387 thoughts on “Security Update: We’re going to sign out everyone, here’s why

  1. Silviu Costinescu

    by my observations, Soundcloud doesn’t work properly about 200 days per year. don’t you feel the need for some drastic measures?!?! i’ve been feeling this for the last couple of years or so. embarrassing is a polite term for what you deliver and the funniest thing is you charge money for this shame.

  2. David Barr

    I’ve always signed in with my Facebook account, I don’t actually know what my password is, or indeed whether I have one!? Will this be a problem?

  3. Please Stop

    Hah, so all comments till now, apart from one, with regards to a serious security update, are about promoting your Soundcloud accounts.

    I don’t mean to be negative, but seriously guys – this is not good for you. Not all publicity is good publicity, don’t listen to idiotic promoters, be relevant and you will be rewarded.

    Promote your music where it is relevant, seriously. This is about a security update, give it a rest.

  4. nurisma najma

    what should i do if i do not know my signing email since i always use facebook to sign in? thanks

  5. _mizz_perfect

    i dont understand why? i really have to change my password for what this is so crazy

  6. David Barr

    Thanks Edward. I’ve reset as per Shaila’s advise above, but appreciate your help.

  7. Edward Coombe

    As this is a security vulnerability which is effecting other platforms too, it is generally recommended that you reset passwords for all your online accounts (not just SoundCloud).

  8. Lee Lucas

    Nobody as ever hacked my password so why do I need to change it. No way
    am I changing my password I know it off by art and use it for virtually
    everything on the net.

    Nothing is safe on the net I can tell you that no matter what system is put in force, if somebody wants to get into something they will no doubt. Funny how this Heartbeat thing is being advised for sites such as this and not my online Bank Account. Now that I would be concerend about (LOL)

  9. Edward Coombe

    As this security vulnerability is effecting other websites too, it is generally recommended that you reset passwords for all your online accounts (not just SoundCloud).

  10. Jake Lazaroff

    Well, it’s entirely possible that your bank’s website has been compromised. This is probably the worst security exploit the Internet has ever seen. I would take this very seriously.

  11. KILSO

    I know its off topic, but theres any possibility of Windows Phone get a full client app in near future?

  12. Bujor Dacian

    they need to update the openssl on the server’s to 1.0.1g, and recompile the Apache/Nginx to use the new openssl, also they need to generate new key’s for the SSL certificate. I have done the same for my webserver. This bug is very serios for the sites that do not use perfect forward secrecy.

  13. Yvette

    I had to resign in and now my entire profile has been wiped clean. No music, no followers, no uploads… Please help!

  14. Edward Coombe

    Hey Yvette, what’s the link to your account, we’ll see what’s happened. It sounds like you may have created a duplicate account by accident!

  15. Yvette

    Hi Edward, thanks for the swift reply! Just figured out that I did have two accounts. Problem all solved. Thanks so much!

  16. xeno71

    what time central(usa) is this taking place??? first damn that really bites that there was a backdoor. second thank you for finding it and getting to it asap. as a long time free account holder and a new pro account holder I am glad to know that your level of professionalism is up to my par. I read that you want us to redo passwords and whatnot, is this because there was some evidence(hacker tracks), or that you just want to be on the safe side? xeno71

  17. //ARCIEN

    I don’t get it. Why didn’t you keep the situation to yourselves. The site is now even more vulnerable, if people have the ability to hack into other people’s accounts…

  18. Edward Coombe

    We don’t have a time just yet.

    We’d suggest you check the email address you have connected to your account, so you’re ready once you’re logged out. You can see what email you have connected in your settings http://soundcloud.com/settings/email.

    We are not aware of any exploitation of this vulnerability on SoundCloud. We are recommending people reset their passwords to be on the safe side.

  19. DJ Shiva

    Um, A) it is absolutely being talked about as a problem for online banking sites, and B) if you use the same password for virtually everything on the net, you are not as smart as you think you are.

  20. Edward Coombe

    As this is a security vulnerability which is effecting other platforms too, we’re doing this as a precautionary security measure. Make sure you know your sign-in details as you will need them to log-in again after. You can check what email you have connected to your account in your settings http://soundcloud.com/settings/email

  21. Lee Lucas

    I have been using them since the year 2,000 and have not encountered any problem at all. That’s 14 years seems pretty smart to me having one secure one in relation to several…

  22. Brecht Valcke

    i hate people doing that on tracks of famous artists 2. If you realy want your sounds to be heard just put intrest in other peoples music. Chanses are if you comment they check out your profile. At least i do it all the time if people comment something that isnt listen to my creation Cmon guys its true what he said not al publicity is good publicity.

  23. Bratmode

    I’ve been having some issues with SC. I’m not able to listen to anything. sometimes the tracks just stop or they seem to be playing, but i get no sound. what could be the problem ?

  24. eaxsound

    what about doing something about the Buyfollows and the click this link to view my mum naked profiles???
    seriously, this is really starting to pee me off now, granted you listened and made the block and report as spam feature, but come on, i pay good money to keep all my stuff here, and for what!!!
    im guessing as you continue to allow it that your getting royalties from the bloody pests who continue to spam the hell out of all uploads?

  25. Biansci

    I think buyfollows are just dumb people creating many accounts who want you pay them for following you. They can’t do nothing, just report them as spam or something disturbing

  26. Alex Cruceru

    I am happy to see you guys are looking out for us.All the best to the SoundCloud team!

  27. droxpopuli

    Yea but not all sites store passwords effectively sch as improper hashing and salting. If such a site is compromised and a user/plaintext-pass database is leaked, people can then try those credentials on more secure services. That’s why its best to have a different password for everything, or at least have tiers of them.

  28. Midipunk

    It appears Service Pack 3 is required on XP machines to browse with Chrome & IE. Firefox is working due to it’s own cookie recognition thingies, if I’ve figured out my problem. SP3 breaks my Aardvark interfaces.

  29. Chris

    Operating system distribution with versions that are not vulnerable:

    Debian Squeeze (oldstable), OpenSSL 0.9.8o-4squeeze14
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
    FreeBSD 8.4 – OpenSSL 0.9.8y 5 Feb 2013
    FreeBSD 9.2 – OpenSSL 0.9.8y 5 Feb 2013
    FreeBSD Ports – OpenSSL 1.0.1g (At 7 Apr 21:46:40 2014 UTC)

  30. Lee Lucas

    I can assure you no matter how many passwords you have means absolutely zilch. Lets put it this way if somebody was genuinely interested in you as a person and knew exactly what he was doing he would get into your account. No password or program is gonna ever prevent such a person from doing so.There is even a possibility that if I changed my password I could get screwed next week.

    In all honesty just what do I stand to lose here. If I lost my bank card or somebody had stolen it. I would report it and then change my details, but I can tell you now if it was to happen I would lose bugger all.

    I understand the concern regarding the this heartbeat Bug and yes it is something perhaps to be concerned with especially for those who are important people, but trust me I am nobody and if somebody wants to screw up a nobody then hats off to them for being such a jerk, but still at the end of the day I have nothing to lose…

  31. Silviu Costinescu

    that changes nothing of what i said and no other social media so far bothered me with heartbleed, i could’ve get old without knowing about it, thanks for broadening my horizons.
    i want to have again one entire week in which if i click a button it does what it says, and if i upload something it gets out there as planned.

  32. ibi chinaski

    Word up. I think kids these days were in diapers when the term “spam” was coined to describe invasive, unwelcome, sneaky advertising in the form of personalized messages. They may not realize what a turn off it is. It’s all about how many followers you can get. I don’t want followers, I want leaders. This following pandemic is a classic case of blind leading the blind.

  33. droxpopuli

    “I can assure you no matter how many passwords you have means absolutely zilch.”
    But it does because it isolates compromises between sites/services.

    “Lets put it this way if somebody was genuinely interested in you as a person and knew exactly what he was doing he would get into your account.”
    Sure nothing will stop a determined individual of group, but most attacks like what I talked about are generally automated with a script trying leaked user/pass combos on other services not caring who it is. A working login is a working login. Its unrelated to heartbleed.

    “There is even a possibility that if I changed my password I could get screwed next week.”
    That’s why you use multiple passwords and change them more often than they can be brute forced.

    “In all honesty just what do I stand to lose here. If I lost my bank card or somebody had stolen it. I would report it and then change my details, but I can tell you now if it was to happen I would lose bugger all.”
    But you bank card is specific to your bank, it doesn’t give access to anything outside of that. On the other hand if your only password is compromised, every account you have made since 2000 is vulnerable and you need to change the credentials on them all anyway.

    I mean you can do what you want, but I just hope you at least have stuff like 2 factor authentication for the email accounts associated with your stuff cause if that gets compromised then good luck with your other accounts.

  34. Arty

    I’d like to mention that changing your password (or logging in) on an affected site BEFORE they announce that they applied an appropriate fix can do more harm than help. Keep in mind that as long as some particular site is vulnerable, some data from the communication between you and that server can be stolen (without getting too much into tech details). So if you change your password during this period, there are reasonable chances that your new password will be leaked and your account will be hijacked.

  35. unplugged & eyes open

    Thank You for offering other log in solutions separate to Facebook ….. Facebook should not be suggested or trusted for a log in. Keep Soundcloud sacred pleeeeease. FB & Google infiltrating everything nowadays like bloody Starbucks swallows up the high street, it’s utterly ridiculous! Stay open-eyed unplugged

  36. DJ Useo

    Thanks for having an open discussion about the prob. I’d read about it before I logged in today at Soundcloud. I certainly don’t blame y’all.

  37. Shimsu

    i come back to my page and all my uploaded tracks are gone! anyone had the same problem

  38. Logic is a spammer's enemy

    See, the known fact about spammers is that, they cannot even
    troll correctly.

    You wrote: Spam <more important< Security

    This symbol '’ symbol. Glad to confirm that spammers are still one step behind when it comes to … common sense.

  39. Edward Coombe

    Hey Shimsu, what’s the link to your account, we’ll see what’s happened. It sounds like you may have created a duplicate account by accident!

  40. Iam Vinniebeatz

    Dear, Soundcloud Team.. You guys are a blessing. i love the site and all the hard work and updates you guys are doing are very appericated. this site has re started my passion. from the bottom of my heart Thank you!!!

  41. Edward Coombe

    We don’t have a time just yet. We won’t be down either, we will just log you out and you’ll need to log in again, so make sure you can remember your account details!

  42. MatthewWillox

    Does Soundcloud recommend that we disconnect our Soundcloud account from our facebook/google accounts to change our passwords?

  43. Guest

    2/3’rds of the fucking internet is affected by this. I think just
    signing out and signing back in (after they update their OpenSSL) is way
    easier than what else we have to do with other companies.

  44. SewDough

    2/3’rds of the fucking internet are affected by this. I think just
    signing out and signing back in (after they update their OpenSSL) is way
    easier than what else we have to do with other companies.

  45. D@rth T@ter

    hah as if i would click play on a single embed here…that’s desperate on a whole new level.


    I just got here but people are actually linking their soundclouds here? Talk about desperate.

  47. Jerel Lovett

    I think sound cloud should,start earning badges.
    that would make this site more intersted

  48. Cristiand Mondragon

    many people just copy the DJ Mixes and the producers give another point to give their music ah know if you have the rights to that song I would like it to be valid touch on a remix because eh had problems with that


    i love this sound cloud. you hear so such different takes on music and its art.not only do i try to add a sound but i think sum of these back wood folk and blues players from all over have add to my sound

  50. Raymond

    It’d be great if everyone actually contributed to the topic, and not endorse themselves.
    This is a fairly serious issue that we’re talking about here.
    Does anyone know if you using Facebook to login Soundcloud will be affected?
    As far as I know, Facebook wasn’t vulnerable, but I’m more worried about the encryption between authentication tokens.

  51. Qix

    How many “social medias” do you use, sir?

    Facebook hasn’t made the change because their development cycle is ridiculously long. Google has already made the change (including G+ and all other sites). Most other sites that are conscience about what HeartBleed is and how it can potentially be catastrophic have made the change or have made notice about impending changes.

    The fact SoundCloud is acknowledging it, as well as doing something sane and pretty secure about it while keeping their userbase informed and in their mind, is amazing. It means they are up to date about possible threats to YOUR personal information and YOUR continued happiness with the site.

    Calm down, and let’s use some logic here.

  52. paul

    Sucks ass man. Should’ve never clicked play, and that’s for both of us. Seriously man, don’t just go and waste my time posting your shitty boring trap music on a blog post. You ain’t gon make it like this.

  53. Silviu Costinescu

    learn to read and use some logic there: i didn’t say they didn’t do it, i said I DIDN’T FEEL IT, i didn’t need to care about it.
    calm up!

  54. Anonymous ;)

    PFS doesn’t change anything… if you steal the private key, you can still MITM people. The only difference is that the key won’t let you decrypt old sessions.

    Heartbleed is a bug that allows the leakage of 63kb of a random memory segment, if the client sends a malformed heartbeat message. This can include *anything*, usernames and passwords, private key, probably other badness too.

  55. 64

    Aye this goes to Paul fuck you homie imma post all that I want you know why because i’m a grown ass man fuck boy if you dont want to listen then don’t fuckin click on it why be a bitch about it. I love the criticism man real talk when I make it you will be the first person trying to buy my shit lol if you don’t want me to post then they shouldn’t have a share button and a comment button.And when I share my beats it sends it to all of the sites I sync my

  56. Simon Dalzell

    So you’re complaining because soundcloud is taking rapid measures to fix a problem and is keeping keep their users informed while they do it? How can you complain about that?

  57. 64

    The “suck ass” wasn’t called for but just know that you really sound ignorant. Don’t be a bitch about it just don’t click on it. easy fix for you but I’ll be posting my talent anywhere that has a comment button/share button.

  58. Guest

    Freaking awesome! Love how you are the only site that has brought this to everyones attation and is actually doing something about it. Thats why I recommend this site

  59. Nick Frost

    Freaking awesome! I love how this is the only site to tell us about the heartbleed problem and then does something about it. This is why I recommend this site to anyone who needs music rather then shitty Pandora or Last.fm…Never used spotify so I have no comment towards that.

  60. Aminah Henne

    actually tumblr also notified all their users yesterday (i think) but yeah these are the only two sites that have notified me of the heartbleed.

  61. Anon123

    Hello! I am having a difficulty in signing up. What should I do to have an account? thanks guys. I need your help.

  62. soundclouduser

    Can you guys confirm that you used the TLS/SSL over Apache? If so, you should seriously consider ditching apache as well…

  63. carlonte

    Soundcloud stopped yesterday to upload…..I’m trying hard several times. I tried even to switch from WAV to mp3 but IT DOES NOT work. I tried to send an email but it didn’t arrived. Nobody is giving a shit if I paid the PRO plan. Soundclound is a crap…fucking shit. I expect a fucking answer fucking hell!!! They are just fucking wasting my time dudes!!

  64. Edward Coombe

    Nope, your sounds will not have been effected. For the fixes we’ve already put in place to take effect, we need you to log out and back in.

  65. Radiodreadhead

    Looks like every major website has already patched their OpenSSL setups, but Soundcloud… or is it just me that takes “later today” as 12h in the future tops?!

  66. Edward Coombe

    We have already made the necessary fixes, but for the fixes to take effect, we need you to log out and back in. We will be force logging out all those who have not done so themselves.

  67. Radiodreadhead

    cool down, mate!
    You’re still using a insecure connection and the guys at SC don’t want your data (username, password etc.) to be leaked. Give it a few hours, till they fixed the leak.
    Btw: It’s not their fault. Almost all major websites are affected. You can read more over at http://www.heartbleed.com

  68. Radiodreadhead

    Ahh alright. I thought you’ll destroy all sessions automatically. I’ll do that right away :)

  69. Edward Coombe

    Hey, what’s your SoundCloud URL? I’ll make sure one of our community team follows up with your support request!

  70. Radiodreadhead

    They use NGINX as far is I know. Apache is a pain in the a** when it comes to scaling high traffic websites like SC ;)

  71. Silviu Costinescu

    no, that’s what you got, go back to sleep!
    some people seem to be on sc because reading is a difficult task for them.
    and generally stop interacting with me if you don’t represent sc, i’m not interested in chatting with random morons from internet.

  72. Foxyliscious

    Hi guys ! I’m having trouble with the icon soundcloud on my I phonne every time I click on it to listen my songs , the line keeps dropping off , and the only way I can get access to soundcloud songs is , if I go to safari which takes to much time to download ! I just hope everything will soon be back and running smooth ! Cause I miss my music :-(( sheers ! Foxyliscious :-)

  73. Edward Coombe

    By logging out, and back in. This will mean the fixes we’ve already put in place will now be taking effect

  74. ShiftyF97

    as if we are the morons from the internet. gg good luck in your life with this attitude

  75. why

    So you’re going to listen to globalnews about what’s going on with Soundcloud, not Soundcloud themselves? Why?

  76. Edward Coombe

    We are not aware of any exploitation of this vulnerability on SoundCloud. But, for precautionary measures we need you to log out and back in. We will be force logging out all those who have not done so themselves.

  77. Edward Coombe

    As this security vulnerability is effecting other websites too, it is generally recommended that you reset passwords for all your online accounts (not just SoundCloud).

  78. Edward Coombe

    Could you try logging in from another browser and see if that helps. We’ve seen this happen before for some people, and it’s not an issue related to this update.

  79. pixelpilot

    It really would be nice if it would be possible to log in again after resetting password :-/

  80. olectrix

    ….wtf? i have change my password 3 times now – and can still not login… continuously getting the heartbleed message…. WHAT NOW!?!?

  81. Soundcloud

    I reset my password, but when I try to go back in I get the message to reset my password. Help please?

  82. Shaila Gray

    If you can’t log in, try completely clearing your browser cache and removing all stored cookies for SoundCloud. You may need to also restart your browser for things to really be clean.

    It does seem like there’s some loose issues related to the log out, but the above is something people can do to potentially rule out being a browser issue.

  83. Edward Coombe

    The message prompting you to reset your password may still stay there, even if you’ve reset your password (but you don’t need to do it again). If you can’t successfully log in, please contact our support team http://help.soundcloud.com/

  84. Wake Up. Please.

    How does anybody know that this whole heart bleed crap is actually the guys trying to hack the us, by going on to the heartbleed site? It’s not hard to make a website like that… I’ve heard people say “You know its not a hacker, if/when the site looks like crap.” The heartbleed website is just a few paragraphs of true or even false data, a few links (maybe links that even lead to corrupt SSL encryption), who knows soundcloud could just be stealing all our information. HELLOOO PEOPLE. Wake up and smell the coffee. All our information: passwords, credit card info, bank account, money, ANYTHING that is encrypted, or otherwise says it is safe, that is online… IS at risk. Anything online, personal or public, is at risk. Sorry to break it to you.

  85. kritzikratzi

    this is the internet police.
    we revoke your browsing license.
    please get off the internet now.

  86. Cryptohelix

    Hmmm… logged in and can see my profile and stream. However, going to account settings from dropdown menu goes to login page… where I can’t log in with current password + captcha numbers shown. Maybe tomorrow?

    And check my EP on bandcamp, lolz. Thank you.

  87. Bils

    I am going to fucking loose my mind!!!!! For a full day I’ve tried logging in and out again and it all it does it out me back to the stupid log in page?!?!?!?! OMGGGGG

  88. Boots

    Trying to update and swtich out/replace mp3s, getting “502 Bad Gateway” everytime. That’s pretty whack.

  89. Endorphira

    Just tried to sign back but it didn’t worked right. After this I’ve changed my password with the “forgot password” button and the following email. Again I got access to my account with the new password. Is the problem solved or not until now?

    Maybe I should try tomorrow again to sign back.

  90. Iain

    Hi, I am unable to sign back in. I try and sign in and it logs me in for a millisecond and then logs me back out. I have tried resetting my password and resetting my phone, reinstalling the app and trying the Internet login. And still no luck. Any ideas?!!

  91. John Silvano Carignani

    So is it still not allowing us to sign in or what? It says here that “signing out and signing back in will fix the issue”, but I can’t get signed in because every time I sign in it signs me back out and directs me here to find out why.

    I follow the help center articles – the first one’s irrelevant (no, I didn’t forget my password or email), and the second one… Well, I disconnected my Facebook account from this, still no joy.

  92. Japheth Campbell

    …especially since they just informed the whole world that their SSL connections are currently vulnerable to the bug. It’s a perfect time for a hacker to start collecting the data while people are logging in and setting passwords.

  93. Maria

    Changed the PW as advised, been trying to sign back in for the last 30 min..Doesn’t work!!! FB sign in doesn’t work either, iPhone app throws me out..What’s going on?????

  94. miketheburrito

    I’ve reset my password, but now when I log in, it tells me “you’re now logged in” and then immediately logs me out. Every time. I’ve cleared my cache, restarted my browser, etc. but it forces me to log out no matter what.

    I guess that’s one way to deal with security.

  95. Calhavintas

    Same here. Getting logged off every time directly on login. Trying a different browser didn’t help.

  96. Mike

    Is anybody else having the problem where SoundCloud keeps signing me out. I’ll log back in and immediately be logged out again. I’ve tried resetting my password, tried logging in with e-mail and tried it with facebook. But I just keep getting booted out.

  97. Edward Coombe

    Once logging in and seeing this error, could you refresh the page. This should then log you in.

  98. Logan Ballew

    I love being signed out every time I log in, regardless of the previous log ins’ only seconds before.

  99. Edward Coombe

    Once logging in and getting this error, could you refresh the page. This should then log you in.

  100. Edward Coombe

    Once you log in, if you get logged out, try refreshing the page. We’ve noticed this fixes the problem. We’re looking in to a fix now!

  101. Edward Coombe

    We’re experiencing some lag on our databases causing this. Our engineers are looking in to it, and we should be back to normal soon!

  102. Edward Coombe

    Could you try resetting it once more. If you’re getting force logged out, try refreshing the page when this happens.

  103. miketheburrito

    I was just about to try this, but it successfully logged me in (and kept me logged in) this time. I restarted anyway and I’m still logged in. Whatever you guys just did, it seems like it worked. Thanks!

  104. Arty

    Yep. Besides, it’s not just about upgrading the software for using the new OpenSSL, it’s also about getting rid of the old SSL certificates and issuing new ones. And that process is more obscure and not announced properly by many services. So, yeah, they can fix the OpenSSL issue, but if their old certificates were stolen (and the chances are rather high) then hackers can still use man-in-the-middle attack and still get your private data..

  105. David Lowman

    It’s not even letting me get past the sign in…it claims the username and password don’t match

  106. Edward Coombe

    Sorry for the problems John. We’ve noticed people having log in issues. Could you try refreshing the page once you’re getting logged out (after logging in), we’ve noticed this is fixing the issue.

  107. Edward Coombe

    If you’re still having this problem, can you try refreshing the page once you get signed out and see if that helps?

  108. Edward Coombe

    Once you get logged out, could you try refreshing the page and see if this fixes the issue?

  109. John Silvano Carignani

    Thanks Edward, very quick response time, I thought I was gonna have to give up for tonight – that’s fixed it :D

  110. David Lowman

    I can’t even get that far. It just denies any access and claims the credentials are wrong

  111. Edward Coombe

    Are you still having problems Logan? We’ve seen that refreshing the page after logging in should help!

  112. Edward Coombe

    Really sorry about that! Could you try resetting the password once more, and trying it again. We’re doing our best to prevent any issues.

  113. VocalTranceUK

    This Heartbleed bug has been out there for a couple of years and is a pretext For Web Lockdown which could lay the groundwork for massive government regulation and censorship of the Internet. Id think twice about rushing to change your passwords right now. Heartbleed plays into an ongoing government propaganda campaign to forge a public-private cybersecurity infrastructure.

  114. Brandon Luis Sanchez

    Can’t log in. Tried with facebook, does it for a millisecond then logs back out. Changed the password and made it a non facebook account, still doing the same thing.

  115. David Lowman

    I sign in with the right credentials. It then asks for a captcha. I fill it out. Then a pop up says the credentials are not correct.

  116. David Lowman

    No luck at all…still the pop up with the “are you sure you have the right credentials” … all shows…all emails…all passwords for the whole company getting same results

  117. Edward Coombe

    It looks like we are experiencing some delays causing logins to fail. Try refreshing the page after logging in.

  118. Iain

    Hi. It’s working now. I tried login in using the website, it kicked me out straightaway, so refreshes the page, and this time it asked me to login and enter some numbers into a box. Once I had done that it logged me in and kept me logged in. Then tried logging in via the iphone app, and it worked. Yay! Choooons a plenty once more!

  119. Edward Coombe

    We’re really sorry about these troubles David! It looks like the problems are clearing up for most other users. Can you try once again and let us know if you still have troubles. If you do, please contact our community team who can help further http://help.soundcloud.com/

  120. Bils

    Ive done 5 times on the app, 3 times safari twice on chrome and tried loggin vua facebook and the email password way

  121. Edward Coombe

    Can you refresh your browsers cache and try again. If you’re having troubles using a mobile app then go to the app’s settings and log out there, then log back in. We’re really sorry for all this trouble!

  122. paulo banton

    hola…desde ayer q no puedo subir ninguna cancion..si alguien q hable español me pueda ayudar seria bueno…gracias

  123. 1mountain

    I definitely agree with you. I’ve always said if you need to peddle your wares with spam they must really suck. Same with those fake ads with the ‘1 weird trick’ phrases on the sides of web pages.
    On a side note, I have been a soundcloud member for years. Why do I have to sign up for a separate account with a company I’ve never heard of and really don’t trust just to comment on the blog? I found that pretty annoying and rather stupid. At this rate I’ve got so many accounts of all kinds I can’t keep track of them all. Why torture me with another one?

  124. madeyoufeel

    I’ve tried to sign into my account and cannot do so even after changing my password.

  125. Edward Coombe

    Are you still having troubles? We’ve been experiencing a few login issues, but everything should be back to normal by now. If you still can’t login, try refreshing the page after trying.

  126. Edward Coombe

    We didn’t do it on purpose, promise! Are you still having issues? Can you try refreshing the page after attempting the login. If you still have problems, let me know.

  127. Edward Coombe

    Did the problem persist? Can you try refreshing the page after attempting the login and see if that helps?

  128. Edward Coombe

    You need to refresh the page after attempting the login. We experienced some issues after this update, but we hope most accounts are back to normal now.

  129. Riot Nrrrd™

    Disqus has reported that they were also affected (and have fixed it) by the Heartbleed bug, so this posting thread has gone totally meta :)

  130. Velt Ui

    I’ve always signed in by using my Facebook password.
    When the anti-Heartbleed security measures started, I decided to separate my SC account from Facebook, so I set a new password that was supposed to work without Facebook.

    But today, I checked out whether it’s possible to sign in with the old FB-password. It IS still possible! Why? Is that normal? I’d like to disconnect my SC COMPLETELY from FB and use my new password only.

  131. Riot Nrrrd™

    Wow, so you got onto a SoundCloud Engineering blog post about security to complain about something else completely unrelated, then when people politely point out why you *should* care about it, you act like a total fucking asshole – even though you should never have posted your original comment to begin with. Well done.

  132. Riot Nrrrd™

    David, it’s actually not a good idea to connect your Facebook account to anything.

    Other than the convenience factor, it sets you up for data mining by lots of companies, but more importantly it’s just a Bad Idea™ from a security standpoint. (Security by obscurity of a sort. Compartmentalization is better.)

    Using one service as a catch-all authentication service – despite the convenience – is really something people shouldn’t do. (Let’s hope there’s never a huge Facebook password breach.)

  133. Silviu Costinescu

    wow, i didn’t expect this place to be a hub for idiots, so far 4 people (kids, i assume) replied accusing me of 4 different things, none of them having much to do with what i said :))) i will not bother with any of you, but i gotta admit this is becoming interesting to study, keep going!

  134. David Barr

    You’ve hit the proverbial nail on the head – convenience – but I see your point, thanks for the comment.

  135. jose

    Share audio on my fanpage and when users click the enlase leads to the SoundCloud page and a message appears; Sorry! That we can not find track.

    Did you try to access a private track, but Were not logged in?

    Maybe the track has-been removed. This public, not private. Thank you!

  136. Velt Ui

    Thanks Edward.
    That’s exactly what I did (I selected “Disconnect” in settings). Did it again a few minutes ago. But the old password is working… :)

  137. Riot Nrrrd™

    @edwardcoombe:disqus – since you seem to be reading these posts …

    (1) You mean “affected” when you have been typing “effected”

    (2) I’m surprised that SC and so many other ‘major’ sites have been impacted by this, given the relatively narrow range of – and, more importantly, *recent* – OSes that shipped with vulnerable OpenSSL 1.0.1 versions. Are you really running bleeding-edge OSes (ones released in the 15 months) on SoundCloud’s production servers? O.o

  138. Jeferson Braun

    Today it is working well! Thank for your attention.
    Is that on the SoundCloud Community Support guidelines? To look on the comments on the blog and help people to solve their problems. It is awesome! For a minute I though I would have to go to the support page.

    Anyway, I’m a Brazilian looking for an experience abroad, I speak native portuguese and have 2 years of experience in marketing working with the sales team of my company, a Google Enterprise Partner in Brazil. I couldn’t find a “jobs” section.

    Best regards

  139. Edward Coombe

    We’re not always on the blog providing support, but we know the heartbleed security vulnerability is a sensitive issues so want to make we’re here to help!

    You mentioned you were looking for a jobs section, you can find it here – https://soundcloud.com/jobs.

  140. draeath

    Great, now I can’t log in, because your implementation of oathv2 requires users to have a Google+ page. What the bullshit!?

  141. Edward Coombe

    You shouldn’t need Google+ to log in. Can you try with your username and password and let me know if you get any errors when doing so!

  142. Edward Coombe

    Could you try refreshing the page after getting logged out, this should log you back in.

  143. Edward Coombe

    What’s your SoundCloud URL? We can send you a password reset, you can then try again using your SoundCloud username and password.

  144. Silviu Costinescu

    yo, sc dudes! even that sign out bullshit works comically, i’ve never been signed out by sc, i just keep getting that annoying message, but when i signed out by myself, i was asked “are you surprised to be signed out?”

  145. Kush Nubit

    I am still having problems although I have followed the instructions. Will this also cause problems with uploading?

  146. Lee Dale

    I respectfully disagree.

    Your argument assumes:
    1. All those other websites you give your user name and password to manage security adequately.
    2. Users don’t use the same username and password everywhere.

    Neither of which is a generally safe assumption.

    Particularly if you use two-factor authentication and a nontrivial password, you’re much better off using a provider like Facebook, Google, or Twitter than proliferating passwords around the web.

  147. Lucifine

    i was never signed out and still have a message saying soundcloud will be signing everyone out “later today”. should i be worried or do i need to manually sign out? or has the process been delayed?

  148. djinfinitymusic

    cant acces my accoutn what the fuck happened? cant open my account page soundcloud.com/djinfinitymusic aswell. always says error! you deleted all my tracks dafuq guys that not funny!!!!

  149. Edward Coombe

    We are signing people out in batches, so it may be we have not reached your account yet. Also, if you have already logged yourself out since the announcement, then you won’t need to be force signed out.

    So, if you don’t want to wait for us to force sign you out, signing out and then signing back in yourself will fix the issue

  150. Edward Coombe

    Nope, this won’t cause uploading problems. It will just log you out of your account.

    What problems are you having?

  151. djinfinitymusic

    yes i am back in. man i was so scared. years of work would been thrown away. glad you informaed me that it worked for you now!!!

  152. Michael

    If your message was for SoundCloud staff and not the public, then send an email directly TO SoundCloud staff instead of posting it in the comments section of a blogpost — which is kind of specifically FOR public discussion.

  153. SubLixx

    I have signed back in and I when I go to replace an audio file with an updated version of my track, it doesn’t work!! aarrrghhh!

  154. namen

    You don’t really have to sign up, just put an email in. And besides, it’s easier for them to just put in a widely used, refined and trusted plugin than have to write code for comments that are only used on the blog.

  155. namen

    Well, that’s one part of the data security triad, the closer you get to availability (convenience), the more you lose in confidentiality (security) and integrity.

  156. Bergo Motive

    ANY publicity “IS” i cant stress that enough IIIIIISSSSS GOOOD “EXPOSURE” “PUBLICITY” just for an example Miley Cyrus probably every one with tv, internet, SOME KIND OF media and etc. knows who she is… she ROCKS AND SHOCKS ans U notice her, dosent matter what u think of her… i think shes cool, and making good moves, and just sounds great, but its just all matter of AN opinion

    Ps. I HATE opinionated people :D

  157. Velt Ui

    Please help…
    Maybe I’ve missed something essential, but it simply doesn’t work. Although I clicked “Disconnect” and used my new password, every sound I listen to is being reported on FB. :/

  158. Please stop and also think

    I really wish, what you’ve said made sense. But it doesn’t.
    Now, I will give you an example that you can hopefully understand.

    We all know, what a table is, yeah? Its a table top with 4 legs.

    Now ponder the following:
    You can make a table with 3 legs and become known, but the table you are going build is going to be mostly useless and unstable.

    Now look at Miley, she is a table top with 3 legs. She is known,
    but also useless and unstable.

    Thanks for being, now try to be useful to the rest of us :)

  159. Fruit shaped genius

    You probably think that you are a genius, but what really happens is, you are the only one.

    Thanks for giving a chance to mediocracy. The lower you dive, the better for the ones above you.

    -> It may take a while for you to get this but when you get it, it will be a fantastic spectacle of anger.

  160. MrQuacks

    For some reason music I play won’t play with sound. It’ll say it’s playing but have no sound coming from my headphones. Someone help please!?

  161. Edward Coombe

    Are you still having these issues? Could you let me know what error message you are getting?

  162. Edward Coombe

    Did you email our support team? If you let me know your case number, I can get someone to follow up with you.

  163. BollocksFan

    when it will be fixed? I use to wank hearing soundcloud and since the error, my nuts are close to explode. Please help.

  164. Edward Coombe

    Yep, all you need to do is log out and back in to make sure the fixes we’ve already put in place take effect.

  165. Edward Coombe

    Sounds like you’re in trouble :/
    When you sign back in, the fixes we’ve already put in place will take effect. Godspeed.

  166. Ade Hodges

    How do we know that Heartbleed isn’t a plot by the CIA to gain access to ALL accounts EVERYWHERE? What a coup that would be for them. Eyes everywhere.

  167. mike

    yeah great but can you fix the bloody login so we can login.. i’m sick of it telling me i have the wrong password on google chrome.. i can login on safari no problem…
    Seriously this is also not the first time this has happened.

  168. 1mountain

    I don’t even know how to respond to this. I’m not sure if you remember the sign up rocess but it involves email, first and last name, a user name and a password and then asks you to complete a profile. That’s hardly ‘just an email address’ now is it. If you wish to call a company I’ve never heard of trusted and well known then I can’t argue with your opinion other than to say you may be one of a minority with that opinion. Lastly all it would have taken is copy paste their current format of the music page and presto they would have had a blog. Further it looks like I forgot this password and need to reset it before I can even leave this comment. Ok five minutes later I can finally send my comment so here you go.

  169. Medibooze

    Still cannot log in. Using Google Chrome. Keeps on giving me the ”surprised to be logged out?” CRAP. I’ve tried everything I know, deleted cache/cookies/etc. Refreshed page like million times after I get the error (like one of the dev’s told me to do in an email), all to no avail.

  170. Edward Coombe

    Are you still having this problem in Google Chrome? Can you let me know what error message you are getting?

  171. Nik

    Probably because that would be an incredible waste of time. Would you want to read all of the stupid crap people talk about and share all day? No. No one would.

  172. mike

    it’s working now.. but really have had this quite a few times and the stupid thing about it i could login with one account and not the other.. i get the annoying “ops seems something went wrong there” or it tells me my password is incorrect

  173. TB

    After I changed the password, only then did it sign me out of soundcloud and told me why it was happening. Do I need to change my password again?

  174. E

    If you don’t want to chat with random morons from internet, don’t f’in post anything public on the internet. You’re basically complaining about being bothered by the public in a public space.

  175. Edward Coombe

    Did this problem persist? Do you still have the same problem if you try logging in in another browser?

  176. Paying Customer

    ok so soundcloud logged me out, and now I can’t sign back in !!! The only security threat is soundcloud locking out it’s customers… FIX THIS

  177. Daniel Kuhn

    after being logged out and logging back in, I’m constantly being logged out again. How long will this go on now?
    After the first couple of times I didn’t mind, but now it’s just annoying.

  178. Pete

    Been trying to sign in today. I typed the correct email and password, even tried resetting my password and I can’t get in to my other account. What gives?

  179. Guest1234

    Indeed, a three-legged table with NEVER wobble. Unlike a 4-legged table.

    Tripods have three legs for a reason!

  180. Edward Coombe

    Are you trying on a mobile app, or the website? What error message do you receive when trying to login with your new password?

  181. Edward Coombe

    Are you having this problem with your mobile app, or on the website? Can you try clearing your browsers cache, then logging in again to see if this helps on the website.

  182. Edward Coombe

    Are you still having problems? Could you try clearing your browsers cache and logging in again?


    A 3 legged table is more stable than a 4 legged one. You need to spend more time in the pub drinking beer – then you will fully understand this….

  184. Who What?

    There is an assumption that a leg will be shorter than the rest for your statement to be correct.

  185. steve

    …on a 2nd upload I keep getting ‘likes’ from juicebox… so I delete it. Am I getting hijacked only two songs into this thing…?

  186. Berto8

    I’ve reset my password about 8 times now and I still can’t log in! Sent email to help no response. Bug?

  187. Edward Coombe

    Did you have this problem in all browsers? We’ve noticed clearing your browsers cache and cookies can help with this problem.

  188. vrishant

    im nt able to access my soundcloud acount it shows…….cannot connect to real souncloud and up in the tab section …..ssl error

  189. Mark Drake

    Hey, just wanted to let you know that 22% (roughly the market share of IE8) can’t see the html5 embed code you have people using – it’s probably a quick fix for addEventListener. @markadrake

  190. hattori.danzo

    every time i sign in successfully, it brings me to a landing page that says ‘thanks; you have been signed out’. cookies/cache has been cleared. please tell me how to address the situation.

  191. Edward Coombe

    Are you experiencing this problem on other browsers too, or just one particular browser?

  192. Volker Friedrich

    Can you please write it in german too. I don’t understand exactly what the problem is. Sorry for my poor english. Best regards
    Volker Friedrich aka Aciduke
    Pfungstadt, Germany

  193. later gator

    Doesn’t matter, I deleted the app. Don’t like that I can’t download podcasts, I don’t want to use my cellular bandwidth to listen, I want to download when I am on wifi and then listen from my phone later

  194. Sach

    Hello i am getting this error message saying cannot connect to real soundcloud.com. i installed latest chrome version but even the login page does not open. Please help!