Brendan The New SoundCloud Upload Experience

You may have noticed a new look and feel to your SoundCloud upload experience. We’re thrilled to announce that the new upload page has just been rolled out to everyone.

The new upload is more reliable – with better performance, a simplified overall experience for creators, and some cool new features designed specifically for ease of use and speed:

  • Drag and drop capability
  • Tag suggestions
  • Simplified information fields
  • Background encoding

Drag and Drop 

Once logged in, you can now start an upload from any page on SoundCloud by simply dragging and dropping audio files into the browser window. Have a few files to upload? Drag them in simultaneously and they’ll upload at the same time.

SoundCloud Upload on any page

Tag Suggestions

Tags are labels for your uploads. They help organize search results and make it easier for your audience to discover you and your work.

We’ve made it effortless for you to tag your audio by suggesting a wide range of the most-used tags. Just click to select a suggested tag.

SoundCloud Suggested Tags

Simplified Information Fields

We’ve streamlined the information fields to focus on the ones most important to you and your audience. Looking to add a buy link, determine the license for your upload, or apply your access settings? You can find them by clicking “More options”.

SoundCloud Uploader Details

Background Encoding

Once you’ve saved the details for your new sounds, get back to exploring the site while they upload in the background – you can always return to your upload page by clicking on the progress indicator in the header:

SoundCloud Upload Header


P.S. We’re working on set creation during upload, too.


Upload your latest creation today.

  • KassiM .! ;’)

    aMazing thanks so much

  • Phucked Recordings

    Might help if tags worked in a search, focus on the things that matter rather than the things you think matter, you’ve got it wrong too many times now, Also support on anything on soundcloud other than payments is non existent, maybe you should think about that first, the upload box was fine, what glue are you sniffing?

  • DLX

    Had quite a few problems during the testing phase for this upload system… sometime it just pauses once the upload is complete and you have to start all over again. I tend to just skip to the old uploader most of the time.

  • Jami Welch

    Hey DLX – Thanks for letting us know this. When your uploads were pausing, how large was the file you were trying to upload? Let me know!

  • aLIexis

    Hi! I had the same problem first time I used this new upload function.
    I tried to upload a .wav file, 44.1 / 16 , approx. 55Mb.
    The upload was successful on third try.

  • DazeOff

    All very well BUT does the link to recommend a band on TWITTER still ‘kiss-off’?

  • Nathanael

    Please bring back link editing from the upload screen. It’s not simpler to have to upload the audio, save it, then go back and edit it again.

  • Jeena

    And yet still it is not possible to add a artist name (no the username is not a artist name) and a album name and album metadata (and no a set is not a album). :-(

  • Patrick

    I would rather prefer to have more granular notification settings, because I definitely don’t want to get informed on new likes but on new comments. It’s really annoying that the setting is depending from each other. Please split that!

  • Trygve Schaanning Willadssen

    Upload from iphone 4s and ipad2 is not working, what to do? Both apps just terminated after a few secconds with upload…

  • I totally miss a way to change the url slug like in the older version. Not using it right now. I always believe that features should not be deleted when they are very useful.

  • janeshin

    Hi Trygve, sorry to hear that. Please reach to get in touch with our team who will be able to assist. Thanks!

  • Tuonela

    I just get the “Ooops…!” page. I assume that this, like an increasing number of things, won’t function in Classic SoundCloud?

  • Lars

    All this effort and still the comments remain broken. I haven’t uploaded anything new to SC in a year because I’m so annoyed by it. Been making stuff, of course, but it’s going to YouTube or Beatport these days.

  • DJ Master Saïd

    I want the url editing back please !!