Jami Hear what’s happening: new messaging


We’re always working on ways to help you to share the music & audio that you create, as well as the new tracks that you discover. That’s why today, we’re launching a new messaging system on our web platform that makes it simpler than ever to share what you’ve heard and to talk about what you’ve been playing and loving.

Click on the envelope icon in the header to get to your messages — as you’ll see, they’re now organized by conversation. You can message other SoundCloud users from here, or from clicking on the envelope icons on their profiles.


You can also send tracks and playlists in your messages, right from their players. It’s perfect for sharing new discoveries and giving people private previews of your works-in-progress.

Screenshot of sent message

Start a new conversation on any track with the ‘Share’ button: you’ll see that there’s now a built-in ‘Message’ tab alongside the ‘Share’ and ‘Embed’. Just click to send the track privately, along with a message of your choice, to any other SoundCloud user. A super simple way to let folks hear what’s happening for you on SoundCloud. Need a little more guidance to get started? Go to the Help Center for the full lowdown.

92 thoughts on “Hear what’s happening: new messaging

  1. Weeva

    What a great idea! Been waiting for something like this. Adds another dimension to the music. cheers

  2. Abby

    Yay! I was just pondering when something like this would be available. You’ve read my mind yet again, bbz. <3

  3. Anon

    Still using the Classic SoundCloud here… What prevents me from switching to the new SoundCloud:
    – There is no way to remove a track from my stream. I like the possibility to remove a track from my dashboard in the Classic SC: when I listened to a track, I just remove it. This ensures that I don’t miss any track posted by the people I follow. At least add a way to note a track as “listened to” on the new stream!
    – Too much reposts. :( I follow a lot of artists, and I just want to listen to the tracks they post, not the ones they like. I understand this is a nice addition to discover new music that you could enjoy, but I don’t have the time to listen to all the reposts I have on my stream, and it just pollutes my stream and hides the track I really want to listen to. That would be great if we had an option to hide/show reposts in our stream.

    For now Classic SoundCloud is still existing but I see that functions are removed little by little and that scares me. I hope you will make changes to the new SC or keep the Classic SC running cause I don’t think I’ll be able to use the new SC in that state.

  4. fredwilson

    feature request: when you hit the “add track” button in the message compose window, if you drop a soundlcloud URL into it, you will attach a soundcloud track or playlist to the message

  5. Jami Welch

    Hey Fred, thanks for the feedback.

    If you copy/paste a SoundCloud URL into the body of your message, it’ll create an attachment automatically. We’re working on making adding sounds clearer and smoother. I hope this helps!


  6. fredwilson

    Jami, i think i’ve figured out how to include tracks and playlists in the messaging. thanks for helping me figure it out.

    i can’t find the messaging service in my android app. is it available there?

  7. Jami Welch

    Glad to hear it, we’ll keep working to make it smoother. Messages is only available on the website. Thanks!

  8. Alex

    Didn’t like the repost function at first but I discovered LOTS of great music that way. So I think you should give it a try. But I guess you’re right. A little bit of customisation freedom would be nice.

    What bothers me is that the “new” Soundcloud is really buggy. At least on Firefox. Neraly everytime I click on a SC link I get “Oops, looks like we can’t find that page” and I have to refresh the site. Was no big deal at first, but it’s starting to annoy me.

  9. Alex

    Oh, and I see some of you posted here 3 days ago. I just got this message an hour ago sooo… I think SC just hates me :)

  10. Brian Becerra

    hey guys you should enable the option for disable recommendations on
    some tracks at least the spotlight ones because some recomendations are
    anoying and when im listneing my fav artist and later the recomendation
    most part of time is bad (really bad) makes me hungry because is
    autoplayed after the track im playing…

  11. Saam

    What bothers me is that ‘likes’ mean nothing now.

    It used to be that when someone liked your track, everyone who follows them could see that they had liked it on their feed.

    Now you are required to repost a track for it to show up on your followers feed, and as that posts the track to your own homepage, people are far less likely to do it.

  12. Mi Ke

    Hide all comments!!!
    would be GREATTTT if you get that feature back!! Also the like/favourite thing be on the feed so people can see, without the need for it to be reposted.


  13. Steve Chab

    With the amount of people I follow, that would be chaos. It seems like the “Like” feature is currently meant for saving tracks to listen to later … FEATURE REQUEST: I wish there was a better way to organize/search one’s own likes.

  14. dataisgood

    A ‘like’ is a 1:1 transaction between you and the artist – ‘I like this track.’ A ‘repost’ allows you to share with your followers. I don’t always want to share what I like with my followers, as that could overwhelm them. Separate functions allow greater flexibility in how you manage your Soundcloud persona.

  15. PeterLehndorff

    Sorry Jaimi. But this doesn’t really help us much. The conversations sorting is progress. But after all this Classic commenting is superior for collaborations. 1. They are legible 2. they are nested. If you say “Your phrasing is strange here” Or “this could use some harmony” the reply is/was right underneath the track so you can listen to that part. Unfortunately I haven’t found a new site that is better in this regard yet.

  16. alexanderhallberg

    The “fave” button did the same purpose as the repost do now. But in classic you can remove the tracks you’ve listened too, I don’t think you can do that in the new one, and cause of that it will get quite messy for me and my followers… it feels more or less like spam. (My opinion)

  17. rog2kay

    I totally agree with everything you said . Repost option is useless caus the big djs/producers hardly or never even use it . it hides their actual stuff and the non producers keep reposting and reposting , i have to go through a lot to find something good . The favorites option was the best thing that soundcloud had , you have everything on your dashboard and you discover a lot without wasting so much time . Everything was neat . Also the comments on the mixes/tracks , it’s all over the place . you can’t even read the comments on there properly . I still use the classic one and the only reason i switch to the new one because i m pushed to ie ( reply to comments / inbox / search ) Honestly writing on here is a waste of time , we keep mentioning the same stuff over and over , and nothing has been done except adding new options and removing the best ones that the classic had . I hope the imminent switch doesn’t come anytime soon .

  18. Anon

    Yup, also got the “Oops, looks like we can’t find that page” every time I’m on the new SC (and I’m not often, that is something to say!).

  19. Cihangir

    it’s not just buggy on Firefox, it’s buggy on chrome too. it’s using so much resources of Chrome that sometimes it’s impossible to listen without lagging if you have multiple tabs open.

  20. Waynebo

    This is a great feature, but you guys MUST make this available on mobile ASAP. I know too many people who listen on mobile at least 75% of the time. Thank you for continuing to develop soundcloud though.

  21. Paul

    How in the hell do you get that cool player you have above? The one with the white waveform and photographic background??

  22. AREP2PK

    I would like to put my own background Image up or choose an overall background colour rather a totally anaemic white one. I noticed the image above has an overall pic encompassing it a feature I have NOT seen before, if it is available I would like to know how to get to the tools that can do it. But overall I am still switching between the new version and classic as with Classic I can add more details when uploading a Track, like BPM as for the track uploads with the new version it’s stripped down to barley nothing. Also getting more details with the widgets the tools are in Classic not the newer version or not clearly marked as they are on classic. It is frustrating switching between the two, but far as reliability goes I use the latest version of Safari on Mac Book Pro and the earlier version on my Mac Pro 12 core , Version 5.1.10 (6534.59.10) and have no real issues but using Fire Fox on Mac for Soundcloud is a nightmare as always at some point it comes up with the classic “Ooops” Page annoying so have stopped using Fire Fox now for soundcloud. Overall most of the changes are welcome but reposting appearing the Profile Page on the newer version of Soundcloud, but was restricted to a different page as likes, so now it makes the Profile Page look cluttered and confusing. So will delete them all over the next few day and put links to them up on other sites that I use instead.

  23. Jesse Kuch

    I agree a bit here – think there needs to be some segmentation of what you’re looking at. A way to segment reposts into their own list would be great, alongside private tracks… I appreciate the new messaging system might help this a bit, but I preferred having the dropbox set up – we use it a lot for actual business side of our label. Currently missing a lot of tracks because they are mixed up with all the other stuff in our feed.

  24. Jesse Kuch

    To to mention making a bunch of “soundcloud heroes” who have huge followings just by reposting other people’s content. Wouldn’t the creator be served better to have all those follows? Doesn’t give enough credit to whoever actually wrote the sound, which is what I thought SC was about.

  25. Anon

    Just want to point out that the follows go to the curator of the songs, but the likes and plays go to the original creator. There’s no good solution here, every option has drawbacks and any system can be gamed for internet points. Think of this way, the curator is providing a service, the original artist is providing content. It’s up to listeners to decide if they want the service (i.e. I have same taste as this guy and I’m lazy) or if they like the artist (i.e. follow and keep bumping play count).

  26. Eric

    I do a lot of repost too. and yes i find a lot of good new music from repost by others.
    but yes, if possible i would love to get a feature that would allow me to check only sounds from people i followed.

  27. Taffi Louis

    Classic died when “Likes” disappeared from the Stream. It’s just a shadow of its former self already, so I’m expecting the plug to be pulled on it altogether any day now. Pages and pages of disapproval appear in the comments when new “features” get announced here, but I guess marketing and rebranding have more sway than streamlining.

  28. ChromesucksGoogleSucks

    Classic SoundCloud still is the best because it actually works with Firefox. The new design always throws errors. Please fix this.

  29. BFNK

    My thought exactly! No way to remove a track from the dashboard – this is an astonishing downgrade, something I could never understand and still can’t.

    Combine this with tracks that show up on your dashboard from PEOPLE YOU DO NOT FOLLOW. So, often I get music I absolutely want to avoid, forced onto my dashboard. This is quite bad and not very democratic.


  30. abs

    too often does the music just never load, or I get an error message, and i’ve been paying for my account for years, not really sure what for though as the site is so buggy, and while i do like the feel of the new soundclound, it’s taken the community aspect away, ‘likes’ no longer appear on the dashboard, there’s no privately shared tab anymore, what exactly was the point of removing those feautres?

  31. Michael

    They should separate the uploaded tracks & the reposted ones. That would filter the profile really better. Because accessing a SC user who uploaded one track you want to listen to and going through 100 reposts is just absurd.

  32. Bo Bo Nomad

    Still using classic version for the majority of my actions – the “new” version simply isn’t that good despite its surface gloss – great for casual listeners who like to be fed sounds on mobile devices but I hate the way my stream gets cluttered by reshares etc – limits my engagement & the sense of community is all but gone unless you are using other social media to keep in touch. The only real improvement is its quicker to share to groups from the drop down (despite groups featuring less prominently in the “new” version), but after finishing sharing I switch back to classic to search & listen. I’ve tried and tried to like “new” but which ever way you cut it, its a different and lesser experience from the classic that made soundclouds name, especially if you use a PC or create.

  33. asfoasf

    with the latest update you made impossible answering to messages via mobile,and since your app does not support messaging this is pretty much a pain in the ###

  34. Adam

    Yeah, I often find myself having to go back to the old site due to performance reasons. The site feels sluggish. Also, I can’t reach my own profile in FF using the drop-down menu. (Works only in Chrome which I don’t like.)

  35. Stevie B / Snazzy Trax

    I prefer the new messaging system , I just hope you can send more than 1 message every 10 minutes or so because with the old messaging system I couldn’t reply to people because after sending 1 message I would have to wait too long to reply to the next message etc… But I like the look of the new message system and the fact you can add tracks… that is very nice.
    Also just reading through the previous messages and I have to say that the new soundcloud is much better than classic i think, I found it a little difficult at first , but now all the extra features make soundcloud my first and pretty much only place to upload my music 100%

    Great work soundcloud team , and best wishes for the new year! X



  36. iain

    Thats the exact point i made to SC. what is the point of a like now,hope they listen to us.they need to give us the control to turn on and of features…

  37. Edward

    All I wanna know is when are you going to add messaging to the app? I can’t access my messages on my phone.

  38. Edward

    Damn I hadn’t realised the like function had changed like that. That was one of SC’s best features as it helped the music spread. I appreciate the repost can do the same thing, but you’re less likely to repost as you start to jam up your own page with other people’s music, and if you’re an artist, you want to make it easy for people to hear your sounds, not have to scroll through fifty reposts to find your track.

  39. Kei Dubb

    Agreed. This what makes me unlikely to repost as it literally pushes my own tracks to the bottom of the feed. Smh.

  40. Rafi

    I am currently using Clouder for windows8, very good interface to browse soundcloud. never crashes :D

  41. Guesty McGuesterson

    WHY IS THIS A DISQUS FORUM? Geezuz…. Ive lost pretty much all faith in SC… Pretty sad.

  42. maux

    getting worst with every single update…bothsoftware and performance…I think also the number of followers is behaving randomly…who needs Instagram ?…in 5 years this dudes didnt manage to build any tools to let the comunity get in real touch and communicate (not just promote)…and we still need to use those smelly comments on a timeline to say something…I guess it will be a loong agony here…

  43. yesman

    Agreed.. the UI/UX of SoundCloud needs a serious overhaul across all platforms. With the sea of reposts and the mass-likes (people hit like buttons and never listen to the track), the lack of consistency across UIs, the stability issues on both client and server side, lack of intelligent analytics, etc, etc, I’m really hoping somebody buys SC and fixes it at this point. They must be making decent money?

  44. SnowMetal

    Nice! So now, after all the features I use are slowly fading away, and since I am a Pro user, I will get dozens of inbox messages full of SPAM??!! Wow.. My life is complete. Thank you SoundCloud! You really don’t think about ANY of your new features before you unleash them, and it shows. XD

  45. Turdz N' Wayyy

    Just think! Now, instead of spamming your wack music in a discussion where it is not needed or wanted, you can message users INDIVIDUALLY and spam tracks directly!! YAY!

  46. ErrorCloud

    Soundcloud has stability issues with Firefox. Anytime I visit Soundcloud, I get this error. “Sorry! Something went wrong Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated?”. Is this your way of pushing users to use Google’s shitty spyware browser? I will never use this crap! Firefox forever!

  47. dedicated soundcloud user

    i have unfollowed artists i love purely because they repost so much garbage i don’t want to hear and it completely rapes my stream. please make it an option to hide reposts and make it a separate tab on a users main page!

  48. Luiz Zen

    I think the most simple and effective way of solving this problem but still keeping the functionality for those who like it is that SC developers create the possibility for us to filter our stream according to our needs. That way you could chose whether you want to see only new posts or also reposts, likes, etc. :)

  49. Christopher Tranter

    the soundcloud “new” version is as big a disaster as Windows 8’s mangled interface. At some point the devs may get the message that they’ve destroyed their product and taken it in completely the wrong direction. It’s been screwed for so long though that i’m starting to doubt that will ever happen

  50. al

    YES! We badly neeeeeed filters for the Stream! When running a record label (obviously i’m not writing this while signed into our label profile) and artists send us demos via our Dropbox… they just end up in our Stream and that is the most annoying aspect of SC from our point of view. Dropbox used to work well… we embedded links to our dropbox on our website and Facebook page but now the Dropbox is absolutely meaningless!

    The most useful filters for us would be:

    1. Privately shared tracks.
    2. Download enabled tracks.

    We don’t really want to be able to see anything else in our Stream! Artists lose out on getting their demos listened to in good time because it is so tedious for us to manually go through hundreds of Stream items.

  51. KellyAnne

    So the new messaging system uses grey-on white… near impossible to see unless your eyes are still 24 years old…

    In a tiny, unchangeable box, so I can’t see everything I’m writing without scrolling…

    Speaking of which if my mouse wanders as I type, the conversation above starts scrolling way too easily, so I look up to see what I’m responding to and it’s gone…

    And instead of clicking on a conversation and seeing just that, I still have half the page (depending on the size of my screen) taken up by shiny distractions in the left sidebar: Ooh, look, other messages I’m not actually dealing with right now! Maybe I should check them out instead of finishing this message!

    And for those of us who keep desperately clicking “Switch back to Classic,” because so many features are missing, so much is less legible, and so much is user-/content creator-/paying customer-unfriendly in the “New” SC, switching back is not an option in the message system.

    Goes along with the demise of favs, the mess of reposting, the universal-accessibility issues, the inability to remove songs we’re uninterested in or finished with in our feed, and all the rest.

    Most of this was discussed with care and deep concern back in beta, and then when New SC rolled thunderously out. Yet it only changes for the worse with time.

    What the business model is, I can not imagine.

  52. Mike Healy

    its strange how before xmas i had maybe 60 plays a day and now i have over 400 so thats cool . but i think the ability to share to more sites should be made available not just 5 and email be nice if you had a drop down box that i could select what social network i prefer

  53. StudioGuySince89'

    Hey Anon,

    If you want to delete or clean up your dashboard, just go to the settings wheel on the new SC and go to “Switch back to Classic”. Do your editing, deleting etc. and then switch back to the new SC I had this real terrible song I have wanted to delete for a while and I just got rid of it. Hope that helps.


  54. StudioGuySince89'

    If you want to delete or clean up your dashboard, just go to the settings wheel on the new SC and go to “Switch back to Classic”. Do your editing, deleting etc. and then switch back to the new SC I had this real terrible song I have wanted to delete for a while and I just got rid of it. Hope that helps.


  55. StudioGuySince89'

    If you want to delete or clean up your dashboard, just go to the settings wheel on the new SC and go to “Switch back to Classic”. Do your editing, deleting etc. and then switch back to the new SC I had this real terrible song I have wanted to delete for a while and I just got rid of it. Hope that helps.


  56. ASYS

    It’s a sad that I cannot really build up a kinda classic corner. I would
    love to post my classic productions, but atm they would appear as my
    latest produced stuff. The highlight option does not solve this problem

  57. Abasiakara Etteh

    Totally not true about reposting. Big DJs/producers repost (their own) tracks from the record labels/podcasts/radio shows they work with.

    I agree that there should be a filter option for user’s tracks vs user’s reposts.

    However, it’s important to note that from soundcloud’s business perspective, the current system is beneficial, because it’s only paying, premium subscribers who also have a “Spotlight,” which music creators often use to highlight the tracks that they want to showcase, and these appear at the top of their profiles, with everything else (recent reposts as well as recent uploads) appearing underneath, in date order.

  58. sound haze

    i think that’s universal, click ‘view all notifications’ then you’ll see a reply button next to each comment

  59. Analog1da.Docgamma.diz

    Put messenger on the mobile app. I’ve missed a bunch of great opportunities for the simple fact I’m never home to read my messages. Putting a message function in the mobile App would not only gain you more users, it’ll make the user experience more efficient. Thanks guys – Diz

  60. Dan Volchok

    i think SC should add a “lists” feature, similar to what Twitter has. This way you can organize the people you follow into groups.

  61. al

    That would be cool if we weren’t dealing with the volume of demos sent via our Dropbox. Everyone at the label is engaged in a massive amount of other admin most of the time so having to scroll through endless reposts, shared mixes, tracks etc in order to find Privately shared, download enabled demos can often take hours each week.

    As a result, artists lose out from possible signings and it causes them to then become impatient and fill up our various inboxes with links… basically it swamps us with duplicate information to which we cannot possibly reply.

    If we could simply filter our Stream it would take no time at all, artists would get a timely response and it would drastically reduce the admin we have to do. Without mentioning who we are… we’re in the top 10 dnb labels and we’ve all got day jobs as well as running the label so it’s pretty frustrating to have to devote so much time to an unnecessary task that could otherwise be very simple :)

  62. Galvanix

    You said most of what I was going to and it seems like it’s a strongly supported sentiment.

    I can’t see any reason not to be able to remove a track from the feed. If I like the track, I’ll download it. If I don’t like it, or don’t want to listen to it all the time, I’ll click the “x” and remove it from the feed so I don’t load it every time I load my soundcloud.

    With the new soundcloud, for some reason you can’t do this. Combine this with reposts, and the fact that some artists are WAY too excited to use the feature, your feed can fill up quickly. The ability to see someone’s favorites or comments makes the repost feature unnecessary.Additionally, the last time I checked, unfollowing an artists doesn’t even remove their tracks from your feed. I haven’t used the new souncdloud since then.

    The new soundcloud would probably be just fine with a few extra sorting features:
    – The ability to toggle seeing reposts on your feed
    – The ability to toggle seeing reposts on artists pages
    – The ability to REMOVE a track from your feed, such as the old “x” feature

    These minor tweaks would be MAJOR improvements to soundcloud’s usability and I imagine it would be less of a load on everyone’s end not loading up so many tracks that people don’t even want to play.

    While I’m here, a huge improvement if you decide to already go in there and do some changes would be the ability to create your own feeds or playlists. I don’t follow many artists because I like to keep my soundcloud feed a ‘general listening’ atmosphere, so a lot of the more high energy artists just don’t get followed and I keep track of them elsewhere with an RSS reader. Same with the more abstract guys.

    All of that aside, I love the site and everything it’s done for making individual artist exposure more possible on a world-wide scale as well as providing the ability to find such amazing music in an effective way.

  63. Sicknarf

    I agree with what a lot of people here, I still use classic, & the only reasons I don’t switch are because of the issues with the stream/feed, reposts & deleting tracks etc. The new soundcloud would probably be just fine (imo) with these 3 fix’s.

    1) The ability to REMOVE a track from your feed. (Such as the old “x” feature)

    2) The ability to NOT see reposts in your feed (as someone has suggested, maybe a toggle/filter option for user’s tracks vs user’s reposts)

    3) The ability to CHOOSE whether or not reposted tracks appear on my artist profile, this is the reason I DO NOT re-post, because I do not want those tracks on my profile.

    These are a must for me, otherwise I will not change to the new site, & if I am forced to without these functions being available then I will no doubt end up NOT looking at my feed/stream at all.

  64. Bad Bass Drop

    I don’t like the way we cannot see replies to the comments ( icons are way too small too ). Really annoying as you lose interaction with followers.
    Reposting with tracks showing on your own page is also annoying for an artist. Why can’t we see the number of downloads anymore ?

    Some people can like 50 000 tracks in a week : How is it possible ? Ha ha That s more spamers clicking on “likes” all day long. We should only be able to like if you actually listened to the track for a least 10 seconds …

    Guy like Dj peacefull created about 50 different accounts with hot girls on , Hot girls favoriting only one of his track, those girls follow 2000 users. More spam basically.

    Rant over , sort it out ! Not impressed the way SD sabotaged the classic SD either….

  65. Guest

    Unrelated to the content of this post, but…. Based on the image above, does that mean that the SDK is going to support the ability to have a more transparent waveform canvas now??? Cuz that means so many good things for web developers on the custom tip.

    I hope so.

  66. Shaun Brown

    Unrelated to the content of this post, but…. Based on the image above, does that mean that the SDK is going to support the ability to have a more transparent waveform canvas now??? Cuz that means so many good things for web developers on the custom tip.

    I hope so.