Jane Creating Sound for Video: Connections that lead to opportunities

Emotional moments in video are often accompanied by sound, perhaps a musical score that strikes a chord, heightening the emotions in video. Or hear a piece of music in the context of a striking visual or scene. Video also brings context to sound. Starting today, we’ll explore the complementary relationship between sound and video. We’ll meet SoundCloud community members who have had opportunities to experiment with creating for video and film.


Spread across four different countries, five SoundCloud community members collaborated to create the soundtrack for web tv series After Hell, a story of post-apocalyptic zombie life.

SoundClouders Cyra Morgan (based in Rochester, New York) contributed vocals, Deane Ogden (Jakarta, Indonesia and Los Angeles, CA) played drums, Dave McKeown (Devon, UK) contributed clarinet and flute, Oliver Sadie played the piano, and his wife Penny Sadie played the cello from London, UK.

The opportunity to not only score but also produce the show came directly from connecting with the show’s creator Alexander Hölzl at the 2011 G-tech creativity competition, said Oliver, who also produced the series. Oliver was a music finalist in the competition with the help of the SoundCloud community.

“Interestingly, the track which got me the finalist place at the G-Tech competition was a community-centred mass collaboration on SoundCloud, that the SoundCloud community team, in particular David Noël, helped support. By that time I had made many musician friends on SoundCloud and we collectively wrote the track that ended up doing well in that competition. I’m proud to say that some of those SoundCloud friends are now collaborators in the soundtrack to After Hell.”

Building connections with the SoundCloud community has impacted Oliver’s professional career as a composer in film and television. “I have learned so much from people of all musical backgrounds and it has been immensely rewarding.” He emphasizes that if you’re planning a similar venture, don’t do it alone.

“Do it together, collaborate, because the result is always far greater than the sum of its parts. You’re not losing out by not having full credit for the music, you’re gaining reach, learning skills, multiplying your talents and opening opportunities that simply would not exist otherwise. SoundCloud has been and always will be a game changer for the talented home musician to truly shine on a world stage. Embrace it and you will write your own musical future.”

We’re continuing to profile more creators involved in creating for video. Stay tuned on the blog, Tumblr and Twitter next week.

  • Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie

    My sincerest thanks to supporting this volunteer-led collaboration, Jane and all the lovely folks at SoundCloud. We loved making this and look forward to the rest of the project, where SoundCloud will be integral to our process.

  • Love the quotes, Oliver. Thanks for sharing your insights and I am proud to know you to be such an inspiring leader in this fantastic community.

  • Daniel Wasser

    What is the title of the music in the background? pleasee

  • Bang Broel

    Superb! the whole project is just great!

  • Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie

    Hey Daniel, it’s “Last Stand”.

  • This post right here shows the power of SoundCloud wow. Great post Jane. I love Oliver’s quote about doing things together and being selfless.

  • L M Vie

    Fantastic work guys! Beautiful arrange and crescendo at the end Ollie! =)

  • KenB670

    Great! Collaboration is what Soundcloud is about!

  • Wonderful. Now that is like community music and it will always be music by a single person. A Open Source software kind of approach. Glad!!!

  • Randy’s pics !

    Soundcloud should partner with VERICORDER !

    Now that would be interesting .

    Randy Symons

  • The Inconsistent Jukebox

    A fabulous article, Jane and very pleasing to see Oliver doing so well – and in such a selfless manner. Indeed, Soundcloud is a marvelous outlet for all musicians but the power to collaborate internationally is its true asset. These days we can easily work our way around the globe, communicate via video links such as Skype and Google Hangouts, message privately via SC or just plain old email and text but this is such a great platform for all of these forms of communication. It wouldn’t surprise me if there were future plans for Soundcloud to incorporate video , whether that be for the music or purely for communication purposes. I have made some great friends and met some incredibly creative people here and although we haven’t technically ‘met’ in this virtual world I think it’s an equally valid friendship as any other, as we have ‘met’ through our minds (no, balls – not telepathy!) and, after all, that’s how we truly know each other, through exchanging words, thoughts and ideas. My friends here in the cloud are like-minded people, willing to free our egos for the sake of making some great music.
    Oliver is right, ‘you’re gaining reach, learning skills, multiplying your talents and opening opportunities that simply would not exist otherwise’. Well said, my friend.
    I wish you the best of luck with your fantastic adventure.
    But apart from that, it’s all shite.