SoundCloud New Today: Share Sounds to Google+

We’re always excited to develop new ways to make it easy for you to share and hear sounds everywhere. So we’re happy to announce today that we’re working together with Google to make it easier than ever to reach your audience by sharing sounds to Google+.

Pearl Jam Google + SoundCloud 2

We launched a Google+ Sign-In integration back in May, making it possible for you to sign in to SoundCloud using your Google account. Today, we’ve leveled up our integration. Share any SoundCloud URL to your Google+ circles and the widget will appear, automatically in the post. (You’ll need to make sure to enable the widget when you post your sounds so they can be shared this way.) That also means that you (and your followers!) can play sounds from SoundCloud within Google+: no need to open up a new tab.

And it’s effortless — check out how artists like Pearl Jam, Snoop Lion and Armin Van Buuren are already using the integration to share their latest tracks (look out for the hashtags: #soundcloudplus and #summersound). Don’t forget to follow us on Google+, too.


Pearl Jam Google+ SoundCloud

Snoop Lion Google+ SoundCloud

Armin Van Buuren Google + SoundCloud 



34 thoughts on “New Today: Share Sounds to Google+

  1. Daniel Benny Simanjuntak

    I just started missing around with SoundCloud going to give this an try later on. :)

  2. Arauseur

    nice feature, will surely come in handy for producers like us.
    btw, poor Snoop Lion, only one +.

  3. Terry

    I would like to request the ability to filter my Stream. My stream is currently inundated with shared songs. That’s fine sometimes, but other times I just want to hear new songs from artists that I know I like. Additionally, it is not very easy when looking through my stream to tell the difference between sets and singles. There are times when I want to only know what ep and album releases artists have been releasing. Singles and Sets containing the singles currently show up as doubles within the stream. A filter would resolve this.

    I would love for the ability to filter my Stream with radio buttons or drop downs. Something like All, Uploaded, Shared and All, Singles, Sets.

  4. FazZ

    Nothing comes close or completes with Google+ so thank you so very much SoundCloud …and about damn time too []^_^]