Brendan SoundCloud Stats: more detail, more speed

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of a completely redesigned Stats page for all SoundCloud users who share their music and audio. Jami’s here to tell you all about it:

  • Free users can view which of their tracks are played, liked, reposted, downloaded, and commented on the most.
  • Pro users can see their top fans on SoundCloud and the countries where their tracks are popular. Reach out to your top fans with SoundCloud messaging to connect and get feedback. You may find you have a fan base halfway around the world – plan your latest release or tour based on where your tracks are being played.
  • With a Pro Unlimited account, you get the above features and can also see the websites, apps, and social networks that people are listening from. Use this data to understand the network you’re a part of – you could find you’ve been written up on a blog or that many people are reposting your tracks on SoundCloud.

Based on your feedback, we’ve significantly streamlined the design. All of your stats are now viewable from one page.

SoundCloud Stats Music Audio Creator

Access your redesigned stats in the drop down menu to get started learning more about who’s playing your sounds.

SoundCloud Stats

Find more details about how to use your stats in the help center. Can’t see your redesigned stats? Please hold tight — we’re rolling the feature out in stages, so if you don’t see it yet, you will soon.


31 thoughts on “SoundCloud Stats: more detail, more speed

  1. 2ndM0USE

    I subscribe to the pro account to get stats information. If free users are now getting what I have to pay yearly for , where is the incentive ? There doesn’t seem to be as much of a difference between free and pro anymore , and unlimited pro is overpriced , considering you guys are making more money from the product than the people who create it in the first place , and without which , there wouldn’t be a soundcloud.

  2. Kevin Palmer

    I agree that Pro Unlimited doesn’t offer enough for the price. It should be combined with Pro without an increase in price. Also, after poking around the new stats, it seems to have limitations with date ranges less than 7 days. It doesn’t show all the listeners, either–only a handful.

  3. David

    So much better than the old version!

    There’s just one thing: the previous stats would let you narrow down the date-range to a single date. In the new version you can’t, the minimum range is 1 week.

    I can’t figure out why you would decide to suddenly put a limitation on the date range, it has no consequence on the design whether you search across 1 day or 7. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Wherever you look across the net, from google maps, to vimeo, to youtube, we’re seeing upgrades that remove perfectly functional elements. One step forward two steps back.

  4. U4Ya

    Right now it looks a bit confusing to me, I got used to old stats and the dayly thing is missing like most of the people mentiond in other replyes, also I just noticed that soundcloud rised the price to 55 dollars, while last couple of years I only had to pay 35 dollars :(
    At least give 6 hours of uploud for the 20 dollars hike.

  5. 2ndM0USE

    Just like I dont use new soundcloud , I wont be using new stats either. It wasnt broke , but you fixed it , and made it less appealing , not more. As for the price increase , I may not be renewing my subscription when it runs out , since the free account isnt that far removed from what im paying for right now

  6. Kingweezy

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  7. Al

    This is exactly what I’m missing, too. I also wish I could see the stats for all my tracks (not just most played + “others”).

  8. Liveral


    The Custom Range is only selectable in 7 day blocks.

    Can you confirm if this is a temporary thing?

    Users need to be able to select ANY period of one or more days. Exactly like the old stats page.

    Also, none of this is as important as introducing a REPOST PREFERENCES feature and the ability to DELETE tracks from the stream.


  9. Red Razor

    Sure you’ve streamlined the page, but you’ve missed a key point in what SoundCloud had that no other music distribution/collaboration tool on the web had: the world demographic at the free level. I never needed to know specifics, but it was AMAZING to know how our ministry had crossed oceans. It’s amazing to be able to see, “Hey, we had a play in China!”, when China is largely anti-Christianity. Our mission as a Christian worship team is to make music to spread the Word. You can’t really tell where it’s spreading without this section. I’ll stay on classic until this is corrected or you disable the classic stats (which will be a shame)

  10. David

    Yes, they’ve removed the map, but the country breakdown is still there. Is that what you mean?

  11. Soundclouder

    So again as I’ve stated in past soundcloud changes, some of your design choices are not easy to understand. Even though your work is superb, It feels like you guys don’t use your own site the same way everyday users do.

    It is essential for users/artists to be able to see last minute traffic spikes (or day long traffic). This is very important so you can monitor popularity and act. 7 days is a very big gap especially in popular accounts.

    Your vertical design is very good looking but again there is a very particular issue with this choice. Namely, website sources are shorten to fit in and we cannot see a referrer in its entirety.

    Also, I realise that you don’t want to share stats with Google, but fortunately or not they do provide a different point of view and at least paid customers should be able to add google analytics to their accounts so they can use both your stats and google’s information.


    yo yo yo ya’lll trippin bruh
    The Custom Range is only selectable in 7 day blocks.

    Can you confirm if this is a temporary thing?

    Users need to be able to select ANY period of one or more days. Exactly like the old stats page.

    Also, none of this is as important as introducing a REPOST PREFERENCES feature and the ability to DELETE tracks from the stream.

    I will not be renewing my paid account if you do not fix these things. btw, I like soundcloud, but the fact that you limit how many people you can follow in one day is stupid. I hate ya’ll. peace

  13. Jami Welch

    Thanks for the feedback – We’re looking into reducing the minimum time range from 7 days.

  14. Jami Welch

    Thanks for the feedback Liveral – We’re looking into reducing the minimum time range from 7 days.

  15. Owen Daniel

    Like, like, like… Although I don’t post that much, it is cool to see info on what I do post. Why can’t you open this up to include playlists too? Information is power afterall :)

  16. dax

    to much info on the one screen,look cluttered and things are fighting for space,so if file names are long you cant see all of it.

  17. Red Razor

    “Top countries” is unclickable text listed on the overall stat page as well as the individual song stat listing, but with nothing listed below it, it’s only available via “Go Pro” on both pages. Unless I’m blind, the link is so unintuitive it doesn’t exist. Beneath “Most Played Tracks” is a linear descending list. No such list in conjunction with “Top Countries”. VERY disappointed SoundCloud…

  18. wimps and machos

    they look nice. Here are two issues that I see with the new ones…

    1. Single day stats are gone? Would be great to get those back.

    2. Showing users profile pics is a lot easier to see at a glance than just a plain list. In the previous design, on the sounds tab, you could see at a glance who (visually) is listening.

    Lastly – is there a way to get a notification when a track has been put into a playlist? Currently, you need to go hunt that down. Would be great if a list of playlists was part of the main dash.

    So… really, lastly, bring back the old charts. The new format is too hard to break into.

  19. m0xEE

    No county breakdown for free accounts, too wide date range, redesign for the sake of redesign…
    I’ve supported the new version of Soundcloud itself, but the new version of stats page is just horrible! Well there might be advantages for Pro accounts, but currently I don’t have one so I don’t see any.
    And what’s with more speed? There is a huge lag when using the new stats page, e.g. I’ve seen 20 plays on my profile page, but on the stats page there were none, however they were there on the classic stats page. There was always a lag, but it wasn’t that big.

  20. ghastly

    Sooooooo again, why do I pay for premium?
    Give us unlimited messaging, if someone wants us blocked then they will hit the block button.

  21. jacopo

    i have problem with the new stats…everytime which i try to go in the new section, I receive an automatic logout from soundcloud..