SoundCloud Podcasting on SoundCloud: Tell stories. Upload. Share.

Podcasting on SoundCloud

Big news for audiophiles: starting today, anyone can host a podcast with SoundCloud. That’s right, we’re taking podcasting out of beta. It’s never been easier to tell stories, upload and share them across the web, as well as in podcast apps.

SoundCloud is perfect for podcasters looking for an intuitive hosting platform that’s built on the most stable infrastructure and provides the most detailed statistics to help you understand and grow your audience.

To get started, upload or edit an existing sound, go to the permissions tab and select the “Include in RSS feed” option.



Your RSS feed URL is displayed on the content tab of your settings page. Read through the Creator Guide for detailed how-to instructions and documentation.

And the features don’t stop with RSS distribution. SoundCloud is actively building the future of podcasting.

Embeddable players are designed explicitly to promote sharing, helping you bring your content directly to your fans, wherever they are.

Social network integrations, like our Twitter audio cards, make listening and sharing podcasts simple and enjoyable.

Timed comments shatter the ‘podcasting is a solitary experience’ myth.



Special thanks to the 15,000 plus podcasters who signed up for the beta and trust their podcasts with us. The invaluable feedback we received from you over the years has contributed directly to the development of the product you see today.

Ready to join the community and start podcasting?

Check out the official Podcasting on SoundCloud page.
Read through the Creator Guide for detailed how-to instructions and documentation.
Chat with other podcasters on our Help Forum.

3 thoughts on “Podcasting on SoundCloud: Tell stories. Upload. Share.

  1. Dan Boyce

    Hey Soundcloud! So does this mean we can host a podcast through you all, and it will show up on iTunes for people to subscribe?

  2. Florent Kubrick

    But if you continue to delete all our episodes for copyrights shit’s reasons, this is not interesting at all. >>> Thankfully, Mixcloud is here to accept ALL THE PODCASTS !