Jami Web profile updates – easier navigation and header images

First impressions count, and being able to decide how your fans see and hear what you make is a big part of expressing yourself. Over the next few days, we’ll be gradually rolling out an updated profile layout on SoundCloud.com to everyone. Here’s a quick rundown of the improvements.

One of the most requested features by creators and listeners alike is the ability to view someone’s Tracks, Playlists, and Reposts separately. The new profile layout enables anyone to easily select between All Posts, or the Tracks, Playlists, and Reposts posted to a profile. We’ve also tidied up how user info is displayed on your profile.

Standard Web Display [Blog]

For creators, this means that any of the 175 million monthly SoundCloud listeners can now go straight to the tracks you’ve uploaded. It also means that you can get a great sense of someone’s taste by checking out their Playlists and Reposts.

The feature that has been requested most in the last year (by a very long way!) is the ability to upload a header image to your profile. We’re happy to announce that the wait is over – starting today, the header image is coming to everyone.

We’re going to roll the ability to upload a header image out to creators on Pro and Pro Unlimited plans over the course of the next few days, then we’ll gradually open the feature to everyone else. We can’t wait to see how you choose to customize your profile’s look. Until you upload a header image to your profile, a gradient based on your profile image will be displayed.

We’ll keep refining with the help of your feedback, so stay tuned for more updates to your profile coming soon.

42 thoughts on “Web profile updates – easier navigation and header images

  1. Daniel Lee

    This is all cool and all, but what about the On SoundCloud Premiere partners? What extra do they get now? A bit more statistics and monetization?

  2. god

    Thank goodness – the biggest complaint i had about the previous Premier look is that the SongKick embed was INVISIBLE, implying SoundCloud does not support live performance. But it’s fixed now YAY!

  3. Phil Phauler

    You can’t see how many followers do you exactly have right now , you can only see like 43k , or 6,4 k .. please , correct it as well

  4. Jami Welch

    Hey Phil, if you hover over the follower count, the full number is displayed. You can also see the full number in the ‘Followers, section further down the right-hand column. Hope this helps!

  5. Jami Welch

    Hey Skytone, header image upload will be rolling out slowly over the next few days, to ensure stability. Keep checking back, you’ll know when the feature is ready for you. Hope this helps!

  6. Nad Densworth

    This is the inherent problem with web technology. People just can’t let it be.. I assume because they won’t actually have a use (at their job) if they don’t try to figure out how to improve something that doesn’t need improving. If you want to improve something soundcloud, improve aspects of the service. Don’t change superficial pointless shit and consider it advancement or a step forward in the right direction. Part of soundcloud’s appeal is that it’s NOT like facebook and is simple, classy and to the point. Or at least it WAS.

  7. god

    The next step for SoundCloud is adding an Upload / Repost filter to the Stream and actually giving the ability to connect Groups to the Stream, as well as putting a Most Recent filter on Explore – Users are clearly abandoning Genre Tags as those Tags currently only point to overplayed music.

  8. RhodyMajor

    Hey – I have an Unlimited Pro account, and my banner format has shown up, but when I hover over where the button should be to upload an image, it isnt there. Is this something that will eventually be fixed?

  9. brendancodey

    Yep. We’re rolling out the ability to change the header gradually, thanks for your patience. Just a matter of time before you’ll have the button to change it.

  10. P.F

    same problem, i even dont see it.
    but my profile has been changed to a visual one.
    when u delete the cache of the browser i guess..

  11. WestJG

    I’m Pro Unlimited but the appearance is the same that the old design. I can’t upload any image on the web head.

  12. Jami Welch

    We’re rolling the new layout first, then the upload flow. It’ll take a few days. Check back often, we’ll notify you when you can upload. Hope this helps!

  13. Brougham Long

    It happened to me, however I couldn’t upload anything.. I logged out and back in, and now it’s back to it’s old look.
    What’s up with that?

  14. Alec

    I Have Pro Unlimited for a year already and still waiting… this is my second year on SC… i just delete almost all my tracks because i won’t wait anymore.. i have to renew my account in the next couple days and i don’t think i will do it.. it such a shame how I’ve been watching all these account with only one song and having the header feature while they been offline for almost a year.


  15. brendancodey

    Hi WestJG – The rollout takes some time because of the size of the SoundCloud user base. It’s just a matter of time before you get the new profile.

  16. Nono

    “The new profile layout enables anyone to easily select between All
    Posts, or the Tracks, Playlists, and Reposts posted to a profile.”

    FINALLY. Now add the same filters to my stream and I might come back to SoundCloud !

  17. god

    still a little sad that the new design literally pushes down my content :'( – maybe give make the banner optional, and have the logo in the top right corner of the info column?

  18. Andrew Mclaughlin

    ok so im a pro unlimited user, my friend is just a pro user and he got a banner before i did

  19. brendancodey

    We’re rolling that part out slowly as well, but you’ll eventually have an button right on the image that will allow you to change the image. Completely self serve.

  20. Rikki Sho

    Surely “Likes” should go along the top next to Tracks, Reposts etc, rather than having it clogging up the bottom right panel.

    Also, “Following ###” seems to be in 2 places: above the Bio, and again below that, above the “Comments”, but this saying “### Following”.

    Otherwise, liking the new layout! Fantastic that you have finally implemented the separation of one’s own tracks and reposts.

  21. WestJG

    Other question, the banner on the track’s wave? The Pro Unlimited accounts have this option?? i can’t see this. I love this option… How i can get this? :3

  22. P.F

    haha u got no idea how long im waiting 4 this one.
    hopefully we can use the visuals on the tracks also.. hmm

  23. Maximilian M.

    Yes exactly. Being able to filter my stream by Upload/Repost would be really nice. Also a filter by length would come in handy to filter livesets from single tracks.
    The Explore option is just useless right now. Nothing new to explore since the same tracks are up there for 3 month straight or even longer. Something like Trending would be nice.
    And yeah.. Uploaders really dont give a shit about genre-tags.