Meet On SoundCloud Premier Partner SevnthWonder

Meet On SoundCloud Premier Partner SevnthWonder

On SoundCloud Premier Partner SevnthWonder is electronic music producer Mateus Almeida whose “Future R&B” sound is making waves and who shares how the Repost tool has been fundamental in his growth.


Please introduce yourself to the SoundCloud community.

I’m an electronic music producer currently based out of a small town west of Boston, Massachusetts called Framingham, but originally born and raised in Houston, Texas. I don’t have a defined genre, but I tend to experiment with various form of Electronic and R&B hybrids, dubbing the genre “Future R&B”. I began my journey on SoundCloud in early 2013 and have been putting out music pretty regularly ever since. For a few months, I had a released project dubbed “Sevnth Sundays” that were just a collection of unfinished songs that would release Sunday afternoon.

How do you use SoundCloud?

I’d like to believe that my use of SoundCloud is pretty unconventional. With over a few thousand “likes” on SoundCloud, I’d like to think that I’m a pretty active community member, always looking for new content to share and add to my playlists for sharing out at shows. My favorite feature is definitely the “repost” function. This single tool has totally revolutionized how new music is discovered by letting bigger artists and channels “co-sign” an artist’s song directly. I can personally say that a big portion of my quick growth is because of early support from some of my favorite producers and DJs reposting my music onto their channels.

Describe your creative process. What is your set up like?

My set up has evolved so much from when I first began creating content to now. I used to record myself playing the piano with a handheld camera and then rip the audio and edit it on Audacity, to buying a Yamaha Motif workstation and creating simple loops there, to learning how to use various digital audio workstations (including FL Studio, Ableton, ProTools, and Logic). My current favorite DAW is Ableton and is essential for my creative process. As far as making a song, I always start with the melodies. Since I’ve been playing at the age of 5, I’ve always loved creating harmonies and playing melodies and find myself still enjoying creating music with various chord progressions. My current most used VSTs are Sylenth1, Massive, Predator, and various vintage Arturia synthesizers.

How have you reached certain goals or steps in your career?

I remember looking up bloggers’ personal Facebook addresses and trying to send them my unreleased music because I felt I was always ignored when I used the music submission emails. I spent countless hours writing to so many people, trying to explain my “vision” for my music and why I thought I deserved their support. The biggest key people to push my career forward were DJ Complexion (a DJ and label owner out of London), Nehzuil (one of my favorite producers out of Australia), as well as two of the biggest music channels on YouTube, Majestic Casual and MrSuicideSheep. Advice for aspiring music producers looking to reach out to editorial outlets or music industry professionals: Stay humble and always understand that even though you might get 99 “No”s, that the 1 “Yes” you get can truly make a huge difference.

What does it feel like to become a Premier Partner? Where do you want to take your career next?

Becoming a SoundCloud Premier Partner was one of the most amazing feelings in my career. The feeling of being selected to participate in this program out of so many talented individuals was extremely motivational and humbling. The experience has been amazing and the opportunities that have presented itself have been phenomenal. I’m really looking forward to the sponsored posts and expanding the reach of my music with the help of SoundCloud and their advertising partners.

Who or what is inspiring you creatively? Are there people that you’d like to collaborate or work with?

I have so many inspirations for my music, but most of it comes from personal experiences and the emotions I have felt with them. I admire so many musicians on SoundCloud (and off) that the list would seem endless. Most of the time, the people who truly inspire me to push the boundaries of my music are the fellow producers in my SoundCloud community. For collaborations in the future, i’m hoping to someday make it into the studio with Drake or Noah “40” Shebib, as well as Kanye West, J Cole, or Kid Cudi. Some electronic music producers I’d love to collaborate with would be Hudson Mohawke, Kaytranda, Lido, Mr. Carmack, and Nehzuil.

Any final thoughts?

I just wanted to thank everyone who’s believed in me from the beginning. The one thing they don’t tell you about the music industry is the mountain pile of people who are just in it to take what they can from you, but finding the diamonds amidst the dirt is the thing that keeps me hopeful for the future of this industry. Also, never stop believing in yourself, especially when it seems like you’re the only one. Always push yourself and your musical art to be better than it can be.

Hear SevnthWonder’s newest track “Higher Love” that was released today.

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