SoundCloud We hear you

It’s been just over a week since we launched our brand new iPhone app, and we want to say thanks to all of you who’ve downloaded it, tried it out, and let us know what you think. It’s been great hearing from everyone who’s excited about the new app, and we’ve also really appreciated all of you who’ve gotten in touch to let us know ways in which you think we could make it better. We hear you.

When we started work on the iOS project, it was clear that we didn’t just need to do a redesign: to keep up with the incredible growth that’s been driven by everyone who uses SoundCloud, we needed to rewrite the entire iOS app from the ground up. Helping those of you who create music & audio build your audience is central to our mission at SoundCloud. We wanted to make the app friendly and welcoming so that more people can discover new artists, tracks and playlists.

Some products and features that we launch are more listener focused, while others, like city stats, are built specifically for creators. We are constantly working on new features for both creators and listeners and we will continue to do so. For those of you looking for a mobile record experience, we’ve partnered with Retronyms on the AudioCopy app, which lets you record on the go and upload directly to SoundCloud.

Keeping the products we build easy to use and straightforward to understand takes time. Simple is complex. What we released last week was just the first step: we’re already working on new features. Playlist creation is one of them: we understand how important it is for you to be able to create playlists in the app, but we wanted to rethink it completely, and knew this would take time. And we don’t just want to tell you about it: here’s an early look at what we’re working on.

Adding tracks to existing playlists: Playlist creation is a complex feature, but we want to make it feel simple, obvious and intuitive. So we’re using images and big targets to help you find the right playlist at a glance. Tapping the plus button will still allow you to create a new playlist, but we’re focusing on making it easier to add to the ones you’ve already built.


Creating new playlists: We wanted to make this easier, too. No playlists yet? We’ll take you straight to the creation function, so you can skip a step. You’ll get an auto-suggested title so you don’t have to worry about creative naming when you’re out and about.

SoundCloudAnd unlike the old app, all your new playlists will be private by default — you can change them to public once you’re ready to share your great taste with the world. All in one tap.


We’ll keep you posted on this and more upcoming developments. And we hope you’ll continue to keep us posted, too: being open is important to us, which is why we appreciate hearing from you when you’re frustrated, as well as when you love what we’re doing. Your passion and support is what keeps us moving forward.

  • juwagn

    Please publish a Windows Phone App!!!

  • fele

    could you please add a Message function?

  • Tomáš Hergeth

    Do something with search results. “Useless” is completely accurate word – to find something I’m looking for is almost impossible with this update.



  • Ju

    I discovered that many poeple on the AppStore – including me – have a serious launch bug. This would be important to fix first…

    But it’s great your hear our feedback and already work on new features.

  • Krimson

    Give android some love!

  • Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie

    Thanks for the update, but I’m not convinced “we hear you” is accurate. You seem to be speaking to listeners only here, and continuing to ignore creators. Listeners asked for playlists, and you’re delivering, that’s great. Looks good.
    BUT could you please address the concerns raised by the creator side of the userbase? (Are we on mute?) Specifically the severe loss of visibility and control in our own accounts (private tracks, listener interaction, comments etc.).
    Could anyone comment if a creator app is being considered for future development?

  • brendancodey

    That’s good to hear – we take feedback from users very seriously at SoundCloud. In regards to the launch bug – does that mean you were experiencing issues installing the app?

  • Yolo

    Or just go back to the old Soundcloud!!

  • SoundCloudUser

    Still needs a new Product Manager, me thinks.

  • Jesse Fletcher

    fucking amen to that, not knowing plays, favorites etc is a pain, and the site now wtf!! the play bar is at the bottom, why? the setup was fine before!!!

  • Jonathan Eckersley

    Where did the description go for all the sounds, surely that should be a standard feature?

  • I understand the need for a more listener orientated design, that’s fine. Businesses must grow and adapt to maintain themselves.

    However, as a paying PRO subscriber I feel that there should be an option for contributors to have a service in the app which allows notifications, comments, messaging and the ability to see our private tracks in our streams.

    A lot of contributors to your site use the facilities provided for much more than just “finding new music”. Please reinstate what you have taken out in some way, even if it has to be an option within a menu so you can maintain the look and feel for the listeners and people exploring new music.

    We pay for the facility to have music on your site, we pay to have the ability and freedom to manage our accounts from the website and from the app.


  • brendancodey

    Hi Oliver – we can’t comment on future app development but I want to assure you that you and other creators aren’t on mute. Your letter (and many other’s feedback) traveled throughout the company. I personally received it from three different people. We really do read and distribute feedback. Both creators and listeners are a part of our long term vision. We would love to push out everything we have in mind all at once, but building things that work well at a global scale takes time. Thanks, as always, for your input.

  • How can we manage our privat tracks on the new app? The only thing I found is “View your public Profile” and not my tracks I uploaded.

  • F1_rulz

    they said that they are leaving the other creators feature to 3rd party apps and tbh thats a good direction to go.

  • Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie

    “Both creators and listeners are a part of our long term vision.”
    I think that’s the only sustainable way forward. Don’t take too long, please look after your creators.

  • Matt

    You have got to bring back follower interaction for creators. The whole reason we upload our music etc. is to find out what the listeners think of it.

  • brendancodey

    Thanks for the list of features you’d like to see Bryan, we’ll be sure to pass it along internally.

  • TM

    Well said!

  • You should be ashamed

    Why did you launch this app when you don’t even have a paid feature like “spotlight” available ? You took away everything that content providers want – what’s the real plan here? I honestly don’t know anyone that is remotely happy with this. Your beta testing had to tell you all your content providers would not like this in any way. – I guess you guys just don’t care there is no others explaination

  • brendancodey

    Hey Claudio – here’s a help center article on the current access to private tracks in the new app:

  • Branndon Marshall

    Fix the problem on the Ipad in which you can’t access your playlist!!!!! Its makes it extremely diffcult to play music continually if you cant access your playlist. I hope his gets fixed soon, Like to raise awareness.

  • Dmitry Deathigner

    That’s not so nice. Please add “Uncategorised” default playlist or a sort of.

  • Dmitry Deathigner

    I’m so disappointed with removal of “Record” button, you can’t even imagine.

  • brendancodey

    Nothing could be further from the truth – we care deeply about all of our users. Removing record was a very difficult decision made over many months. And when we made that decision, we also decided to partner with Retronyms to build AudioCopy – which allows you to record and upload to SoundCloud. It might not seem like it, but when we focus on making your music or audio easier to discover by making it easier for listeners to use certain products and features – that’s good for creators. As noted in previous places, we’re already working on other features for the app as well. This is the beginning state of this app.

  • TM

    Thanks for the update, but it’s important to
    state that this neglecting of the creators’ requirements is leading to many
    long time pro/power clouders letting their paid subscriptions lapse. I’m personally
    at the point now, where the only real reason to keep my account open is
    to retain the huge portfolio I’ve built up. The tools we want are slowly disappearing
    and the listener base has turned from a vibrant bunch of musical fanatics leaving
    thoughtful comments and feedback to a soulless chasm of button pushers. Even
    taking the once great (now gone) social aspects of the platform out of the equation,
    commenting is essential for private sharing of WIPs between collaborators,
    labels, publishers etc and these need to be at the forefront of the app design –
    be it a creators app, or an all encompassing one app fits all – whatever, just
    please make it something that’s worth paying for.

  • Jerry

    Tell me also what about the iOS 8. I understand that the system is in beta, but the beta testers also listen to and make music.

  • brendancodey

    Thanks for the input Matt. Noted and passed along.

  • brendancodey

    Hey Dmitry – have you tried the AudioCopy app or taken a look at it? The link is in the blog post above.

  • Dmitry Deathigner

    Yes, I tried and I didn’t like at least the fact it doesn’t use native login system of iOS. And my friends use Android – this app is not available there (at least no link from website). Plus, now I don’t have more space and app on upload just sticks with error message.
    Good thing I may choose Public or Private, bad thing – I can’t add it to Playlist to see then in SC app.

    A raw mess, I’d say.

  • Jarrett W Wilson

    missing comments and interaction badly

  • jesperwolder

    Hmmm.. Can’t open the app :I Running iOS 8 Beta 2

  • wharf99

    This is a really bad example of Product Management, the way you have treated paying Pro Users (most of whom provide the content that keeps SoundCloud viable…) Why didn’t you delay launch until the product was finished and/or keep subscribers informed BEFORE you flicked the cut-over switch? Why did you suppress all the track info and user interaction? I can live without a record function, but why have you prevented me from seeing my private tracks uploaded direct from the many 3rd party apps that have written code to connect to SoundCloud? Makes no sense at all!
    For myself, I have downgraded to v2.7.2 until you restore the functionality. This will make a great developer case study on how NOT to manage a product release….

  • Stevie Hyper

    That’s ironic since you only reply to a selection of comments and feedback on this thread.

  • Stevie Hyper

    Give the creators an app that delivers.
    We want;
    – Notifications
    – Commenting (reading primarily, but the ability to reply too? Steady on!)
    – Ability to manage and edit track metadata within app (including that of previously uploaded tracks not just mobile uploads)
    – more sharing tools, specifically private sharing options
    – Community tools – groups, messaging, dashboard (like in the original desktop model, which you foolishly abolished in 2012)
    – Spotlight features as with desktop
    If we’re living in such a mobile dominated world, with 2/3 of current SC plays being on a mobile device; has it not even entered your tiny fucking minds that musicians aka creators aka your ONLY fucking paying customers are probably the most technically savvy customers and they might just also use mobile devices too?

  • Stevie Hyper

    And bollocks to this update with this playlist shit – you haven’t listened to one single word.

  • Joe Berardis

    Or you can just switch to android and 90% of your problems will be solved :D

  • Haddo32

    How about this for a suggestion, instead of completely disregarding the producers and creators of music (which I assume soundcloud was originally designed for) and trying to commercialize it to make it appeal to a larger audience who are diluting many popular and ‘underground’ industries with shit. Why don’t you work on both an app for the listener and an app for the producer? The old app design worked fine apart from the odd crash here and there and the inability to check messages etc. however none of these were fatal flaws and the app was still effective in allowing producers to see comprehensive stats on their own tracks and being able to discover other artists of similar genre. So an app just like the old update, same design and layout and then an app like the new one for the mainstream listeners who only discover their music through the radio and aria charts and who need pictures and buttons that take up half of the scream to navigate through an app. I think you will be pleasing both crowds by doing this and will keep your loyal users happy and also gain more users who like all their mainstream rubbish. Please consider this. Regards, angry soundcloud user…

  • brendancodey

    We’ve fixed the iOS 8 issue in the past week and it will be included in our next update to the app.

  • Lloyd thompson

    Mr Soundcloud – I believe you have made an almighty cock up releasing this app. As an artist my most important thing is to see and communicate with people who are listening to my music. I now can’t do this on the move as before but have to go on line. Since this app was released I have lost touch with my account. I don’t understand why the people who pAy to use your service are the ones who loose out? Surely the app should be built around our needs? If I had made this description in my company I would be looking for another job , or working all night to put it right.

  • Al Yushchenko

    i think this is exactly what the app needed. i never use the mobile version for stat updates and so on and as a creator, i must say the new design brings a breath of fresh air.

  • Cameron Gerstenslager

    Can there be a messages/inbox feature for mobile? It would be great if I didn’t have to go on my computer every time I had to use it

  • SiobhanG

    Seriously this is a horrible app. Form over function in full effect. It just looks like a gimmicky toy for people who just want to listen and enjoy swiping screens and seeing pretty pictures. For the creators and producers it’s next to useless. I’m just glad I can still use the website on Safari but even that seems to be changing and isn’t as user friendly as it once was. Really poor show guys. Until there’s an easy way to install the old app I won’t bother, and I’ll be postponing setting up a pro account too as I don’t feel confident in handing my money over to you.
    Seriously, you say you’re listening and you hear us. Ok so you hear us, but you aren’t listening. Promising to add more features later doesn’t cut it. If the user interface is just a pretty gimmick that serves no useful function then serious users, producers and artists will just abandon it. I won’t be updating my iPad app, that said I usually use the web site via Safari or google chrome anyway.
    I don’t think you can ignore the huge number of disgruntled users for much longer without doing yourselves serious harm. It’s in your own interest to sort it out guys.
    In short, the option of a gimmick free app for serious users needs implementing. Putting out the old app won’t be impossible for you or at least making it an easy option for people to choose.
    I know you’ll have spent long hours developing this new app, but sometimes you just have to suck it up and admit you screwed up and have to go back to basics. :-)

  • SiobhanG

    My comment not what you wanted other viewers to see? Like that is it? Fair enough. No skin off my nose. :P

  • Pissed off with soundcloud

    You obviously don’t hear anything……. GIVE THE ARTISTS THEIR NOTIFICATIONS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Extremely Upset User

    It’s sickening that they have gone completely listener based. They have ruined the app for musicians. It’s as if they did not take us into consideration at all when creating the app. We want Notifications, Commenting, Seeing favorites, etc. Please fix this or I will lose all faith in SoundCloud!

  • Nonl

    And do you hear our requests for the web application?? No, I don’t think so…
    I’ve stopped using SoundCloud since Classic SoundCloud disappeared because of all the reposts I can’t filter and because of the lack of the X button. I would love to come back to SoundCloud to follow my favorite artists, but without those functions SoundCloud is just not usable.

  • You Should Be Ashamed

    Content providers do not use the “record button” nor do we care that it is gone, that is such a negligible issue, we upload our tunes. this is a blatant side steeping of the issue. i am speaking of the real features on why we upload music for free for you to make money on such as.

    – Spotlight (which I pay for)
    – Comments
    – Notifications
    – Number of listens and likes in the feeds
    – Info for tracks
    – private tracks showing on my personal view of my public page

    And making “reposts” a 2 step process now
    oh for get about messages that will never happen
    these are these issues not the “record” button are you kidding?

  • Beekster

    Are there plans for a feature in the “you” section off the app where i can see the people i used to follow?

  • Arklight

    I went to update my CC info, if I want to update it I have to renew my plan and I also have to pay more! What is this about?? I have been a paying customer for a few years. We provided free content and pay subscriptions. The main site has been in beta for over a year…we have been paying to be your testers. Something does not seem right. Are you getting ready to be bought out? Are big labels going to provide your content now? I agree with everything else everyone is saying below. The CC info update is annoying…and also forcing us to pay more just to update our CC info. Shady……

  • tronam

    I’m glad to hear this is the “first step”, but in most other software markets this would be considered an alpha and not released to the public until it was *at least* up to feature parity with the previous version. This rush release development cycle of incomplete rewrites is something I’ve been seeing more and more frequently these days and makes very little sense. Time and time again the user response is widely negative and for good reason. What have you gained by sending out an update that not only forces users to relearn the interface workflow, but also simultaneously cripples functionality?

  • eric wahlfailure

    Fucking shitbags

  • john

    can you even play private tracks with this new app???? ridiculous

  • Jerimy Sweet

    My Account has not been the same or seen the same traffic. These issues and upgrades have been tough on our relationship….sincerely a guy who has subscribed since the beginning.

  • idonteatapigatdinnerxxl

    what happened to airplay? now no direct access to it and no album art sent to the tv. overall thumbs down.
    Luckily the ipad version wasn’t updated.

  • Christian BomBom Lindbom

    scrolling in my stream is like reading the newspaper at half inch distance and why isnt it a record function? And why is it not possible to view the info / tracklist of a sound?
    And fastforwarding is 10 Times harder then before…and when a play via Apple TV the volume is set to highest and cannot be change like before?

  • Sinful Deeds

    So glad to see youve removed everything for actual artists. you know… THE ONES WHO PAY TO USE IT! i cant check activity on the go anymore…… i dont know what feedback its been getting that you see, but i only see negatives! bring back the old soundcloud that didnt look pretty! but could be used damn it

  • Jonathan Edgardo Perel

    You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig. The old app worked wonderfully, allowed you to browse many tracks cleanly and efficiently, and created a conversation between creators and listeners. You can highlight whatever points you want about the new app, but in all respects the new app is a PIG… with lipstick… ergo it’s a pig.

  • LarsLooperMan

    Hear hear Oliver. It is plain and simple. CONTENT providers such as ourselves means that WE are the paying customer. Our needs must come first. It is just that plain and simple. The listeners will surely benefit. Come on SC focus.

  • Max Rats

    I cannot access the app, it Says “No Network, Offline mode” please fix it

  • etokle

    Who gives a fuck about playlists? This isn’t Spotify.
    You have completely lost the plot. I haven’t seen a single positive comment anywhere. Your moderator only seems to comment on posts related to the lack of a record button and this entire “apology” focuses on PLAYLISTS?!?
    You have alienated and pissed off your ENTIRE paying userbase (of which I have been for the past four years). I’ve watched as my listens and comments dwindled throughout all the ridiculous changes you’ve made to the desktop version (seriously it seems like the only tracks being “featured” are from pay-for-play spammers or established artists).
    I get it; software development is hard. I’m both a musician AND a software development manager for a Fortune 50 company. If this product hit my sprint demo it would be thrown out and sent back for a MAJOR rethink. It’s clear your Product Development Manager has no clue what your paying subscribers want, and it is starting to become evident that you are attempting to change your business model at the expense of the Pro-level producers who have floated the company up til now. So what’s the deal? Are you being bought out?

  • psychospain

    Gracias por la nueva aplicacion

  • Jay-D Music

    I am a pro user and I produce my own music.. I can’t see anything anymore no like,followers,comments,info… only some stuff for people that are fan/listener… why you don’t make 2 apps or something 1 for fan/listener and 1 for the producer to keep up-to-date

  • Rainbird

    Agree 100%. I never used the record button… Upload from my Mac or GarageBand on iOS – there are already apps that can upload to soundcloud. The real issues are the ones stated above. And, as already stated, the future updates that is being addressed is, once again, focusing on the listener… We all like listeners and listening… But, come on. I got used to the new website look after a while, but this… There’s nothing in it for me as a creator. Show some respect.

  • Dhea

    So hard to play music without wifi. Better the old one.

  • MightyMess

    App looks nice but I can defenetly see that you guys are trying to catch up with other well-known streaning services. I agree with everyone, this is wrong and completely backwards. We paid to put our music online for people to listen to, while on those streaming services people paid to listen.

    I agree do 2 apps maybe like facebook did with Pages. I want to be able to manage my multiple accounts without having to logout – login everytime.

    Anyways, great app to discover new talents but massive fail for Creators. I mean soundcloud is already super expensive for what you get: most other similar services like vimeo will give you unlimited amout of upload or better stats but that’s another story….. At least give your customers a decent app to manage their account and profile.

  • Rik Beattie

    There is has been no part of the app I have that looks like the pictures above for adding songs to playlists. When I search and find a song the only thing it lets me do is play the song. No add to playlist button anywhere

  • same shit

    ‘we hear you’ is the same bullshit you’ve been peddling for 3 years. ‘We hear you but we don’t intend to take any action’ is what you’ve actually done. Well done for using up all my substantial goodwill. Bye.

  • hitting us one more time

    This app exemplifies the entirety of your direction change in the last 3 years – it explicitly downgrades the creator by censoring out any additional material that the creator wants to have visible around their work. Everything’s about the sound. Why is this shit? Because that gives us even less chance of picking up fan engagement. A listen means nothing. We need listeners who engage. So there’s really no reason for us to stay on Soundcloud now, when we can cheaply move to streaming services that actually pay, such as using Distrokid to get onto Spotify, Deezer, Rdio and Beats.

    You’ve done your absolute best to anonymise our work and us. The irony is, that isn’t even gonna be what listeners want. They’re increasingly gonna want to find depth on music they like – and Soundcloud used to offer that, by allowing them into a broader world, with written descriptions, links, insights into their tastes, who their friends were. So instead of helping listeners to come into our worlds, you’ve decided to hinder that, to make Soundcloud the thing, not the creators. So who are you serving if you’re not serving creators and if you’re decreasing the depth of service to listeners? Only Soundcloud. Why is everybody so angry about this? Because it’s transparent. Soundcloud exists now only to serve itself, so that it can do the IPO and take the money.

    While we are angry because you used to exist to serve us.

  • Piotr Ch.

    What about plays history and adding a queue (along with loop and shuffle)?

  • Soberts

    BRING BACK ACTIVITY LOG! I.E can see if anyone has liked, commented or reposted your tracks

  • snatch burger

    It really is beyond belief how poorly soundcloud treat their customers.

    In addition to this abomination, the website has been totally ruined with the omission of a filter for reposts in the stream. Granted, reposts play an important role in the soundcloud format now, but sometimes you just want to quickly look and see what’s new from the artists you follow and it’s near on impossible to do so when being greeted by a million other tracks to wade through.

    Out of genuine concern, and not for the want of just moaning. Please please Mr Soundcloud Greedy Conglomerate, listen to us before its too late.

    With the option to pay just $20 per year to Distrokid and stream my music to fans And get paid for it, don’t lose what makes soundcloud unique – social interaction.

  • Emma

    I can not add anything to a playlist and I can’t create and new one it is VERY FRUSTERATING! please fix this soon, your new update is a major let down, bring the old one back!


    This is absolutely ridiculous. Why would Soundcloud take out features that creators and listeners used before the update? Creators pay for the ability to track their listeners, so you decide to add the ability for listeners to listen anonymously. What? The new app update is terrible. “Hear more” – Soundcloud 2014. Well thanks Soundcloud. I’m definitely hearing more now that you took out most of the customizable features on the app. There is now NO track details or artist info, and also no comments! Not to mention the new layout actually makes it harder to navigate and listen to music. It used to be simple. Click on a profile and I could see their tracks all lined up, their information and whatever they put in their bio to share with us. I could see who they are following and who follows them. I could see how many plays, likes, reposts, and comments were on the song before even having to click on it. The new update takes all of this away. Why? Idk. You took away interaction. I was actually hoping you were going to add more interaction. Maybe like direct messaging on the app? But no you took about 2 steps back and this is the worst Soundcloud has ever been. I’ve been using Soundcloud now for 3 years, and the whole time I thought it was great. I noticed small changes after the update from Classic Soundcloud, but I looked past that. This update scares me. I hope you listen to everyone that is telling you this is terrible, because it really is. Please Soundcloud you might have ruined the app but whatever you do don’t ruin the website. The website should be left alone because it is fine. I’m a 16 year old beatmaker and I love Soundcloud, but please I beg you don’t mess the website up. Have a nice day. I hope someone reads this. I just thought I would put my voice out there. – BXLLER

  • vari loves

    omg! why would you roll out a new app like this. this is horrible to use. worst interface design ever. hard to scroll through the tracks, artwork is ruined. track info? ++. no bring this back or there is no use. very disapointed.

  • mich

    Please go back to the old Soundcloud! In the past if I played a song and then lost signal, the app would cache a certain amount of recently listened tracks and let me keep listening or go back and forth. There were also other great features…

  • Jiles

    Uh, this new app and change of direction is like, totes the end of soundcloud.

  • pmmm

    Wow it’s a good thing I didn’t update! SoundCloud clearly no longer knows what they’re doing, so as soon as a competitor inevitably springs up and EASILY does a better job, SoundCloud will unfortunately disappear.

    – Playlist creation is NOT complex at all! Add song to other songs – Much difficult!

    – Why would new playlists be PRIVATE by default?! Don’t you want sounds to be publicly shared for more discovery?!

    – Auto suggested title?! First you take over what our sharing Tweets say with the patronising “have you heard” so that tweets are too big to send, and now you’re saying we’re incapable of naming our own playlists?!?!!?

    – HOW has it been “great hearing from everyone” when EVERY piece of feedback has been NEGATIVE! Lying now?!

    – We give you “passion and support”, huh? Oh yeah, we give you LOADS of that.

    Something tells me the new app is a complete failure and THAT needs to be re designed from the ground up! The trash website needs to be redesigned as well!

    Wait a second… if the old mobile version, the LAST remaining GOOD design (minimal and refreshing) that SoundCloud has has been removed then that means… uh oh… SC has almost no redeeming features left!

    (I could cry a river)

  • Abel

    I would like to have the old soundcloud back I and many others think the new app is terrible I hate it it’s beyond annoying and takes up way to much of my screen!

  • Daniel

    Hi soundcloud. I do miss the ability to browse the people I follow in the new app. I like how clean it is, but I’m finding myself having to recall artists’ names and search for them rather than being able to scroll through the people I follow as stimulus for ideas about what to listen to next.

  • smf96

    how do you record a new song? :(

  • Nick Lysergik

    Yeah I agree with a lot of the people here. Soundcloud can claim they took content creators into account this time ’round but I think that’s either a lie of a fail. Every single person I know, including listeners but mostly creators, find it to be a hilariously bad app update.

    Record button? What serious Soundcloud creator used it? Maybe a small few if any. I don’t know what to say. I’m lucky I never updated yet. I refuse to download any updates until I can trust the app will be somewhat practical instead of pretty and useless.

  • Nick Lysergik

    Yeah I agree with a lot of the people here. Soundcloud can claim they took content creators into account this time ’round but I think that’s either a lie or a fail. Every single person I know, including listeners but mostly creators, find it to be a hilariously bad app update.

    Record button? What serious Soundcloud creator used it? Maybe a small few if any. I don’t know what to say. I’m lucky I never updated yet. I refuse to download any updates until I can trust the app will be somewhat practical instead of pretty and useless.

  • Nick Lysergik

    Why should I continue to pay for Soundcloud if my paid features don’t exist on the most used platform?

  • The Chaos Theory

    Dudes, SoundCloud is up thanks to creators and curators. Let us work, please.

    I can’t read / write messages, i don’t know when a new sound is published, and sharing a sound is lame (in the previous version, posting on a FB page was really easy, now i gotta copy link, close app, open FB Pages Admin, find the right page, paste link, publish, then close FB, reopen SoundCloud)
    I’m a blogger, and I used to “work” on that on the go. Artists would be happy to hear that I’m not able to update my blog on the same frequency, nd they pay you for thet.
    Wake Up! This is not Spotify!

    And oh… it look the new player doesn’t cache music…… and this isn’t neither listener friendly.