Brendan Make A Playlist During Upload

We’re always hard at work making SoundCloud easier and more intuitive to use. Today, we’re happy to announce an update to the SoundCloud upload experience. When uploading several tracks at once, you now have the ability to group them into a playlist.

SoundCloud Upload #2

Edit all the pertinent details of the playlist on one page during upload. Information that applies to all the tracks in your playlist – such as the artwork, description, tags, and settings – now only needs to be filled out once. Super simple.

If you’d like to upload a group of sounds but don’t want to turn them into a playlist, we’ve got you covered – simply uncheck the “Make a playlist when uploading multiple sounds” box before uploading and your sounds will upload as individual tracks.


Happy uploading!



26 thoughts on “Make A Playlist During Upload

  1. Jeena

    Nice little feature and we’re still waiting for the ability to add a artist name to a song, the username just doesn’t cut it for labels, remixers and bands who have the same name as a different band somewhere in the world.

  2. Feeny

    As someone who has just spent the last 3 hours unsuccessfully trying to use this feature. The “save” button does nothing when pressed on Chrome, Firefox and IE (and Scup!). I can only cancel individual or all downloads. I have to ask… Are you having some technical hiccups?

  3. McFeather

    Tried uploading several tracks into a set but wouldn’t allow me to save and kept asking for tags even though there were tags there already. Waste of time, went back to old Soundcloud and did it no problem. Why do I pay for new Soundcloud when these features don’t work?

  4. Kristian

    Sounds good, but when will sets actually look like a collection of tracks, rather than a single upload? It made far more sense to -list- them, and have the waveform dedicated to the song that’s currently playing, like in the old design. I want to be able to seek through tracks, but the new design makes this difficult when dealing with sets.

  5. Jami Welch

    Hey McFeather? Which browser are you using? This may be an issue affecting older versions of Safari.


    nice that SETS has been changed to PLAYLISTS – but really why STILL is there not the choice to ‘ADD TO TOP’ or ‘ADD TO BOTTOM’ of playlist … Obviously, if you are adding something NEW, you want it at the top of the list to be heard, by your fans and colleagues. Everyone if you agree, please send a message to soundlcoud. i have been asking for 2.5 years, and it still has not happened.

  7. Musiclab

    Does anyone else have a 3 track limit to group uploads? I can never do more than three at a time as the balance of the tracks being uploaded just hang and do nothing. Love the overall service though :)

  8. krisdk66

    Please first address the awful poor System making my experience a living hell with you when I upload my 100% copyrighted music and you claim it’s some bozo’s work. 32 times in a week!

  9. Yurii

    what I would really like to see is a “Hear Later” playlist feature. Where one could ‘save’ sounds in a list for later calm appreciation. Like in That would be great.

  10. brendancodey

    Hi – You can always edit the order of the tracks in a playlist by clicking on the pencil icon, then dragging tracks to wherever in the playlist you’d like them to be.

  11. travis

    and also give us the option to “hide” all the tracks in the “playlist” It only clutters up the screen…..People leave comments on the “playlist” so the individual track do not have to be visible also…

  12. Erik Bergh

    Have just been looking for this feature to, I´m little bit new here, thought it was a basic simple function but…
    Now I understand why I do not find it :p
    Message to soudcloud sent. :-) . . . . instead of soundlcond ;-)