Darrell Introducing Collection, your new SoundCloud home on the web

We designed Collection to make it easy for you to build your own home on the web for your favorite music & audio.  Follow artists, like tracks and playlists, build your own playlists of favorite tracks, and be the first to hear what’s new from your favorite creators. Whether you’re using SoundCloud on web or on iPhone, you’ll find everything you love in your personal, private Collection (we’ll be bringing it to you on Android in 2015).



You can play your liked tracks in the order that you’ve added them, or mix it up with the Likes shuffle.

Get to your Collection on the web by logging in and clicking https://soundcloud.com/you/collection. We hope you’ll settle in, hit play and enjoy — with your Collection, you’ll hear all your favorites for hours with just one click.

10 thoughts on “Introducing Collection, your new SoundCloud home on the web

  1. frustrated

    sorry but what was the point in this!? don’t we already have the option to view likes, playlists and followers etc?!?!

    sigh yet another POINTLESS update :(

    i think there are more IMPORTANT updates required like: re designing the utterly crap new player that cropped my artworks and info for some reason, scheduled uploads so I don’t have to stay up until midnight to do specific releases for people in other time zones, and an Explore system that actually shows stuff I care about (since WHEN does “trending” equal “relevant”?! Ever heard of a Most Recent filter?!)….?

  2. god

    this doesn’t work for playlists because it literally only plays the first track when you click the icon, and doesn’t show other tracks wtf – kind of makes it useless compared to the other playlist viewer

  3. MaydayDC

    Dear SoundCloud employee:
    Track info is really really important. Why is it hidden in a cluttered sidebar?
    And comments… Those could go on the sidebar.

    When will you fix the comment avatar size on the waveform? It´s so ridiculously small. Did you forgot about groups? And what about the ugly player?

    All profiles should have a big banner image. C`mon its 2015 already!

    Wake up.

  4. Eric Johnson

    PLEASE add pagination back… Endless scroll is great until you have over 3000 “Likes” that you wish to access or search.

  5. toss

    exactly! the new player is a joke!

    you can’t even comment onto tracks playing within a playlist – so what was the point in changing the playlist so that only one track plays at the top instead of all?!

    adding tracks to groups doesn’t make those tracks go to streams – so then how do you know what’s happening in groups you joined?!?! there’s no groups link on profiles!

    and why the HELL are there two types of profile look in the first place instead of just one?! – it’s unfair beyond belief! what kind of company openly shows favouritism like that?!

    soundcloud is just one big joke atm!

  6. frustrated

    and the worse thing about it is that verified users have visual players where artwork and info are NOT cropped (?!),

    so the OBVIOUS solution is to remove the new player so that only the visual player exists on all tracks and PROBLEM EFFING SOLVED!!!

    have they done the OBVIOUS solution? NO! for absolute shame.

  7. Anon

    Still no way to hide reposts on the stream ! I stopped using SoundCloud months ago when you stopped SoundCloud Classic, I can’t use this stream when I have 100 reposts for every original song. I’m still hopping for you to listen to the community…