Jeremy New on iOS – related tracks, shuffle, and more

Just in time for summer, we’re excited to announce a significant update to the SoundCloud iOS app – one that brings new features and functionality to your on-the-go listening experience.

[iOS Summer Update] Main Image

Right away, you’ll notice a set of new features that make discovering your next favorite tracks even easier. Using the iOS app, you’ll now be able to:

  • Play related tracks – Find a track you love, then let our improved algorithm create a long stream of similar content from the 100 million tracks on SoundCloud. As easy as tapping Play Related Tracks.
Play A Related Track

Looking for backyard jams, seaside sounds, or a soundtrack to city streets? Find the perfect track – the one that hits all the notes you’re looking for – and tap Play Related Tracks. We’ll take care of the rest.

  • Shuffle tracks – Bring a new twist to the favorites in your collection. Shuffle is now available for your liked tracks and in your playlists.
[BLOG] Image of Shuffle on Likes Page [Zoom]

It’s easy to shuffle your liked tracks – simply tap the Shuffle button at the top of your Likes screen.


If you’d like to shuffle the tracks in a playlist, click on the three dots next to any playlist – you’ll now access a new set of options, including the Shuffle feature.

  • Add or remove tracks directly from your playlists – Do it right inside the app, with no need to log onto SoundCloud in a browser. Tap those same three dots on any track to open the options list and then add or remove tracks to curate your perfect SoundCloud experience.
  • Repost and share – Directly from the search screen and from your list of liked tracks.

The update is live today on the App Store and ready for downloading – just in time to create the perfect soundtrack for a new season.

  • Jari Peltola

    Sounds like it is pretty much same approach as before. Most new features are aimed at those who listen to SoundCloud instead of those who actually provide the content needed. The SoundCloud administrator view in app is still the one feature I have needed since the beginning.

    Also, the 3.x.x versions have had a timeline where – if you follow for example sample library producers like I do – suddenly the whole screen was filled with 16 copies of the same image, since all the library demos shared the same image. This is why I am still using the 2.7.2. version.

    To me to update it would require at least:

    1. admin view option with enhanced stats and limited graphics
    2. option to administrate several SC accounts with one login like on Twitter app
    3. option to edit my own track details and graphics

    Otherwise I will stick to 2.7.2. The SC app development is one of the weirdest in business. I have currently 126 apps on my iPad, and only one of them is not updated to its latest version: SoundCloud. The post 2.7.2 versions have been nightmarish – I have tried to use them – and in order to preserve the older version I have had to turn off the otherwise great app auto update on iPad. All this because the app people can have their software on Apple Watch instead of listening to those who provide the music.

  • Andre

    Can a user leave a comment on a track again?

  • David

    Is there anything for fixing Airplay functionality in this update? The ‘second screen’ update for apple tv is pretty flawed. You have to mirror it and then you can’t navigate away from that screen either on the iphone nor the Apple tv. Not at all how all other music apps do it. I feel so close to liking this app again now with shuffle! Thank you. Just want to use airplay again.

  • Awesome….

  • lumy

    View and post comments?
    View likes?
    View info about song/track/mix?
    View whole bio of artist?
    Able to edit (info or settings of privacy) your own songs/tracks/mix?
    Watching stats?

    When really required functionality will appear in the app?