Alex Big news: today, our all-new iPhone app is ready for you.

When we say all-new, we mean all-new. Designed and built from scratch. Easy and natural to use while you are out and about. Something that lets you hear more of what you want to hear.

New SoundCloud iPhone app_2

So what makes the app special? It’s beautifully simple. You can control everything with your thumb. Tap anywhere to play and pause. Swipe to skip tracks. Slide along the waveform to explore a track and its artwork. Easy.

New SoundCloud iPhone app_1

Tracks and playlists you’ve liked, and the playlists you’ve created, can all be found under the ‘You’ tab. The new home screen makes it easier to find new things you’ll love — your stream, trending artists, tracks and genres are all there. Use the new Search to play tracks directly from the Search page, or to follow a user you’ve discovered. And see the likes, playlists and posts of any user right up front on their profile — nothing is hidden behind tabs.

As we focused on making the best possible listening experience, we decided to remove the Record button. For those of you who want to record and post audio to SoundCloud from your phones, Retronym’s new AudioCopy app is a great solution. (If you have recorded sounds stored on your iPhone, please read this before installing the new app.)

Collaboration is at the heart of SoundCloud, so we invited users like you to give feedback along every step of the process, speaking to all kinds of people about what would make the best SoundCloud app. Keep the feedback coming: we’d love to hear from you as we continue the ongoing process of developing the app.

Learn more about what you can do with the app.

Or you can dive straight in and download it from the App Store. 

94 thoughts on “Big news: today, our all-new iPhone app is ready for you.

  1. Mezzurias

    I’m not happy with the update right now. You removed all the features that make Soundcloud what it is in the first place and now seem to be more focused on pushing content rather than supporting or encouraging user created content. If I wanted another streaming app I would download Pandora. You’ve even made it harder for me to access MY OWN DAMN MUSIC!

  2. Boosh

    The app is quite useless if your used to listen to mixes. Someone should be able to listen to tracks which are available for download without an internet connection.

  3. SoundCloudUser

    I was excited to read the title. And then I downloaded it. You see, I understand that new layouts and interfaces take a while for people to get into. And I am trying my best not to base my judgement on the newness of the interface. But in all honestly, terrible app. Missing core features, and I’ve been asking for push notifications to stay abreast of my notifications for a while now. No messages too. Hey SoundCloud, why not get your basics right before trying to do all kinds of crazy things? So it took you a billion years to basically make a fancy new player? This is neither an app for people like me who make music, nor is it going to be good for people who listen to music. Whoever is leading these efforts in your company should really get a sanity check and a read on what the people actually need. I still love SoundCloud as a platform, so I might have to switch to Android now just so I can get over the terrible mess that the iOS app actually is.

  4. brendancodey

    Thanks for your feedback. We have a list of features that we’re already working towards for future updates.

  5. DarkeSword

    Why do I need to search for my own username to be able to listen to my own music? I mean you even have a section called “YOU” but it only includes Likes and Playlists. What about…Your Music? Come on guys, this is ridiculous.

  6. Stephan Hss

    @darkesword:disqus Next to the “YOU” on the upper right of the screen there are three dots “…”. Tap that, and then you see a menu “Your Public Profile”. hope that helps! :)

  7. Stephan Hss

    @mezzurias:disqus Hard? Maybe you ve overseen it: Go to the “You” context (the persona shaped button on the bottom). Next to the “YOU” on the upper right of the screen there are three dots “…”. Tap that, and then you see a menu “Your Public Profile”. hope that helps! :)

  8. Shappey

    Hope these features you spreak off, are things like bringing back playlist editing from inside the app. This is the core feature that your app has. It makes it easier to seperate songs in time. Bit dissapointing that making playlist is not added to your 3.0 function. It is not available for iPad but i think it is not wise to not include it in the iPhone app. Hopefully it will be added in 3.1

  9. xeo

    App screenshots look awesome. Unfortunately, I’m not able to to run the app in iOS 8 beta. It crashes immediately when it opens.

  10. Christoffer

    What about my private tracks? Basically, all I use the app for is listening to unfinished (and therefor private) tracks on the go – and now that’s not possible?

  11. Max Rats

    I’m having aproblem with the app, I just updated it and it says “Network Error, Offline Mode” and I can’t login. Solution any one?

  12. Al Chewy

    What’s the logic in removing the notifications tab? For people that use Soundcloud as a promotions tool this is a massive backwards step. What’s the logic in not showing likes / reposts per item either? Also why can’t I see a list of who I’m following? Seems like the only way of doing it is to search for a user, then I can see that I’m following them.

    Looks like a reposition as a music discovery tool, but for me this has really limited how I use Soundcloud on mobile. I really hope these changes don’t make their way onto the desktop interface.

  13. D. Booom!

    The app looks beautiful and feels fast. But where are the features that make SoundCloud unique?

    -Comments on the waveform
    -Info of the track
    -Private tracks

    Shipping a new version without those features was a mistake. Hopefully a new update brings back some of them.

    Also, the new design of the app makes SoundCloud on the web look old, and in need of a UI refresh (The black bar on the top is horrible, remember the google black bar? And the sidebar is so cluttered!).

  14. Mustafa

    xeo, iOS8 is still not ready for release officially from Apple, the app will be ready for iOS8 when iOS8 is officially released. Though having had a quick look at the issue, it seems to be an issue in iOS8 itself.

  15. Kolourz

    Really dig the new layout but totally devastated that now I can’t seem to see any notifications on the soundcloud mobile app. Which honestly makes it useless for an artist I use to love see who was commenting and liking my tracks but now soundcloud has turned in to Twitter only showing trending tracks. I thought soundcloud was about small artist who were just trying to get their music to fans. I use to enjoy being able to write people back through the app but now soundcloud has gotten rid of that I see no further use in the app I might as well just use Spotify or iTunes radio I REALLY HOPE YOU CHANGE THESE FEATURES BACK for the sake of your company and the small artist and users that were to foundation of soundclouds newly found popularity. Also I paid for those features so now I see no reason in paying for soundcloud and I am sure I am not the only person. I love soundcloud so please make these changes or I will cancel my pro account.

  16. Bruno Haid

    Hands down one of the best and boldest UX moves in a long time. Agree that commenting has to be ‘frickeled’ into the otherwise pristine canvas, offline caching also would be nice, but in general please stay that course. Very happy with it and curious where it’s going.

  17. Jonathan

    Guys if you really want to go this route, and focus so much on the “fan” side of things rather than the artist side, you should consider making 2 separate apps. The reason so many people prefer the classic layout is because it was easy and functional on the artist management side of things. It seems like all the decisions being made prioritize the listening experience at the cost of the artist experience. Make a separate “My SoundCloud” or “Soundcloud Artist” app, please.

  18. Jonathan

    wow! same – you really can’t listen to your own private tracks? afraid to download this.

  19. DarkeSword

    I found that but private tracks are still not there. What is the point of me even logging in if I don’t have access to stuff that logging in should give me access to? Messages? Notifications?

    This update seems to be geared towards listeners and being a competitor to Pandora and Spotify, but what about us artists?

    SoundCloud’s strength is that it’s probably the best version of a music-oriented “social network” that exists right now. The app was great before this update because it synced up with that idea, but now it’s gutted and is just another generic radio app.

  20. Mezzurias

    Which only work for tracks I have set as public. My private sounds don’t display at all. I have to put them all in a playlist to see them.

  21. Mezzurias

    YES! This is exactly what I was trying to say. It’s like SoundCloud is trying to become the next iRadio or something.

  22. Rickard

    You obviously need a new Product Manager. Seriously. Did you forget everything that made you unique? Shipping this app before implementing your core functionality is like serving dinner at a restaurant and forgetting to put the food on the plate.

    – Comments
    – Number of listens and likes in the feeds
    – Discover other users music, likes, reposts and comments
    – Info for tracks
    – Everything else that made discovering new music easy
    – Notifications, private tracks
    – Etc.

  23. HATICE

    where has the ability to record music gone? you seriously have ruined sound cloud, this is ridiculous.

  24. David

    It appears Airplay functionality is broken (Apple TV). I can mirror or play with blank screen (no volume control) but it’s obvious airplay is missing. Will this be addressed soon? Also, please let us shuffle playlists. Thanks

  25. Franco

    Soundcloud best platform ever ….BUT..

    you are losing credits with this crap!!the app is useless!! 4 artists

    – Comments???
    – listens, likes and reposts in the feeds?
    – Trackinfo
    – list of following/followers?
    – My own Stats – Plays last 24 hours / last 7 days –
    – Notifications
    – Private tracks
    – SPOTLIGHT ( i pay 4 this!!!! )
    – still NO messages!
    – ……

    too much weight on playlists (both mine and liked) and songs i like
    these are not my songs just songs i like why they must be on my profile that big????

    this is just a average streaming app for listeners!
    what about us the artists do we get a own APP ??

  26. Alex

    Really disappointed that so much basic bread & butter functionality was trashed in this new version. We used to use record live jams and push them straight up to sound cloud as private tracks. Now recording is gone, and private tracks have disappeared. Ugh. Did you reach a critical mass where you could ignore artists, and favour but listeners?

    Please bring this back, or tell us it’s on the roadmap. This new app can’t be the coffin nail :/

  27. djet0

    I also want to chime in that I also miss some of the older features, but my biggest disappointment is the lack of landscape orientation. That just really bites.

  28. brendancodey

    We often have to make very hard decisions about what features are included at what time. As I mentioned below, we’re already hard at work on many features for near future updates. The beauty of rebuilding the app from scratch is that we can now ship features easier. One of the reasons we completely overhauled the code base was to be able to iterate faster than we have previously been able to. Thanks for your feedback.

  29. Rickard

    I absolutely understand the reasons for rebuilding the app from scratch to be able to have a good foundation (both technically and strategically) for the future. I actually work as a Product Manager myself – that’s why I’m surprised to see you giving up on many of your core functionality och uniqueness. Things that made both end-users and producers to love Soundcloud as a platform. Functionality and social aspects that made what you are today. Looking forward to see your near future updates.

  30. liva k

    Hope u do.
    Shame we pay for a pro user on soundcloud, and we dont have features on ours phones

  31. Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie

    Dear SoundCloud

    Congratulations on going from strength to strength as (in my opinion) the world’s best audio content sharing platform. You are the de facto YouTube of sound.

    I have been with you from near the beginning, as both content creator and listener. And, as is the case for many others, you have changed my life musically, giving me the kind of audience reach that I never dreamed possible, and providing a platform for collaboration that is unprecedented in the world of music. Thank you.

    In the beginning, we were mostly musicmakers on SoundCloud, supporting each other and sharing sounds. But you’re growing up now and reaching all corners of the world, and as a result your listeners number in the hundreds of millions. To address this radical shift in balance from creator to listener, you have also shifted the balance of your interface development from creator to listener. Smart move.

    In late 2012 you introduced a new web interface. This was beautiful to look at and a major improvement to the listener-only experience. But you estranged a large number of devoted and highly engaged content creators because the prior model was great for community interaction, collaboration and creator user experience. It was a friction-free model that was lost. You could bear the expense of a few lost content creators because your listener base was booming. Many of us swallowed it and got used to it.

    Now you have introduced a new iOS interface. Again, a strikingly beautiful and modern interface, for the listener. But now content creators like me are completely disconnected from our audience, from our collaborators and even from our own content. Here’s the experience we’ve lost:
    1. Upload track as private, for private client sharing or for personal review while on the go. Where’s my content?
    2. Record a sound wherever you are. This used to be such a proud feature of the app. I’ve used it countless times to record tune ideas and store privately on my account, or record something funny and share it publicly.
    3. Review likes, comments and retweets. We have no idea who is doing that, what they’re saying, who is supporting us and are now completely disconnected.
    4. Commenting. Wow. Fundamental SoundCloud feature lost.

    Who does this affect? Content creators who are away from a desktop browser more often than not. How many of us are there like that? I don’t know, maybe a few hundred thousand, maybe a few ten thousand. Whatever it is, it’s a tiny % of your newly enlarged user base. But as the world’s premier audio-sharing platform, aren’t you neglecting the very users who built you up in the first place?

    Full marks for reading the market segmentation and creating a matching user experience.

    But a complete fail for looking after the users who made you who you are.

    A proposed solution is simple, and if you could do it for your first 100,000 users, you can do it for the 100,000 highly engaged content creators that remain:
    We just need an app to manage our account.

    Oliver Sadie
    Composer, Pianist, SoundCloud member for 5 years, a 2012 “SoundCloud Hero” as nominated by yourselves, and lifetime supporter.

  32. brendancodey

    iOS8 is still not ready for release officially from Apple, the app will be ready for iOS8 when iOS8 is officially released.

  33. Nick

    How do I make a playlist on this new shabang I like the way it works now minus I can’t make a playlist?

  34. Marianne Holland

    this app has ruined my sc experience completly, it’s a huge backwards step. I loved the comments, messages. now its just another listening app you can get anywhere. useless!

  35. Ben

    All eye candy at the expense of functionality. This is a huge step backwards for the platform! A slick interface is all well and good, but I need to be able to use all the features that make Soundcloud great: what about viewing track info, comments, stats, messaging, notifications, listening to my private tracks, viewing my and other people’s follows and followers? You can work all of this into your new UI, and you absolutely should have before releasing it. The app is currently of little use to anyone but the casual listener.

    I also dislike the bulkiness of the graphics in the stream (too much vertical space wasted), but I suppose I could get used to it. A bird’s eye view option would be nice.

  36. Ben

    Yes, you hit the nail on the head. I hope they take these comments seriously, because the new app is sorely lacking.

  37. tim

    Wow! I can not believe how bad this app is? sorely regret pressing “update” to this app. This is the worst app I have ever seen of any app regardless of new or upgrade. Do you even realize that the thumbnail artwork or photo associated with the track does not have the resolution to look good when you have enlarged the image in the player? They look all pixelated! A real amateur move you totally missed. That is even if the image shows up at all. Why would you roll out an upgrade so fast without testing it and perfecting it to at least the level of functioning of the previous version. You have so much work to do to fix this massive step backwards that you may lose a huge amount of users before you ever have the time to sort it out. There isn’t even any date notification, number of listens or likes with the files anymore Please re-release the previous version. Apologize to your users and then try to perfect the upgrade before rolling it out again. Honestly, Have you seen your reviews yet? Dismal. There is no way to even look at file “info” anymore where artists can post track info, and where to download or buy. Sorry guys,this was a bad decision by your dev. team. I understand your answers to responses below, but it was the wrong decision. Why don’t you re-release the previous version, and release this as a beta version (cause thats what it really is) and those who chose can try it out.

  38. Tim

    SoundCloud’s new app is one of the most unfortunate business
    decisions I have ever seen a company make. It seems they have forgotten that without the
    musicians that upload music there wouldn’t be people to listen. SoundCloud made the
    decision to remove the majority of their features including the ability to see
    who is following you, who you are following (which makes no sense at all
    because you no longer have the ability to proactively go to someone’s page to check out
    their music!!! You can only stream the latest music under the streaming section or perform
    a search), you no longer have the ability to comment on someone’s music, to see
    what others have commented on your music or see comments that have been made about
    other’s music. You also no longer have the ability to see notes the artist has made about their music including tracklists, or the ability to see who has “liked” your music. Pretty much all stats have been removed except the total number of times a track has
    been played. I have asked for a refund for my membership with unlimited storage that I upgraded to last week because I don’t feel I should have to pay for a product that has had the majority of features removed. I am incredibly disappointed and I am confident this will prove to be a devastating decision for SoundCloud.

  39. kc

    Please, please bring back recording and playback of private tracks in the mobile app. Your app was a beautifully simple workspace for lyrics and ideas for tons of musicians. BRING BACK THE FEATURES THAT MADE YOU WHO YOU ARE AND KEEP PEOPLE USING YOUR APP. I hear you’re going to do this. Get it done ASAP, you never should have released the new app without them.

  40. Olive

    I’m not usually one to complain but I absolutely hate everything about the new version of soundcloud. Where is the list of who I’m following? How am I supposed to choose what to listen to when it’s just little icons of the album covers? Whoever have the go ahead on this update needs to find a new profession because web design is clearly not their forte.

  41. Max Rats

    I’m having aproblem with the app, I just updated it and it says “Network Error, Offline Mode” and I can’t login. Solution any one?

  42. bella

    i really not feel satisfied on this new souncloud. i really confuse how to record, see the followers and following, also the notifications from other users who are comments or likes my sounds. I WANT THE OLD SOUNCLOUD PLEASE.

  43. Roblof

    Fix this mess quickly or there is no use for me to have a pro account :-((

    I need access to my private tracks and being able to share them to single people.

    An easy fix would be to have two automaticaly created playlists – ‘all tracks’ and ‘tracks not in playlisy’.

  44. KenshoBeats

    After my record player soundcloud is my fav medium for listening to music. Big up!

    But did it ever occur to you guys that the commenting system is a core feature of soundcloud? It is a brilliant way for artists and listeners to network and one of the most important features to make soundcloud unique..and growing fast: communication! And that’s just one change..

    I find it hard to understand that you removed exactly those features that distinguished soundcloud from Spotify or other rather boring streaming services. Turning your back to the artists that helped build soundcloud and aim for listeners by becoming just another streaming service..

    ..if you pay close attention and place the phone to your ear, you can actually the new update suck..

    P.s: my 2400x2400px resolution EP covers still look unsharp.

  45. Stephan Hss

    yep. it may change, since there seems to be quite a crowd to complain about that missing feature ;) just figured out that logging into mobile site ( allows you to listen to private tracks “on the go”.

  46. Tom

    Yet another step to alienate the creators and uploaders. Soon enough they’ll piss everyone off so much they’ll have no new music being uploaded for their precious listeners. Give us the tools we want or we we’ll stop paying for the service.

  47. Ricky

    Soundcloud has turned its back on the community and sold out. For us artist that put money into this company so our music can be shared. U stabed us in the back. Iphone app ruined it. Ur production team should be ashamed or urselves.

  48. Missinmybeatz&features

    As a daily SoundCloud app user, I was shocked and highly disappointed with the new update. I opened my phone expecting to see the usual stream, instead to find one that made all the pictures larger and missing most of the features I was used to using on a daily basis. How am I supposed to comment on tracks and connect with other users now if I can’t leave a comment on a song at the exact moment when I hear that drop? Or look and find new artists to support in the info section from electronic radio shows? Or get excited when I gain a new follower?

    I know you guys are trying hard to be progressive, but this seems like a huge step backwards to me. I can’t even imagine how upset you have just made millions of artists who can no longer access their info, read their messages or record sounds on the go.
    Many of us rely on mobile devices especially when on the road and away from home, to keep up with new sounds and other music business. I’m very disappointed in this update, especially because I have been one of your biggest fans throughout the years, and have used the app literally every day for 3 years.
    I think you need to look at the features you took away on the new update and question the intention behind this. Were you just trying to please large companies and mindless mainstream masses with useless pixelated eye-candy and “easy to use” features? It’s not like the other version was difficult to use, and there are already plenty of music streaming programs for the mainstream music listeners to use.
    I passionately hope you reconsider this update and think of the intelligent, hardworking musicians and listeners out there who rely on your app as a source of expression and entertainment. We miss the old SoundCloud and want our features back!

  49. Mr Duque

    Hey, the new app looks beautiful but where can I add a track to my PLAYLISTS???- Comments???
    – listens, likes and reposts in the feeds?
    – Trackinfo
    – list of following/followers?
    – My own Stats – Plays last 24 hours / last 7 days –
    – Notifications
    – Private tracks
    – still cant find messages

    Guyyyss whataheck?

  50. Ricky

    I agree mate. Sc is trying too hard to be like other music apps. If i wanted the crappy update that they have i would ise pandora. But i loved soundcloud for the community. Amd the managment team ruining it. I will no longer pay money to upload my music till they fix this

  51. Ricky

    I couldnt agree more. Arent the content creator like us the ones that made sc what it is. We pay for the site and its funtions now sc takes it away. What would ac do with there pretty little desktop and ios apps do if there were no artist filling the clouds with music. They aiming to please the listeners but screwing the people that give listeners something to listen to. One day sc will have a competitor come out and all the artist will leave the clouds. Then what soundcloud who will listen then

  52. Ricky

    Couldnt agree more i hope another company comes out. Sc needs competition. Sc os going down hard. I to want my money back. If i had the knowledge i would make a site. If someone does sc would be out of business in a week

  53. Soundloud

    Am I missing something or can I not add songs to playlists anymore? I may be missing a gesture or something, but if not, that’s ridiculous. It could have easily been another option in the “more” menu.

  54. Miguel Álvarez

    Can you please answer why SoundCloud is no longer social if that’s what made it unique?

    I can’t read amazing comments of people that love the same music I love. Why disconnecting people is a good idea??!!

    I can’t share what a song makes me feel at a specific time length. Why removing this incredible and unique feature?!

    I can’t see how many people posted comments. Why you don’t want us to be social?!!

    I can’t increase/decrease the volume when in AirPlay. Why would you do this!!???

    Very very disappointed of the direction you guys decided to go. I hope someone else takes advantage of the blue ocean you just missed

  55. FutureFormerSoundclouder

    Soundcloud has gotten $100+ per year from me going on 4 years. The end is near. Cancelling soon. You obviously no longer care about artists.

  56. anonymous

    seriously, you removed the record button? Its useless at all. That is one of the feature that makes you unique. Come on. Put it back. If not, i’ll be one of your thousand users to uninstall the app on my phone.

  57. jamie

    soundcloud as a company has become a backwards step. I’m afraid soundcloud is heading the way of myspace…or they just want to be bought by facebook or google

  58. You Should Be Ashamed

    Wow – there must be a new future plan for SC , because sc was founded on artists providing their music for free thus adding sc’s actual content and to go futher they even pay for features – to say this was not thought about would be crazy when not including the features most important to those said artists. Well sc good luck with your new direction and we artists thank you for letting us help you build a successful website on our backs just so you could dismiss us. At the first chance you could. You should be ashamed –

  59. You Should Be Ashamed

    They are not hard decisions, you know exactly what your doing – no beta testing ? Yeah right. There is obviously a plan here, as you show us how you feel about your content producers , which is poor. Wow – there must be a new future plan for SC , because sc was founded on artists providing their music for free thus adding sc’s actual content and to go futher they even pay for features – to say this was not thought about would be crazy when not including the features most important to those said artists. Well sc good luck with your new direction and we artists thank you for letting us help you build a successful website on our backs just so you could dismiss us. At the first chance you could. You should be ashamed –

  60. Ricky

    No kidding. How bout compensation for the paying artist. Im not really greedy like that. Its just the principal of the matter. Where i work if my customers receive bad service and inconveniences i take measures to make it up to them. Thats good business. The listeners listen for free while the artist get the short end

  61. Jeff Oster

    What were you thinking??? This BULLSHIT redesign was for who

    i log in to share my private tracks using my phone, AND YOU HAVE F@#%ING DONE AWAY WITH MY ABILITY TO DO SO??

    Bullshit!!! Total complete CRAP!!!! You’ve DESTROYED the main reason I use your service. KILLED IT.

    don’t give a F#@K about your desire to create a music streaming
    service. THATS FOR YOUR IPO…you’ve ENDED my ability to use your
    service as a tool to help me share my music with whom I want, seamlessly

    You should be ASHAMED of yourself.


    GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR NEW RADIO STATION.. I’m finding a way to cancel my PRO subscription AS SOON AS I CAN.

    WHAT A WASTE. Whoever told you this was a good idea CLEARLY DOESNT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT MUSICIANS!!!!!


  62. Death of soundcloud

    I’m not sure soundcloud actually realise what they originally created – I’ve made music for 20 years and 2009 – 2012 on SC were the best of those years. This is just more proof that soundcloud don’t care about the artists that pay their bills – first they removed the most social aspects of the site with the dashboard changes and the timline comment/conversational features (which are shit now in comparison to the old soundcloud), and now we don’t even have an app to use. Shame after 5 good years, several million plays and 20k comments it all has to end like this, but I seriously doubt I’ll be renewing my pro account this year. I can’t see any reason to pay for it any more.
    Can’t wait to see how successful the site is when it’s just non paying listeners.

  63. KjelAr

    Where is “my music” all I see is some likes and a few empty playlists. I’m logged in, then have to go through the option “My public profile” which shows all non-private tracks. What about the private ones? Using soundcloud while having work in progress and listening to unfinished tracks while on the move is very useful. This app seems unfinished.

  64. Unhappy Customer


  65. Synchu

    While it seems lean new design, it is really disappointing that I have to navigate like crazy to get to my very own tracks posted, and once I switch to another app, I have to repeat it, since it doesn’t return me to this screen. That’s the biggest grievance apart from lacking a bunch of other stuff. Take your time, since this doesn’t seem like finished stuff…yet.
    As for the interface design – I’m sure you remember – 3 clicks at most, if can’t do it with two :) and I need four to get to all my tracks…burried deep down to the rather not intuitive title “your public profile”….

  66. Juergen Mertens

    The new app is very bad. All the things a musican needs to work with are deleted.
    I am premium user since the start if sc. I guess my fav. Tool is dying.
    I hate it.

  67. Yoni Maron

    Have to say: iI find the new app disappointing. It is not comfortable to say the least. Having it available in one touch was ideal. Now you scroll n scroll n scroll..getting lost. Features whom were the core of usage became a burden. It is not fun to use any more ! “Add to playlist” where the hack is that?? Now I’m with Jango..different but fun to use. Please keep improving considering users comments. Good luck

  68. pixbroker

    You probably didn’t read my post fully. My point is that your previous app, worked fine on iOS8. Why the regression? I’m a developer and have to be on iOS8 and enjoyed soundcloud until now.