SoundCloud SoundCloud Connects With Sonos

We love making great connections with other innovative companies in tech and music. So today we’re happy to be announcing a new partnership with Sonos, the wireless hi-fi system. SoundCloud + Sonos It’s simple: thanks to the new integration, you can play your favorite SoundCloud tracks and playlists in HiFi at home on Sonos, using Sonos’ controller app.  You’ve already used SoundCloud to connect with your favorite artists: now, with a click of a button, they can send their freshest tracks and playlists direct to your home. Easy.

15 thoughts on “SoundCloud Connects With Sonos

  1. Nathan

    People have been using hacks for this for a while now. But it’s nice that Soundcloud decided to be nice and make it available all.

  2. Erik Kristensen

    I can’t find this either in the regular mac app or the beta. Is this only for US?

  3. Anonymous

    You have to enable Beta apps in the Sonos preferences menu first, then find SoundCloud in the Sonos labs section. Something they might have mentioned considering this is in beta and is not an official release…

  4. andycjones

    This is fantastic news for us Sonos owners. Will invest in more components as a result. Thanks!

  5. Vera C H Villanueva

    To make Lacrymosa with my sound system @milpitas my producer Katherine Som for Adele the diva from Evanescence single !!!

  6. TheWinner

    Hello Soundcloud,
    I’d like to take a moment to address some bugs within your new iOS app. I hope you’ll find the time to fix these bugs:

    • A bug that sometimes plays audio from the previously listened track, while showing the Title and Artwork of a different track.

    • A bug where the Visual Waveform does not accurately match the music being played.

    • A bug that causes the ability to record and upload audio directly from the iPhone to be a hidden feature. (where is it?)

    • A bug that causes comments, track description, and other detailed information about a song to be invisible.

    • A bug that causes the keyboard to be invisible when writing a comment on a song.

    • A bug that makes the “comment” button invisible.

    • A bug that causes detailed profile information about a user or artist to be invisible.

    • A bug that makes accessing one’s own uploaded tracks take 4 individual steps of effort instead of 1 single step.

    • A bug that makes accessing relevant musical tracks much more complicated and difficult.

    • A bug that prevents users and listeners from creating or modifying playlists.

    • A bug that makes the track artwork on the home screen move independently from the act of scrolling down the home screen tracklist, thereby inducing nausea.

    • A bug that causes an Artist’s followers to be invisible. (or perhaps it’s a bug that uselessly details how many followers an artist has?)

    • A bug that prevents any positive interaction between a listener and an artist.

    • A bug that causes the artwork for a track to pan in a segmented view, rather than being viewed unmodified in it’s entirety.

    • A bug that has made Soundcloud as functional as a $10 radio-combination-alarmclock from the early 1990’s.
    •• A bug that has removed the alarmclock functions.

    • A bug that prevents 7 out of every 10 people to dislike the app and spread disfavor for it by word of mouth.

    • A bug that has caused the Soundcloud Development Team to have devolved into some earlier form of primate.

    • A bug that makes the Soundcloud App much more difficult and unintuitive for anyone (all-inclusive) to use; casual listener, registered user, or premium artist member alike.

    If you could please address these bugs as soon as possible, that would be GREAT!


  7. Eva

    I’m genuinely extremely happy about this! Aah, the bliss to work at the office now. Cheers, SoundClouders!