Make Your Profile Sing

Make Your Profile Sing

You’ve uploaded some sounds, but what next? Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of sharing your music & audio on SoundCloud.

Stand out and be found


Make it easy for people to find your profile by making your username clear, correct and concise. You can edit this in your settings. Your profile image is key, too. Head to your profile, then drag and drop the image you want to showcase over your current profile image (ensuring you only upload images you have the rights for).

The more information you add in your advanced settings, the better picture you’ll provide to those who visit your page.


Give your sounds some context


Make sure there’s a eye-catching artwork image for each of your uploads, not just your profile photo (again, only upload work you have the rights for). Also, try to use established genres and tags to describe your work (not something like “mysupercoolwobblebaserock”). For example, “deep house” or “post hardcore” are fine.

Don’t forget that your sound’s description can be used to go into detail about your sound, adding information like recording location, label, release, instruments and so on.


Share your sounds


Now that your work is on SoundCloud, it can be played anywhere. Be sure to share your sounds with your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more, using our share button and widgets. Linking to your SoundCloud profile will also help your existing fans find you.

If you have more content to upload, try holding it back and spacing out your posts. This will prevent you from flooding the Stream of your followers, and will keep your profile fresh over time. If you’re low on sounds, consider reposting sounds you’re enjoying to show off your taste, and give your friends a boost. They might return the favor!


Find your community


A large part of building a community, and audience, is linking up with other artists who create work that excites and inspires you. Follow bands you’re friends with, or those you relate to. It’ll help others paint a better picture of you, plus you’ll keep up to date with new uploads from your friends. For some ideas on who to follow, visit, which will give you some suggestions based on what you have listened to.

Have fun!

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