Brendan Upcoming change to Classic SoundCloud

On Thursday of this week, we’ll be shutting down the option to go back to the Classic view of SoundCloud. We appreciate that this change is one that some of you would rather we not make, but to enable us to focus our energies on creating a more unified SoundCloud experience, it’s a necessary step.

There are an incredible number of complex engineering issues involved in running two SoundClouds at a global scale. As we’ve grown, the difficulties of keeping both sites stable and communicating with each other have also grown. With this transition, we are choosing to build for the future in a newer, more stable code base over maintaining aging code.

More than a year ago, we launched Next SoundCloud. At this point, many of the features from Classic SoundCloud have been moved over or relaunched, including Upload, Messages, and Stats. We are committed to improving existing features and are constantly developing new ways for people to discover music and audio and to connect artists with their audience.

Our dedication to the SoundCloud community remains our core value, right where it’s been since we launched back in 2008. We can’t emphasize enough how grateful we are for your passion and dedication as members of the SoundCloud community. You’ve been an integral part of making SoundCloud what it is today and you inspire us. We’re looking forward to everything that comes next.

Please check to make sure your browser is up to date before Thursday. If you need further assistance accessing your account related to this change after Thursday, please email us.


  • Lars

    Okay. Could you then PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE assign resources to fix the comment system? It has been broken BY YOU when you introduced Next SoundCloud and it remains broken. Before you trash Classic, take a look at how you handled comments then. It should be the template for handling comments in New.

  • “Please check to make sure your browser is up to date before Thursday.” – it is. Safari on OS X. Default settings, Audio playback stops working… Really could do with being fixed before this change takes place because I have to use Classic just to listen to things…

  • brendancodey

    Thanks Daniel – we’re looking into this.

  • Alex

    Hey Daniel, this worked for me.
    Preferences > Advanced > Stop plugins to save power > Uncheck.
    Something to do with stopping flash maybe?

  • DjDiamond Lee

    Stop taking donwn my dj mixes. I am not a producer, song writer, vocalist, etc.. I goal is play other artist music and get my name out there. Impossible to do with all your copyright laws. I am not making money on these mixes so why keep taking them down. I am sure artists want people to hear the music. All you have to do is make all Dj add their playlist like mix cloud. Then all songs will have a link to them to iTunes, etcc.. This way the artist get credit for the songs if someone wants to buy them.

  • Hi Alex,
    Yes but I shouldn’t have to disable default settings. It also does work sometimes so it’s not just a case of plugins being an issue. I’m in touch with Support about it anyway – just seemed like I needed to rant about it again lol

  • Hi Brendan, Thanks – Support have contacted me. It was mentioned a month or two ago over Twitter and they said it’s being looked in to (but I can turn off an default option in safari) but as I’ve said I shouldnt have to :)

  • You may want to look at Mixcloud then, which is better for mixes. Especially for tracks of known artists. Soundcloud is more track based, hence why you will get penalised by this. (In my opinion)

  • Can we get a filtered timeline again to keep up with all the things that get posted and sent to us before Classic disappears. That’s one thing I miss the most, and the something that keeps me from keeping up with the people I follow as well.

  • Tesla55

    I really miss the ‘x people you follow, favorited this track’ on my stream!

  • I’ve talked to dozens of Mac users encountering the same issue.

  • ric simon

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  • Anon

    I knew this day would come

  • Anon

    I knew this day would come… and I understand your need to maintain only one SoundCloud, this is totally logical. I’m even surprised you managed to keep the two SoundClouds running for that much time.

    But… I already posted this in comments on this blog, already sent emails to the SoundCloud staff and I hope that you will now listen and implement some changes, because the new SoundCloud miss some important features to be as good as the Classic SoundCloud:

    – There is no way to remove a track from my stream. I like the
    possibility to remove a track from my dashboard in the Classic SC: when I
    listened to a track, I just remove it. This ensures that I don’t miss
    any track posted by the people I follow. At least add a way to note a
    track as “listened to” on the new stream!

    – Too much reposts. :( I follow a lot of artists, and I just want to
    listen to the tracks they post, not the ones they like. I understand
    this is a nice addition to discover new music that you could enjoy, but I
    don’t have the time to listen to all the reposts I have on my stream,
    and it just pollutes my stream and hides the track I really want to
    listen to. That would be great if we had an option to hide/show reposts
    in our stream.

    Without those two functionnalities, you’ll lose me on Thursday. A lot of people complained here:, I’m not the only one. Please do something.

  • Anon

    Sorry bad keystroke, you can delete this comment.

  • philmmm

    big sigh i knew this day would come!

    New soundcloud is one of the worst pieces of trash of web design i have ever seen since Google+, as so many things were introduced without properly thinking them through beforehand (no way to separate reposts from uploads, no track lengths on playlist tracks, new ugly embed player covering up artwork that people probs worked hard on etc etc wth).

    I really don’t understand why Soundcloud would make themselves so over complicated hence unapproachable (unless they had too many users and wanted to put a few off)

    Especially since THEY came up with better Soundcloud designs – ie Classic for one as it really worked with a blog style, and most obviously the nice and minimal MOBILE VERSION!!!

    Omg I have no choice but to use Soundcloud as there are no alternatives, but can they AT LEAST improve the Upload feature as currently there are three, THREE!, tabs to input a SMALL amount of info, and there’s no where to put ISRC and Release Date like on classic uploader. They’re not important or anything!

    Oh well at least it’s not as bad as new Spotify – now THAT is the next level of trash!

  • Anon

    Can’t agree more.

  • philmmm

    i know right?!? Just realised i’m the millionth person who has said “i knew this day would come” lol.

    “Next Soundcloud” seriously needs to be re designed by someone who actually knows what they’re doing!! Like the person who designed the kick ass mobile version maybe?!

    Soundcloud is not a website, it’s a BLOG, and classic version captured that so well! I can’t BELIEVE Soundcloud don’t even understand THEMSELVES!!!


  • Steve Sai

    Bad news !! i liked more the classic soundcloud…more easy with friendly environment. i have a Pro Unlimited plan. i don’t know now if it deserves to renew my plan!!

  • Killing Myself to Live

    This is total BS….I have two accounts with about 50 tracks worth of material and I can’t access either one of them, yes my browser is updated…I knew there would be problem, there always is whenever websites attempt to “upgrade”…I just spent about 12 hours creating and mastering a song and I can’t upload it, this really pisses me off.

  • Raduna007

    New SC is really bad.. it’s not possible to delete posts on the dashboard, The MB with one decimal place – inaccurate. Artworks, flyers – limited in size. New soundcloud is online 2 years and no changes! RIP SC

  • Soundcloud Classic
  • Soundcloud Classic
  • lol

    only 12 hours? that’s fast!

  • Bring back the classic stats. These new ones are hardly informational and are garbage, and I have a pro account, so we’re expected to have more in-depth analytics, not less.

  • TheFairyPrincess

    Yes yes yes! Both of these things are my only/main complaints as well!

    I loved being able to stay current on the people I actually want to be listening to (aka not reposts from people I follow) and to actually keep track of what I have/haven’t listened to by deleting music off my feed as I went.

    PLEASE bring these features into new SoundCloud! If these features had already existed in the new SoundCloud, I would’ve switched ages ago, but without them my stream basically becomes useless to me.

  • Mostfa Felhi


  • Anon


  • Joachim Pastor

    the new soundcloud is really un-usable :
    -you have to bring back the statistics like they were, it is useless and unclear atm.
    -there is no way to see the new comments on tracks (no equivalent with : “new activities on your track”, really annoying when you have new comments but they are drowned in a flow of new favorites etc…
    -the messages ? it stays orange, like their is a new messages ? but what do you do when you receive lots of message and you don’t read some ? no way of knowing if new messages have arrived ?
    and so on and on…

    during all this time you still didn’t fix anything ? are you mocking us ? we are paying customers, what is wrong with soundcloud ?

  • brendancodey

    Hi, sorry to hear you can’t access your accounts. Send an email to help (at) SoundCloud (dot) com so that our community team can see what’s going on.

  • Sad news, today Soundcloud goes to new Soundcloud forever. It isn’t because the new Soundcloud is bad, it’s very good, but you don’t add my main options to don’t miss anything about my followings.

    It’s good to see a stream, with likes, rt-likes, post, but i don’t want to forget anything of my favourite composers, and now i have to remember the position and time of my last visit to don’t forget anything.

    Maybe a tab with only the uploads from the stream, with a read/unread toggle (viewed/unviewed, erase from the view or anything like that…). It’s only fault i see.

  • Papa Gumbo

    The new soundcloud has deminished the smaller artist to quite an extent, Artists tunes that they have spent time and effort producing, are lost in a never ending stream of reposts, which means the number of plays has decreased considerably along with feedback ect, unless of course you get reposted, wich people are reluctant to do because it blocks their own page !! Would it be so difficult to put a seperate tab for new tunes, from the people you follow, ? after all, this site has been built in part by the Artists who produce these tunes, surley they deserve some respect ! many are paying for this service, i’m afraid that unless some of the issues mention in the coments on this forum are adhered to many people won’t be renewing their suscriptions…….myself included !!!

  • Brian

    Right well thats made my decision I will not be renewing my pro plan . Been on soundcloud since 2009 and never liked the new version, it is not as user friendly as classic .

  • DJ DD

    Please put the mini stats with “this week” option. Not only “last 7 days”.
    I know i can do it on the “dates”, but, it would be mor direct, as we were used to on the classic version.

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  • Super Cool

    I’ve been thinking why, but now I understand = Spotlight = Premium!

    Now All Accounts Who Have Many Reposts 100 % Need Spotlight = add set or sets in Spotlight with all music your music! + better add sets My Music 2014 or 2014 My Music 2013 or 2013 + etc!

    Any site for long existence need money so it’s good = Soundcloud = 100% will work this age!

    Now I think the best upgrade for the site will decrease prices for premium accounts!

    Super Cool!

  • ewing2001

    anyone found an app since MAY15 , which emulates the old soundcloud,

    or is that barely impossible because of some algorhythm-lingo ?

    On that day mixing/scratching with SC was killed and it doesn’t work with two opened firefoxes either. Any other trick anyone ?



  • Hawx

    >Up to date
    >Updated once a year

    Download Chrome or Firefox you pleb.

  • 3ndymion

    Yes, PLEASE!!! This is my biggest gripe with the new Soundcloud. You guys eliminated the comments system almost completely. Why in the world would you do something like that??? Please bring back the old comments system where ALL comments & ALL replies are shown, & can be responded to, right on the waveform.

  • 3ndymion


  • 3ndymion

    Please bring back the old comments system where all comments & all replies are shown, & can be responded to, right on the waveform. Why in the world would you take one of your best, most distinguishable features & eliminate it??? That’s like shooting yourself in the foot for no reason!!!

    Please make the stream page with all the reposts an option to turn on & off. The old dashboard page was perfect, but now the stream is completely polluted with hundreds of reposts of other things instead of music from the people that we follow. It’s terrible.

    Please bring back the other features that you eliminated against our will too. Not fair that you’d trash all the best features & ram all your new garbage down our throats. For all who don’t know what you are now missing, please see the comparison photos below of the comments system. Classic Soundcloud was much more functional than the garbage it’s now been turned into. Sure, it’s all pretty now, but do you really need to trash all of the functionality??? This new Soundcloud sucks until you bring the functionality back.

  • haters!

    Soundcloud now sucks!fuck you!

  • It’s updated frequently actually. And I have Chrome, but I use Safari on OS X. Until Chrome gets the nice zoom (without zooming the actual page) when I double tap an area, I won’t be using it.

    And calling someone a pleb because they have an issue isn’t the way to go…

  • Yerp. In talks with Support atm – They’re going to look at getting the site placed on the ‘Exceptions’ list which sites can request (user has to confirm it though). So fingers crossed that comes soon!

  • Trystan Matthews

    Please, please, please allow us to SEARCH OUR OWN TRACKS. I’ve begged SC to carry this feature over from the old SC ever since the beta version of new SC. I have 1300 tracks (most of them private) on my account and the only way I could find tracks before was in classic using the search feature. Now a search yields all users tracks. The only solution I have found is to create my own excel spreadsheet with html links to each song. That seems crazy to me considering the old SC search worked just fine.