Alex Our house, in the middle of our street

Last week we shared the news of our new home in New York City. Today, we’re thrilled to be moving into our brand-new global headquarters in the heart of the city where SoundCloud got its start: Berlin.


Our new HQ will be home to over 200 employees working in all kinds of functions: product, engineering, design, community, finance, brand, legal, people, and more. That’s a lot of folks to cater for, so the state-of-the-art interior in our space in this former brewery has been designed from scratch in line with the company’s needs and values. The result: an environment where we can all learn, collaborate and share knowledge.SoundCloud

Home is where our music’s playing, so we made sure to include top-class AV equipment as well as a dedicated recording studio for employees and community members to use. Staying connected with our other offices is super important, so there’s plenty of space for visiting team members coming in from NYC, London and San Francisco — plus meeting rooms named after neighborhoods in their cities like Tribeca, Shoreditch and Mission to keep us all close.SoundCloud

And we’re not just keeping it to ourselves: we’ve designated plenty of space for a crowd and we want there to always be something happening. We can’t wait to host local organizations for hackathons, talks, conferences and more in order to foster great collaborations within the surrounding Berlin tech community.



  • Jeff Winn

    Beautiful,relaxed atmosphere,transparent…..Love it!!!!

  • [Ots]

    Wow, It looks so awesome!

  • Duncan-Allan Byamukama

    Am loving the ambience in those offfices . . . .Ahhhhhsome Just. Please give an invite for me to come there for a visit being that am one your No.1 fan

  • Thomas Brunkard

    Looks really well. Lots of nice character and personal touches.

  • Is anyone else worried about those enormous heavy looking lights falling on their heads? :-)

  • Vivian Marquez

    LOVE it …

  • Treta Braba

    hire me please, i’m awesome, and i work like a crazy mofuka



  • Guest

    I really like “The Wall! :)

  • Lucas F. Triebl

    I really like The Wall :)

  • Daniel Villegas

    Great Place to work …

  • HideoutProductions

    I could see myself working there :-D

  • Jaehee Kim

    Ambient lounge looks lovely

  • Jaehee Kim

    Hope u be fixed galaxy s5 OS Interlock problem

  • Ho

    What’s the address?

  • Bobby Utopia


  • Måns Nyström

    You owe me a pair of new speakers dude…

  • Milamber04

    dafuk is that !
    Picture that as a theme song..

    R.I.P. Soundcloud.

  • xeningti .

    this is the theme tune for the ambient lounge

  • Jeff

    Aye, with the Herman Miller Aeron’s. I see you soundcloud.

  • sakis berlin

    i m looking for job ,can i send an email?

  • Mulla

    Forget the SoundCloud and the close track in the stream
    We can follow the artists integrating feedly + SoundCloud with IFTTT
    I’ll never use the soundcloud website again.

  • Amos Alincy Jr.

    Very beautiful.

  • Murat Savruk

    Cool, cool, cool.
    I love you guys.
    Thank you so much for this quality website.
    You guys are awesome.
    Muratti / USA

  • guest
  • Xavier Cambar

    Just when I make the move from Paris to Berlin. Too much for a coincidence!

    See you soon guys ;)