SoundCloud New For You: Even More Control

You told us that you wanted to have more control when you’re playing music & audio on SoundCloud. We heard you. Which is why today we’re rolling out our brand-new play controls across


You’ll find them in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Pause play, skip to the next sound, go back to the previous one to play again — hey, sometimes you just have to hear an amazing song twice in a row. (Or thirty times in a row. No judgement.)


We’ve also added play history. Want to get back to that great song or podcast that you heard at random while you were running SoundCloud in the background? Simple. Use the ‘previous’ function to travel back in time through what you’ve been playing in your current session on SoundCloud.

Plus, try clicking on the title of what you’re currently playing: it will take you straight to the play page so you can access the waveform and comments.

Let us know what you think of the new play controls: leave a note in the comments, or drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook. We’re working every day to build you a better SoundCloud — and we love to get your input.

  • Denny


  • Letizia

    Right, finally !! ;)

  • Cestriae

    Now just let us DJs put up mixes without blocking them!!

  • Nathan

    What about an on-the-go play queue?

  • jtwild

    Now put an upload button on the mobile app for android and a dropbox capability and were good pls lol ooo and why cant I share my private tracks threw my mobile app on the computer I can but on mobile no whats up with that

  • mirko.mac

    airport Control? :)

  • djag1998

    The new play controls make it much easier to pause songs without having to scroll up or down the page to locate the song that is playing and I love it!

  • Kyster

    Sweet! Can’t wait to fire up the laptop to check this out. Thanks for making sc even better!

  • Jmunch

    Next you have to fix Search engine and Explore feature –

  • SilverSurfer

    BFD, I can’t believe this even deserves and email or blog post. Yeah, I noticed the new pause / track forward reverse button already this morning and didn’t really think twice about it.

  • UpHereAlone

    But you took the time to read it and comment.

  • Merbst

    in my opinion that wasn’t necessary. you can do all this stuff with space, shift and the key buttons.

  • Michael Mathy

    Yes. I ask that for a long time. That should be great.

  • miles

    Can we get a track loop button next? I’m too lazy to get up and hit the back button.

  • AuralStimulation

    Love it. This is exactly what I was missing. I’d love to see a loop button in there, too.

  • lawrence green patterson

    that is cool , but the size of the poctures tracks (avatars or art wors) should be kept as before now is to small and loos atraction the track thanks i have a lot of ideas to improve thanks for reading this i hope you guys replay my name is lawrence green patterson

  • mntcrisis

    Add me to any list of users wanting a repeat/loop function

  • Rocky

    Agreed.. +1

  • Shva

    Airfoil bro… Airfoil…

  • Smooth Ⓜ
  • Smooth Ⓜ
  • Vincent

    Cool but where is the dashboard?

  • janeshin

    Hey Vincent, if you’re using Classic SoundCloud, these play controls will not show up. If you switch back, you can always return to the stream by clicking on the “Stream” button in the upper left-hand corner. The controls always stay at the top though. If you have further questions, please reach out at

  • Vincent

    Hello Janeshin,
    I’m still using the old soundcloud (and get reminded of that by sc regularly :)) because there’s too many key features I’m still missing. Reposts by others of tracks are fine, but it’s not the same as seeing that someone added something off a soundcloud page I’m not following to his favourites (which is essentially what the ‘old’ dashboard is most useful for). I hope it gets implemented in the new soundcloud too, someday.

  • tod

    you can only do that on mixcloud where the sound is rubbish, and they detect the tracks your playing so people can buy them…

  • Beat Dealer

    i have these controls two weeks ago

  • Reykr

    hear hear!

  • aKu

    Album art work shrunk? I spend days working on the album art and now you can’t see it :(

  • Kevin Sargent_83
  • Joel C Stalka

    you need to make it easier to see the songs we like from years or months ago, group it up so its easier to scroll down the page, Please

  • Joel C Stalka

    hang on i just started reading the bit above

  • Vincent Riemer

    press shift-L

  • Joel C Stalka

    i must be really high cause i cant find ne thing says play history or previous

  • boaz

    משה בן זכאי -לחן ומילים

  • boaz

    לחן ומילים למכירה – משה בן זכאי

  • בועזיק זיקי

    מבחר מילים ולחנים למכירה -משה בן זכאי

  • sc’Que?

    They probably rolled out the updates slowly (across different account servers) to aid in beta-testing. Consider yourself part of the +337.

  • sc’Que?

    I agree, but with a caveat: allow djs to post mixes SO LONG AS THEY CREDIT THE ORIGINAL ARTIST. Long live the musician… but the “cult of dj” must go.

  • Tyler Wigington

    This is Tyler. I hear to find some cool beats. I am new to this today.

  • Totally agree Vincent…

  • AuralStimulation

    I get that there are existing keyboard controls to do a lot of this functionality. I don’t use them. As with any other media player, there are certain UI components the user has come to expect.

    Prev/next navigation, play/pause, loop, shuffle and title display are controls you’ll find on the vast majority of player interfaces. While I certainly appreciate I can do this with the keyboard, end users shouldn’t be expected to.

    The UI for this site in general seems to be focused around actively being on and using the site. I don’t know about anyone else, but I tend to queue up what I want to listen to and then keep SoundCloud open in a browser tab so I don’t have to actively control my music choices and can focus on other tasks.

    That may not be the primary focus of SoundCloud’s user interface, but it shouldn’t be ruled out as part of the user experience use cases. I’m willing to bet I’m not alone in the way I choose to use the site.Having buttons that assist the user with the setup and control of playback when they use the site in this way is a big win.

  • ben i sabbah

    always new features but what’s with the old forgotten ones? bring back the groups to the main page, fb stats et al…

  • austin

    you are welcome

  • CN3K

    I completely agree. While some people are comfortable with advanced keybinds, others dont’t want to put the effort into memorizing them. If a loop button was included, it would make streaming music much easier, and there could also be stats to show an artist how much their song has been looped.

  • Владислав Тарасов

    А поддержка Русского языка будет ???

  • Edi Garcia
  • Note

    I always just press space to pause. Shift left and right go back and forth through the current set as well. Of course if you’re using a tablet or you don’t feel like moving to the keyboard there’s that, which is nice.

  • Jeena

    I was so waiting for the controls on the to, when I saw them yesterday I couldn’t believe it! I hate it when I listen to music and then someone calls me and I can’t find the pause button on the website. But there is still room for improvement. I want to use my media keys to control it.

  • Jeena

    Sadly stuff like this and control via media buttons on your keyboard will never happen because SoundCloud decided not to invest in desktop clients. Actually because of those two I wrote my own SoundCloud client which works great but then half a year ago I switched from OS X to Linux and didn’t get around to porting it yet. Therefore I don’t really listen much to SoundCloud even if I miss it.

  • Jeena

    Yeah hidden and non obvious functionality is the best UI ever.

  • Adailton Alves Barbosa

    Note 10, that was what was missing in the site.

  • NoEstoyRonco

    Sweet! Now, the only thing missing is plugin with “media keys support”, so we can do all this while we are on some other app or explorer tab.

  • Il Saico
  • Sidxartxa

    Can you restore the stream pagination, maybe as a browsing option? My Mac get’s mad if I need to check like 3-4 weeks of news.

  • Rizzay
  • djag1998

    Thanks! Those shortcuts should come in handy. (I wish I could afford a tablet!)

  • Rov

    Si, en donde esta el Dashborad ?
    Es por eso que sigo usando el viejo Souncloud.

  • Lee Lucas

    Well I must say this is absolutely exiting new feature
    and totally useless waste of time. I take it now SC is for DJ’s and not musicians
    and is becoming more like an MP3 player with repeat buttons and random play for
    god’s sake. When are you guys gonna do something constructive for once and fix
    that poxy comment section you have on the new SC. I am just glad I do not use
    the new SC, cause to put it quite blatantly this is becoming a complete jokers
    site. If I wanted an MP3 Player I would use my AlbumPlayer not this pile of

  • awesome!

  • netsurfer912

    … … … … what?

  • netsurfer912

    By pressing shift+L you can actually loop a song. (You can take a look at all available keyboard shortcuts by pressing H.)

  • Xymon

    Still no way to set a listener account to never show comments =(

  • Sataté

    What about fast forward & rewind buttons?
    Being able to shuffle tracklists should be good too!

  • trippydeejay

    DJ’s do not need to shout out the artists in their playlist everytime we come up with a (non-profit) mix. hasn’t anyone thought of maybe..the primary focus is on the dj’s set itself? where the tracks that make up the durationn of the set are ‘tools’ in creating the ‘journey’?

    In the Trippy Sessions, i promote artists differently, call it branding rather that promotion, Branding of the artist, and not the track i used. If you have some branding knowledge, you’ll understand the benefits are for the long haul. Just imagine someone listeing to trippy sesssions, no tracklisting, just a few names. Now, his experience will be diff from one who has a complete playlist in front of em. If you’re a recording label, that of course is good practice.

    But if you’re a non-profit-doing-this-for-the-love, then why should we apply the same format? what, we getting paid?


    SC’QUE, WHO THE FUCK R U? MUSICIAN? YOU MEAN THOSE WHO PLAY INSTRUMENTS, just LIKE DJ’S, or the one who uses an electric keyboard, like a dj uses music producing softare. HEY SC’QUE, MuSic MUSIC, HOWEVER IT’S MADE. and fuck mixcloud too for forcing this on us

  • ideowiec

    I wish to have possibility to use keyboard keys to control music. Maybe browser plugin would solve that problem?


    cool how about replay on your playlist

  • gasim

    lion has it built in…

  • beqq
  • weighinbass

    now let me up load my remix of a skrillex song i gave him credit….and he gave out free remix stems

  • Dirk Gidney

    everybodys got the tools now nice..but how many got the desire..and got something to say? both sides same cloud..feel me?

  • Dirk Gidney

    Dj is to musicianship like Bj is to Love…

  • Matt

    its called mixcloud!

  • bbrao

    great blog

  • bbrao


  • balakrishnarao

    nice..sound clod conrol

  • balakrishnarao


  • good point – artwork works – shouldn’t be too small. But you could link a bigger version of the picture from Flickr – and off course link from Flickr to the sound.

  • Orcha

    Ok, that does it. I am switching to another service. I can’t take this annoying continuous play feature that there’s no way to stop. I have to constantly rush to the pause button before a song I never asked to listen to begins blasting on my stereo. I can’t believe we don’t have the option of choosing whether or not to turn that on or off on the new SoundCloud. The older one was better for not having that ridiculous continuous play feature. I very often don’t want to play a steady stream of songs and just want to listen to one while I work on my tracks. But sure enough, as soon as the one track I wanted to listen to is over, another one starts that I never asked to play. It’s so incredibly annoying, I can’t stand it. And I do not want to go back to the old SoundCloud. I like the look of this one better and they should incorporate an option for continuous play instead of forcing everyone to use it against their will. If there has since been an option to stop the madly annoying continuous play feature, then as nice looking as the new SoundCloud is, it’s not very intuitive because I can’t, for the life of me, find a button to shut that damn continuous play off!!!

  • тαjн

    Instant chat!

    It’s so annoying having to tip toe around conversations and having to wait before i can reply.

    Also an upload Que/Scheduler

  • melo fernandes da costa

    i want for sent me sond
    cloud ever in português

  • its much more better !

  • xeo

    I think REPEAT TRACK function would also very useful.

  • feef

    Get rid of the DJ !

  • Nai

    I’d like to get also an overview/ statistic on mobile apps:D thanksss!!!)

  • Adam

    I wish we could click more and see a mixing controller to make a smooth transitions! :D

  • TheStrategyguy

    Replay button?!?!?!

  • defendog

    cool! thank you

  • Matheus sousa

    i’d like to know if is possible to increase the volume of a music on soundcloud. I posted a song with a low sound and now i wanna increase


    I recommend Normalizing the track or running it through a mastering program to bring up the volume. That or mix at a higher volume. If you’re just posting demos throw a limiter on the main bus (not really recommended but it does the job)

  • Bloodredmau5

    Yea, I agree!!

  • Shay

    SoundCloud must fix the abuse of the “Like” feature.

    I once found someone “Liked + Followed” my tracks without even playing one of them.
    He just wanted me to follow him back.

    The proper behavior should be, if someone wants to press “Like” he must play this track at least once.
    I know people can still fake by pressing play and stop, but at least they will have to work hard to blow their follower list.

  • Boris Stefani

    good but my music not ply evrybudy play.

  • Awad A. Bekhet

    what about making a seek bar under the file name?



  • Tomer Aaron

    when you will have a chart base on plays per day ?

  • trckr

    all good so far Soundcloud!
    you rock!
    just please set up the mac keyboard controls

  • Seems interesting….checking out later….

  • Aayush

    Why you no have loop option on the songs? ;)

  • Zerg

    is it really necessary? @___________________________@

  • Vincent Champier

    Hang the DJ’S !!! though last night a DJ saved my live …so . useless bla bla boa boa bla

  • necs


  • spamyak

    Put the advanced search back in, please!

  • Guest

    Muy Bueno!

  • Monomojao

    Yes!!! Agreed!! We need a queue feature!

  • Edu Demérith

    do you have for windows phone 8?

  • IwanMusiq

    You should add a repeat function, that would make listening even much easier

  • Angel Gonzalez

    exelente paguina me quede asombrado con esto y si los recomiendo



  • Charles Pretel


  • DJ Alez Android

    A queue feature would be nice!

  • Mr.Eugene

    Respect for SoundCloud yo чуваки peace

  • Rafi

    Any chance to get a “play next” button ?

  • last temple

    nice… but none of these improvements will overshadow the glaring stupidity of omitting likes, follows etc from the “stream” which makes the new UI unusable imo