Jami Introducing SoundCloud Pulse

Today, we’re excited to share some big news: SoundCloud Pulse, our very first app just for creators, is now live for Android devices. SoundCloud Pulse is a companion to SoundCloud’s existing app and will enable creators to manage their accounts and keep their communities humming – anytime, anywhere.

SoundCloud Pulse

To get your hands on SoundCloud Pulse 1.0, download the app today for free from the Google Play Store. In the coming months, we’ll be working with you to understand how we can make the app even better – more versatile, more powerful, more useful – and rolling out a host of new features.


Below are all the details on today’s release and the plans for what’s ahead.

SoundCloud Pulse lets you:

  • Reply to comments on your tracks, on the go
  • Get up-to-date stats on the performance of your tracks
  • Share your sounds, both publicly and privately
  • Follow other users

SoundCloud Pulse

These features are only our first step toward making the creator experience on mobile better. Along with an iOS version of the app, you can expect to see these features in the future:

  • More in-depth stats
  • The ability to edit track information
  • Expanded messaging capability
  • The ability to upload tracks

SoundCloud Pulse

Stay tuned for all the latest on app and product updates. We’ll keep you posted through our social channels and here on the blog as we add new features.

We’re excited to put SoundCloud Pulse in your hands to help you share your best tracks, connect with fans and, ultimately, build a career. We’re proud to be bringing the creator experience to mobile. And we can’t wait to hear what’s next from you.

Get SoundCloud Pulse for Android >

19 thoughts on “Introducing SoundCloud Pulse

  1. amphobius

    I’m really grateful to finally have this, but why the seperate app? These features used to part of the app well over a year ago, and when the app was redesigned most features I found crucial were gone. I’m still grateful to have this app, as I said, but I am very curious as to why this isn’t just part of an update for the app itself.

  2. brendancodey

    Thanks for your question – This is something we discussed a lot internally. We want to meet the need of creators and listeners as best we can and believe having two apps is the best way to do that. It’s a challenge to keep an app with many features simple to use, and easy to maintain. Having two apps allows us to iterate more often in each, without risking disturbing what’s most important in each app.

  3. Jami Welch

    Hey Alan. Yup! We’re working on iOS right now. We didn’t want to wait for both platforms to be ready to start getting feedback from the community. Rest assured though, iOS is coming. Hope this helps!

  4. Greg Lacy

    Yeah, I think it’s funny too. Because this OS have more than 100 million saled device, and there is no official SoundCloud app. :)

  5. Haris Mustajbašić

    You’ll have to wait for that day to come. I had a WP phone for two years and switched to Android last year – no official app for Instagram, Snapchat, Gmail, Messenger etc – and it was four years since the release of WP, so you’ll just have to wait :)

  6. joshuapinter

    100% agree with the decision here. Smaller, focused apps that have very different purposes are the way to go, especially when it’s something like 10000 listeners to 1 creator (or whatever). Actually, do you have that ratio handy?

  7. Frank Fuhrmeister

    What, by chance, is a “saled”? Did you mean ‘salad’? =P Windows Phone is dead, my friend. Pick up a device with long-term support, like an iPhone, Nexus, or Galaxy.

  8. Wesley Collins

    Signing in via facebook logs me in to the wrong account. So signing in via facebook logs me into one account on soundcloud and a different account on pulse. Not sure how to fix this.

  9. Greg Lacy

    Why do you think it’s dead? Just because don’t exists official applications like Haris Mustajbašić wrote below?