Jane Creating with Constraints: 52 weeks


Madeleine Cocolas is currently writing a piece of music every week for 52 weeks.

Previously working as a TV music supervisor in Melbourne, Australia, Madeleine set the goal of writing a piece of music every week for 52 weeks once she moved to Seattle, WA where she is currently based.

Although every week is a separate piece of work, Madeleine values each one in its own way, illustrating how creating short compositions or works of progress are just as valuable as perfecting a single sound over a longer period of time: “What I find the most enjoyable about my project is having a sense of purpose behind writing my music. I really feel like each piece is part of the bigger project I’ve set myself, so in that respect they’re all as important as each other.”

Her classical, ambient works are reflective, calming and emotional. Week 18 of her project is one example.

Jumping into creating music every day can feel daunting, but having SoundCloud as an outlet to post sounds and meet people along the way has motivated Madeleine to continue creating. “Writing the sort of music I do by myself can sometimes feel a bit isolating, but having an online community to share it with makes me feel connected with other people,” Madeleine says.

“When I was a music supervisor, I used SoundCloud as a resource for discovering new music, and I find now that as a creator, SoundCloud has been absolutely invaluable in allowing me to share my music, and connect with other people.”

Hear Madeleine share more about the inspiration behind her ongoing 52 Weeks project. She also imparts great advice for anyone looking to do something similar.

To wrap up this series next week, learn more about disciplined sound-making through a SoundCloud group that uses constraints as a launchpad for creativity and productivity every week. Stay tuned on the blog, Twitter and Tumblr.

  • Dennis Shea

    Its like a light bulb just turned on over my head!

  • Daividh

    Nice! I’m actually doing the same thing, a piece a week. I started last October exploring various ideas of composers like Pierre Schaefer, Steve Reich, John Cage, Paul Lansky, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Edgard Varese, etc. I have been using chance, concrete sounds, and loops I’ve created to explore the concepts. I am in the final quarter of the project and hope to expand the ideas into a full large scale recording project this fall/winter.

  • daividh
  • disqus_ncNJH6gdeA

    Wow I’m kinda doing the same thing but with a sampler and only using the sounds I can grab from my environment! More like an audio diary with the addition of the composition fun.