Now Integrated: Google+ And Search

Now Integrated: Google+ And Search

We want everyone to be able to use SoundCloud to share and hear the world’s sounds. Which is why that we’re excited today to be announcing a new partnership that should make it easier than ever: we’re getting together with Google to help everyone to share and discover more.

Hear the news first from David Glazer, Google’s Director of Engineering:


The integration’s happening across Google+ as well as Search. First, the new sign in function with Google+ will make it simpler to sign up or log in, whether you’re on the web or on mobile. You’ll also be able to add a Google+ logo to your profile, so that people can find you there (as always, you can manage your privacy settings here).

Launching today, the Google+ integration makes sharing on the network effortless. Look for the button next to every sound on the platform. (It’s your choice — nothing will be automatically posted on your G+ profile.) And this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more from our new partnership with Google, all designed to make it even simpler to share your sounds.


Things have also changed with Search: Google is now displaying socially-relevant search results based on activity from Google+ users you’re connected with on SoundCloud. That means that discovering what your networks are hearing and loving will be easier than ever.

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