Jami SoundCloud Stats: now with city details

Ever wondered which cities your tracks are most popular in? Question answered, if you have a Pro Unlimited plan: stats now drill down to show the cities where your tracks are played, liked, reposted, downloaded, and commented on the most.

Pro Unlimited Plan

Plan your next tour, release strategy, and get better at connecting with your fanbase, by knowing exactly where they are — just click the ‘Top cities’ tab in your stats dashboard.


Not on Pro Unlimited? Upgrading is easy.


  • Nice work guys!

  • Sk

    Bang bang

  • pmmmm

    What happened to you, Soundcloud? Seriously?!

    The new uploader is beyond stupid – THREE tabs for a TINY bit of info, and no where to put info like label, isrc and release date like classic uploader. Hell, remove the artwork and buy link option whilst you’re at it – they’re not important or anything.

    The profiles are horribly messy, especially compared to the more compact mobile version. Eight sections for one page – Wow. Also, nothing to separate the Recent from the Spotlight from the Reposts, huh.

    The new Playlists don’t truly get what a playlist actually is. It’s a series of TRACKS. So why are all the tracks at the BOTTOM, with no track lengths? The new embed player is awful for sharing playlists, too – it only shows the first five, so any tracks below number five will probably never be discovered.

    Talking of sharing, why does the Twitter dialogue say “have you heard…?” – Do people no longer know what they’ve listened to or not, or do they need patronising so?

    The Explore and Search feature is biased hence useless as – All results I get are the Most Popular, and everyone knows that just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s Relevant. I have lost count of how many irrelevant results I have gained.

    The autoplay feature is the worst crime as it can’t be turned off – I wonder how many users have gained FAKE GHOST plays as others have accidentally listened to tracks auto played without being asked. The key word there is FAKE.

    On the bright side: messaging, stream and top bar player are steps forward. Fix all the bad parts and I’ll consider going Pro for a change.