Hear What’s Happening: Our New Visual Player

Hear What’s Happening: Our New Visual Player


You’re already used to seeing and sharing the SoundCloud player all over the web. But today it’s getting a new look: we’re excited to launch our new visual player, making tracks look as good as they sound, anywhere. Telling you about it is one thing, but showing it is even better.

Thanks to Steve Aoki, The 1975 and Schoolboy Q, here are three fresh music releases for you to see and hear in the visual player. And If I Were You podcasters Jake and Amir do a pretty good job of explaining it:

The visual player may look fancy, but embedding it is easy to do as ever: simply click ‘Share’ on the track to access the visual player.

We’ve amped up the playing experience by including continuous listening in the visual player. Related tracks are showcased during pause and after finishing playback so you can explore even more music & audio straight from the visual player, wherever you find it on the web.

For Pro Unlimited users, we’ve included a way for even more of your tracks to get heard. Your Spotlight tracks will display in the player during pause and after playback instead of other related tracks. Simply click “More options” in the embed screen (you can also disable related sounds). Need more information? Head to the Help Center.

If you’re already using our players, the existing formats will continue to be available: you’ll see that they’re getting a waveform makeover that makes them look more similar to the visual player.

Give it a whirl: we hope you’ll like having more to see with what you’re hearing!

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