Celebrating Rails Girls at SoundCloud

Celebrating Rails Girls at SoundCloud

For the second year in a row, SoundCloud offered an internship to women who participated in the Rails Girls Summer of Code. Our three interns this year were Brigitte Markmann, Caroline Visto Nunes, and Michelle Veronese. They were coached by eight SoundCloud engineers.

Rails Girls Interns Caroline, Michelle and Brigitte (from top left) and SoundCloud coaches Dennis, Matthias, Brian, Ellen, Erik and Duana.


In just four months, the interns created SoundDrop: a mobile app to connect stories to places. We instilled our values of agile software development, teaching them practices like user stories, continuous delivery and guerilla user testing. We ran daily standups and fortnightly retrospectives. The internship concluded with a company-wide demo. Check out their app here.

We were really impressed with their progress and their voracious appetite for learning. The learning flowed in both directions: the SoundCloud engineers found the mentoring a rewarding experience. By providing internships to Rails Girls participants, we are providing the next step in the software career of these talented women. We are proud to support Rails Girls Summer of Code again this year and hope you will too!

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