Jane Big Sean connects with fans through “Beware” Freestyle Competition

Big Sean

“I’m a real dude,” says 25-year-old rapper Big Sean, speaking exclusively to SoundCloud earlier this week. “I appreciate everything, every single listener, every single person who purchases anything, even if you just appreciate anything… it just means a lot.”

As the interaction between artists and fans continues to evolve in this digital era, Big Sean believes that connecting online with fans is just as meaningful as meeting them in person: “You never know how you can change someone’s life.”

That’s why he used SoundCloud to invite fans and aspiring rappers to throw their best 16 bars over the instrumental of his new single “Beware” from his upcoming studio release Hall of Fame. The “Beware” freestyle competition on SoundCloud was an opportunity for Big Sean to directly connect with his fans’ aspirations and dreams just as much as it was an opportunity for them to bring their best flow.

“When I was trying to get on and get noticed before, I wish I had a competition like that. If Kanye was like ‘Yo, send your 16 bars here, I’ll listen to it,’ that would have been awesome, so I put myself in that situation,” Big Sean says.

Over 500 submissions have been submitted to the official freestyle competition group since July. As Big Sean works to determine the winner, he makes it clear that he wants to help people be heard.

“The Beware Competition on SoundCloud is just awesome. I want to sit and go through them and find the next big person. That’s the one thing that makes it easier to try and narrow it down. Not only do I want to find the next artist, I want to help give them a platform, help put them in a right place,” he says.

Hear more about Big Sean’s thoughts on the “Beware” competition, the inspiration behind Hall of Fame, his advice to aspiring artists and more in the exclusive audio interview above.

  • Henrik Myrvang

    Good interview, I would like you guys to look up “Moods” the beatmaker. Fantastic melodic sounds.

  • Julia Kurely

    Love and share the Love…good on you Big Sean

  • P. Baker

    Thank you for the exclusive interview. This is awesome. Big Sean is one of my favorite artists and his song with the Fall Out Boy is awesome.

    – Paul Baker, digital displays

  • John Henry Sheridan

    Great message Big Sean!!! You are truly an inspirational role model for young people!!!
    As well as peers!!!

  • Arnoud van Lieshout

    we do care :D

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    That’s luv big homie, hold down n.y cause some dudes violate

  • ☆January’sVeryOwn☆

    Big sean is the man! Real artist trying to share his connects & share what he has

  • Lietez

    I love that the more well-known artists are starting to look at us lesser-known artists and helping them gain a following, gain experience and insight, and give us a chance to show people what we have. It’s inspiring to see artists that i’ve been following go from nothing to “the next big thing” over the years. I hope that one day I may be heard more with my music. Big-ups to Big Sean.

  • K.G.Hektikz

    Don’t collaborate with Kendrick Lamar, you have talent use it and don’t rely on other people especially if they’ll call out other rappers for personal gain

  • KingMikos

    Thats the one Sean, Connect with your fans!!
    Marketing at its finest!!!


    5’8″ ? This dude calls himself big? I’m just saying. Not a hater. Respect bro!!

  • Brain On Dubs

    Hallucination is not envied….it is pittied.

  • No Loyalty

    sean so humble man. love this dude. he needs to make more songs like higher, nothing is stopping you, etc


    I got flow but what I really got is dope dope beats…and at least one you should not pass up and link up with ya boy for your next album homie….. Serious. Hit me!! Just take a listen!
    I might have to come out of retirement and rip a 16 and submit as well…lol for the love!
    http://www.soundcloud.com/ambishnbeats contact: ambishnbeats@gmail.com


    No diggty No Doubt. Keep Striven. Keep believe’n, keep fighting.

  • Benn-i Productions

    Nice article and i always think its great when artists, producers and fans are taking the max out of SoundCloud and the internet.. We are realizing more and more that we dont need expensive label contracts or big music industries.. Just keep on making music. Music really makes the world a better place.. Big up, Benn-i

  • Techmontaga Uap

    real talk Sean that’s big things your doing i’m a producer from Brooklyn trying to promote hip hop in this new day in age i’m ready for the long grind i see the hard work

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    I Love it

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    beautiful cat….

  • well damn

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    propz from Poland!!

  • Shane Menace

    I’m a rap artist from the same city as Big Sean (Detroit) and while he was here promoting his new album “Hall of Fame” over the radio at FM 98 WJLB, I tweeted him and asked for a shout out over the radio to show support, I never got one. But unlike Big Sean I still supported him by telling people I knew and over social media to go out and buy his album. But with or without support I’m gonna continue to do what I do best. Just ask the people I do music for in Norway, Germany, France, Canada and here in my own city. Music is my Life if I Rest it Dies.

  • Emblade

    way to go big sean, glad you’re living your dreams! good luck in the future!

  • Nathaniel Waterman

    Look your voice is good Big Sean but the music u use sucks. A true producer right here! Earned my Audio Engineer Degree. Pro-fools 9 certified and I still push better music then the main producers in the industry. Won’t say names but it really is pure inspiration! don’t believe me just listen to my sick instrumentals for your rap, trap!


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    Is this a joke? “Big Sean”…



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    talking crap and spam your face with things no one cares about instead of saying somenthing related to the topic.