Alex Up Next: New York City

Start spreading the news: in the upcoming months, we’ll be setting up an office in the Big Apple. And we couldn’t be more excited about joining the thriving creative and tech scenes in New York.


The global creative community has always been at the heart of SoundCloud. Starting from the earliest days of our first Berlin HQ, we’ve built a truly international team, now representing 30 different nationalities. We’ve always wanted to be as close as possible to where the action is. Over the years, this meant adding offices in San Francisco in the US, London in the UK, and Sofia in Bulgaria.

And that’s why NYC is next on the schedule. We’re looking forward to working alongside the city’s hundreds of other ambitious companies: being closer to our friends at startups like Tumblr, and continuing to strengthen our relationships with New York’s major media players. We’re also excited about getting up close and personal with the rest of the city’s creatives from the worlds of media, fashion, publishing, the arts…and, of course, music & audio.

We’ll be looking out for remarkable people to be part of our first NYC team, so keep an eye on for opportunities. Already in town? Drop us a line. We can’t wait to get started on unmuting New York.

Photo: Chris Brown / zoonabar, Creative Commons 2.0

14 thoughts on “Up Next: New York City

  1. Richard

    I’d love to work for Soundcloud. Already in NYC and have a solid background in digital media.

  2. Max Wiseltier

    I’d also love to work for Soundcloud. I’m a music fanatic, live in NYC, and have a passion for entrepreneurship! Where can we “drop a line?”

  3. Mark

    “Hi” and congrats on starting up a new office in New York—very exciting!

    I’ve looked through your job postings many times over the last year hoping you’d post a job for NYC. Needless to say, I would love to send you my resume, see if I can meet the challenges you throw at candidates, and interview with you.

    I currently run two labels, produce music, have a strong background in digital media and marketing, and am an avid technologist, with degrees in music composition and philosophy—hey, hey now… I’m not ashamed of that :).

    I also LOVE SoundCloud—and have multiple very active accounts to prove it :). I didn’t see a way to drop you a line, but if you email me at, I would be absolutely thrilled to send you my resume (it’s also here:

    It’s a long-shot, of course, but in the interim I will keep a lookout for any NYC postings going up.

    Welcome to New York!!


  4. Zakry Aydn

    ***I’m happy 2 hear that soundcloud is improving. Maybe now, I can get summ things done w/fewer problems/inconveniences…Thanx.***

  5. this

    Welcome to have ot rowok people tell go day my ein six now money com you l plase time fin phone dg 0559543627

  6. Alicia

    Hi there,

    I’m so excited to hear about the new office in the Big Apple.

    I am an avid SoundCloud fan and would love the opportunity to join the team, especially in the areas of Marketing and Communications. I will keep my eyes open for new job postings that fit with my background. In the meantime, I wanted to make my enthusiasm for what you do known and provide a link to my current and past endeavors:

    All the best,