Meet On SoundCloud Premier Partner Blackbear

Meet On SoundCloud Premier Partner Blackbear

On SoundCloud Premier Partner Blackbear is Mat Musto, a singer-songwriter with an R&B electronic sound who first started out producing and writing for other artists. When exploring his career as a solo artist, he would upload a song a week and has built his following since 2012.


Please introduce yourself to the SoundCloud community.

los angeles based. 24.

How do you use SoundCloud?

started out dropping a song a week for about a year in 2012. every week more and more listeners got involved, made sure to link songs to facebook, tumblr, & twitter, used the Explore tab to find what people were listening to & found a whole world of creativity n I was hooked.

Describe your creative process. What is your set up like?

sure sm7 apogee duet, ua la 610, macbook, logic & iphone

pretty simple setup but it’s all about your chain. it’s good to listen to a lot of music 2 evolve your ear & learn sonics eq & compression.

when i’m making a song i usually just bang a bunch of keys until it sounds good and sing nonsense over it & hope 2 god it makes sense.

How have you reached certain goals or steps in your career?

mike posner put me on in the early stages of my career, brought me in the studio w pharrell for a wk, worked on justin bieber’s “boyfriend” then plenty more 4 big time rush, MGK, g-eazy, tokyo police club, relient k, the janoskians, mod sun, nick jonas, the list goes on so i thank mike a lot for getting me started writing & producing for other artists.

What does it feel like to become a Premier Partner? Where do you want to take your career next?

i love SoundCloud & it will always b my homebase 2 drop new music & hear new music as well.

Who or what is inspiring you creatively? Are there people that you’d like to collaborate or work with?

i’m inspired by good writing or ppl w something 2 say. all my friends & ppl in my life are very inspiring (mod, gorvin, nash, jack, joe, jason) s/o.

i like 2 just put myself all around ppl w/ intentions of always progressing!

Any final thoughts?

i have a new album deadroses that came out valentine’s day.. 10 songs, go grab it on iTunes!

Hear Blackbear’s deadroses on SoundCloud:

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