Jami Hear what’s happening: SoundCloud and Instagram


We love helping you make your music & audio sound great. But we know you want them to look great, too. Which is why we’re launching a new integration with Instagram to make it easier than ever to add your favorite photos to your SoundCloud posts and profile.


It’s easy. Connect your Instagram feed to your SoundCloud account.  Then you’ll be free to choose your best photos to add to your tracks, playlists, groups, or profile. You can do it straight away when you post on SoundCloud, or add Instagram images later on the sound or track’s page. Looking for inspiration? Kaskade and Krewella have already hooked it up.

Your Instagrams: the next generation of iconic album covers? We can’t wait to see what you have to share.


57 thoughts on “Hear what’s happening: SoundCloud and Instagram

  1. I said it

    Get your music/mixtapes taken down due to some bullish!t copyright system (even if legit) but can post any unsolicited pic/photo to a track… Makes sense…

  2. Marion X Bertaud

    When will you have it set up so artist can play their tracks straight from soundcloud to instagram instead of using crappy video to play their tracks… ? That would be the best thing ever! :)

  3. szfmusic

    Hey, great option, but I would like to ask – is any possible to set background picture or just color for sound – for sound path on progress bar? I’m asking because I think that I’ve seen it somewhere

  4. 1994

    yall should make soundcloud free unlimited everything instead of paying yall already getting paid for every account created so yea

  5. Disco Mike

    I have emailed the staff about this. It is a pilot program that is offered only to certain beta testers, but may be available in the future.

  6. joannasner

    hahaha ikr! i am so grateful for sound cloud – like ad-free pandora, doesn’t consume much battery & data plus my fave dj’s put their hour long mixes in, it makes treadmill fun :)

  7. Marcos Ortiz

    This is a beautiful example of a bold movement focused on User Growth, Growth Hacking and User Engagement. This could be a potential massive user injection for both platforms, actually the three platforms: SoundCloud, Instagram and Facebook.
    It would be nice if you create some Growth campaigns focused in the APAC region, just read the stats that I posted in my last post and you will understand why:

  8. Daniel West

    That’s good and all – but when could we customize our homepages like artists like DILLON FRANCIS or The M Machine? That’d be amazing!

  9. Fletcher

    A nice feature would be some kind of tip/donate button for each page so I can swing artists a few quid when they’re kind enough to post free tunes or just put out good content.

  10. at night

    It would be neat to see more of a profile style interface like bandcamp.com that is more customizable when people discovery your page, and make it free to artist. Also sound cloud needs more music players to choose from.

  11. Jeena

    It at least needs one desktop client for Linux/OS X/Windows with which you can use the media keys as long as it is not possible to use media keys for play/pause next/previous in the browser.

  12. Tristan Corrales

    Maybe you are not aware for this but when I am on the song page I can upload from my Instamatic. But when I go to the edit page it only allows for uploading of local hard drive images but no pop up for Instamatic. I have ad block activated if that could be of any concern to people who may experience this issue as well. Thanks for the integration, Ur a good pal Soundcloud.

  13. Hayden