Jane Hans Zimmer searches for the next composer on SoundCloud


The boundless creativity and talent on SoundCloud make our community so unique. We love hearing about your stories of growth and success. We’re excited to bring you one of the most exciting opportunities to touch down on our platform.

Academy Award® winning, world renowned composer Hans Zimmer is looking for the next composer on SoundCloud to mentor and join the Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop, a joint venture between Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions, Extreme Music and Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Bleeding Fingers has been responsible for creating scores for such shows as Survivor XVIII, Mountain Men, Duck Dynasty and more.

Hans Zimmer has created an original theme called “Destiny’s Door” exclusively for this contest on SoundCloud. Recompose the track using any of the stems and your own inspiration, creativity and original work. Keep the track length to 90-120 seconds.

Submissions can be voted on by the public at http://www.hanszimmerwantsyou.com and winners will ultimately be chosen by a panel of judges who have composed music for such films as Inception, 300 and The Dark Knight Rises, including Hans Zimmer himself.

The prize includes the opportunity for full-time employment, including a full benefits package, plus the use of a fully equipped studio in a brand new state-of-the-art facility in Santa Monica, California. Three finalists will be announced on or before March 20, 2014.

Here’s how to participate:

Good luck!

18 thoughts on “Hans Zimmer searches for the next composer on SoundCloud

  1. Jane Post author

    Hey Patrick! We hope you participate in the contest, especially with your awesome background in composing. Cheers.

  2. Daniel Ciurlizza

    I just uploaded my track a few minutes ago and it’s taking a while for it to show up on the submit form. Is this normal?

  3. Nevada S

    Alright cool Daniel. I’ll let ya know if it changes on mine. Good luck on the competition once we can actually join haha

  4. Daniel Ciurlizza

    Nevada, it worked for me after I did this:
    Logout of hanszimmerwantsyou.com (bottom left of page)
    Click “Submit” (top right)
    Click “Login to Submit”
    Click “Log me out!”
    Log back in.
    Check the “Select a Track” list to see if your track is there.

    Let me know if that works!

  5. Jane Post author

    Hey Nevada, glad you were able to get it to work. Sorry about the earlier troubles! As a friendly reminder, don’t forget to fill out the contact info form if you haven’t done so already. Thanks for participating and good luck.

  6. Jane Post author

    Hey Daniel, glad that worked out, thanks for the heads up. We’ll have our team look into this. Let me know if you still have any troubles and please be sure to fill out the contact info form. Thanks for participating.

  7. Bloodie