Jen Hear What’s Happening: Our New Visual Player


You’re already used to seeing and sharing the SoundCloud player all over the web. But today it’s getting a new look: we’re excited to launch our new visual player, making tracks look as good as they sound, anywhere. Telling you about it is one thing, but showing it is even better.

Thanks to Steve Aoki, The 1975 and Schoolboy Q, here are three fresh music releases for you to see and hear in the visual player. And If I Were You podcasters Jake and Amir do a pretty good job of explaining it:

The visual player may look fancy, but embedding it is easy to do as ever: simply click ‘Share’ on the track to access the visual player.

We’ve amped up the playing experience by including continuous listening in the visual player. Related tracks are showcased during pause and after finishing playback so you can explore even more music & audio straight from the visual player, wherever you find it on the web.

For Pro Unlimited users, we’ve included a way for even more of your tracks to get heard. Your Spotlight tracks will display in the player during pause and after playback instead of other related tracks. Simply click “More options” in the embed screen (you can also disable related sounds). Need more information? Head to the Help Center.

If you’re already using our players, the existing formats will continue to be available: you’ll see that they’re getting a waveform makeover that makes them look more similar to the visual player.

Give it a whirl: we hope you’ll like having more to see with what you’re hearing!

48 thoughts on “Hear What’s Happening: Our New Visual Player

  1. RuediRena

    Could be nice, but sorry to say, you once more messed up a good thing. Why are all the cover pictures of the players I looked at cropped? Mine are already square since you don’t display others correctly in the new SoundCloud. Now you crop those square ones too. Please (!!) try to be more consistent. Please!

  2. Arudo

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  3. Sunil Shah

    I can no longer see the ’embed’ option! Is this a temporary omission? All I see is ‘Share’ and ‘Message’:

  4. :(

    I’m not impressed at all! This looks like an exact copy of Don’t you have any ideas on your own?

  5. Brad Hill

    Sharing on Facebook, Tumblr, Google Plus, and Gmail looks exactly the same to me, just like before. I’ve tried a straight share and embedding. In what sense does the visual player work “all over the web”?

  6. pista85

    Hi Jen, I totally love the new visual player. Just wanted to ask a bit off-topic question since I don’t know who to contact with this:
    Is Soundcloud going to release API for controlling “Play/Pause/Next/Previous track”? Because it would be totally rad having soundcloud in control outside of a browser or at least in a different tab.

    Peeps if you’d like this functionality, upvote this so it’s visible to the right people. Cheers!

  7. Guney

    I believe this player will be great in the near future. Also SoundCloud should not leave behind the other player as it is nice to be able to display the track list in full, and it is sometimes nice to focus on the waveform.

    One critic, white album covers blend with white background and disappear. Also the waveform blends with white covers and comments look like they float around. Please consider adding a gray border.

  8. Peter

    Missing the download link in the new design. I always have to visit to download the files if downloads are enabled…

  9. brendancodey

    Hey Brad – You will be able to embed the visual player on the social platforms that we have integrations with, but the rollout will be gradual.

  10. brendancodey

    You can customize the height of the image by clicking on “more options” when you have the share modal open. Depending on the size of your screen, you may have to scroll down ever so slightly to see the “more options” link.

  11. brendancodey

    Hi Peter – This is the first version of the new Visual Player. We’re already working on additions and improvements to future versions of it. In the mean time, you can still use the previous version of the widget if downloads are an important aspect for you.

  12. brendancodey

    Howdy – We’re aware of the issue with white album covers and are currently looking into a few different design solutions. Stay tuned.

  13. Boris Belev

    Hey guys glad to have you working on this visual player. I really like the old artwork player, but as we all know it’s build in flash so it is not working on iOS. So this actually gives me hope.
    I’ve got few notices to make on the new visual player.
    1. Make it more customisable – what is the point of the visual player, when the artwork is almost hidden behind logos, links, avatars, comments, waveforms and this Cookies Policy that is hitting my eyes constantly. Not to mention the tracklist that is hiding the half of the artwork when embedding a playlist.
    2. Choosing the color of the player would be great option too.
    So my advise is keep it simple and clear! After all I think artwork has to be the main element of the player!

    Keep up the great work. Greetings,

  14. Richard Perry

    The continuous play function is a negative for our site, which produces interviews with a disparate number of guests in our field of education. When listeners come to the end of a piece, they expect to be at….the end…and not launched into an interview on a wholly different topic. Fix coming for this?

  15. Fred Peterson

    The new waveform graphic with broken lines is terrible from a design and communication point of view. All the nice detail and ‘texture’ and subtlety of the audio is none completely lost. On top of that it actually now looks like an overly long graphic equalizer display, not an actual audio waveform representation.

    I was just about to sign up to a SoundCloud pro account in order to use the embed player on my website to display a large series of sound sample libraries, however this new waveform display (even on the non visual player) looks completely crude and no longer works for displaying the variation in the audio recordings. Unless SoundCloud allows an option on the embed player to display the older solid ‘full’ graphic waveform I’ll be forced to look to another company for an audio solution.

  16. pm


    I use tumblr to embed my new sounds and omg those players hurt my eyes!!!

    The waves being thicker hurts my eyes – did none of your designers study how thick lines close together aren’t subtle enough to be acceptable to the human eye!!!

    And what kind of idiot covers up cover art that some people probably spent MONTHS trying to design and render with loads of crap without asking?!!!

    And seriously why do related tracks appear at the end of the play?! NOW TRAFFIC WILL GET RE DIRECTED AWAY FROM THE INITIAL USER! So many have probably lost their fans to related users now…


  17. Boris Belev

    You can hide related tracks showing at the end by simply change the hide_related=false to hide_related=true
    Also you can hide the comments by adding show_comments=false

  18. Balls2DaWalls

    this has messed up my blog which relies on using a seperate image in conjunction. the change looks hideous. how do you revert back?

  19. pm

    thanks but i don’t have time to change every html code on my embedded players… i still prefer the bandcamp players

  20. Jennifer Beecher

    Hey Richard,

    You only get continuous play from the first related track. So in your case, after an interview playback stops. Only if your listeners then click on a related track do they get continuous play of those related tracks.
    Pro Unlimited users can also disable related tracks completely so that playback stops at the end of the interview without suggestions being displayed.

    Hope that helps,


  21. brendancodey

    Sorry to hear you’re not into the redesign, just wanted to clear up one thing – if you have a pro or pro unlimited account, the next song to play will be from your spotlight. So traffic is actually directed to more of your songs. Another thing to think about is that your song could end up as one of the related sounds in another person’s visual player, connecting you to new listeners. The old player is also still available if that’s what you prefer.

  22. brendancodey

    If you go to the share button on a track, then the embed portion of the modal that pops up, the middle option should be what you’re looking for – it’s the standard picture on the left, waveform to the right player.

  23. Marcelo Bilibio

    WHAT???? Have you seen the size of the player on ‘external url’ audio post on tumblr???? I own a music blog and the size of the player is just a big mess. Have you consider this? Please, I need a feedback. Tumblr will work on that?

  24. brendancodey

    Hi Marcelo – You can adjust the size of the image in the new player by scrolling down in the sharing modal and clicking on “more options.” Alternatively, the old player is still available if you prefer that look. Let us know if that doesn’t address what you’re after.

  25. Marcelo Bilibio

    Brendan, using external url for audio post on tumblr means that you can control nothing. When you past the soundcloud url of the music you want, tumblr automatically pulls the player (now the new one), and you can’t adjust the size. It would nice if tumblr, and soundcloud, give us a choice between the two players, new and old, but obviously you haven’t consider this. Really, such disappointment.

    The new player doesn’t fit on my theme. Arggh…. I mean, I wonder how many blogs on tumblr are using external url audio post and BAMMM… such disappointment.

  26. Meyer Lansky

    redesign your tumblr, write some code, or stop bitchin. I CLEARLY did not notice any flaws on MY fav blogs, ALL in Complex’s network. Tumblr is fickle because all the themes, you prolly downloaded, are third party. try using themes tumblr created also. my whole thing is this..its 2014. You get someone to deliver sumn new and fresh, and the first thing some people do is bitch. that change is for the users. Built around being able to represent yourself independently, and profesinally. Unless your gonna go back in time to my space and completely lose your SC fanbase, I suggest you find a solution. They left the old world ways as an option

    Loaf of bread
    sliced bread
    cinnamon raisin toast
    texas toast etc etc

    (w/ the new SC player being Texas Toast lol)

  27. brendancodey

    I understand what you mean better now – what if you were to do a text post, switch to html, and insert the iframe of the older version of the player into the post? Wouldn’t that accomplish the look you’re after?

  28. Marcelo Bilibio

    Yes Brendan. This is was the way I used to do, and now I have to go this way again. But just insert the url was faster and practical, and when you insert the soundcloud iframe on a tumblr post the player does not open on tumblr dashboard. As you may know. So I have a lost of public. Anyway… I think soundcloud and tumblr really have to seat and talk.

    Thanks for your time.

  29. Josh

    It appears there’s no way to request the old non-visual player when using oEmbed. Also, it would be great if there were a way to upload separate artwork for the visual player since the current artwork is square. In most cases, using an embedded player on websites results in a player that is not square and this crops the artwork.

  30. pm

    omg i just discovered that flaw myself!

    my g*d it’s like a bloody grand portrait that every ones want rid of!

    it’s even worse when the “playlist” version of the new player gets embedded as it only shows the first 3 tracks so tracks 4 and onwards will never get discovered!

    and how come i can’t change the colour of the play button colour on the big ugly version but i can on the smaller version with the ugly thick bars that look like a bar chart gone wrong?

  31. robus_muvila

    This. There is no oEmbed support and now there are fat bulky players everywhere on my site. Seems like a pretty basic oversight to have a rollback param for GET requests but not for oEmbed.

  32. Lisa

    This doesn’t work for existing audio tumblr posts that use soundcloud’s external url. Tumblr doesn’t let you change your post type from audio to text once the post has already been published. I’ve posted a lot of music from soundcloud on my tumblr using the audio post method and now all of the soundcloud players are huge and look terrible. Will soundcloud be doing anything to address this issue? I’d really like to be able to revert back to the smaller player somehow. Right now, the only thing I can do if I want to get rid of all those huge players is to delete all of my old audio posts and from now on use the html embed option.

  33. Marcelo Bilibio

    Yes Lisa… I have the same problem here. Soundcloud just doesn’t know part of their users.

  34. Obvious

    Here’s 5 features I’d love to see you guys add.

    1.SoundCloud Live: DJs or Artists can record mixes and people can tune in live to hear the performance, maybe also streaming video.

    2.STREAMS: Sort Streams by Genre, Original or Repost. Set a feature to auto-ignore songs longer than say 10 mins, or put mixes in a completely different stream. There should be a way to have a favorites group of people you’re following so their picks come up first.

    3.EXPLORE: Make it easy to set your favorite genres so the explore is only exploring music you like. Maybe have it ask you what music you like and then have a Similar To thing so it auto suggests.

    4.Windows Phone: Please make an official app for Windows Phone I just bought one and it’s going to pick up.

    5.Maybe add buying songs/albums into SoundCloud. I don’t get why you guys don’t want to start selling the tracks/albums I find myself going to whatever link the artist puts up and buying it and this should def just be integrated into Soundcloud.