about a drop. This will let people only listen to the drop i think. Music must be listened in a composition.

  • Sebastian Rodriguez

    Iteration? More like irritation. This is just dumb and invasive. At least let us choose if we want the Drop Meter…

  • Jman

    hopefully this is an actual joke.. first 10 songs in my feed weren’t even the drop.. looks like it just reads the wav file to see the pattern where there is a kick playing. and the fact that it just looks shit

  • Hakuin

    Apparently, I have drops 3 seconds into my tracks and 3 seconds at the end. I’d like an option to disable this if it isn’t just a prank. Please, I don’t use drops in braindance,

  • Frshy Frnch

    https://soundcloud.com/bored-bastard dubstep electro rap drop here


    bullshit. the great things in the music is the surprise of the drop. Anyway your “dropmeter” are absolutly wrong… Sorry.

  • StormSound

    It’s so hilarious seeing everyone who thinks this isn’t a prank xD

    …Now that I’ve said this, it’s probably going to turn out to be a legit thing and we’re all screwed.

  • aMUSEd

    Earlier today I sampled the Drop in several of my tracks – here is the result


  • d

    saddened by the use of skrillex as an example. what a loser.

  • Silver Calx 8

    lool ;DDDDD poor, poor skrillex xDDDD

  • Nox
  • Ben

    It’s a joke… just wait a day!!

  • SlothNOIR

    The reason many people don’t see this as an April Fool, is that Soundcloud is on a long roll of ill advised cock-ups. This just picks at the scab of bad feeling that has built up in the user community over the past months and confirms that Soundcloud are totally out of touch with their customers

  • cool stuff for the dropping bass

  • for those of you who want more plays and downloads on your music…check out this site soundcloudplay.webs.com

  • Spirit Hood Project

    people that says this is brilliant for sure don’t understand a shit about music

  • Stefan

    Dont like it sorry

  • o wow ive always wanted my own dropometer!! -_-

  • Haha, if you click dubstep it redirects you to Skrillex’s page. Definitely April Fools! ;)

  • Lee

    It wasn’t April 1st when I posted and I noticed these drop meters earlier on in the day, 31st March.
    Either way, not very funny.

  • MonDope

    This is Retarded

  • Someone smart

    You people are dumb. It’s march 31st. Not April 1st. IF it is an April Fools joke, SoundCloud is dumb for not knowing what day it is.

  • should be optional, some of us like to be surprised by the wub wub wub, you know as in ‘dropmeter on/off’ button or something like that

  • Fonz


  • thesun(marvel-us)


  • Spirit Hood Project

    you dumb because in Europe is already midnight…… duhhhhhh lol

  • SlothNOIR

    Depends where you are in the world…

  • Jamie

    looks tacky and just seems to point to a random point in the track. Please make a disable option!

  • Worst april fools EVER

  • Djoust

    HAHAHA patent pending… they are just using audio descripters ;)
    nice April fools joke btw, they had me for a sec

  • Karterpiller

    i see a drop meter on everything now : ( off button please?

  • Elektronikz

    No… Just no…


    Dropmeter is BIG BAAAAAD IDEA DUDE´S……..

  • Jeremy Canady
  • tatebox

    wtf! thats it? smh they need to make a hustle meter to see who goes the hardest on their selected track by statistics at the end of the day, and put them on the front page for 24 hours. now that’s what i wanna see.

  • Djoust

    and soundcloud is based in Berlin ;)

  • Dylan

    I posted an acoustic song and there’s a a “drop” at the very end. Get rid of this right meow. lol Or at least give us an option to remove it.

  • kevin

    are you serious? managing a listeners expectation is part of the composition process, it is a breach on artistic creativity to meddle in that. the creative process does not belong to you soundcloud. and an algorythm? now thats plain insulting.



  • Alex van Deep

    нас наебали, расходимся!

  • Spirit Hood
  • Calm down everybody, it’s just an april fool!

  • april fools duh

  • Dan

    it’s almost as if this is an april fools joke.

  • I hate April Fools

    Better be fucking April Fools

  • Guest
  • hahahahahahaha

  • Gemeos

    Here’s the Bad Idea ™

  • kae

    lol, the skrillex pic is a giveaway

  • Toonorth