Darrell Things are looking better on the web

Every day at SoundCloud we’re working to make our platform the best place to hear music & audio on the web. And today we’re excited to tell you that we’ve amped up the way that things look, too.


Visuals are a crucial component of how you choose to share your music & audio, and now they’ll be backing every track on the web as they do on our iOS and Android apps and embedded players.


That’s not all — browsing a playlist is easier now that you can scroll through all of the tracks in your stream — no need to click over to the playlist’s page. Reading the comments on a waveform is faster, and when you go to add yours, the rest will fade into the background, making it easier for you to focus.  All of the comments and full replies are now available on the main track pages.

And for those who want to dig deeper into the details of what they’re hearing, we’ve moved all the essential info into one overlay: click ‘Read More’ on any track page to see it all in one place.

  • brothercavador

    Looks amazing how the 1:1 pictures I’ve worked on for so long get chopped in half and expanded, so the listener gets to experience every pixel of the top half of the picture..

  • please change back to the previous look, or could you make this an option for PRO users? :)

  • lumy

    Please, stop improve.
    In Classic Soundcloud player was in a whole page, in new Soundcloud you add two empty column for unknown reasons. What next – you will leave only the button ‘play’?

    Now player on my 24′-inch display takes one quarter of all space of page. I understand that mobile devices are now in the lead, but the PC and the Mac has not yet died out.

    You don’t hear creators, we know – listeners are rule. It’s little bit sad.

  • Max

    so to sum it up:
    – old pictures are now useless
    – width is reduced so you can not scroll less precise
    – read more information is now not directly visible but i need an extra button to read it.

    seems like you optimized every tablet version but completly ignore the fact that this site is used on desktop pcs. next thing the song will be cropped even more in width like on the artist page. big ups

  • WanC

    Yet another TRASH update from Myspace I mean SoundCloud.

    You know a company completely HATES its own customers when it harshly crops and stretches and covers up artwork that THEIR OWN customers probably spent loads of hours and money on!!!

    Put the old player back TODAY.

    Re design the frustratingly bad website (and enable scheduled uploads please).

    SoundCloud is currently the worst place to listen to music on the web.

  • Sputnik

    +1 for each comment above! What are you thinking, SounCloud? Oh, wait, I know…

  • Really, really unhappy you obscured “time since posted” info. Shocking UX call, and made SC exponentially more difficult to use for all of my use cases. That’s core info to context. Even YouTube’s kept that front and center since inception.

  • Jem

    This is a disaster!!! Soundcloud you really are a thoughtless bunch of buffoons! Your millions of faithful users have all – since your birth – been creating their own unique, often fantastic artwork to accompany tracks in the traditional record & CD format of square sleeve (and of course to comply with traditional store specs). Your “improved” version totally destroys their hard work by taking a random crop out of context, blowing it up so it looks low res and sticking it behind the waveform, without anyone being able to access the original artwork in it’s true form, AS IT IS DESIGNED TO BE SEEN. What are you thinking?! If you really wanted to impress you could have made it an optional customizable feature, let the artist work out if it should be cropped at all and, if so, where. You have just effectively dumped on several million users and their collective creative work, and is another sign of your contempt for those who have supported you. Are you planning to go the way of Myspace? Looks like it.

  • funnnNYC

    gotta love that 500px upload limit when they stretch it too

  • funnnNYC

    EVEN IF YOU TRY TO UPLOAD A 879x440px image it crops it to 500×500

    so you are stuck with a low res awkwardly cropped square image….regardless

    So each device crops the image differently and randomly? no control over how my art appears?


    Also you can’t even put a URL or more than a few words in the description section now

    seriously WTF?

  • xx420xx

    literally stop
    W H Y

  • Wil

    Yeah, I was your biggest champion when you implemented the NEW
    Soundcloud at first, but the improvements are making things worse. Will
    Soundcloud bother to listen? NO! I mean really, the photos we all
    worked on are cut off, stretched out and distorted now. At least you
    could have added an option to resize it, to fit appropriately with new
    dimensions. And now the comments are tucked away where, your users must
    click an extra button to read it.

    I like the idea of bigger
    pictures. But not if it doesn’t have an option to resize or adjust
    current images to the appropriate dimensions.

  • Giovanni camponovo

    Ther is a big problem on the web when you are on the pc you can’t open any more the album cover for downloading the image . FUck this is frustating could you figuer out a way to change it

  • osmose

    I’m all for improving the look whenever you can. Progress is certainly the key, but the “Read More / Track Info” display is HORRIBLE. No one knows the info is there…its like hiding information. Doesn’t make sense and is not intuitive. i really hope you change that back.

  • PhD In SoundCloud Hate

    Just when you thought SoundCloud could not get any worse, they got worse.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if SoundCloud unfortunately disappeared soon :(

    That’s what happens when you don’t listen to your customers, kids.

  • Jonas

    Better start working on the iPad App!

  • Primož Resman

    As has been said, the track info needs to be more prominent. I usually don’t read or post comments, so that part is kinda useless for me (egotostical, i know), but hiding aditional info in an overlay and all the was to the top right, where it’s barely visible? SUrely more info deserves a more pominent location…

    I can’t comment on the artwork, since i’m a consumer, not a creator, but yeah, a responsive design taking up the width of a monitor wouldn’t really be bad.

  • tom

    don’t like it, far too inconvenient; can’t look at track info and skip through track at same time. stoopid.

  • Scott

    Having to click to read the descriptions is a little frustrating, I enjoy reading about the tracks I listen too. An alternative would be to make it just expand down the page when you click it rather than open a popup. Or swap it with the comments position. The artwork cropping is also a bit messy at the moment but I’m sure they are probably working on giving users custom cropping options much like youtube etc…

  • LOL amazing work guys. Everyone has been waiting rather impatiently to have their 1:1 square 500px images cropped and blown up to 800px and beyond to hide that USELESS track info in an expandable side column. Keep up the good work!

  • Taffi Louis

    How far off-course does this have to go before someone listens to the users trying to tell you this is another really ill-conceived, sloppy, rushed attempt to win over the wrong audience?
    Cropped artwork looks like garbage – way to demean any effort users put into our existing track artwork.
    Stats are now hidden from individual tracks within a playlist – WHY?
    Re-post data is now hidden on individual track posts – WHY?!
    Stats are still on this 24-hour delay – instead of fixing the PROBLEM, the new system is designed around it.
    SoundCloud is too busy trying to grow a new audience of casual listeners who will naturally ooh and aaah over the basic concept of the site, unaware of the features that have been stripped for this new, dumbed-down “sleeker” version with less functionality and less usability for creators.
    How many different focus groups have been created over the course of this #3YearBeta? Because with every iteration, it’s inconsistent even with the “new” features that get introduced in previous versions… like there’s absolutely no direction anymore except rampant GROWTH.

  • scottelectronic

    Soundcloud is just one of those companies that will do nothing but really stupid things and still just be like “check this out”, completely ignoring the fact that literally everyone hates everything they do.

  • centexhiphop

    this has got to be one of the biggest screw ups on the web. Really bad. So this comment section is supposed to be more important than the song info section? Now I see why everyone is going to audiomack.

  • Guest

    Meanwhile, Twitter’s all abuzz… #AmpedUpLulz

  • Taffi Louis

    Meanwhile, on Twitter…

  • nal

    I’d love to see an icon refresh, maybe change the top bar a bit. The new stuff is great, please keep it up.
    Also, for the love of god, please have a way to disable comments.

  • Soundcloud! Look at this! Not a single positive comment! You are pushing your only valuble asset, the content providers, away as hard as you can! Do you even care anymore?

  • Alex Nikolaev


  • lumy

    I think we need a separate PRO plan where will Classic Soundcloud or new Soundcloud, but with features from Classic Soundcloud (e.g.):
    – every-week and overall statistics of download songs/tracks/mixes etc;
    – possibility uploading and downloading artwork in original size;
    – possibility turn off autoplay next songs/tracks when i finished listening other song/track;
    – showing who of artists, which I follow, added to their ‘favorites’ a track/song (‘repost’ not always = ‘favorites’);
    – make clickable names of the labels in field ‘Record label’
    (maybe I will remember some more functions later, which would be in demand on this account)

    I even agree that if this account will be more expensive than ‘Pro Unlimited’ plan – main, that new PRO plan had rich functionality that was in the Classic Soundcloud.

  • BS

    i deleted my SoundCloud account – best decision I ever made

  • Hey everybody – thanks for the feedback :)
    We made these changes to get people playing your tracks more. That said, we’re collecting your concerns and will be working on solutions in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

  • Jesus

    sigh just get rid of the diabolical player back today please!

    and next time, send out a public photo with multiple final designs and let the customers vote which one is the best and worst.

    because clearly SC hasn’t got a clue