Brendan How to use your SoundCloud Stats: The basics

Using the information in your SoundCloud Stats is one of the best ways to build your audience: checking them on a regular basis can tell you which tracks your audience is responding to and where your plays are happening. Each data point represents a person interacting with your work, whether they found you on SoundCloud or elsewhere on the web through shares or embeds of your tracks.

After signing in, navigate to your Stats by clicking “view all” on the stats module on the right side of your profile, by clicking “more stats” if you’re looking at one of your tracks, or through the drop down menu in the header:


Your stats landing page shows your your recent plays, likes, comments, reposts, & downloads on all your uploads. The time period defaults to the last 7 days, but you can adjust that to reflect a variety of custom time periods by clicking the arrow next to the date range.

The arrows at the bottom of the top section of the stats landing page enable you to easily go backwards or forwards through time. You can pick the time span — if you set the default time range for a week, then you’ll page by week. If you set it by month, you’ll page by month, and so on.

SoundCloud Stats

The list of your tracks right below the date range is ordered by the most plays received during the time period you’ve selected. Hovering on the name of a track will highlight the portion of the graph that represents the stats for that track.

When you click on a different stat total, the list of tracks will change to reflect information about the stat in question. For example, clicking on “28 Likes” in the above image would change the list of tracks to show your most liked tracks during the chosen time period.

If you’re interested in seeing the stats on just one track, that’s possible too — clicking the track name will bring you to a series of graphs showing the stats for that track over the time period you’ve set. You can adjust the date range from this view as well.


To go back to your stats landing page, just click on the word “Stats” on the top left.

From the stats home screen, you can also further break things down by type of engagement, rather than on a track-by-track basis click on the words Plays, Likes, Comments, Reposts, and Downloads at the top of the graph. Hovering over the bars in the resulting graph will show you the tracks driving the stat in question.


It’s important to regularly check your stats to track your progress. Keep in mind that the more tracks you upload, the more information you’re likely to see in your stats.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts where we’ll show you how to analyze the information in your stats. If you’re interesting in more stats than the free plan offers, check out one of our Pro plans.


5 thoughts on “How to use your SoundCloud Stats: The basics

  1. hunkE

    I’ve never understood why SoundCloud stats don’t keep track of your follower count. I’ve had to keep track manually in my own spreadsheet for the last few years. I can’t imagine what would be so difficult about recording final follower count at midnight of each day…care to explain?

    That, and the inability to correct tainted stats affected by bugs/abuse (ie: Soundeos), is my only complaint. I’m a stats junkie, and y’all are my enablers. Keep up the good work, and I’m hopeful to see continuous efforts to improve :)

  2. brendancodey

    Howdy – Saw your responses over on Twitter too. Your spreadsheet looks intense! The follower count tracking is an interesting idea. I’ll bring it into some conversations internally. You’d be interested in seeing your number of followers over time, right? In a graph form similar to the way that the other stats are displayed currently?

  3. god

    how come soundcloud hasn’t implemented scheduled uploading yet – every other network has it except for you. why? it would make life a million times more easier…