SoundCloud Now Integrated: Google+ And Search

We want everyone to be able to use SoundCloud to share and hear the world’s sounds. Which is why that we’re excited today to be announcing a new partnership that should make it easier than ever: we’re getting together with Google to help everyone to share and discover more.

Hear the news first from David Glazer, Google’s Director of Engineering:


The integration’s happening across Google+ as well as Search. First, the new sign in function with Google+ will make it simpler to sign up or log in, whether you’re on the web or on mobile. You’ll also be able to add a Google+ logo to your profile, so that people can find you there (as always, you can manage your privacy settings here).

Launching today, the Google+ integration makes sharing on the network effortless. Look for the button next to every sound on the platform. (It’s your choice — nothing will be automatically posted on your G+ profile.) And this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more from our new partnership with Google, all designed to make it even simpler to share your sounds.


Things have also changed with Search: Google is now displaying socially-relevant search results based on activity from Google+ users you’re connected with on SoundCloud. That means that discovering what your networks are hearing and loving will be easier than ever.

  • but google + is a ghost town…

  • Dan White

    Give it time – continued integration across useful services like Soundcloud could make a winner in the long race.

  • cloudonshore

    Google pushing Google+ is kind of like Microsoft pushing Bing. It’s just a corporate power play. I don’t think it actually provides a service the majority of the user base will be excited about.

  • How about letting me me which sounds I have already listened to?

  • Dan

    Search is based on activity from google+ users? What as opposed to actually being based on the words that people have entered into the search? Sounds rubbish!

  • Danielmn322

    Would be better that we could use Google Drive to store and be able to use the space to upload file to soundcloud instead of having the small time the soundcloud provides

  • Mark McDonald (marcofontana)

    Soundcloud is a solid platform for musicians to launch their creative ideas & projects into the virtual world! It has the real feel of a creative community online & is a worthwhile network creation! May the ‘Cloud of Sound’ flourish & benefit all those who share creative output in a selfless manner! I’m glad that soundcloud exists & this is my personal gesture to say thanks for developing creative talent on a global stage! Peace’n’Zen

  • could and long being key words in that sentence…

  • Vacant Mind

    They should make it closer to social media so that a user can post daily updates on songs and instead of just posting a comment you can write your current projects. Think that would bring in not just musicians but fans as well. Leaving comments is one of the greatest things about soundcloud, they should expand on that.

  • Marcus

    Well said

  • Marcus

    Google+ is no winner


    Yes G+ is a ghost town as far as just about everyone you really know – they are on FB which sucks technically in so many ways in comparison to Google, with the exception of having people you really know using it. For sound this is all more of the same until the search and binary formats get updated similar to images and graphic information.

  • Illutian Kade

    Same was said about Facebook.

  • We’re a ghost town and love sharing soundcloud on our platform :). We are merely a creative collaborative platform and do are working around the clock to make sure musicians will get what they deserve.

  • Does this mean that now we can stream Soundcloud music directly from G+? I’ve been using G+ since the early beta stages and, since then, G+ has never really been music/musician oriented. No way to showcase our music, no way to stream directly from there (only YouTube or Vimeo). So if the integration means we can start streaming from there, this is ok. Otherwise it’s useless :)

  • Chris

    Unfortunately Google are tax evaders.

  • Is there any way to confirm that my SoundCloud account is linked to both Facebook and Google+ accounts? I logged in with both of them and ended up in the same page, is that it?

  • Steven North

    That’s not true… just need to know how to make use of Google+

  • Steven North

    And for those with unlimited storage accounts on SoundCloud?

  • robyn

    I would like to know why Soundcloud stopped us from sharing our tracks to Facebook.Google+ will just mean I receive MORE follows from people who don’t have tracks and write inane things,want me to ‘play with their toys’ – Soundcloud is a platform for MUSICIANS.Let it stay that way. BTW – Soundclouders NEVER get asked ANYTHING.We are dictated to – IT IS HAPPENEING AND YOU WILL LOVE IT. Hmmmmmm……

  • Lars

    Now you’ve got that integrated, how about assigning some of those resources into fixing the fucking comments? It’s been 6 months since they were trashed in the redesign.

  • wmq

    Wow, now avoiding being robbed by the state is called “tax evading” :/

  • Mas Anto

    Google + effect…

  • Soundcloud is always improving glad to be a paid member for years now

  • Adewale Oshineye

    You can confirm the link here: